Monday, April 26, 2010

Motorsport carnival, skin parade n chivas night!!:D

EVents for girls:))
Requires 8 girls for a mini cooper event. casting this coming thurs 5pm. Pay to be revealed to only shortlisted n interested candidates. ACtual event dates will be 15 n 16 of may. Outfit provided.. racequeen outfit~ Need taller girls too if possible. PM me if u r interested ok??

Hi everyone!! Its april once again:))

Happy April fool!!:D Didn really get tricked this yr nor do i go around saying april fool**

┬┴┬/ ̄\_/ ̄\ ┬┴┬┴▏  ▏▔▔▔▔\ ┴┬┴/\ /      ﹨ ┬┴∕       / ┴┬▏         ●  ▏● ┬┴▏           ▔█ ┴◢██◣      /\__/ ┬█████◣       / ┴█████████████◣  ★ ◢██████████████▆ █◤◢██◣◥█████████ \ ◥◢████  ████████◤   \ ┴█████ ██████◤      ﹨ ┬│   │█████◤        ▏ ┴│   │              ▏ ┬∕   ∕    /▔▔▔\     ∕ *∕___/﹨   ∕      \  /\ ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ \___\     ﹨/▔\﹨/

To kick start the whole 2 wks of april, let me start off with the first event i did for april..

Thats none other than the safra Motorsport carnival!!:DD

Thanks to my babe for the event. Only two of us gt selected for all 2 days...[April 2nd n 3rd] Wearing of boots is really a killer. But the welfare for this company which we r working for was good. Most of the time we got to rest by sitting down.

watch this!!:D its gillian's mv~~ instead of photos always, its video this time==)) join gillian tan fanclub too in facebook:DD join as fans!! just started not long. Thanks!!

Our jobscope was mainly just to pose with the cars, get to pose with those yamaha n haley davidson bikes too:)) So cool indeed~~ Able to differentiate which one is harley davidson bikes n which is yamaha bikes??:) Of cuz not to forget i bumped into photographers like thomas, alex, n so on.. Saw my friends who were working there as Emcee, Phillip. My last time music producer assistant. N Eddie the one that is going to fly back to his hometown, thailand next wk..

Some of the cars~~

Posing times!!!

Its been such a long long time since i last worked with rain. She's starting her full time job with singtel next monday. Lunch was provided for us.

Not only that, there r ppl who walked out of restaurant asking to take photos of me while i bypass them. There r ppl who asked me to pose for them then asked for my autographs after that. Thats so surprising!!:D

After the event, rodney came n picked me up for dinner. We drove over to The central for korean food before sending me home to rest for the day.

Last day of event!! well today i was the only model to work for the event. Having to pose in front of more than 30 photographers all alone was indeed not an easy task. Got to smile n pose nonstop n look into all cameras so that all the photographers got a chance to shoot u.

More photo-session times!!

Time passed rather slow today although there were performance put up by the dancers n racequeens. N not to forget the appearance of the miss universe finalists..

Nevertheless, i had fun time chatting with everyone i know including the promoters from another booths. I personally think that those 3 girls r as pretty too.. Much better than MSI.. hmm. Only ppl who r really present will know what im mentioning.

I was given an early knocking off time that i headed down to vivo to meet ming jie for dinner first. We travelled all the way from vivo to ps to even the cathay just to catch the movies of the allocated time slots we wanted n sadly to say, with disappointment, its all full house!!:((

So we eventually went to have dinner at the indulge instead. I only ordered house salad, cream of mushroom n also 8 pieces of mussels for dinner despite i was quite hungry but really no appetite at all.

After dinner, we walked in the rain over to PS to meet annabel my dear. Me n bel was thinking of going to phuture at first but none of our friends r going.. so our last min decision was to head dwn to powerhouse instead as our friends got table there.

Of cuz, this decision wasnt a bad one afterall. Bumped into lots of friends like stephanie n friends, reeie n her bf n friends, leon n his friends, edison, her gf n vincent too, edwin n friends n also nicholas n friends..:)) Just by running around to say hi to all our friends aredi kept us occupied whole night.

