Sunday, June 28, 2009

my holiday trip in june!!

Sorry for the overdue posts n pictures!! Guess u all must be waiting long for this… Where i didn mention where i went for my holiday trip right?

As i mention earlier that i will sure post about my holiday trip, So here is the long awaited posts with tons of photos…=>

The mystery is revealed The entertainment world!!

Genting 13th-15th June.

I swear that this is definitely my first trip going away from singapore with friends. The names r audrey, amy, and lilin. Amy’s brother n parent were aredi there on fri noon.

First day--- Before arriving… Departure at 1030pm,

I slept throughout the journey till 5am? In between, got up to watch the jacky wu’s taiwanese variety show where they were playing a prank on those celebrities using “ru hua” to freak them off. The part where she wore a stocking over her head n sang the “wo de yi ke xin, muack muack”. Damn hilarious:D

With my audrey dear~~

During the journey n upon reaching our destination


From first to last: Medical student, Fashion student, a Childcare teacher and me, the Banking and finance student

2nd day—Book out from theme-park hotel n switch to first world hotel. Y the change? Its because all the rooms r aredi fully booked that we gotta wait for the next day.

5058_97392510142_657145142_2461602_1988114_n 5058_97392530142_657145142_2461606_4025263_n 4910_95017853020_502953020_2010210_7461854_n 5058_97392415142_657145142_2461585_3470773_n 5058_97392420142_657145142_2461586_5842652_n 5058_97392430142_657145142_2461588_3329364_n 5058_97392445142_657145142_2461591_4518103_n 5058_97392480142_657145142_2461597_1445691_n 5058_97392485142_657145142_2461598_5269572_n

We had a hainanese chicken rice meal with Amy's parents at a nearby chinese restaurant!

5058_97392650142_657145142_2461625_4853073_n5058_97392645142_657145142_2461624_4493294_n5058_97392610142_657145142_2461619_4740763_n 5058_97392660142_657145142_2461627_3954382_n5058_97392655142_657145142_2461626_1627500_n

Before going to theme park— Camwhoring time:D flooded with loads of photos~~

note-- pictures are not in order

5058_97392835142_657145142_2461660_7664658_n 5058_97392665142_657145142_2461628_690240_n 5058_97392670142_657145142_2461629_4608733_n 5058_97392675142_657145142_2461630_6442953_n 5058_97392680142_657145142_2461631_7914745_n 5058_97392690142_657145142_2461633_3780547_n 5058_97392710142_657145142_2461637_5934332_n 5058_97392715142_657145142_2461638_6011789_n 5058_97392720142_657145142_2461639_4132178_n 5058_97392735142_657145142_2461641_7188598_n 5058_97392745142_657145142_2461643_3410232_n 5058_97392755142_657145142_2461644_4431742_n 4910_95017913020_502953020_2010221_8117759_n 4910_95017903020_502953020_2010219_7553576_n5058_97392595142_657145142_2461616_7615279_n 5058_97392560142_657145142_2461611_2486151_n 5058_97392760142_657145142_2461645_932909_n 5058_97392765142_657145142_2461646_3205080_n 5058_97392770142_657145142_2461647_3934780_n 5058_97392775142_657145142_2461648_4139967_n 5058_97392790142_657145142_2461651_6209505_n 5058_97392800142_657145142_2461653_7959292_n 5058_97392805142_657145142_2461654_5516133_n 5058_97392810142_657145142_2461655_7371761_n 5058_97392830142_657145142_2461659_741544_n5058_97392815142_657145142_2461656_1470744_n 5058_97392820142_657145142_2461657_5272751_n 5058_97392825142_657145142_2461658_1773550_n

Back at First World hotel!


4910_95017943020_502953020_2010227_686824_n 4910_95017978020_502953020_2010232_6298652_n

On our way to theme park!!

After getting the admission tickets..


Theme park!

5058_97392780142_657145142_2461649_6246793_n 4910_95016073020_502953020_2010134_1844331_n 4910_95016078020_502953020_2010135_6729652_n 4910_95016088020_502953020_2010136_5395328_n 5058_97402755142_657145142_2461768_7887624_n5058_97402740142_657145142_2461765_789748_n5058_97402705142_657145142_2461758_6056189_n5058_97402675142_657145142_2461753_292223_n 5058_97402685142_657145142_2461755_2685825_n 5058_97402690142_657145142_2461756_6121197_n 5058_97402720142_657145142_2461761_85579_n 5058_97402725142_657145142_2461762_3445997_n

5058_97402800142_657145142_2461776_7613653_n 5058_97402810142_657145142_2461778_3464375_n5058_97402805142_657145142_2461777_6926478_n 5058_97402845142_657145142_2461785_765026_n 5058_97403030142_657145142_2461816_7050532_n5058_97403035142_657145142_2461817_4520059_n4910_95016193020_502953020_2010155_3322303_n


A visit to the parrot’s paradise!!

