Wednesday, August 25, 2010

power balance advertorial

Monday is the day where i headed down for the product training for powerbal all alone to sammi's house.. She got 2 cats. one is a new borned kitten. SO sweet of her to get me one of the power wristband as im the ambassador for the wristband:) 

After training, it began to pour in the middle of my journey to suntec. Was actually going there for the NUS shoot. However as it began to rain heavily, it was called off at the very last min. I went back home after doing some shopping down there:)

Power balance advertorial

Power Balnce, Coordination

Power Balance Coordination Video

Silicone Power Balance Wrist Bands
Power Balance FAQ’s
How was POWER BALANCE developed?
POWER BALANCE was developed as the marriage of two ideas: First, years of extensive research into holographic and lenticular media showed the complexity of the hologram and the fact that it can be programmed to hold certain frequencies.  Second, further research was necessary to understand what frequency it was that best promoted energy flow throughout the body.  Once discovered, this led to the unconventional programming of bio-resonating frequencies onto holograms.  The result was POWER BALANCE.  Similar forms of this technology have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and are quickly being introduced and embraced in the west.

 Why was POWER BALANCE developed?
 POWER BALANCE was developed to help improve performance and productivity for athletes and to spread wellness worldwide.  We believe these resonate frequencies are highly beneficial in all areas of life and should be affordable to everyone, not just those who can pay hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars for other, less functional technologies. 

 Where did the idea for POWER BALANCE come from?
 A primitive form of this technology was discovered when someone, somewhere along the line, picked up a rock and felt something that reacted positively with his body.  While it may sound strange, the truth is that all naturally organic substances have different frequencies that resonate in them that are inherently found within the earth.  At POWER BALANCE, we have found a few of those positive vibrations and put them together to create POWER BALANCE performance technology.  So, instead of having a bunch of rocks in your pocket, we have taken our understanding of holographic media to a new level.  By embedding these beneficial frequencies onto a hologram, it is now possible to apply this technology to almost anything.

 What can POWER BALANCE be used for?
 Currently PB is being placed on surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, bike seats and handles, shoes, sandals, wetsuits, trunks, glasses, gloves, hats, pendants, watches, belts, protective gear, or anything else that comes in range of the body’s energy field.

Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Testimonials/ reviews of people who tried this:)
I just tested this today... was very skeptical when my cousin came to me and told me it works. So he told me to see how far I could reach my toes without bending my knees, then he gave me the bracelet and told me to do it again, and to my amazement I could reach further! Still skeptical I took the band off and tried it again, and again amazed found my reach to be less then with the band on. Dont tell me its "Positive thinking" when a complete skeptic is baffled by this.

Tues-- Woke up early and meet xinyi for lunch and movie:) We caught


Directed by Lo Chi Leung.
Starred by Shawn Yue and Kitty Zhang.

Plot:  Young writer Guo (Shawn Yue) wrote about a titular curse in his book, "The Deserted Village".
 It began 500 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, when one of the villagers died of terminal illness. 
The widow Yanzi vowed to stay with her husband forever but when the man suddenly returned to life. 
The horrified neighbours believed that he was a monster. They burned him to death and torched his mansion. 
The devastated Yanzi upheld her vow and threw herself into the fire. 
Since then, the village was cursed and the mansion subsequent inhabitant dies mysteriously. 
Some say only couples who share true love can survive in that village. 
Those who are unfaithful will come to their demise. 
To the world, the book was pure fiction. 
Only Guo and his ex-girlfriend Zhi (Kitty Zhang) had lived through the horror to know its existence. 
When four college students decided to explore the village themselves, the trip led them to an ancient well in Yanzi's mansion, where the curse was unleashed once again.

Story line goes as a writer wrote a book about a deserted village. Then a few students found out the location after stealing his photo. The students went there and faced a horrifying fate which means they started to die one by one meanwhile the writer himself was frightened by his old girlfriend who is a lose a writer when she disguised as Rogue, the ghost of the deserted village. Then the writer feel responsible for what happen to the students, so he decided to go and visit the place one more time. Then he began to have memory loss which he only remembered what happened last three years. He started to bleed from his ears and his girlfriend wanted to help him by visiting the deserted village to return the pearl jade which was taken by the students that went there. Then at last the writer die in the hug of his girlfriend. Finally, it turned out that all that was just a story derived from the novel written by that girlfriend. Everything was fiction and the students weren't even injured.

Reviews on the movie: Not recommended... Its full of craps.

What can I see from this movie is poor genre involvement. They put it under the genre of horror and thriller which I only can experience not even more than 10 minutes. Poster wasn't related to the movie at all. It looks scary and appealing for the horror movie fans but believe me, there wasn't even a freaking scene that can make you frightened and shouted. Angles are not bad but it is just so-so compared to other thriller and horror films. Some scenes are unnecessary and seem confusing. Lightning seriously is quite good. Story line isn't attractive enough. One word to describe the acting skills from the actors and actresses besides Shawn Yue is S-U-C-K. I wonder can't they find better actors and actresses than those in this movie. I don't have much to say about this movie. I bet it wasn't even worth your money to go watch. So sorry but this movie totally disappoints me and WASTES my money for it.

AFter movie, i proceeded down to look for dionna babe and acc her for the hair treatment:) she seemed to be happy with the result too. This prove that my hairstylist was really good and my recommendation wasnt wrong too:D

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