Monday, July 19, 2010

Fir concert 2010, work and personal!! the fun holiday chalet too!:D

Chivas 18 night and followed by poker!!"D

Thurs-- Worked for chivas 18 at kpo with mable n yuting. Work was pretty easy, basically just serving n topping up their drinks. Free flow of chivas for the invited guests...

Right after work, mable's bf came n pick us up over to his place for a poker night session tog with 4other of their friends:) Played till 2am and home sweet home after that. Lost 12 dollars for my first time of poker. Tat tells me that nv underestimate your opponent as u will nv know tat they might have a better card on hand than u:) hahah!

fri-- RWS Football Fever Party

Football fever hit Resorts World Sentosa for the final group G clash between Brazil and Portugal and Power98 was the official radio station for this screening as well as fun and games before the match.

Worked for the rws football fever event with power 98fm tog with celestina, xinyi n the cute annie:) Headed down to the office for the fittings n briefing before the person in charge drove us to RWS!!:D

Our outfits! including the sneakers! all provided:)

Work was again pretty slacking. Just pose with the crowds n take pictures near the banner and also their tables.

However, as the sneakers they provided for us were new, it leads to blisters on my both foot that its so hard for me to walk properly. Freaking painful~! Food were provided for us n drinks too. Welfare were good in overall btw:) Loves working!

After work, headed down to butter with xinyi n carol to  go find clement n his colleagues. Stayed for only a little while where we bumped into ben n his friends not to forget "bullet n kinky they all too".. Around 1am, we swopped over to phuture as nick n his friends were there. But eventually we didn partied  with them but with xinyi's friend. Plus i saw weisong n his friend too n nic, connie they all as well..Many familiar faces again..

Sat-- Worked for the JBP family event once again dressing up as an angel. Today's lunch was pasta!!:D everyone felt delighted when receiving their lunch box. The weather was really killing us. SO hot that everyone kept perspiring..

After work, i headed home  to rest before off to PS to meet annabel. To think i actually overslept n make a freaking loss of 40 over for the movie tic which i reserved at cine at 720pm. Didn realise that by booking via credit card means the amt aredi deducted from the bank:( sadded!!

Caught "knight n day". first movie that only both of us went to catch tog. w/o the existence of K and N. Well kind of wierd.. but perhaps both of us were moving on too.. I no longer pin for the hope i wish to have with him.. All r just like fantasy only. TO me i treat it as a dream that after waking up, everything is back to the reality..

::Back to the show::
Knight And Day
Plot:Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in the action-comedy "Knight & Day". During their glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, nothing and no one - even the now fugitive couple - are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth versus trust.
Personal view: Very good acting
Two very good actors. Funny with lots of stuns. Worth watching.

After movie, bel went to neverland to look for her friend while i waited for xinyi darling to come n pick me up n off we went phuture again. But this time round is with kinky n his friends:) Stayed at velvet most of the time if nt phuture back bar. AGAIN, i bumped into yz n joe they all.. The party goers.. haha! not to forget my pri clsmate desmond they all on the same table as us:) My overseas friend too.. QUite a boring night  to say so without going to the dancefloor at all as it was real too packed aredi.

Sun-- Woke up at 1030am n immediately i went to prepare for the last day of work. Was not really feeling well but still i reported for the last day of event despite it was still drizzling too. Caught in the rain..

CAme home n slept till 8pm before waking up for dinner and waited for DON to come n pick me up to go catch movie. However, this silly friend of mine actually drove to the wrong area. thus, we missed the show n headed to Wavehouse instead to catch the live screening of the WC.. TOday's match is def more happening n exciting!! Germany vs England!! Bumped into sally n kenneth, marcus they all n not to forget danelle, sharon they all too..

Got home by 1am and slept throughout the night...