5058_97402830142_657145142_2461782_79153_n 5058_97402960142_657145142_2461805_5343162_n 5058_97402965142_657145142_2461806_6381512_n 5058_97402975142_657145142_2461807_7100606_n 5058_97402980142_657145142_2461808_8106445_n 5058_97402985142_657145142_2461809_8385923_n 5058_97402990142_657145142_2461810_7829872_n OMG, see the parrot on top of my head? It was placed on top without me noticing at all. Sudden shot~:O

4 drama queens!!

5058_97402860142_657145142_2461788_3269034_n 5058_97402870142_657145142_2461790_5795955_n 5058_97402875142_657145142_2461791_3405307_n

5058_97402880142_657145142_2461792_3756016_n 5058_97402885142_657145142_2461793_7679425_n 5058_97402895142_657145142_2461794_5294058_n 5058_97402900142_657145142_2461795_2960801_n 5058_97402930142_657145142_2461799_1742713_n 5058_97402940142_657145142_2461801_2577603_n 5058_97402945142_657145142_2461802_2549874_n 5058_97402950142_657145142_2461803_2569741_n

next up: go karts! Its indeed scary for me… nearly got into a minor accident just cuz of this. The accelerator was nt fuctioning well even after i press full speed aredi. Halfway through, one of my kart wheel was caught with the tyre that was placed somewhere near the railings. My brakes dont seem to work at all. Luckily its just for 5 min.


After a couple more rides, we checked out Beryl's chocolate wonderland.

Yummy chocolate! Bought some home as well:))



EVeryone was craving for seafood after playing for the whole day.. So off we headed to look for a restaurant that sells seafood. To our disappointment, their service was slow n their staffs were having poor attitude. Without any further waiting, we get up of the seats n head to somewhere else.

After dinner, we began our shopping spree:)) bought present for daddy n brother winston. At around 11pm, we did a foot reflexology just right below the hotel that we r staying in.

2am when we suddenly felt a hunger in our stomach, so head over to mac to buy supper:)


last day—Booking out n our last day of lunch in genting~~



930pm—Im back to singapore!!:D

27/6 Sat-- Family day! went over to aunt place for gathering n buffet~:D Everyone was so engrossed in playing wii. Here's the screenshot of a few games we enjoy playing:~) eg. pool game, cooking mama, table tennis n shooting game. We also played fishing. dinner was sumptuous.. There are self made pizzas, bee hoon, brown rice, chicken wings, asam fishhead, sweet corn n so on... 28/6-sun did a 3hrs fashion shoot at raffles town club. Thanks to aki's intro.. I enjoyed myself a lot. Here r a few photos which i simply loved a lot... Very lifestyle n elegant theme shoot. Nice working with alb the photographer:)) 29/6 n 30/6-- The Resume of school:)) Everyone takes extra n careful precaution over H1N1 cases. Start of morning-- I woke up early n just about to walk to the bathroom for shower, I suddenly felt a sense of feverish and red lips. My voice turned hoarse n kept coughing continuously.. Tht it was nth serious so i cont my day with the unwell feeling.. Till 7pm, after passing the shoe to fang darling, we headed to the nearest foodcourt for dinner n shop a while before heading home. Upon reaching home, i told daddy n mummy that im feeling very hot on my forehead n kept coughing non-stop. Daddy was shocked upon hearing this n he said: OH my goodness, thats symptoms of swine flu.. I told him no leh, i dun hav any running nose at all. He then answered: it doesnt matter whether u got flu anot. Today's newspaper showed one guy just passed away due to the infectious of fever n cough. He was then sent to hospital n then died within few hours later. Choy. I told them.. Dont make me scared leh!!! Without further arguement, they brought me to see a doctor n do a thorough check instead of all the guessing. Doctor told me just some common cough n fever is due to heatiness, nt having enough sleep. But as the cases kept increasing rapidly, i was asked to quarantine myself at home. So sad~~ Slept till 12pm till the next day n woke up to have some wheat biscuits for breakfast. Continue to play my wii on the big lcd tv screen n gardening mama-ds lite. Boring day!!

1st of july!! Happy SAF day!! to those who serve the nations... Whole day was inside the project room. Kathy was so afraid that she will fall sick cuz she is sitting beside me who just recover from my fever but nt the cough.. LOL!! So funny of her~

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