Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the week where im in overseas!!:D Post 1-BKK

Thurs-- Second day of the trade show at MBS. Today i saw leslie once again. Thanks for the yogurt and not to forget i even had peanuts, wang wang biscuits and many other tidbits offered from the other booth. Life is indeed good being a female. But when it comes to time when im bored, i will begin to start wondering bout other stuffs. Lunch was treated once again just that i simply got no appetite at all due to the terrible "menses cramp" im suffering from. Ordered a bowl of fish slice beehoon and had warm water. 

After work, michael gave me a lift down to raffles city where i still have to run an errand again at the fairmont hotel for the rest of the girls who need to turn up for the collection of the outfits and boots. 

At bout 730pm, all were done. Me and xingyi then proceeded to meet chanel for dinner at MOF while waiting for J to come n fetch us over to pasir ris downtown east.

As promised, i attended jovin's birthday since she invited. Brought along the 2 girls and him too. At the chalet, we played a game of blackjack and he won over 170 dollars. Luck is really with him. :) I didn wish to bet at all. so was purely playing for fun. Left the chalet before 12am and sent the girls home before he sent me back.

All were well except that i really feel exhausted after having to handle so many tasks. Sometime im really tired over many trivial matters that i wished to give up. But bestie they all told me to carry on and live strong.

Fri-- Slept less than only 2hrs only and i got to be up by 5am. Prepared myself immediately and rushed down to fairmont hotel for the changed out and transport. There r a total of 18 girls working at diff locations. But im glad that all can wake up on time. Thanks girls!:D

My partner was xingyi and we were posted to singapore landmark. STarted work at 8am and ended by 930am. Our job was just to give out the mousepad and to tell them that there is this ADRs launch at 9am where they can participate in the contest to win some attractive prizes.

Right after work, we went back to the hotel and return the outfits before going for macd breakfast tog with jacq, wenting, annabel, eileen, xingyi, ivy, chanel, tracy and tricia, By 11am, its time to make a move to MBS.

Just then, i got a call from cynthia the secretary that emily didn turn up for work at all and it caused me a hassle to go down n settle it. Dennis was rather pissed with such as this is usually a work responsibility. I tried to cover for her by saying that she's unwell. But this in turn does affect me in some manner. Anyway dont wish to mention aredi.

At around 1130am, edmund came and pick me up for the golf event at warren country club. Thanks to irene love  for arranging such transport. I knew edmund from edwin last year. He's the second brother of edwin. Its really a pleasure to be able to work for catholic high alumni annual golf event once again. Tay ping hui and ming hui was in one of the flight again:)

My jobscope was to mend the golf hole at hole 16 and to encourage them to hit to the nearest pin where they will then get a chance to win a return air ticket to taipei sponsered by eva air. I was stationed under the shelter area where i sat there till i nearly fell asleep. Hp batt was flat too which was really worse. Cuz this eventually cause me more boredom too.

Had dinner at 7pm before i went to take a quick shower and prepare myself for the dinner serving and prize presentation award. Right after work, two of the golfer sent me home to rest.
First 3 top winners trophy

Upon reaching home, i dont feel like doing anything at all. My whole body felt so weak that i felt an urge of just sleeping. But if i do that, probably i wont be able to wake up till the next day. Just then, "J" called and said that he's aredi at around my house area. So i just change into sth casual and went out to meet him. We drove to somewhere near my place for supper before we had a short chat. 

I always believe everything happened for a reason, but this time im super unsure of everything. Nonetheless, i wont be the one to make decision too. I respect his decision for whoever he chooses. Well, fortune master told me that i ought to find someone who is mature enough and someone whom i can click alot. Its very true as i simply hate boring conversation. He told me that i love taking up challenges and everything im sure to succeed but there r obstacles in between every moves i made.

Sat was a day where i rested long enough at home. Had a haircut and a change of my hair color in the noon, I love darker hair color which eventually makes me more refreshed:) Got home n took a power nap of 3 hrs before waking up to have dinner with family.

Headed out at 1030pm to go down to st james to look for bel and cheryl. N thats wen i bumped into shaun and even leslie again. This time round im nt there to club at all as i mentioned to my best friends that i will nt club at all for a mth or more. Maybe after MJ case, im tired of clubbing guys. Left at 1am which is indeed rare. Usually i gave ppl a feel that im out to have fun and im more of a cheerful and outgoing person. But apparently, this doesnt sounds like me at all. I loved doing my own things like watching dramas online at home, play piano and even do some exercise. Life can be so simple but yet it appears to be complex.