I simply had an awesome monday night with "someone":)  mr "E" came n pick me up from my home n we drove down to cine for dinner. I recommended steakhouse n so surprisingly he didn even try that before. Well.. We were watching the repeated telecast of the soccer match n also had a bit og conversation here n there too. Till around 9pm, we headed up for the movie ip man-"the legend is born".
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
Plot:This movie serves as a prequel to Ip Man's life before becoming the Master of Wing Chun. It depicts Ip Man's (Dennis To Yu-Hang) younger days in Hong Kong as a student, and returning to Foshan, China, where he spends his formative years training to become the ultimate martial arts legend. The movie stars IP Chun, the eldest son of Master IP Man, as Leung Pik, IP Man's second Wing Chun master, Dennis To Yu Hang, the youngest World Kung Fu Champion of Hong Kong who plays the young IP Man and Fan Siu-wong, who also performed in the "IP Man" series.
  • View This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man GalleryView This Image in the The Legend Is Born: Ip Man Gallery
Life story of IP Man
More like an action documentary of IP MAN. Not as impactful as IPMAN and IPMAN2. Its a lighter version with slightly lighter fighting skills. Not so drama. But good to watch if u like kungfu fighting. Quite a number of displays
    Tues-- worked for the singapore international water wk with rebecca at suntec convention hall 6. Work was pretty easy. Just doing serving n also giving out of goodie bags n soveneirs.

    But after 6pm, i began to feel abit hot. Forehead n the whole body was burning hot:(.. met up with chanel for dinner n i keep pressing her  to go home after that as i sense that i may faint any sooner.

    Immediately i slept straight at 830pm after i got home. Super high fever indeed.. nv felt so hot before that my whole body was so weak that i hardly can get out of bed even just going  to the toilet..

    Wed-- worked with annie today when becky cant turned up at all due to certain personal reason.. Today was real busy that time passed super fast. Just a glance, its aredi 5pm. Today, i get to taste the buffet lunch at the vip area. All thanks to nick:) he got me a media pass!!:D yeah, can save the money for the lunch:)

    Thanks to annie's husband for sending me home too when both of us stayed so near:) Working with her tml for the last day too:)<3 ps: her husband is really charming.. A good match for them!:D

    Thurs- annie's hubby sent us both down to work:) LAst day of exhibition today!:D There was a signing ceremony between Norit n PUB. So we gotta stand near the banner and  invite ppl to pop by n have a look at the MOU signing ceremony too which begins at 1045am. All brochures r to be given away today before end of work. N both of us did:) felt a sense of accomplishment too!:D HAd a fun time with the ppl here at the dutch co.

    After work, met jevin for dinner at ichiban sushi before we headed for spinning around singapore east! while waiting for one of my discussion partner to reach n pass me the pay cheque n to have a short meeting too.. Home sweet home by 11pm.

    Fri-- HAd a heavy jap lunch over at jp with marcus the hot dude before we went samsung to look for ryan who was working there at one of the booth. By 3pm, he sent me home as he still got sth on after that.

    Headed down to phuture to meet the rest...Thats when fiona n her friends came down too and soon after marcus, ryan n daniel they all came over as well. not to forget "k", emilio and even nick they all were there. More over nicholas n his friends, ws and many more familiar faces were all at zouk n phuture too!:D DIdn really partied but just drink.. My dear dionna came down soon after with her friend as well. Carol was with me for the whole night.

    HAD supper with marcus and the cliques at boon dong kee before the guys sent us back. Me n carol slept after we got home.

    Sat-- Met up with clement n elbert as we were going to catch the match of germany vs Agentina at wavehouse right after our dinner. Had sushi tei where the guys didn really order much. BUmped into the wavehouse manager too at WH.

    After the match ended, elbert drove me down to PH to fetch carol up. The guys then went off to play their L4D2 with their other friends, while me n carol headed to supper club to find my darling xinyi n rebecca too.. Not to forget emilio n his brother n friends as i promised to go down n look for  them. Didnt stayed long at all as i wasnt in the mood the whole night.

    At first i tht this was supposed  to be just the two of us.. ended up it became a three person outing. kind of disappointing.. well. i shouldnt be pinning for more hopes ever. Cuz its so obvious that guys nowadays care more for their buddies then "gf". FInding true love isnt easy at all.. neither do i have to mention long lasting marriages. But still, thanks for the herbal tea..

    Sunday-- slept till 10pm as i wasnt feeling that good after taking medicine. Woke up n carry on with my HK drama. Recently i've just finish catching this detective n hilarious drama known as D.I.E Again:)
    D.I.E. Again
    Description: Six months have passed since D.I.E. (Detective Investigation Extension) has dispersed. While Ying Jing Jing is on maternity leave, the other members: Yu Tze Long, Cheung Ching Yee, Tse Siu Feng, and Pang Mei Wan have returned to their original positions before D.I.E. was first established. Their supervisors soon find it hard to withstand the troubles that they create everyday. After embarassing the Chief Superintendent of Police, Lau Yut Ding, in an anti-vice operation, the higher officials decide exile them all back to the re-establish D.I.E.. This time, they are led by Yu Tze Long's former supervisor, Law Yau Hung

    MOnday-- Went to the hospital with mummy to visit my younger bro. Seeing him in that state wasnt really making me feeling tat good. He hadnt been through much hardship before at all. not to say having to go for an op, cant even moved at all. Felt kind of heart-pain..

