Sunday, December 20, 2009

dec 1

011209 marks the first day of the last month of 2009. Headed to work as usual n off to dinner with joshua at ps-cafe cartel before we went to clementi partyworld.

dec 2

Had a date with don around town. We had suki sushi before heading for arcade. Lastly he acc me to walk around and we settle down for a ice cream session.

dec 3

its once again the closed door event for tangs. This time round, its tied up with singtel so only singtel users/subscribers are allowed to enjoy the 15% disc privilege for all storewide. Work with my darling isabelle, gwen, rinee and not to forget michiee.

We had a camwhore session right after work.

During the event, i bumped into jeb, my sec schoolmate n louis. LOL~ nv know cuz of that day we get to keep in touch once again ever since the last time i saw him was at dempsy hill.

After work, we met up outside tangs n they acc me for my late dinner before we drove down to butter to meet iris n jojo they all...:) Javion n his friends were there too. Had a extreme blasting night overall. :))

dec 4

As usual, I headed to work in the noon when rinee text me early in the morning n asked me wether wanna go office. AT that time, I wasnt feeling tt well as was still having a slight hangover. But the tht of meeting ZW tell me that i gotta go work.

Well...everything happened that night.. We headed to 313 for an exploration first before going down to vivo to have dinner n movie. His friends came to join us at a later time. Caught "case 39".

Well, i personally would suggest that u guys should go n giv it a watch too as its really mysterious. I like the female lead acting who happened to the lead for "the orphan" too. After movie, we went over to PH. The music wasnt that good at all n the crowd werent tt happening afterall. dec 5 As he is going clubbing with his friends today after work, i hang out with my own friends too:) K came n pick me up from my home for dinner at WARAKU before we headed down to Hard rock cafe for a friend's birthday party. However i didn stay too long as still have to go down dblo to meet james n his friends for the gf's birthday.. Had fun the whole night n also played 3 rounds of pool. Got home by 4am n i slept till 4pm the next day. Still having a little hangover.

dec 8

work as arcadia ambassador with janice babe. Dinner at bugis with fang n bb n friend. Around 1030pm, we caught "twilight-new moon

Tonight is butter 1st yr anniversary. The queue was freaking long.

Before going down to butter. I went to catch "storm warrior 2" with YZ.

We had dinner at "the steakhouse" before the movie. Club with lewis n jebson they all once again.

dec 11

Headed down to shisedo office for the beauty products sales in between work.

dec 12

Day out with bernice dear to town area for shopping and also central for dinner with the cliques:))

Played taxas poker with agnes n emily they all at cq office:)) Got my first xmas present!!- I phone 3gs

iPhone 3G S

The iPhone 3G S has a number of updates over the iPhone 3G.

(Credit: Apple)

As expected, Apple announced a third version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 3G S (the S stands for speed) today at the keynote for WWDC 2009. This new version has several updates over the iPhone 3G model, and here they are:

  • As the name implies, the new iPhone 3G S is supposed to be faster. Apple boasts that you can load Web pages and launch apps twice as fast as the previous model. It also promises improved 3D graphics for games.
  • A 3-megapixel camera with autofocus. You can also focus by tapping on the screen. It will also have settings for white balance, exposure, low-light sensitivity, and a macro mode for close-up photos.
  • A camcorder. You can shoot VGA-quality video in 30 frames per second, and after you're done, you can trim the video by adjusting the start and end points. You can then send the video via MMS (included in iPhone OS 3.0) to a friend, to your MobileMe account, or even to YouTube, directly from the phone.
  • Voice control, but not just for calls. Not only can you manage phone calls with your voice, you can use your voice to play music. You can ask the phone what song is playing, ask it to play a particular song from an artist or an album, and even to play songs that are similar to the currently playing track.
  • A built-in digital compass. It automatically reorients the map to the direction you're facing. It works in conjunction with Maps to give you street view as well.
  • Voiceover, an accessibility setting on the new iPhone 3G S that acts as a gesture-based screen reader.
  • Compatibility with Nike+ iPod, where it detects the Nike+ sensor in your shoe to track your runs.
  • Improved battery life. Apple promises that the iPhone 3G S can hold up to 9 hours in Wi-Fi, 10 hours on video playback, 30 hours on audio playback, 12 hours talk time on 2G networks, and 5 hours talk time on 3G networks.

dec 14

A day out with alicia love to go shop for christmas present.. We went to source for children's present first. Spent near to 100 for all my 6 cousins. Had lunch at ajisen ramen. Its been a long time since i last entered.