Isit true that girls like challenges instead of going for someone who loves them more than they do? Maybe i do. Esp when i prefer going all out for sth i like than going for non mutual love. We dont have to keep pleasing everyone or to say when this person treats u so well, u gotta accept it. My perspective r always diff from others. I rather go for something which i want than to accept the love that may just ended up hurting others.



我只怕 花光勇气

亲爱的 还幸福吗
我想听 又害怕听到答案

亲爱的 别来无恙
妳的肩膀 那么近却那么远
想和妳一起 我爱妳

Monday-- had a fun day out with "J". Ivy dear came over to my place to have a singing session first before we headed off separately and i met "J" at lakeside to go gym together.

At the gym, i bumped into taiwee and his friend. Use those machines over there till 630pm before we went to change out and headed down to jurong pt for dinner. Had NYNY with J where he ordered a plate of baked rice while i go for my teriyaki chicken chop. After that, we went shopping around before off for dessert at JDC. Shared a bowl of mango ice as i cant really finish it before we actually call it a day by 930pm. TImes spent together r always short but darlng told me that never to go expect so much. But just enjoy every single moment. He's going for his reservice soon after im back from my trip. 

Tues-271010-- today is the first day which i mark the new start of a relationship. Everything begins so simple and sweet where it all started with a shopping sponsors in scape for a boutique. Thanks to my darling dionna!:D

Had dinner with bb "K"at my fav jap restaurant in heeren yesterday. The only time i cant finish the pizza too after the filling pastas i had. After dinner, we took a stroll over at cine to look for his rings. Then  went over to the shop next to it to look for michiee there. Got a shirt from her shop as to hep her with her today's sale.

At around 940pm, we caught "takers". Bumped into vincent n his friends at the ticketing counter too. n not to forget those friends at safra.
View this image in the Takers galleryView this image in the Takers galleryView this image in the Takers galleryView this image in the Takers gallery
Police detectives Jack Welles (Matt Dillon) and Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez) investigate a daring heist by a group of well-organised bank robbers who left no traces. The crew are led by Gordon Cozier (Idris Elba), consists of John (Paul Walker), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), and brothers Jake (Michael Ealy) and Jesse (Chris Brown) Attica. The crew is missing out a former member, Ghost (T.I.), who was caught during a previous robbery five years ago. In his absence, Jake has begun a relationship with his former girlfriend Rachel Jansen (Zoe Saldana), who has accepted his proposal for marriage. Things change when Ghost surprises the crew after getting paroled after serving time in a penitentiary, and now a shot at a $30 million heist.

reviews: this is definitely a must watch movie!!
the whole plot of the movie was perfectly put together... the cast and the actin was perfectly performed.. a job well done... and best BEST scene goes to chris brown.. when he was being chased by the bloody cops!..loved T.I.'s actin and accent!soo HOT!!:P Big heist, big action, big cast. This grand project produces mediocre character and plot work as well as some lacklustre camera work that seems to cannibalise both visual and screenplay literacy, severely hindering its potential of greatness. This makes a film that only focuses on the debut of Chris Brown's film resume and the marketing of T.I. (he's the producer by the way).

After movie. we headed down to marina barrage to have a peaceful chill out. No drinks and nth,. just a long conversation:D Before he sent me home by 1am. It was pouring by then..

Wed-- My farewell dinner with annabel. cheryl. elise, dave and "J". We had wahan steamboat which was advertised by auntie lucy over at the central-clarke quay. 

After dinner, we headed down to rachada to chill out till 11pm. Before i headed home n do a last min checking for my luggage and took a 2 hrs powernap. We were on the morning flight and had to get up like freakin’ early! At around 3am, benson came n pick me up n we drove all the way from my home to the airport.

Had an early breakfast at their toastbox. Shiok to the max!:D Met up with iris, shelley and her bf desmond at the terminal itself before checking in. Our flight takes off at 6am and we gotta do all the checking in and stuff like that 1hr beforehand. The flight from singapore to bangkok last for about 2 hours and luckily i have my ipod touch with me, 

Thurs--Day 1

 Touched down at BKK airport at 830am which is only 730am in bkk. Super early.. Welcome to the land of smiles!!:D Weather was great when we touched down at the airport.

As desmond forgotten to being his driving license, we got no choice but to take a cab down to our service apartment instead of renting a car. 