At around 3am, i bid goodbye to all n just nice, mr cactus came down all the way from phuture to PH to find me for supper, We had it somewhere near st james for supper before home sweet home:))

sunday-- While i was reading the 8days today, i same across this news... that once again 2 of our actresses r going to quit this entertainment industry.

It’s tough being in the Entertainment Industry. This, I’ve known since 2 years back. All the glamour you see on screen and on stage are what are the result of hours and days and months of hard work. Noone sees that. When you do wrong, you get criticised. Though I have not been through real hardcore hardships, I would still say that it’s never easy being an artiste. It’s more than what you see, more than what most people perceive and believe.

Recently, even two artistes from Mediacorp left and decided to call it quits. Both cited personal reasons and personal time and space. Havent really get a chance to act with them n now they r leaving. Know dawn quite some time back when i was acting for another show n i actually bumped into her in the makeup room. I personally think that she is sweet-looking n really bubbly in person.

Jessica on the other hand, I watched the drama that she starred in n think that she is improving herself each time. She’s really beautiful in person, and she’s very friendly too. Her professionalism and charisma attracted me. Felt sad that she had to leave. I hoped she could do more. Now 7 princess left with 5.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, I’ll miss them. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Best Wishes!
Monday-- It was raining so heavily that i was once again caught in the rain today. nevertheless, i still proceed down for the shoot. Didnt know it was so short, The place was quite hard to find too tt i even gotta cabbed down. So- coincidentally, weiling was there as well. So right after, we took bus tog to town area. She is heading to orchard while i headed down to marina square.
Had dinner at ritz carlton hotel for their jap buffet with joel. It was indeed a "nice n full" dinner with those crayfish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, oysters, japanese sushi, salmon etc.. not forgetting their desserts n fruits..
Caught "JU ON" after tat before heading home.
:::Life quote for the day::::
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.
Thurs-- Caught the man who stare at goat.

Movie Details

The Men Who Stare At Goats


The Men Who Stare At Goats
  • Plot: Reporter Bob Wilton (Ewan Macgregor) is in search of his next big story when he encounters Lyn Cassady (George Clooney), who claims to be part of an experimental U.S. military unit. Cassady claims he was an elite member of the so-called "New Earth Army," with unparalleled psychic powers and can read the enemy's thoughts, pass through solid walls, and even kill a goat simply by staring at it. The program's founder, Bill Django (Jeff Bridges), has gone missing. Cassady and Bob track Django to a training camp run by renegade psychic Larry Hooper (Kevin Spacey), thus Bob gets trapped in the middle between Django's army and Hooper's super soldiers.

Movie review!!

if you are looking for a summary of the movie you can read from the professionals. Its brief and informative, wow! efficient! So ABOUT the movie its laughable. Frankly speaking, i didnt really understanding the movie even after i watched it. But i would say that it's abt the US gov training some men on using special power or what we known as ESP. So it was just like the title, men who stared at goats and if the goats died, it would mean that the person had ESP.

Fri-- I've spent my whole night catching this very touching japanese movie known as "My rainy days". Thats the third jap movie we both caught tog. Maybe cuz only both of us love n understand jap bah. Love the movie actress. She's really pretty n gorgeous!"

Movie Details

My Rainy Days


  • Plot: 17-year-old high school student Rio (Nozomi Sasaki) is always the centre of attention due to her beauty. Yet, she has never cared about anyone but herself due to her traumatic past. Her friends and boyfriends exist only so she can use them for her gains. Rio is only interested in money. Then one day, she meets a 35-year-old college professor Kouki (Shosuke Tanihara) and falls in love for the first time. Rio feels confused by her emotional change and expresses her love to Kouki honestly. Although Kouki becomes interested in Rio, there is a reason he can't pursue the relationship.

