Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A brand new start in 2013

2013 had been a brand new start for me. Not only that, it seemed to be the hardest year ever that i came across so far. Life was just like a roller-coaster to me. Sometimes Up sometimes Down.

This quotes r just a way of motivation for myself whenever i feel like "end of the world".

Sadly to say, due to wrong cosmetic usage of products during last yr december, i had to undergo some treatment to get it cured. From one doctor to another aesthetic n specialists, till i came across DRX:)
The DRx Clinic, founded in 1999, is the first ISO 9001 certified medical aesthetics clinic with more than 30,000 patients to date. Together with a team of physicians and trained therapists, internationally respected aesthetic physician Dr S K Tan employs his 30 years of experience in aesthetic medicine in upholding our stringent clinical standards.

So ive made my appointment just few days before and went down for consultation in april. Upon arriving, i was asked to fill up a form with my particulars first while waiting for my turn.
This is how the clinic looks like: Its beautiful n classy right??:) Even the staffs and therapists over at the counter are friendly and well mannered. Apart from that, they even have flawless skin:) 
When its my turn, the staff outside will then ushered me in to the consultation room where the doctor is in:)
My consultation doctor was Dr angela. She got a korean look, very pretty too with perfect skin. Shes real friendly too:D She first look at ur face to see whats happening before asking whats your main concern? I told her im pretty troubled by the breakouts n bumps caused by using of wrong products earlier on, and that result in redness on my complexion too:((
After listening and analysing on my skin c0ndition, she then tell me what will she be prescribing me with and told me to be back for reviews after a mth later. 
Next, the staff will then lead me in to the photo-taking room where i will be asked to take a few close up shots for the doctor to be able to review on the next follow up. After that, i was brought in to the briefing room and was asked to wait a while while the consultant went to bring the products in. Their service was so good till that the consultant even teach u how to use the products step by step. How much to pump out n how to apply so on..
See! they even go into so detailed of writing down the day and night skin care regime that u have to follow.
So in the end, i was given the products which includes a cleanser, toner, comedone formula(CF), X cream, Max-c, Blemish formula(BF), Anti-spot lotion(ASL), anti-bemish mask and lastly the sunscreen with spf 30. Just this products alone cost me 600 over. However it can last u at least half a yr if u use wisely as the bottles wasnt small afterall. But if it does you good, spending this amount is really worth it:) rather than spending on those unnecessary skin care products outside which caused sensitivity to certain skin types if u r not suitable for it.
Now ive used these for a month and i do see improvement in my skin. Somehow its much smoother too:)
Consultation will range from $50~$80, depending on the doctor - and subsequent visits will cost $35~$50. Appointments can be made online via their website. So do try this out if u r facing any troubled skin problem too:)
 As for this, i got it over at the jap salon that i usually go for my facial. This is a bottle of a cleanser which helps u to remove any stubborn stains of make-up on ur face easily. Just a 50-cent pump will be enough to wash ur whole face. All u have to do is just rub it on ur face like u normally do for any facial foam, then rinse it off with water. After that u will then use ur facial wash and wash another time to make sure no makeups r still found on your face:)
These r recent snapshots when im out with my friends:)
 Before i fly off... at the airport.
My all time favorites!!"D
Pets and my "love" TED
My birthday celebration at DOZO. Japanese fine dining at dozo!!;) 7 set course meal which every dish they serve u will put a thumb up!:) even their mushroom soup is nicely decorated with dozo wordings.. Will definitely go there again!^^
Tada!! This yr first bdae gift is beyond my expectation. Somemore everything is handmade. The layers of colored sands n pebbles with handmade roses. Sweet to the max. I felt really touched;)) thanks!
V day dinner with fireworks viewing!! Had fresh oysters, steamed mussels, lamp chop n sirloin steak:)
Chinese New yr Celebration!! Chef uncle eric creation!!:) lunch feast at sengkang^^ looks yummy!!
Wore a snake diamond ring to suit the festive! 蛇年行大运!
捞鱼生: Lou Hei!! 捞得风生水起!huat ah!!:))
1/4 of the nail polish set items alr make me so headache to start off with..imagine I still got 3/4 of it nv display here. Now I realise girls really spent more than guys.. Imagine when we buy we buy alot at one go. I've still got plenty of un-used items to be given away..
Part of growing up...
这样多的台湾特产,真是有口福!! All the way from Taiwan!!:))
Everyone got a secret that is kept within ourselves.. It's known as dark secret. By doing so, we feel safer when it's not revealed. In order for others to understand u, u need to first understand urself.
New start of yr 2013... Happy New yr!
Last Fri of the year 2012 was spent very meaningfully n specially with my dd, bb and ii. After so long of catching up, we spent these days tog having jap dinner, supper and Ktv session till 6am! Hope u sexy babies have fun!
Edible sea snails!!;) seen n tried before?? I super love it. Was taught how to eat this when I was 14,15yrs old. So addictive!
Shabu shabu at Vivo for Zoe!!:) birthday treat on me; wagyu beefs here r excellent;) worth coming again:)
Payday feast with babygirl at ion orchard 
GG in the house!

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