Thursday, August 5, 2010

shoots and advertorial:D

Tues-- Had a hair makeover!!:D Like my new hair? call kason my hairstylist to book for appointment.. I always go to the branch located at tampines.. The salon is none other than twister:) Eddy lee is one of the boss there tog with other partners like mark lee, quan yifeng and michelle:)
After trying mahagony red earlier on, this time round i chose ash brown.

After treatment, me n carol headed down to meet her friend kenneth n marcus.. We had two dinner at 2 diff place. One at wisma before walking down to cine. WHat a co-incidence, i actually bumped into albert n his friend at xing wang too:D

Wed-- Met up with fyonne and carol for dinner at tiong bahru before me n carol headed down to fareast for shopping.. We had bat kut teh:) AT 11pm, Me n carol headed off to zouk to meet the rest while fyonne went to look for her friend a clarke quay..
Annabel was rather excited over her ladies night:) hahah! bumped into lorraine and friends too., not to forget alex who happened to know guo feng as well. Singapore is such a small world..
Thurs-- Had a gathering with bernice and shelley over dinner at the central. They r having a promotion of buy 1 get one free for their pastas. which is really worth:) We had a long chat too..
Fri-- Work with xinyi.. AFter work we headed down to atlantis with the rest of the groups. There were jackiel and aaron they all tog with their female friends:) My first time at this thai club!:D At around 1am, I hopped over to butter to look for janelle n her friends while xinyi went to boat quay to meet huiyi they all:) Got home at 5am. Thanks to darren for sending me home=D
Sat-- had a great outing with my BFS:) We r actually going to give emily a surprise birthday.. Went over to Marina square yuki Yaki for steamboat n teppanyaki with fang, agnes and carol:)
see the pictures below!:D

                                                       Macoons as birthday cake!!:D

Emily waiting for her surprise!!
See how happy is the birthday girl?
birthday kiss for the birthday girl:)

After dinner n the surprise for her, we headed over to dolly house for a chilling session. Ordered a jug of cranberry vodka. Photowhoring again!!:D

 Left after half an hr as dionna is here to pick me n agnes over to dolly for ivor's birthday. As agnes forgotten to bring her ic, hence.. last min we shifted over to PH instead to look for the rest.
Thats when i bumped into kirk n jj they all too. Their table is just beside jackeys they all too.. Was with all of them the whole night. Bel n my usual darlings r with me too:) agnes, ivy and carol:D Partied till 330am n jude sent us all home:D

~love quotes~
Who will take this seat, next?I long to be loved, but I yearn for the freedom. Love is simple, humans are the source of complication.Love, is to cherish the present, and to take the future into consideration.To think, does not equate to making it your goal.What's the future...
Sun-- SLept less than 2 hrs and i actually woke carol up as both of us gotta rush down for an event at Pandan reservoir. Its for the PUB. my jobscope is just to serve the vips coffee and tea. Thats all. Pretty slacking n easy job. After that, james n M brought us for breakfast at MAc before sending us home.
SLept straight after from 1230pm till 8pm and woke up to have dinner:) Thats how i spent my sunday in all!:D with family~~

Aww!! I just woke up from inception. I actually tht I was awake as in my dream I rmb my eyes r opened n it happened on the same scenario too where I was lying on my bed n the whole programmes began. But in fact, I was still sleeping in reality.

How i wished the dreams r real.. Its really sweet that i dont even feel like waking up...
Wanna know what your dream interprete???

go to

Monday-- went down for the power balance casting with xinyi before alex n eric came over n meet us at cine. Was waiting for raye n hui yi to reach before the 6 of us purchase the movie tics tog..

Walked over to paragon jap restaurant for dinner.. Caught the 830pm show..

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a master sorcerer in modern day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Balthazar can't do it alone, so he recruits Dave (Jay Baruchel), an average college student who demonstrates hidden potential as his reluctant protege. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. Dave must muster his courage to survive his training, save the city and get the girl of his dreams, as he becomes the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

After movie, we went over to Jab 1:) that was when i saw mandy my godsis whom i havent seen for so long and not to forget oak, jeff they all too.. N soon darren chen tse wei came also. Hui yi n xing yi they all were there as well tog with me:) Got home at 3am.

Tues-- caught the new comedy movie staring hui ge..

Old Cow Vs Tender Grass


Recently i've been watching this new hk drama entitled"

Tan QIng Shuo An (The Mysteries of LOVE)

Finally I finish watched this drama by today. This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.
Kingsley King (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend Lo Tin-Hang (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, Pok assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets policewoman Chui Siu-Lai (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational Kingsley evaluates that he has fallen in love with Lai because of a neurotransmitter called phenethylamine. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, Kingsley fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas. In the end, due to life changing experiences, Kingsley realizes that love cannot be rationalized and finally admits that his feelings to Siu-Lai are true.
On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited Hang has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist Ling Man-Ka (Bernice Liu). Hang doesn't believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that Man is going to get married.

Fri-- Headed over to jab 1 to look for zisky, eric  and alex again...