    Khoo Teck Puat hospital is located at Yishun which is the first hospital located in the Northern flank of Singapore. The great thing is that this hospital is located at the central of Yishun which benefit people living here. Furthermore, it is located just beside Yishun pond which fit well to sick patient who need a peaceful and open environment.

    Didnt stay long as hospital was real bored n time for brother to take his afternoon nap. so i headed down to bugis to meet fang babe for shopping:) Despite there isnt any cabs avail, just so suddenly there is this kind soul who happened to be a doctor who offered me a lift to the destination i wanted. At first i rejected without knowing wether he is a good or bad guy. wether will i get into any harm.. but i told myself since he's a doctor n also he dont seemed to be someone bad, i shouldn have doubted him. Well... all turned out to be he's someone that is attached n very loving towards his gf. he told me that his gf is a teacher and that he do go clubbing too. We didnt exchange contact as i just treated that he was just out of kindness to give me a lift in his car. Thats all..

    How many kind soul will we come across each day? How many ppl will really lend a helping hand  to others when they really need?

    As i got to bugis, me n fang only went for window shopping as there isnt anyting which really caught our eyes. ARound 6pm, we headed down to FEP to look for xueting for dinner. Thats when the 3 good friends r once again meeting up!:D Still rmb the time where we 3 know each other at diff time n diff venue. that kinda makes me recall all the memories:)

    After dinner, we did some shopping around FEP where the girls did buy sth back. I only bought like 4 pairs of pumps.

    life would nv be like a smoothly paved w/o any downturns but always rmb, nv give up.. as our past is a series of lessons that advance us to higher levels of living and loving. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul.

    Today when im sorting out those photos in my folders, i suddenly realised that i was really too stubborn last time. I really missed out n give up on most of the true love. Its sth that i will nv be able to get it back. One will only treasure when u eventually lose sth.. haix. here r somemore photos that i nv even realised that it was all along in my email too.

    THurs-- headed out for movie with kinky at night to go catch "triple tap". starring daniel wu n louis koo:)
    Triple Tap
    Plot:A champion competitive marksman (Louis Koo) foils an armed robbery and cop-hostage taking by killing four of the robbers but one gets away. A game of cat and mouse ensues involving the marksman, the robber, and the detective (Daniel Wu) assigned to the case.
    View This Image in the Triple Tap GalleryView This Image in the Triple Tap GalleryView This Image in the Triple Tap GalleryView This Image in the Triple Tap GalleryView This Image in the Triple Tap GalleryView This Image in the Triple Tap Gallery

    After movie, we drove over to chomp chomp for supper.. My fav seafood!!:D
    F.I.R- It's My Live 2010 World Tour
    9 July 2010

    Caught their concert with annabel at the indoor stadium. Its real awsome!!!:D no words to describe this except excellent, marvellous n for those who missed it, do catch their video in youtube:) Love their songs and outfits too.. All thanks to bel's dad business partner that we got 2 complimentary tic to go catch it.

    They even invited stefanie sun as their special guest whom birthday falls on the same day too..:) If a concert is so successful, usually there will be encho.. nevertheless, their last encho song is none other than the get high and wo men de ai:D

    After concert, i headed down to butter to look for carol and alvin came out to pick us up since clement isnt free. Saw many familiar faces again too:) But i wasnt happy at all.. Seeing the one u like r so close with another person, whats the kind of feeling? Having to fake a smile out n staying at the table just make me more terribly upset. Thus, i went back with patrick they all by 230am.

    Sat-- Waited for carol to reach my place before we cabbed down to Goldkist chalet for clement tsang 21st birthday:)  Finding f09 and 10 is really a tough job. Didn know its at Area D. Went to fetch kaileng too before we walked over to the chalet. AFronso and clement was trying to rehearse their performance. Nice one:) Then we had mahjong session after that. Won a little but ended up we just played for fun as clement kept losing..