Movie Photos

View This Image in the My Rainy Days Gallery View This Image in the My Rainy Days Gallery View This Image in the My Rainy Days Gallery View This Image in the My Rainy Days Gallery


Pleasent to watch The lead actress plays a leader of a group of friends and lure a timid girl into their group to make use of her to earn money. Eventually, she cause hurt to one of her friends and regret doing what she has done. She likes one of her professor in school but he has to go through a brain tumor operation. Eventually after the operation, he forgotten who she was. Watch to find out the ending. Quite touching.

Feeling for the day:

爱上你 不需要理由 你到底懂不懂 伤心快乐 在回忆中 反复的交错 噢~ 爱让我 想起你的时候 泪禁不住滑落 可惜 你永远 都不会懂


Sat-- Had steamboat at bugis with MJ before he sent me n fion down for our event.. Worked for skin parade at dempsey de infusion together with 7other babes:))

I know most of them such as amelia, ariel, valerie, chloe, rebecca, n 3 other girls whom i cant rmb the name. :STM.. sigh sigh/..

Anyway our jobscope was pretty easy. Thats to just stand near the entrance n help out like door host or to be walking around mingliing n such..

Work began at 10pm where celebrities n many invited guests were present too. The party went on till 3am. Saw darren tan tse wei the project superstar, not to forget wong qing hai too.. He's super fit lor n super shy. The management ppl was real nice.. including the bouncers. They kept asking us to rest n sit down if we r tired, asked if we wanted any drinks etc..

They had performance such as the fire thrower n also game like beer bong:))

Right after the event, jun gave me a lift down to butter when it was bout to close to meet up with "xiao bai" . A farewell celebration for him before he is flying to US next wk. Next we headed down to dragonfly. Thats when i bumped into many ppl like kerson, amanda they all.. angel n the groupies, STayed till 530am n home sweet home after that.

Slept less than 5hrs n time to wake up for my fitting on a sunny sunday!:)) Thanks to papasan for coming down to pick me n bernice.. We had our measurement taken before preceeding for lunch. Dropped bernice at tamp for her shoot n we went to pick a friend up from the airport.

Headed to st regis hotel to meet DR Chen n off for dinner at Chomp Chomp. ORdered lots of good food till i ended up feelng bloated. Drove over to Suntec to meet his friend before parking the car at marina square.

Had kbox session with selina n her bf too.. Just the 5-6 of us, we were given a freaking big room which can consist of 30 over ppl. It was freezing cold too indeed....

Tues-- Busy with 2 castings today==

First one was for the dbs roadshow which i went down with violin n her friend. Wasnt of much confidence at all when i noe that its a video casting n i sort of havent been doing this for nearly a yr aredi.

did a dance video as well on the spot. Many other girls were there as well.

At around 630pm, i met up with bernice for another casting that we both r going. Its the international bank event. By then, i was aredi feeling tired that i simply was having a mind blank.. Anyway, same.. saw a lot of other girls too..

After 7pm, was supposed to meet up with the groups but they all havent arrive yet. First couple to reach was gwen n her bf. followed by the other couple n sharmian, lastly kelly n lexus. Total there were 8 of us. We had dinner at one of the bugis restaurant.

Wed-- Went to Safra to find k n his friend edric for supper as their camp is super near my home only.. The guys were playing DOTA before i even arrived. We had Sub way then followed by arcade:)

Thurs-- Watch

Autumn’s Concerto 下一站, 幸福

Autumn's Concerto

  • Alternative Title: 下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu / Next Stop, Happiness
  • Genre: Romance
  • Film Date: October, 2009
  • Total Episodes: 21
  • Taiwan Casts: Ady An, Fu Pei Ci, Tiffany Xu, Vanness Wu
  • Description:

    Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He's the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery which causes him to lose his memory. His mother begs Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Little does she know that she already has Guang Xi's child.

    Six years pass. Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi's heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time? Happiness, which stop do I alight at?

