Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All about myself and my life...

This gonna be the super long post that i gonna write before im off to overseas this wk!:) Read it if u want to know more.
Another busy week had finally passed! phew~~ although my schedule was really hectic, but i enjoyed a lot in meeting new friends each time. N working with friends were really exciting:)

4th october
monday-- Popular is having a dressing up party for their annual company function. Me, dionna and charlotte were hired to dress up as mermaid, arwin and snow white to take pictures with all the guests:) Of cuz, there r also sleeping beauty, harry potter, pirates, red queen and king, ali baba and the 40 thieves and so on. All the disney character:)

Easy job with good pay for a 1 and a half hrs:) esp its cash on the spot somemore:) Just that the wig does make me feel a bit uncomfortable.

AFter event, we went to change out and dear dionna actually accompanied me for dinner first before i proceeded to esplanade to catch alden's breakdance performance practice while waiting for alvin to reach:D

At around 9pm, he sent me over to marina square to meet alvin where both of them also kind of know each other too esp both r working at zouk as the frontdesk officer:D

caught "the other guys". super hilarious and comical!!:D
The Other Guys
Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) are partnered NYPD detectives who work in the forensic accounting department and rarely see any action. Gamble is more than happy with his job while Hoitz has been assigned against his will after a public incident with his quick trigger finger. They idolise the city's top cops Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Manzetti (Samuel L. Jackson), but when an opportunity arises for Gamble and Hoitz to step up, things do not quite go as expected
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it was hilarious. The dry humor was tremendous and the chemistry between Marky Mark and Will Ferrell is unmatched. They were so funny together it was great. The story of the movie is pretty predictable but there legit is non stop laughter through the entire film. The only draw back was the length of the movie, they could have trimmed it a bit but overall it's a solid summer comedy. Dare I say this was Will Ferrell's best performance since Anchorman. It's certainly one of those movies you will be quoting with your friends for a long time. The entire theater was laughing throughout the entire thing..Great movie...go check it out.

AFter movie, we drove down to bukit timah KAP for macd. Had a good conversation on modelling as alvin is also one of addie's model as well. By 1am, he sent me home:)

Tues-- Headed to city plaza to shop around with annabel as we actually wanna go explore the new blogshop. Sadly to say it wasnt opened today:( at around 730pm, max and dave came n pick us up for dinner at upper bukit timah for a nice pizzas and pastas:)

The most famous pizza restaurant located near upper bukit timah!:D

See!! the unique of this restaurant is that they allow u to vandalise!!:D haha! kidding, to show your art talent:)

After dinner, we drove down to mind cafe to play some boardgames before home sweet home by 1030pm:)

wed-- Its once again ladies night!:D lately im rather addicted to clubbing is cuz i finally understand this verse of love phrase.. 

"You can't make someone love you, but all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth". Its not worth crying for someone who dont treasure u, but to continue your life with beautiful colors and to await for the right person to arrive:)

Thats when i began to throw every sadness aside n just enjoy life while i can since 20 more days i will be flying off soon. Before that i met up with misaki for a kbox at scape the new building.

We sang from 3pm to 6pm n in fact we were actually freezing like hell in there. After kbox, we headed down to find dionna for dinner at bugis junction. Misaki left to go find her aunt while me and dionna went to sakae to have dinner:) Ordered all my fav dishes and had a good chat with her.

Right after dinner, annabel came down n meet us before we drove down to zouk to find jackey they all. ALden's table r just nice next to ours only.

What a co-incidence, i even bumped into christina and kika they all too, cash n judy they all too, vincent even came n join our table before he proceeded down to butter.

After phuture, me n christina they all even headed down to nana. Thats when i saw kairu they all. He's damn funny by saying that thats fate. cuz its like my third time seeing him ever since after aaron left to overseas. 

Fri-- I love my fri to the max!!!:D spending time with the one u always want to be with is a great enjoyment:) MEt up with M for dinner at the cathay after buying the movie ticket:)

Went to this restaurant that Mj brought me before n this time round is with another MJ too:D we had sirloin steak and ribs steak too. Plus blueberry cheesecake:D

haha!! the reason of choosing blueberry instead of oreo one is cuz M said that oreo looks so ugly n cant keep inside pocket. haha!! super lame... but i enjoy it.

After dinner, we headed up for movie. Caught dinner for schmucks again. I lied to him earlier on by saying i havent watch. Actually i aredi watched it before. Perhaps when u r watching with someone that u got feeling for, it doesnt matter what movie u r catching anymore, or wether u watched it before anot.

The only thing that both of us r rather disappointed was what we mentioned: "if only we known each other earlier on". haix~~ 

Anyway after movie, we proceeded over to alps cafe at prinsep st to look for my gf christina before we headed down to zouk.