    Soon around 11pm, mable n her bf came down too.. we had taxas poker game for like trial run tog with the rest and not to forget caleb. Its indeed fun but not playing with money makes everyone not really serious in the game. haha!

    Soon around 1230am, HJ came down n pick me n carol. In the car, there were dave too. Just co-incidence that they r going to PH as well. Its lawrence birthday.. So headed down to show face n wish him happy birthday. TOg with peter n jimmy they all:) But  all along i was with my gfs.. annabel and cheryl, kelly.. ANd the last min i even bumped into ivy and agnes:) emilio they all were there as well..

    Thanks to xavin for sending me, kelly and carol home too when he stayed yishun somemore. Damn far!! The girls r staying over at my place tonight:D

    Sunday usually is my family day. SLept till 2pm before waking up for lunch N waited for my small uncle's family to arrive. Its been such a LOng time since i last seen xinyi and xinrong the baby aredi.

    CAught the WC finals at 230am while i was on the phone with xavin. I supported spain while he rooted for holland. SO eventually i won a meal that is specially cooked:)

    Kind of disapointed over sth ytd esp when his brother text me n asked me to go play lan but to know that he didn even text at all and even went with her and other friends. Perhaps it wasnt meant to be bah.. I shouldnt have pin any hope aredi.  Well.. back to the wc match result.

    The spanish were rather too cautious, passing around in midfield without really attacking their opponent. kind of boring at the start that i fall asleep halfway~ with 13 yellow cards and 1 red card. OMG! But still.. I know they r the ultimate champion!!:D

    Monday-- Supposed to go for a shoot but it was raining heavily at first that i didn turn up eventually. Still i headed down to PS to meet my friend G.F. for a movie.

    WE  had late lunch n early dinner over at GIRAFFE. a nice place with great ambience indeed:) AFter which, we headed over to PS to play arcade. ALlt he games that is available there before the movie starts at 710pm. Caught "the despicable me".
    Despicable Me
    Plot:In a happy suburban neighbourhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a black house with a dead lawn. Hidden beneath this home is a vast secret hideout. Surrounded by a small army of minions, Gru (Steve Carell) is planning the biggest heist in the history of the world. He is going to steal the moon! Until, he encounters the immense will of three little orphaned girls who see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad. The world's greatest villain has just met his greatest challenge: three little girls named Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fish)
    View This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me GalleryView This Image in the Despicable Me Gallery
    MY REVIEWS!!!:)
    Despicable me is Simply Hilarious. This Movie is not just for kids, Adults are going to enjoy it even more. The youngest girl in it is sooooooo cute. Also the Small yellow minions simply adorable and so funny. The entire hall was laughing through out the movie.

    The plot is very interesting to keep you engrossed throughout the movie.It is not a very original plot but has the very humorous dialogs and acts. so go catch it n dont miss it!!:D

    After movie, i headed over to east coast ave for a poker session over at clement, elb and bernard's friends hse. Lost 5 dollars. DIDN stay long n lucky to say kel came n pick me up n drive me back:) All thanks to him:)

    TUes was a photoshoot session with quek at chinese garden.

    After the 2 hrs paid shoot, it began to pour heavily.. So i went to dry myself up before cabbing over for an ambassador interview. FInger crossed.. till...

    wed-- Time for holiday chalet!!:D

    Headed down to tamp1 to meet xinyi for lunch first before me n carol went for a short fringe trimming. At around 4pm, we proceeded down to meet daniel n cabbed over to the aloha changi chalet which is located deep inside changi-- fairy point bungalow 2~

    OMG.. the chalet was real freaking big that it actually can consists of 300 over ppl. Soon, leon, jiayuan, jun yi, n the rest arrived. We started to pack up n arranged those food in the fridge which we were bout to bbq in the evening. Soon after, marcus they all reached as well. The guys were helping out with the bbq  while the girls were just sitting down waiting to be served.. lol~ of cuz, we do helped out as well. I helped to deep fry the popiah while Ryan they all were trying to marinate the stewed and smoked duck. There r indeed lots of food brought over by the guys including bacons, sausages and the ready made macoroni salad by ryan's aunt n him not to forget prawn n octopus etc, Otah by marcus dad, so on n so forth..

    First level of the bungalow... the dining area!!
    The kitchen!:D

    second level up the stairs

    one of the bedroom!:D theres a total of 4 bedroom n one master room~

    our bbq pit~
    The guys r trying to start the fire:)

    The guys even played "flying ninja" while bbqing.. hahah!

