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post 2~~ love from OSAKI TOKYO 2/11/10

Hi everyone!! sorry for the delay on my blogging as i was away from singapore for another week. Right after BKK trip, i rested a day before flying over to OSAKI TOKYO!!:D

Had a sweet family home-cook food specially prepared by mummy before i left for my tokyo trip!!
By 630pm, benson came n pick me up all the way from my home to terminal 3 airport:)

Met my beloved sistas dionna, pearl and roxanne at the airport row 10. This time round i went with the tour of 20 ppl in total. WAited for our tour guide to arrive n off we went to check in and was escorted to the lounge upstairs for beverages and food while waiting for the boarding time.

Around 930pm, we headed over to board the plane. Last call was at 950pm. 

The flight we took was SQ636. Supper and breakfast was served on the plane by the cabin crew. Had japanese set dinner and breakfast till i didn get to catch much nap at all. Watched grown up while on the plane. Its indeed a comedy. I kept laughing non-stop. 

The flight landed in Haneda airport at around 515am in the morning.

Day 1: Singapore to Narita(tokyo)
Upon arrival, our tour guide welcome us from the airport and get us to check our luggage before boarding the bus that were prepared for us:)

Day 2: Tokyo-Hakone-Mt Fuji Lake:Hakone Tour
Tokyo's ferris wheel!

See the sky? Its still way too early when we arrived..

The bus first brought us to Hakone National Park. Theres a 15 min toilet break too in between the journey that we went to explore their super market.

so many hello kitty items:)

 Owakudani is one of the most beautiful area as famous as the lake Ashi in Hakone.
You will enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji with Hakone mountains and also the volcanic landscape created 400 thousand years ago.

our tour guide giving us a guide to climb up the mountain.

 Great view of Mt Fuji!:D

According to Japanese legend, every egg you eat will prolong your life by 7 years.
Kuro-tamago are very popular as a life-prolonging food.

One black egg for adding 7 years to your life.
Two black eggs for adding 14 years to your life....
It is highly recommended that you taste Kuro-tamago boiled in hot sulfurous mud water which is very specific to Owakudani.

Next, we went on a cruise on lake ashi:)

Pirate ship!!:)

Theres a total of 3 levels. From the top of it, u can see the whole sea view:)

Our bento lunch:)

After lunch, we proceeded to lake saiko and visited Samurai Village. Its an ancient village of traditional artworks of old buildings. U will also get to try on their traditional kimono and take a snap shot of it.

All these r hand made:)

Thereafter, we ended the day by going back to the hotel where there isnt any connection at all too, due to the high peak. However, u can experience a soothing and relaxing hot spring before attending the dinner that was prepared by the chefs there. Had Shabu Shabu as our dinner. Slept straight after 730pm. Thats real early!

Day 3: Mt Fuji Visitor center - Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall.
Woke up super early like 6am and showered before waking pearl up to go down for our breakfast. Its also the last stay we r at Hakone. 
Temp of 8degree.,.. indeed damn cold. 

Right after the breakfast, everyone assembled and slowly brought their luggage up onto the bus. 
This is when we made a stop at the mt fuji visitor center where you can learn more about the history of the formation of Mt Fuji and its eco system. 
See the traffic of theirs??

Continuing the journey, we headed off to Gotemba Premium Outlet mall. A large outlet mall offering brand fashions, sports goods on a giant site with a view of mt.fuji.

Do you like shopping?

What do you imagine if it is said Hakone?

maybe you don't imagine about shopping.
However, there is a big outlet mall near Hakone.(GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS)

This shopping mall only opened at 10am sharp. Sharp means they only open on the dot and not any 1 or 2 sec earlier even though u arrive early n was aredi standing outside the door. They go according to the music tt will be played at 10am. Quite interesting!:D

We came across swarovski shop and actually wanted to buy crystal necklace or ring from there but didn see anything that caught our eyes. Had Macdonald as lunch there. n imagine sgd6dollars plus, u r only able to get a kids meal from tokyo? thats how pricey their food there is...