Partying with my usual darlings-dionna and annabel is always of much fun, just that i cant bear to leave someone alone too, knowing that he;s damn sweet to even accompany me down n join my friends. Luckily he bumped into one of his man too.. donovan and other friends.. n i seemed to be able to click with don they all very easily. We all party tog till when he asked me wanna go to the winebar. I saw ben and shannon they all at the table next to us. Played 5 10 with another couple pui and her bf. 

Time passed rather fast... soon it was 4am. He wanted to send me home but due to my stubborness, i went back on my own without considering that i actually left him all alone there:( sorry for that!!

Well.. just then kairu the handsome dude of mine called me n asked me down to nana to look for him before he sent me home. Who knows by the time i got down, his friend was drunk aredi that they nearly fought with other groups somemore. Fortunately, i met tian wei they all there. So we headed down to geylang 126 for dim sum before the guys sent me home:D thanks for that esp they stay at tamp somemore:)

iF there is really fate which i believe.. can i ask god to just grant me this little wish??? the one n only will do.

sat-- caught movie online entitled

Senior Inspector Don Lee relies heavily on the information provided by stool pigeons in his job. Barbarian is a painstakingly meticulous armed robber. Don needs an informant to infiltrate his gang and recruits street-racer Guy, Guy delivers, but Don is unable to effectively act on the information until the final moment.

Since Barbarian has not left any evidence, Don is pressured to convince Guy to become a witness for the prosecution and promises him a new identity in another county. Guy barely escapes with his life. A disillusioned Don is left wondering if his quest for justice is worth the price that often has to be paid. Best actor Nick Cheung, Nicholas Tse and director Dante Lam renew the successful collaboration that brought audiences the multiple award-winner The Beast Stalker.

Powerhouse with the girls at night:) By right i shouldnt be clubbing tonight, because in fact i also dont feel like. But agnes darling friend birthday.. somemore nessa leaving early, i cant just leave my friend in the lurch just like that. They r friends whom been through with me when im upset. They know everything about me... I can say cant leave w/o them too.. 

BUt one thing for sure is i really miss him.. Knowing he's going outfield next wk n wont be free and im going to fly off soon.. Perhaps we wont get to meet aredi.:( anyway. upcoming project for next wk:_)

Sat-- AGnes wifey kept wanting me to go with her to her peter's party at PH when im kind of reluctant. Guess what, I saw the same groups who was there as well.. they r none other than..

leon's n MJ group!!!:) with crystal and karyin they all too.. besides them, douglas n nicholas they all, peter and his friends, leslie and friends, junquan n friends too:) Of cuz i was all along with agnes, nessa, christina, irene and not to forget misaki too. Always enjoy such a girl's night out!!<3 however wasnt that happy at all when someone was aredi drunk n he did things which shouldnt be at all. Wont want to mention. Let pictures speak a thousand words:)

Sunday is a 10/10/10 day.. N happened to be my family day too..

Global Day of Doing
10:10 is helping to coordinate 10:10:10, the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change, on Sunday 10 October, 2010. From sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to 10,000 schools planting trees in Croatia and Russia, from a carbon-cutting telethon on national TV in the Netherlands, to hundreds of people in the UK sitting down to low-carbon Sunday lunches, this is going to be a really inspirational day. What are you doing for 10:10:10?

One Day On Earth
To create an open shareable archive and documentary film of the world on 10/10/10. We hope to enlighten, teach and benefit humanity through global collaboration and inspired media creation. We seek to find a deeper understanding of life on this planet.

Urban Dictionary
101010 in binary 42 is the most significant date this century. 42 is, of course, the answer to life, the universe and everything. It's also when a person spends too much time on the computer.

Had my usual seafood dinner with family and we caught a nice movie together too.. Its a thai horror movie by the way.

MOnday-- Its a brand new wk once again:) Woke up early in the morning at 530am to prepare myself for today's event which i gotta reach by 730am for briefing.

Worked for this brasil tradeshow tog with , angela and cassey-my partner for the day. Our jobscope was pretty easy. As this is more of a corporate seminar, we were asked to dress in corporate outfit with blazer and closed toe heels and be presentable at all time:)

We were grouped into 2 to handle the importer and exporter participants. One they arrive, just asked them which country r they from, which company and whats their name. From there, we will look through the attendance list and tick accordingly. Passing them their name tag, giving them the goodie bag and feedback forms which they r supposed to fill in n return back. Time really crawls that we sat down n waited till we felt so sleepy.

Worked till 630pm before i rushed down n attended the lg briefing for tml new hp launch.