The hotel that we stayed throughout  this 4 days is none other than "the residence" located at soi 11 just opp first hotel, besides Platinum Mall !! Less than 10 min walk! rather near to pantip plaza(the it mall) and even siam paragon too:)

The city hotel and serviced apartment, "The Residence" on Petchaburi Road is surrounded by all of the Bangkok's most fabulous shopping and entertainment centers while adjacent to all major central business district. Even though it is next to the busy main street- Petchburi Road, guests will still get extreme privacy and peaceful in our specially designed tropical resort atmosphere. Guests will also enjoy excellent cuisine chosen from two of our talk-of-the-town dining facilities.


A small but fully equipped modern facilities,"The Residence" - Stayed in their family suite room. Each room features with tasteful and functional decoration to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Had a great time shopping in Pratunam wholesale area. (pardon me for not uploading much photos as we didnt take much photos this time while shopping or even dining in)

AFter putting down our stuff in the hotel, we headed out to pantip plaza to look at their technology items.

A 6 storey high it mall.. much bigger than our sim lim square in singapore! U can never finish combing the whole place within an hr.

Though there are a wide range of computer related products on sale, Panthip is most (in)famous for the huge amount of pirated software available. There are literally dozens of different vendors selling hacked versions of software programs, and even the most up-to-date software is available amazingly quickly.Microsoft Windows XP, for instance, had been available in Panthip some weeks prior even to it's official launch in the USA, let alone in Thailand. Thats why i will never get any software based items from bkk.

Got 2 iphone casing from there esp i know my darling jovin loves hello kitty. Bought a screen protector for my brother's ipod touch 4 too. 

Soon it was lunch time, we headed over to platinum mall foodcourt to settle our meal. Even that mall needs you to purchase coupon at the counter and you can get back the cash if you do not finish the coupon. 

AFter lunch, we began our shopping spree. from the bottom levels to the top levels. There's a total of 6 storeys high shopping mall. To say its so big that there r a total of 4 lanes for each level. we were more or less just browsing around as u will never know where u start from or which lanes u havent been to.

Personal experience:
Yea it's a wholesale mall, so it's nothing else to describe than cheap, I mean really really cheap stuffs are selling there. Perfect place for girls but nothing much for guys (poor boyfriends).
Gather a group of friends you'll be able to get a much better deal with bundle purchase of min 2 or 3 items.
Bangkok is always Bangkok, even in a wholesale mall, there's space for you to bargain, but it's probably a price down of few 10s baht, so it's up to you whether it's worth for your time or not.
The wholesale only works if you buy 3 pieces or more. If you buy 1 piece, there usually wouldn’t be discount. There’s also no fitting room in most wholesale malls but you can try it on fully clothed if you ask the promoters. Speaking Thai can also help, as if you look and act like a free spending tourist it may be impossible to get a significant discount (many vendors will give cheaper rah kah poot tai dai 'Thai speaker prices'). Though the asking price for a foreigner is likely to be higher than it would be for a Thai (sometimes considerably so), it's not really two-tier pricing - if you're good at bargaining it's definitely possible to only pay local prices. A good idea to try and gauge the going rate is to compare prices to various other vendors, and see what kind of price the item you want goes for in fixed price stores if possible.

After buying a few dresses( more than 10 pieces) and eyelashes, we went for a 1 hr thai full body massage. Damn freaking shiok !! I’ve never felt sooooo relaxed in my entire life . Its like , all the stress & muscle fatigue accumulated in my body over the years disappeared after the massage.  

Next, we took a tuk tuk down to MBK!:D

Tuk-tuk’s the 3 wheels open-air motorised taxis. It’s like a trishaw but motorized. The tuk-tuk drivers would shut off the motor when stopping in traffic light or jam. There are lots of blinking bright lights inside and outside the vehicle. It’s loud and the drivers are crazy! They may just U-turn to go to the other road opposite and some may even try to con you by bringing you to places you don’t want because they get commission.
If you need to be somewhere fast, tuk-tuk’s the better choice compared to taxi as it’s smaller and it can manuver over tight lanes. Most of the car drivers are wild but also lenient – they will just let you cut their lanes.
All the taxis in BKK are in super bright colours – red, pink, blue. Practically 1/2 of the vehicles on the streets are make up of taxis and tuk-tuks. In fact taxi charges in Bangkok are pretty cheap, and there is no extra charge for midnight. But taking a cab during peak hours is definitely not a wise option. You might most probably ended up stuck in traffic jam helplessly just letting you precious travel time slip through.
There are VERY FEW trees in the city. Very hot. Quite polluted. 2 of the bad side effects from riding tuk-tuks is bad skin and dirty hair! Dust sticks to skin and flyaway hair. Though I supposed if we were going so fast, the wind would just push the dust away from us..