After lunch, we headed to Odaiba- a popular place in tokyo, which offers an amazing selection of entertainment and exhibition facilities. 

Doesnt it look just like our universal studio at sentosa?
Next, we proceeded to Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) Building. Go to the observation deck at the 45 floor, where you can have the best view of the city.  

Lastly, we were brought to the tokyo's famous nightlife area at Shinjuku. 

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to Shinjuku, the busiest neighborhood in the busiest of cities, lighted up after dark by thousands of neon lights. Shinjuku is where business, shopping, party and sleazy all meet up, crammed into a few blocks around the world's busiest train station (with near two million passing through every day). The west side is mostly for business; the real action is on the east side, which also contains Tokyo's notorious red-light district (Kabuki-chō).

Had STeamboat buffet at one of their restaurant too:) Conquered mainly beef since its the only few dishes which were served during the buffet besides a big pot of vegetables.

Right after dinner, we were sent back to the "new Osaki hotel" where we will be staying throughout the next 3days.

Day 4: Tokyo shopping paradise!
Woke up early to have breakfast buffet which were held at the dining area on the 3rd floor with pearl as dionna n roxanne hasnt done with their preparation yet.

That was when i met two new korean friends who were just sitting right opp us. One of them actually came forward n say hi and we had a short conversation. They r korean uni student who came to tokyo for an exchange programme. Soon it was time to go. We bid sayonara and went ahead to meet the rest at the carpark right outside.

After breakfast, the tour guide brought us to visit the famous cultural landmark-Asakusa Kannon Buddhist Temple. A big lantern at Kaminarimon Gate marks this temple and u will find many souvenir shops along the narrow street called Nakamise Avenue, which leads the way to the temple.

all of us went in to pray for safety and good health. 

Next, after the temple, off to Tokyo's famous shopping district -Ginza. The Ginza is tokyo's most famous up market shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

The shop whereby they r full of babes and hunks:) 

Theres a total of 12th storey high where when u first got in, there will be a hunk taking photos with u, followed by another hunk escorting u into the lift n bringing u up to the highest level.

At every level, they will have two babes and hunks who r actually the sales assistant trying to serve u
the interior inside the shop:)

See their cigar vending machine? look so beautiful for each packs:)

Thought of buying one to keep as souvenirs but afraid that i cant pass the custom. P.s: i dont smoke fyi.

Nice deco watches:)

had BBQ at one of their restaurant there as our lunch. 

Last but not least, we proceeded to Akiharbara, a major shopping area for electronic, cmputer, anime, and otaku goods including new and used items.

 Lastly, before we end the journey for day 4, we visited Roppongi hills which were located in the Roppongi district of tokyo. You will find many restaurants, designer shops and some of the best tokyo sightseeing around.

The very large skyscraper featuring the world famous tokyo city view is located near the centre of roppongi hills.

The skyscraper!:D 
Soon everyone was feeling lethagic after a long day of shopping. Its time to go back to the hotel. 4 of us went over to the family mart to get some packed dinner back.

Day 5- Free and easy at leisure
Woke up slightly later around 830am to have breakfast before heading out to shibuya.
See their MTR map??? Its so super complicated as they gt a total of 16 diff lines.

Took a train down to Shibuya:)



More hello kitty shop:) kawaii~!

As there isnt much things for us to buy from shibuya except the visit to all their pharmacies and family mart. We headed down to harajuku instead:)

All the anime that can be found on the street:)

interesting toilet signage:)

Had yoshinoya over at harajuku where we were seated near the counter and watching them work while we were eating. Dionna love and me felt so stressful that we didn manage to finish our rice.

