Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre national day

AUG 8 is a pre national day.. Was at home the whole day till 10pm where i decided to go out for some relaxation. SO immediately i went to pick agnes up n we headed down to phuture. Bumped into q and his friends that we even had a drinking game earlier on till dionna babe reached. We headed over to winebar to look for aaron and KT. N chatted for quite a while before i actually bumped into alex n his friends too..

Partied till 4am and home sweet home after that. I had a great night afterall:D

Happy national day!! Today i had an extreme eventful day indeed. AT around 5pm, me n carol waited for kel to come n pick us up before we drove over to fetch agnes from home.. Off we headed to Sakae at Tiong Bahru. of cuz, the dinner includes more ppl than just the 4 of us. Soon come my dionna and her 2 guy friends. One of them names mars. Not only them.. not to forget vanessa too:)

Right after dinner, its time to go n catch the fireworks. Knowing that marina will be having a road block, we drove down to somewhere near the singapore indoor stadium instead. The view there wasnt as good as compared  to MBS. But still we managed to catch it:D

After fireworks, kel drove all of us down to orchard parade hotel to meet dionna n her friends.. We had the biggest room to our own:D Guess where???

The new k suites which is located right at the second floor of OP hotel:D

We even ordered some of the side dishes over there such as pasta, chicken wings and also crisps.:D
Right after k singing, aaron came n pick me, agnes and carol up and off we drove to my home..
The night is still young.. So all of us had a mahjong session over at my home:) Tog with KT whom drove over to my place first..

Played till around 4am and its time to call it a day.. Thats when agnes n carol slept over at my place and we 3 had a good night sleep till the next day:)

Tues is a day where im kind of lazy to go anywhere... so waited for carol to be home to catch "SALT" with me. 

Plot: Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer who swore an oath to duty, honour, and country. When she is accused by a defector of being a Russian sleeper spy, Salt goes on the run to clear her name and ultimately prove she is a patriot. Using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative, she must elude capture and protect her husband or the world's most powerful forces will erase any trace of her existence.
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Reviews of this movie
Basically, those who havent watched this movie.. i would suggest that u dont waste money and catch it. Its nt really worth.

Salt is one of the most preposterous movies of the year and you would be better off giving it a miss.
 Jolie's performance is adequate for an action picture; she has steely determination and reportedly did most of her own stunts. However, her character traits are only superficially fleshed out.
 The action sequences are handled well, and there is some effort in generating suspense. 
However, they lack credibility. 
 Salt could have been an action-thriller with a clever plot, something like a spy reworking of Andrew Davis’ The Fugitive (1993). Alas, the result is a story that excites as much as a trip to the grocery store. 
The motivations of Jolie’s character are never known, which is always a bad thing for action films because actions are responses to motivations. 
There is no impetus to really look for an answer here.

Totally clueless bout whats going on that right after this movie, i watched another one in the middle of my supper..
Its entitled: 

Black Ransom (2010)