MBK (Mah Boon Krong) is a mix of wholesale of cheap stuff and moderately-priced (read: not luxury like couture or even branded). 
Inside MBK Center
Up And Down Shopping
Inside MBK Center
Pictures speak more than words...
SF Cinema City in MBK
Stalls in MBK
Tiny Stalls One After Another - MBK's Key Feature
Shopper in MBK
Bargain Hunter
Shopping in MBK
Some Stalls in MBK
If you are looking for electronic goods such as MINI-DISCs, CDs Walkmen, iPods, Bluetooth Headsets and similar novelty articles, MBK is the place. Most goods of this nature are smuggled in and do not have VAT and local taxes making MBK by far the cheapest place for such electronic items. It is also the place for anything related to mobile phones and accessories, MP3 music and PlayStation games.
Shop in MBK
We were window shopping around mbk till 9pm where all shops r preparing to close. Bought 2 necklaces which one is for ivy babe:) Got back to the hotel after that and we ended the first day by taking turn for shower n preparing to hit the sack.

Day 2

Woke up early to have breakfast at 9am at the hotel cafe which they served us in buffet style. U can see all kinds of egg styled. from fried to scrambled eggs. At bout 1130am, the cab chauffeur arrived and bring us to the four face buddha to pray before we were out of bkk after that to all kinds of temple which shelley n desmond wanna visit. The weather in bkk was so humid that everywhere u go, u sure will order coconut drink to quench your thirst.

At around 7pm, we headed down to chinatown(yao wa rat) for dinner. Ordered those seafood dishes and a bowl of shark fin's soup for sharing. The dinner there was still alright. Nth special which i felt so. 

Right after dinner, we headed to Patpong night market. Its very popular with tourists, but there's no real good reason why. It's got the same combination of souvenirs, fake brand name items and cheap clothes as in any tourist area in the city, but prices are way over the going rate. Bargaining very hard is essential to get a good deal and the touts for the go-go bars that Patpong is most famous for are persistent, annoying and can be aggressive. 

Right after that, we got back to the hotel to catch some rest. This was then  shelley n ivy began the drinking session. I was given just 2 cups of absolute vodka and couldnt take it anymore. My head was spinning by then that i actually wanted to just go have an early sleep. But the girls wanted to go supperclub, 

Co-incidentally,  to say Vincent they all r also in bkk supperclub, so we just went ahead with the plan. The club there wasnt as fantastic as compared to singapore. Apparently i didn enjoy much at all. Opened a bottle but within 15 to 30 min, some unexpected situation happened that we gotta make a move first. A sad thing to say that my arm was injured too cuz of my friend. haix. better not to mention anymore.

Day 3

As usual, woke up by 9am and headed down for the breakfast with iris before both of us went ahead to chatuchak. The weather was rather humid that we got ourselves bottles of mineral water.

Chatuchak weekend market

We'd planned our Saturday to catch the Chatuchak weekend market (or J.J by the locals). Where you can get everything from there, from apparels to home deco to food to plants (they caged the plants cruelly and sell them to simply anyone) to artsy crafty stuffs to to everything even you have only a few cuddly teddy bears you can spread a mat on the ground and sell the few teddies too.

Oh and then if you want to, you may buy animiaos there and courier them back too.

The first time shopping at Bangkok's Chatuchak weekend market can be a daunting experience for anyone. Bursting with activity and energy, it is the fashion mecca for any fashion-lover in South East Asia. If you like any of the items in the post below, note down the address and head there next time you're in Bangkok!
It would be impossible for me to show you all the shops there, so what we thought of doing, is record down pictures of some of the shops which can be found there:)

Chatuchak is nothing short of huge and divided into different sections and sois (side-streets). most shop owners are pretty friendly and will be more than willing to point you to the right direction if you wish to return later!

Unique vintage-esque accessories, 100 baht - 250 baht.

Bikinis at 350 baht, found at Section 6 Soi 1-2.
These can be bargained for much lower, the higher the number of items you are willing to buy.

