Thursday, June 18, 2009

Broadcast asia 2009

Hi!! I just came back from my holiday trip and immediately i gotta start work the next day. Oweing to eva, me n amy's common airstewardess friend, I got to work with her for the next 4 days:)) so there wont be much updates for now till next wk. Stay tuned for my post on my holiday trip and the 4 days!!

Before i talk about my 3days trips, I need to compile hundreds over photos first. So let me blog about my happenings for the whole of this wk instead after i return back from my holiday:)) tues- fri-- Broadcast Asia 2009 Day 1 work for broadcast asia with eva. It was really a fun time working with the italian bosses. They r super nice n friendly. Our job scope was real easy. Just have to serve drinks n tidbits to the visitors who came in n also to replenish the freebies n the catalogue. Thats all. This year, it can be said that the economics was being hit by the crisis that there is a decrease in the no of visitors. We were so free that Fabio papa, the italian client kept entertaining us with lots of jokes. Not to forget martika, david, sundri etc.. Will definitely miss all of them:)) My pass to enter the exhibition hall. As i didn attend the briefing the prev day when im still nt back in sg, client tht im eva's sis so they make us the same surname as LEE:))

Credit to nick!!

My partner for the 4 days!! Thanks for the job babe:))

The booth that is right infront of us which we kept watching the 4 diff prog on the tv screen:))

Our booth!! Nice design right?

The tidbits we refilled n served to visitors who came in.. So many goodies bought by manika!!:) Quite a few co popped by our booth to look for our in-charge for the discussion on the next upcoming booth designs:P At 2pm, Me n angeline had burger king for lunch. The queue was so long that we took 1hr and few min more for our lunch break. Back to our booth, We were so bored while sitting on the rotating chair that we began to have a pure chit chat session. Work ends at 6pm. N off i headed down to bugis to find darling fang.. I miss her so much!! At last we get to catch up again:)) Headed to the foodcourt for our dinner n i bumped into daniel n her gf. Ever since i left the music co, we seldom meet up le. Glad to know that he's doing well in another line nw. Fang darling brought me for a walk around bugis street before we went upstairs to patronise peggy's new shop. I missed her shop opening the other day when im still in overseas. So just nice fang fang showed me the way to the shop. As she was busy serving her customers, we left to go for eyebrow trimming. Thanks to fang's recommendation. I simply love the trimming skills of that lady in the shop. Nicely done. Now my eyebrows look so neat. The price was rather reasonable too:)) Shall go back again next time:) At around 10pm, we ended our meet up session n left for home. Shall meet up again on sat!!:)) Day 2 Lunch with vanessa n chanel today at foodcourt. Right after work, i felt a little headache n was spinning non stop that i headed back home n slept by 730pm. Woke up at 10pm n had my late dinner before going back to sleep again. Day 3 lunch with chanel n did some errands after work at jurong library. Rush home for dinner before off to jp to meet tristan for the movie that he's been wanting to watch. Horror movie-Drag me to hell!! This show freak me out, till i dare nt sleep at all after watching it.

Day 4 last day of work. Today expo closed at 4pm. Lunch with eva n chanel at 2pm before we went in to asia comm for a short walk. Didn get to walk around at all for the past 3days that i dont really get to see much friends too... Was all along at our own booth. Saw familiar faces at samsung booth:)) Get paid straight after that.

__Only photo for the day__

home for dinner before meeting wan's friends. Red Tea came n pick me up before we drove to pick green tea n he went to do some errands while the two girls stayed in the car. Around 1am, we headed down to zouk to meet their other friends there. Drank till 4am before we were off to river valley for supper. I actually witness a tragedy too. Scary... Dont wanna mention le. Got nightmare after getting home!:( Hangover the next day!! Meeting my gfs for the sat night hang-out later!! wee~~ cant wait to see them:))

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