    The sunset scenery that i missed:( only carol and tracy went...

    In the evening, tracy, jasmine and han wei they all came too.. Right after dinner, we had a camwhoring session n the super lame leon kept posing non stop with his super funny poses!!:D laugh till u drop really..

    The booze that we gonna finished during the two days~

    Next, we had many fun games. starting from the usual A-k where diff cards represent diff action. Toilet break stands for 8 while Q is a rule card where the person who got this card get to set a rule which everyone gotta obey throughout the whole game. It was real crazily fun!!:D videos n photos will be uploaded once received:)
    Besides this, we also play the milk game.. thats really funny if u saw the guys poses.. hahha! super gay~
    Losers gotta drink as a forfeit as we got plenty of booze as shown from the pictures..

    Stayed till 5am before kel sent me home to sleep for the next day event.

    Thurs-- woke up at 2pm to prepare myself for the CPC event. Total there were 10 girls working.. Xiao bai was the in charge for today. The buffet there were rather nice. Crowds were okay too.. The fun usually start only after everyone has eaten... There were singing competition as well. Me n isabelle came in third as every team was too strong that lynn as the judge said that ita a draw. so They used the method of drawing lots to judge. Well.. prizes include 2 vouchers of GV tickets and also a bottle of red wine.. haha!

    After event, me n selina went down for the chalet as she was told that "somebody" was there. She became so excited that when i asked her to go, she happily agreed:) Thanks to one of the officer who sent us all the way down to changi when he stayed yishun. We were in the car sharing ghost stories..

    Around 11pm, we arrived at the chalet where most of them r aredi high.


    Happy to see my fang n agnes there too. Called ivy down as well:D Of cuz as i came late, i missed those games they played:( But tonight's miission is to go explore "OCH". Heard of a lot of spooky stories bout that place but nv had a chance to go down n see for myself. To know that the place was somehow blocked by fences and also motion sensor and so on. So no trespassing.. Thats rather disappointing. so we decided to head over to the old commando's camp of ryan. Where carol dear was bitten by the red ants there. Not to say all of us felt itchy as well..

    Around 3am, we got back to the chalet after a long stroll. After showering, i dozed off halfway that i dunno even know that some of them actually aredi left.

    The 3 days 2 night chalet is finally over:D happy time really passed that quickly. Everyone was real tired n dead beat after a long chalet over the past 2 days where no one actually slept also. Thanks to jia yuan for sending me n carol home.

    Both of us just KO on the bed when we got home. Woke up and prepare ourselves to meet xavin at ion orchard for dinner. We had fish n co that night. AFter dinner, we headed over for partyworld ktv where annabel came over n look for us after that. Before we cabbed over to zouk  n waited for the rest to come.
    Tonight wasnt that fun esp when the crowd was super packed as usual... But bumped into quite a few friends again:) LEft the place at 330 where don came over n drove us for supper tog with his friends... Got home around 5am and slept till the next day.

    Sat-- missed the morning shoot as i simply cant wake up at all. So proceeded for my group shoot instead at 3pm. Brought carol down too as she nv been to sentosa before. N we agreed to go there one day on our own to explore n sun tan as well:D

    The shoot went off very well with 11 photographers turning up. Was rather tired after the shoot as i was wet through having to get into the water n where the sand is all over my body.

    After showering, we headed down for dinner at vivo before bidding goodbye to everyone n off to DBL 2. Upon arriving, i then realise that they played mambo music all the time that i dun even feel like going in at all.
    So we went over to the flea market opp instead:) Saw victoria secret bag n was kind of in love with it but didn buy it afterall.

    Next we went over to neverland after everyone arrived:) My first virgin night there. Now i know why annabel liked that place so much aredi.. haha! All of us went over there n look for her. Stayed till 3plus am where police came and spoil all our mood.

     So nevertheless, we drove down to jab 1 to look for xinyi n huiyi they all but didn stayed long.. as they were closing soon. So we drove back to meridien ktv pub there n stayed there till 7am before javion sent us home..

    Sunday-- Happy birthday to grandma!!:D Had a celebration over at my place tog with all my relatives. Till around 9pm, Kinky came over n drove us down for movie!:D

    Me n carol plus kinky caught "inception"


    Plot:Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief: stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible - inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse; their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move.

    Movie Photos

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