Episode 1 to 21

Episode 1 They met on the road. * She was riding on a bus. * He was on a yellow sports car with a girl. He tried overtaking the bus. The bus braked before getting into collision. * She argued politely * He tricked her on getting to the car and had her slamming his car onto the bus Ended up in the police station * He’s rich, he’s getting off with the help of a lawyer * She was in his mercy but witnesses came in and she was able to go free * He ended up doing community service Angst and childhood bittersweet memories * She was a daughter of a wealthy man who went bankrupt, involved in an accident becomes fatherless without money as a child and was left with a stepmother who almost abandoned her. Last memory with dad was when they were driving in the car and he was listening to her performance which her stepmom recorded. She saw how her father died. * His father was a musician and has some problems with her mother. Apparently, mom is rich, father owes whatever he has because of mom’s wealth. Could not take it any longer commits suicide. Last memories with dad is the piano playing. Mad at his mother. She’s the target of his usual antics. * Her family is operating the school canteen in the university * His family owns the university * She is his latest target. Every guy in the university wanted to date her but she rejected them all * He has a score to finish, wanted revenge on the community service * He was able to force her to a date because of a book that would endanger the expulsion of a guy friend in the university * He just needed a recorded kiss to prove his point that all women are the same. Apparently he has a very low opinion of women. The date. A hockey game practice * He was playing. She was watching. * He tried being nice, going for the apology thing. * She accepted and thought that he was nice * He was teaching her how to skate. Conversation went deeper as they talked about piano and music and Bach * For a moment I thought he forgot his real goal * She was for a moment I believe was mesmerised * Until that kiss he was recording The date was interrupted. The guy friend comes into the picture. * Punched him on the face * He fought back * Confrontation about the kiss, her being his target and the bet * She was trying to maintain her cool, I thought she was going to cry but quite the opposite. She pretended to be the one on a bet. * She told him that it was a bet and that she pre-arranged everything and turn the tables on him * Naturally he got angry and told them the game is not finished yet.

FRI!! Had a great pool n movie session with emily, jonathan, kirk n agnes!:DD Before k came n meet us, the 4 of us went to Jus Acia for dinner.. Had a good talk n laugh too.

Headed over for supper when the guys started their men's talk.. LOL~ Caught DATE NIGHT at the cathay.

Movie Details

Date Night


(6 Reviews)

Date Night
  • Opening:08 Apr 2010
  • Running Time:87 mins
  • Genre:Action, Comedy
  • Rating:PG
  • Distributor:20th Century Fox
  • Director:Shawn Levy

  • Cast:James Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Steve Carell, Tina Fey
  • Plot:Claire and Phil Foster (Tina Fey and Steve Carell) are a suburban couple slogging through their daily lives and marriage. Even their 'date nights' of dinner and a movie have become routine. To reignite the marital spark, they visit a trendy Manhattan bistro, where a case of mistaken identity hurtles them through the city at breakneck speeds, into non-stop adventure. Remembering what made them so special together, Phil and Claire take on a couple of corrupt cops, a top-level mobster - and a crazed cabbie - as their date becomes a night they'll never forget.
  • View This Image in the Date Night GalleryView This Image in the Date Night GalleryView This Image in the Date Night GalleryView This Image in the Date Night GalleryView This Image in the Date Night GalleryView This Image in the Date Night Gallery

DId a commercial mag shoot for sauceink in the morning. This time round, i intro Tracy to shoot with me:)) The shoot was indeed a long one with quite a few ngs. We were asked to act out what they want so that they can capture the feel. Very diff just from normal shoot or whatever.. I personally love this current batch of clothes..:) Very nice..

ANyway, shoot ended at around 4pm where i went home to have a rest before heading down to PS to meet "chase". Since razor tv event, we rarely keep in touch aredi. Its always a nice feeling being able to catch up with friends whom u havent meet for quite sometimes.:)

We went to play L4D2 at parklane. Completed somemore.. Shiok! It gave me a sense of satisfaction:)) Right after the game, we had dessert in TCC before rushing back for our movie. Caught "MONGA". A taiwanese movie starring "Luan Jing Tian" etc.. This movie lasted about 2 n a half hours.