Met up with annabel n christina for dinner at astons before home sweet home.

tues-- WOrked for the launch of the new optimus phone for LG at klapsons hotel ballroom:)

Got there at 340pm and i actually co-incidentally bumped into lawrence the stuff mag editor. Had a short briefing after all the girls got there by 430pm. The girls who r working today r yvonne, jojo l. dionna, wenting, reiko, lorraine, me and evangeline.

We had a last min rehearsal on the catwalk later on where we got to know our steps and how to present the phone on stage..

After the runway, we were asked to station at the respective color coding booth and showcase those phone series. total there were 8 diff phone including the new optimus 7 and one. 

After event, went to bugis to have a late dinner at macd while waiting for dan to reach. we drove down to kembagan for mian xian supper before hm sweet hm

wed-- Met up with yong ann for dinner at bugis. We had fish n co where one of his friend just happened to work there too. After that, we took a stroll around bugis street and off for our movie. Caught detective dee..
Detective Dee
When sudden and mysterious deaths of loyal officials threaten to ruin the inauguration of China's only female ruler, Empress Wu Zetian (Carina Lau) in A.D. 690, the Imperial Palace is forced to recall the services of legendary Detective Dee (Andy Lau) back from prison after she exiled him eight years ago.

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After movie, i headed down to ph to look for yi fang and annabel they all. Just nice, leslie was there once again:) Didn stayed long before all of us proceeded to outram for supper at a seafood restaurant.

Thurs-- Accompanied the girls for a casting for the upcoming sgx event before me n xinyi headed to lavender to meet huiyi and ray. As three of them gotta go collect their passport. Waited at least an hr or more before their turn. 

AFter collecting, off to harbourfront to meet xinyi bf and we all headed to have pizza hut for dinner while waiting for winnie to reach.

After dinner, everyone went down to jab 1 to have a drink before im off to to cine to meet "xiaokai" for movie.

Caught the "child's eye".
The Child's Eye
Directed by the Pang brothers, "The Child's Eyes" in 3D is touted as the Asia's first digital 3D horror film! Stranded in Thailand by the political uprising and airport closure in November 2008, Rainie and her friends were unable to return home. Unwillingly, they stayed in an aged and shabby hotel. From the moment they checked into the hotel, they came across three odd children and a puppy. Soon, strange supernatural encounters begin to occur.

Reviews: i seriously dont think this movie is worth to watch. Its nt as scary as the preview shown. I aredi expected that when i first saw that raine yang they all r in. Usually chinese horror movie got an extent of scariness one. If u guys just want to watch those taiwanese artiste, i would suggest u go watch this movie. If u r going according to the plot of the story, watch "eat pray love"

Fri-- Worked for the LG roadshow at wisma for optimus 7 as im one of their ambassador. So right after the f1, they got a launch at klapsons hotel and now the roadshow to show to the public on the phone which will be launched next thurs.

The other girls who were working include jacqueline, pauline, camella and one more girl. not to forget dionna my dear too:) 6 of us were to walk around and demo the phone to the crowd by asking them to help us in 3 tasks. Which is the scan search and to show them how to use panorama shot plus take a picture with them. We also gave out the balloons to the kids. This time round, we dont have to wear heels or those super nice outfit.

AFter work, me and dionna immediately rushed down to work for the mess function. Work was pretty easy today esp i met tian wei and also benson they all. Dennis is very nice too to keep asking me to go over there whenever im free. Thanks to wei hong for sending me home after 1130pm where our work ended. There was a road accident on the highway that the car were jammed for at least half an hr. home sweet home by 12am.

Sat-- Worked again from 12pm-8pm. Met up with dionna and jacq for breakfast at toastbox. Worked from 12-8pm today. Bumped into nicholas and glen. Actually the feelings sucks. But since this is the decision i made, i ought to know that we wont be as close as last time aredi. 

Time passed rather slow while working. Had dessert for dinner.

At the end of the 15min, the lg ambassadors were asked to do a freestyle dance of the rnb music played infront of the crowd. QUite fun i feel although its rather embarassing.

After work, i headed home straight to rest. No partying for me for a mth i tell myself. I gonna rest till  go overseas and back that time then catch up with my dearest party kakis again.

sun-- Last day of work today. Met up with jacq and the "handsome but short dude" for breakfast. I had instant noodles early in the morning, Bet im really hungry. AFter change out, we went back to the booth for briefing and to get ready. 

It was indeed another long day. had lunch with dionna. I ordered a plate of chicken drumstick rice and was given a big bowl of soup too as i was telling the stall assistant that $6.50 is really nt worth for a super small bowl. He then answered me saying that. no problem for pretty girl like u only, dont tell others.. lol. ppl behind me all heard it anyway. Back to the roadshow, i bumped into richard n his gf, kirk n his gf and kenny and his friends, shaun and not to forget quite a few more too. jasmine n her friends, winnie and her bf, my lovely agnes and vanessa etc. most of the guys with gf r actually known as my ex. Well, happy to see that they found someone new, given that we r no longer close friends too.. 