Gaga Retail and Wholesale

With neon lights and graffiti-esque decorations, Gaga has 'street' written all over the shop. Offering a wide range of self-designed T-shirts and tank tops, scroll down if you're not a fan of fluoro!

If you think that the shop mainly caters to the male market, fret not, because Gaga has a number of racks of ladies Ts and tank tops as well! The items in the shop range from 150 baht to 500 baht, with most of their T-shirts going for 200 baht. 
Coco Club

Chatuchak has many quaint shops with self-designed clothes (as most of them may claim). Coco Club's prices range from 290 baht to 390 baht.

Sharing a shop with Coco Club would be AEIOU T-Shirt Store, where you can get interesting self-manufactured T-shirts for 190 baht.
Kanoon & Mayoum

The handmade flip-flops and sandals at Kanoon & Mayoum instantly caught my eye, due to their unique and playful nature! Perfect for everyday wear and beach outings. :) The shop exuded a very beachy  and tropical aura, selling a range of items from bags to accessories, though the primary focus seems to be on the handmade sandals.

Items range from around 100 baht to 290 baht.
Waanns Putspad

I spotted some cool denim goodies at Waanns Putspad. They have some nice ripped shorts for sale at 250 baht while denim vests were selling for about 160 baht.
Jada ...

Another quaint-looking boutique tucked in the streets of Chatuchak market is Jada, with a wide range of self-designed tops, dresses, bags and accessories for sale.

The clothes at Jada are all girlishly feminine. All the tops at the shop are priced at 290 baht while dresses are all 390 baht. The accessories and bags range from 150 baht to 390 baht.

If you're one for floral dresses, tops with feminine batik prints, or long flowing floral maxi dresses, you'd probably like Smoofh. I found a pretty wide range of tops and dresses with a tropical and beach-like feel in the shop, ranging at around 150 baht - 300 baht.
Bargaining is common at Chatuchak, so you can be pretty sure that you can get your buys at cheaper rates than as stated by the shop! Pickpocketing occurs rather often, so you should always be careful with your belongings/purse and not be too distracted with all the things you want to buy around you! 
However, Chatuchak certainly lives up to its reputation for being a shopping paradise... you can easily find really gorgeous pieces here, for half the price they usually retail at in SG.
Spent at least 3 hrs there walking around and i got myself 1top and a dress too. AFter chatuchak, we waited for the chaffeur to come n pick us up to "Indra Square" for our late lunch. Had KfC there where their queue is considered to be normal, just that i realise that their servings r rather small. ordered 2 pieces chicken where there is only one pack of fries and drinks included. Something which i notice which was different from singapore was that the people dont really eat much but drink alot. haha! imagine their cup of drink is twice the size of ours.
After our lunch, we headed back to platinum and pratunam mall to continue and shop around. At around 7pm, we slowly walked back to our hotel and just stayed in to watch HBO channel. There wasnt anything interesting happening for my halloween night, No RCA too. Sigh.. just cuz of the incident which occurred last night. Watch "the proposal", drag me to hell and even transformers and lastly the miss world 2010 before we called it a night.
Woke up only at 12pm where after shower, i went over to Pantip plaza to look for  them. Took the gem car from our hotel to the siam paragon.

We  had MK steamboat at siam paragon. Ordered a lot till when the bill comes, its around 2000 baht.

Siam Paragon is indeed shopping mall just like our singapore paragon.. where they sell lots of branded goods ranging  from LV to Gucci to even Chanel etc.. The things there r overly pricey indeed. 
After Siam Paragon, we separated and i went back to platinum to get the bikinis and also 2 pouches for friends. At around 5pm, im already back to the hotel doing a last check to see if i brought everything back and never leave any important stuff there.

By 6pm, its time for us to head back to the airport. Theres a small conflict between us and the driver. But in order not to miss our flight since its last call, we just paid him extra and quickly rush to the check in area. Im the last passenger up on the flight somemore. Quite fortunate enough:)

Back to sg by 1130pm where benson came n pick me up from the aiport back home:)

Was on the phone with "J" reporting strength.. haha! kidding. was just having a chat over hows my trip and is there any happenings over there. "KR" cant come n pick me up as he was tired after work, but he promised to pick me up from the airport when im back from tokyo.. Upon reaching home, i had a chat with mummy n brother too over the whole trip in bkk before unpacking my stuff from my luggage.

see my loot? Some r for friends and not for myself. Bought many gifts instead of my own stuffs.

or just click on previous post in this blog if u missed it:)

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