Movie Details



(2 Reviews)

  • Opening:15 Apr 2010
  • Running Time:142 mins
  • Genre:Drama
  • Rating:NC16
  • Distributor:Golden Village Pictures, Encore Films
  • Director:Niu Cheng-ze

  • Cast:Ethan Ruan JingTian, Mark Chao, Ma Ru-long, Rhydian Vaughan
  • Plot:Starring the top two male idols in Taiwan, Ethan Ruan (Monk) and Mark Chao (Mosquito), "Monga" tells about the story of five boys from the historical district of Monga in Taipei, who join a gang because they were tired of being bullied around. As the young men enjoy their newfound status as gangsters in Monga, they have no idea that other gangs have also set their eyes on this prosperous area. Under the guidance of a veteran gangster, the youngsters are taught the heritage created by the founders of the borough of Monga. He has no idea, however, of a storm brewing that will soon break every hint of order in town, and remove the last remaining grandeur of the old town Monga.
  • View This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga GalleryView This Image in the Monga Gallery


Have you ever imagined of a romanticised triad film? "Monga" is exactly it. If you hate triad movies, and decided to skip this one, you would have missed watching a very good movie. "Monga" atypically weaves action and drama around values like friendship, brotherhood, honour and loyalty, while being underscored by wonderful music! This gangster flick is directed by Doze Niu Chen Zer (2007's "What On Earth Have I Done Wrong?!) and stars two of Taiwan's hottest male idols, Ethan Juan ("Fated to Love You", "My Queen") and Golden Bell winner Mark Chao ("Black & White"). It's the first time both stars hit the silver screen but they have managed to avoid the usual crossover letdowns we're used to. Mark Chao plays Mosquito, a new transfer student who's tired of being bullied and befriends a group lead by Dragon (Rhydian Vaughan) to form the Prince Gang. This being his debut performance onscreen, this actually sits in well with his acting, as his character is a fresh gangster recruit. He also manages to pull off the emotional scenes in the movie, especially during a showdown at the end. Meanwhile Ethan Juan makes a shift from his usual prince charming persona and displays more depth this time. You'll get to see Ethan in a solid role as the tense Monk who struggles between his possibly homosexual affinity with Dragon and on the other hand, revenge. The camerawork in "Monga" is also outstanding. The most impossible-to-miss scene is the introduction to the five members of the Prince Gang. The camera pans around the characters in one continuous take where they battle a rival gang. It is said from the director's blog that this perfect shot took 20 takes which started from 6am to 5pm in the course of one day. The music score is also worth mentioning as it artistically heightens the ambience of the movie. One such example is Air Supply's classic "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" supporting a love scene between a prostitute and Mark's Mosquito character. "Monga" is uniquely Taiwanese and you'd enjoy the movie more if you understand Hokkien and Min Nan. With nostalgic backdrops, impressive camerawork and music score, stellar casts (and their half-naked hot bodies in some scenes) and the director's distinct style, "Monga" is a highly recommended watch.

Sunday was the most busiest day that i ever had. Woke up in the morniing just to prepare myself for fittings before heading down to meet Bernice at chinese garden. Love our outfits!!! Cant revealed yet..

After fittings, papasan drove us down to vivo n had Marche for dinner. Thats when reiko babe came down to join us too. CLiff only ordered a piece of cake as dinner. haha!! Now i know why his nick is hamster aredi. Shh!!! Right after an early dinner, bernice left while me n reiko r supposed to work for an event at resort world sentosa!!

Both of us r really noobs.. Everything also first time.. Like resort world can say its our first time there. Shuttle bus back too~~ The job was really simple. We r known as the chivas babes:) So all we need to do was to stand there n act pretty when no guests wanna drink. As n when we just got to act as we r bartenders n mixed the wine for them:DD The job started at 6pm n we ended by 7pm. Really easy n high pay money. All thanks to our friend~:))

Anyway, after event, i immediately rushed down to T1 to have my hair cut. Luckily the hairstylist hadnt left yet, Jennifer had her hair dyed too. Nice one!!!

Mon-- Met up with the girls at "POST OFFICE" before derrick came n pick us up for training n briefing. Im charlotte's representative due to the heavy jam n rain, she couldnt turn up. Thus, I gotta take note n stuffs.

Me, chanel n isabelle then headed for late dinner after that.

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