Sat-- Was at home whole day waiting for carol to reach then off she went for work while i headed down to look for annabel for our "weekends night out" again.. Thanks to jerry for helping me with the signing in. Bumped into edric too outside zouk that i got him n his friends in as well..

Sun-- Family day till at night we had dinner with my friend calvin n gerald they all. The guys came n pick us up from my home n off we drove to Tian Tian" for steamboat. Bumped into peter n his friends as well...

After dinner, off we drove over to BQ. Stayed till 4am where we played all sorts of games, pool and sing till u like. Mandy n his friends came in after 3am too:D

Mon-- Went over to seasons park condo for a hse party. We had sirloin steak as dinner and caught the movie and also hk drama from cable tv.

Some readers had been asking me what bb cream did i use recently.. so today im gonna do an advertorial for the brand:)

Latest craze:Skin79 BB cream! Can be found at any watson's outlet:)

Introducing: SKIN 79 BB cream! the most popular korean BB cream!

What Is BB cream?
Works as a Foundation, but 5 times better!

(It provides coverage just like a foundation, but instead of clogging pores and damaging the skin, it tightens the pores and help improve skin complexion)
It's Asia's and possibly the World's First All-in-One Cosmetic Product.

BB CREAM = Base + Foundation + Concealer + (Natural Makeup) + Sunblock + Moisturiser + Oil Control + Healing Properties (Skin Regeneration, Pore Tightening, Skin Toning) + Optional Feature (Anti-Wrinkle/Brightening/Whitening)



It provides coverage just like a foundation by covering up all acne, pores, marks, lines and uneven skin colour spots BUT without clogging the pores/damaging the skin. Instead, it helps tighten pores and improve the skin condition.


After continuously using it for a month of you, it will leave you with better skin complexion (much smoother, softer and refined skin).

How this works is that every time you use it, it acts as a protective layer which controls excess oil and at the same time giving it enough moisture it to make very healthy. It also protects against all harmful UV rays and environmental damage so that your skin will stay healthy. Plus with its special healing properties derived from its natural ingredients (such as White Hazel, Aloe & Caviar extract) which promotes skin regeneration and pore tightening, the end result after using it for 1 month of more is a much smoother, softer and refined skin that will make your face complexion gorgeous!

General BB Cream Characteristics:

Provides coverage just like a foundation but without clogging pores/damaging the skin

 Natural no makeup look

 Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and marks

 Perfect coverage without clogging pores

 Quick all-in-one base, foundation and concealer

 Healing properties which soften, smoothen and refine skin

 Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin

 UV Protection for healthy skin (check product details for SPF level)

 Some BB cream has additional features such as anti-wrinkle, whitening functions etc.

FYI:All girls in Korea use it!!! That's why all of them have such beautiful skin!
all stars in korea use it!

skin 79: the most popular brand in korea, sold over 700,000 bottles in korea alone !


Hot Pink BB Cream contains Phyto complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy. Suitable for oily/combination skin or those prone to clogged pores.

Adenosine, Arbutin

(whitening and anti wrinkle)


UV-B sunscreen protection (SPF25 PA++)

Osmopur(various plant extracts) and Phyto Complex.

Gold Label BB Cream

VIP Gold collection BB Cream contains Gold and Caviar extract that care the skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin. Suitable for dry skin or those who want wrinkle improvement.

Ingredients: Same as Hot Pink BUT with** Gold and Caviar extracts

Tues-- Had a night shoot with alb and john over at raffles area!!:D At around 7pm, alb came over n pick me up before we drove down to anchorpoint to meet john for dinner as well.

AFter dinner, the night shoot began:D. Imagine yourself posing in front of raffles river there where right in front is a cafe and everyone staring at u while u r posing? Well.. thats my life as a model. Cannot be camera shy is the first point to take note,..

AFter the 2 and a half hrs shoot, alb immediately drove me to find a 24hrs clinic as i kept coughing terribly non stop.. OMG! knowing that the consultation fees alone cost 85 dollars, i was shocked. Thats like double charges of the normal day rate.. Despite of the cost, alb still ask me  to go ahead to see the doctor so that i can sleep soundly when i get home. 

The doctor seemed to be a trainee to me, he's super young looking. After seeing the doctor, he drove me home and slept straight after consuming my medicine. By then its aredi 2am.

Thurs-- Woke up in the noon n prepare myself for lunch before heading out for a blogshop shoot:) Same photographer i had for simplifique. DIdn know Miss queenie used the same photographer as well:D so no doubt on his skill since elaine n hui rong were also shoot by him. :)

Today's shoot was together with sophia. A nice babe to work with:) 

Both of us each gotta change over 12-13 diff outfits.. Taken over 400 pictures too... Jessica was really nice to give us the clothes that we modelled for her too;;; So in overall, i got 6 new pieces of clothes:D

Shall do an advertorial for her once this first collection is out:D Now just a peek preview on the clothes that will be out to be purchased soon:) I got a few of them as well=D




Fri-- Headed out to meet val's love for a chill out session over at Fabulous with her friends...

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