“Bullet and Brain” director Keung Kwok Man teams again with writer producer Wong Jing for triad kidnap thriller“Black Ransom”. Unsurprisingly, the result is a film which is both stoically generic and gloriously weird, making for uneven though unexpectedly entertaining viewing. The film pulls together an impressive cast, headlined by veterans Simon Yam and Michael Miu as the good guy and bad guy respectively, with support from martial artists Andy On (“True Legend”) and Xing Yu (“Flash Point”), and the always lovely Fala Chen (recently in “Turning Point”).
Yam stars as Mann, a former top cop who has fallen on tough times since the death of his wife at the hands of the triads. Everything changes when ex-police star Sam (Michael Miu) starts kidnapping various gang bosses as part of some shady master plan, causing a great furore in the criminal underworld. The new and rather young Chief Superintendent Koo (a gorgeous, though underused Fala Chen) puts Mann in charge of the investigation, having heard tales of his legendary prowess from her father, and soon enough he is hot on Sam’s trail. Although the two quickly form some kind of strange bond, the action heats up, and Sam kidnaps Mann’s daughter to try and force him off the case.
Very much like “Bullet and Brain” before it, “Black Ransom” is a film which walks a strange line between being generic and weirdly offbeat. Here, the line is even more blurred, and at times it is genuinely hard to tell whether Keung Kwok Man and Wong Jing have their tongues firmly in their cheeks, or if the film’s resolutely straight faced daftness is a happy accident. Most of the highly entertaining strangeness comes thanks to Simon Yam’s Mann, a bizarre figure who despite appearing to be a crumpled deadbeat is actually some kind of zen-like master. Large parts of the plot revolve around him using his powers to figure things out, which generally translates to him closing his eyes, concentrating (usually looking like he’s either asleep or is about to have a sudden bowel movement), and then suddenly working out a vital piece of the puzzle. His skills also extend to being a supernaturally good shot, and though the film tries to justify this by throwing in flashbacks of him being a crack marksman as a cadet, these never really explain why he is able to take down far off snipers with his eyes closed (cue CGI slow motion effects as the bullet winds its way towards its target, though the gun sight and into his eye).
The only possible reason for the awakening of his near psychic abilities seems to be some kind of attraction to or inspiration he feels at the challenge laid down by Michael Miu’s vicious but sort of honourable villain. Although the film would perhaps have benefitted from a “Red Cliff” style homoerotic musical duel or similar, the two do at least get to engage in some odd online chat sparring, a scene which gives Yam yet another chance to show his mind reading powers. Although all of this makes “Black Ransom” a film which is difficult to take seriously, it also adds considerable entertainment value, making it a lot of fun to watch and helping it to stand out from the overcrowded playing field.
On more traditional terms, the film functions perfectly well, if without much originality. The plot itself is engaging, and though too familiar to be truly gripping it does manage a few twists in Wong Jing’s trademark tangential and melodramatic style. As usual, Keung Kwok Man includes some interesting visuals, and the film combines the modern noir style with a few touches of grit and some enjoyably flashy flourishes. Clocking in at just over an hour and a half, it moves along at a decent pace and does have a few exciting scenes and set pieces, with just about enough action to keep genre fans happy. There’s a good mix of shoot outs and martial arts battles, with standouts that include the afore mentioned sniper scene and the suitably over the top final duel between Xing Yu and Andy On.
Really though, the main reason why “Black Ransom” is worth watching, and why it stands as one of the more entertaining thrillers of the last few months, is Simon Yam and his psychic cop. Without quite pushing the film into the realms of the surreal, this does give it a very different flavour, and whether intentional or not, makes it much more palatable than it would have been if po-faced and sensible.
Kwok-Man Keung (director) / Jing Wong (screenplay)
CAST: Simon Yam … Brother Mann
Kiu Wai Miu … Sam Ho
Fala Chen … Superintendent Koo
Bo-yuan Chan … Tiger

Buy Black Ransom on DVD

AFter movie, i immediately hit the sack. Time for bed!:D
Wed-- Kel came n pick me n carol up to IMM for dinner. I was actually craving for sirloin steak so we went to have a western meal.

After dinner, he drove us down to hongkong street where i then head off to look for jeff they all at SHI SAN MEI. one of the ktv pub there before heading down to BUtTer to help deep chia to celebrate his birthday not forgetting parry n fred plus their friends too.. That was when i bumped into him as well. 

I'm just shutting one eye pretending nth happened. But In fact deep down I'm feeling the heartache.

Sat on steve's friend audi 

(The new Audi open-top TT sports car)

all the way to SPICE for supper.

Thurs-- Headed down to lavender to sign a contract for next wk event. Before i immediately rushed down for work:) Today's work was really fun.. HAHA!! still cant forget the joke of the "calvin klein" model. ANyway, thanks to demoon for sending us home.

On friday, I was working with annabel and tracy.. :) Work was pretty alright till 10pm before dave came n pick us up n off we drove down to pick jackey then followed by PH. It was dave's friend birthday.. Once again i bumped into K n J. Eric they all came after too. Javion and kenneth including irene and also junquan they all were there too. It wasnt at all packed but just a night, i bumped into most of my friends.. Charles was at the same table at the gallery too.


Met johnny for lunch at ding tai feng before we headed to  safra for kbox. AT around 7pm, carol came over n join us and after that we left and home to have dinner. Around 10pm, kel drove over and pick us up and we proceeded to bugis to pick kelly up too.. Thanks to him for sending us down to PH to meet annabel and cheryl they all.. Joined xavier's table and thats when i bumped into guo feng too. Were all along with those sirs and sergeant.. hahah! damn fun:) All xavier's friends and what a co-incidence.. we actually met each other earlier on too.. So we played games throughout like 007 when we have more than 8 ppl in total. 

Partied till 4am and off we went to MAC for breakfast before xavier and his friend sent us home:)

Sun is always my family day where i will stay home n catch movie. Caught a thai horror movie today..

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