Cosmetics i bought from TokYO!:D 

Last DAY of stay at TOKYO!!:D
Day 6: Narita Tokyo back to singapore!!:D

Early in the morning, everyone woke up just to have the last day of the breakfast buffet. Ate rice in the morning after having western n porridge for the past 2 days. Right after breakfast, we headed back to our hotel room which is situated at 11th floor to pack and check our luggage one last time  to see if everything is aredi in there.  

When everything is done, we left the hotel and off we went down to the japanese temple just right before harajuku. As its a sunday morning, many family members went there with their children and parents to pray for a safety and good luck:)

It took us quite a long while before arriving as there is a very long path to walk through towards the temple.
so many barrels of grape wine

Many of the children were prettily dressed up just for today:)

so cute!!=D

Sweet mummy with her daughter:)

Look at all the flowers!:D isnt it beautiful?

Make a wish n write it down on the wishing board:)

 Right after the temple, we headed down to HARAJUKU lane again to do last shopping. Didnt buy much items there except for some nice hp accessories. 

We were back to Osaki when it was only 230pm. Had ramen in one of their restaurant there and sat there till 530pm. Thats simply how bored we r. Then Dionna was too excited that she dropped her coin on the floor which suddenly alert everyone to just find it back. haha!!

After lunch, we went over n sat inside macdonald n continue our girls talk while enjoying ice cream. All the way till 9pm before we slowly walk back to our hotel and assemble. Left the hotel by 930pm and our tour guide gave a speech while on the way to the airport.

Board the plane back to singapore by 1145pm. Finally touched down to Singapore by 630am. HOME SWEET HOME!!!:D

Tues-- chill out at new asia bar with my friends. Thanks to parry and his friends, boon, aaden, alfred, junxiong for coming down.. and not to forget my precious luv n her bf, agnes and kairu too..

Located at 71th storey high of swissotel..

See how gorgeous this place is indeed... Pictures speak a thousand words:)

bumped into lawrence n his friends there too..

See those pictures above? hell load of fun indeed.. So join me at new asia bar every tues by getting into my guestlist and also u will be entitled to one free drinks. Ladies free entry!!:D Quote gillian just at the door of swissotel will do:) 

Kairu, precious luv and her bf left earlier. Stayed till 1am before we all headed off for supper. Thanks to parry for sending us back.:)

Wed-- Had dinner at imm with chanel as well as to pass her present. Quite surprised to hear that she took up an office job after a yr of slacking at home. haha! but happy for her too.. at least now she no longer complain that she is bored. hmm. Well, we had ajisen ramen and had a great long conversation indeed.:) Nice catching up which i really enjoy.

At around 930pm, i headed down to meet agnes n her bf n fang babe too at vivo. We then slowly walk over to Ph to look for annabel they all. Signed adrian and also nick they all in. Bumped into edison. Didnt stayed long as i was kind of bored that we left at around 1am. Guess im really tired of partying aredi after im back from overseas...

Pictures time again:)

Thurs-- met J for lunch at JP. Well.. we were discussing over some business strategy but to say i wasnt that  interested after all. So i didn really pay much attention too. If u girls r me, u will feel the same as me too. When a friend of yours tell u that he aredi break up with the ex, but ended up its all just craps, how would u feel? I simply hate ppl who lie. Anyway friends r friends. Tht friends r supposed to be honest n real? Thats hurting enough. 

Anyway, at around 530pm, ronald picked me up n sent me down to go collect the pay at toh guan before we went for dinner. He's a friend of mine whom didn meet for long. so just nice, thats the only time he's free. Had dinner over at east coast japanese restaurant. At bout 7pm, dionna babe reached and off we went to aki's birthday celebration tog with adrian and his friend.

Met many ppl and photographers over at the BBQ. Pictures r all taken by them:)

see the no of ppl who attended?:)

rusell and kiki!! so cute!:D


D and G playing with kiki:D
Aki's 21st birthday!:D

At around 10pm, we left and went down to beds for a little while before i went home.

or just click on previous post in this blog if u missed it:)

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