To say that he did it on purpose too when i didn take notice of him but was busy and he called upon my name. The feeling was terrible. bUT i know that i had slowly let it go already. I finally did it. I remember xavier told me that i got to do it no matter what if not i will never be able to step into a new relationship.

After work, me and dionna headed to ions epic centre to buy the ipod touch 4 for my brother before we went to macd to meet her friend. Thats when jiawei joined us too. He accompanied me to go take the train home. Well.. He's a new friend of mine that is rather popular among girls. the "wilber pan" look alike which we kept saying...

After i got home, i thought through a lot. I feel that giving up is a growing up stage that i gotta faced in times to come. But why is it always so short??? Why cant i have it longer??? Sometime i feel that god is rather unfair to me,. giving me everything but taking it back eventually too. but i know that life still gotta go on, i still have to move on no matter how tough this path seemed to be. Hope for the right one to come soon.. Not those long dist anymore. Im tired of that.

Monday-- mEt up with annabel for shopping at fareast where shaun came down n meet us for shopping too. Before annabel left and we went to catch this movie..

Eat Pray LOve
Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having - a husband, a house, a successful career - yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. In her travels, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali.

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reviews: Being Successful is nothing when u can't find the right person to share with. And doing the things you really enjoyed. Money can't buy you everything. Definitely not happiness.. 

(the right person, who? doesn't comes easy. is never easy to let go your past too.)

This movie, make you think deeply through your thoughts and show u the hint/directions... It definite worth every penny that you spend. Even for the 2nd or 3rd time. At the time of your cross road in your love relationship... take time to watch the movie. You may find some 'direction' in it...

After movie, i met up with "J" to play pool as this dude said he wanted to play. We had a question and answer time for every ball we shoot in. It was rather new to me in a sense that i gotta be asked questions about me during a game of pool. Same to him... Well. AT first my impression of him wasnt that good, to say cuz he lied to me every single thing we said on sunday. 

But slowly, through this truth or dare game, we played only the truth.. say the truth, no hiding or lying to each other, we began to know each other more too. He told me something which makes me kind of expected too. Well.. just like MJ case, i aredi knew it. Thats why i asked myself not to get involved in a triangular. But to only do it if the person sincerely love u.

Ive been through all sorts of relationship which i usually dont write it out to show to any of the readers but eat pray love taught me a lot. It taught me to believe in love again. Let go of all those pasts and start anew. I do believe in karma thats why i will nv do silly things. 

明知道愛情並不牢靠 但是我還是拼命往裡跳
明知道再走可能是監牢 但是我還是相信只是煎熬
朋友都勸我不要不要 不要拿自己的幸福開玩笑
但是做人已經那麼累 假惺惺的想要逃
在愛裡連真心都不能給 這才真正的可笑

愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪
太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人
明知道這不是緣分 但是我還奮不顧身

可能 在愛裡面這樣算笨
可能 永遠沒有所謂永恆
但是我 不願放棄這裡面一點點可能 寧願笨也不想要悔恨

wed-- DId a SAE tradeshow at MBS convention for dennis the president. My jobscope was just to be there to mend the booth. SO kind of slacking. It was indeed a co-incidence to know that cheryl dear had been working for them as a full time employment too. She was surprised to see me there. Besides her, there was also sharmian who worked for one of the company who was also part of SSAS. Im very glad that i got both of them to be with me when i was the only model to be hired throughout the whole show. Was spending my time twittering, using whats app and fb. 8hrs seemed to pass very quickly when i actually met nice ppl like michael the boss, the booth just opp me, daniel and his partners such as v from thailand to treat me and cheryl for lunch.

Right after work which ended at 530pm. i made my way down to fairmont hotel to collect the boots and the f1 outfit for the coming fri sgx event together with all the girls that were selected too. After that, me, annabel and cheryl waited for dave  to come n pick us up for dinner at ions. Jackey joined us too at paradise dynasty. Ordered a bamboo basket full of the colourful xiao long bao, beef noodles and fried rice, etc. We had a sumptuous meal indeed.
different flavor of xiao long bao repesents diff colors:)

Straight after dinner, we headed down to the pub which is situated somewhere at orchard plaza as its still early. The place was rather grand esp when they even had "guy assistant" for accompany for drinks or just some simple games like scissors paper stone and dice.

Well, i wasnt at all interested to come to such places at all, so most of my time were spent staying outside chatting with J.W on the phone. At bout 1130pm, we went over to neverland. Jimmy the singer is back aredi. He's still the most popular thai singer which receive most of the flower glands. Left the place at 1230am and sent cheryl home after that.

or just click on previous post in this blog if u missed it:)
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