Right after dinner, i trained down to woodlands to meet darling as we r going for a home party. Chilling out at her friend's javier home. We played twister, 5-10, black jack, guessing game, truth n dare etc for the whole night.

dec 16

went for a movie with don n caught "storm warriors" the second time.

dec 17

Headed down to studio for rehearsal for this coming 19 n 24 santarina singing event.. So co-incidence, im actually working with yuki, lorraine n reiko

dec 18

Passed yuting her xmas present as well as shopping for gifts for my other gfs:) Right after yuting left, i headed to robinson to look for alicia n we went home tog.

dec 19

Headed down to small uncle place to celebrate her daughter;'s 1 yr old birthday. At the same time, waited for my aunts n cousins to arrive so as i can pass them the presents before i rushed down for my santarina event.

At around 11pm, cedrik came down n pick me up before we headed to joanna's hse to pick her up n left for wavehouse second event. Fun time with the girls.. Alicia, emily n joanna they all:)

Perhaps this 8days was just nth... We r just strangers or passer bys!

Lately, im obsessed with a new taiwanese drama...

Title: Hi, My Sweetheart (海派甜心/Hai Pai Tian Xin) Episodes: 25
Genre: Romantic comedy
Channel: CTS/GTV
Filming location: Taiwan
Filming period: July 2009 - October 2009
Broadcast period: 1st November 2009 - ?
Producer: Angie Chai (柴智屏)
Director: Lin He Long (林合隆)

Meeting sweetheart for the first time, innocent & pure little boy becomes an adult and turns into a Shanghai Prince! Meeting sweetheart for the second time, he wants her to pay the price for taking his innocence!

Show Luo plays
Hsueh Hai (fake name: Da Lang). This innocent & pure little boy experiences the taste of love for the first time, but he suffers heartbreak, and turns into an arrogant Shanghai Prince! But when he meets her again, no matter how much he wants to torture her, he cant stop his love for her. So whose fault is this really?

Rainie Yang plays Chen Bao Zhu. She falls in love with the shy poor little boy but fate separates them. When they meet again, she realizes he's turned into a nasty man. Should she steer clear of him or fall in love with him?

Taiwan’s wealthy son
Hsueh Hai (also known as Da Lang) heads to Hang Zhou to study. When his classmates bully him, senior Bao Zhu lends a helping hand, and the 2 begin their first relationship. One day, Taiwan’s advertising firm comes to the school to hold a ‘Queen Sweetheart’ competition. Bao Zhu wins first place, and from then on, everyone calls her ‘sweetheart’. However, Sweetheart’s father suddenly goes bankrupt, and he abandons her and her mother. Sweetheart has no choice but to move back to Taiwan with her mother, and due to a misunderstanding, she loses contact with Da Lang. After being abandoned, Da Lang turns into a playboy, until one day he sees her ‘Sweetheart’s Time’ show on TV. Da Lang buys the TV station, and thus begins his revenge plan on Sweetheart. However, when he sees Sweetheart go on a date with another guy, Da Lang realizes that he is still deeply in love with her, hence he decides to pursue her again. At this time, Sweetheart’s mother discovers that Da Lang’s older sister was actually Sweetheart’s father’s first love, and hence she strongly opposes their relationship, and the 2’s love heads into turmoil.


Show Luo as Hsueh Hai/Lin Da Lung
26 years old, owner of a wealthy enterprise, people call him the Shanghai King.

Hsueh Hai was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and into the 3rd business generation. He was doted on since he was little, and after his parents passed away, his 2 older sisters, old enough to be mothers, spoiled him even more!

The well-protected
Hsueh Hai is innocent, shy, and does not fully understand the ways of the world.
His personality completely contradicts his name
Hsueh Hai, which is a name that fills people with anger.

But this pure, innocent young boy also wants to see the beautiful outside world, and learn to be independent. Hence, he decides to go to Hang Zhou to study, but to avoid his strong family background which may cause kidnappings, his oldest sister thinks of the Pink Panther, which
Hsueh Hai had loved since he was little.. “Da Lung! Da Lung! Da Lung Da Lung Da Lung Da Da Da Lung…” When the Pink Panther theme song flows out of the television, the name ‘Lin Da Lung’ is born, and his sister urges him to take the poor route.

Afterwards, ‘Da Lung’ meets a dream-like sweet girl, but ‘Sweetheart’ isn’t as sweet as she looks; she’s extremely rough, and constantly throws him over her shoulder!

But the naïve Da Lung believes in fate, and isn’t afraid of getting near this intimidating ‘Sweetheart’. After some time, the 2 get to know each other better and Da Lung realizes that Sweetheart isn’t at all scary, and has an unknown cute side!

Slowly, Sweetheart’s sweet begins to ferment in Da Lung’s heart, and he experiences a feeling he’s never felt before. “Is this love?”
Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu
25 years old, she’s a popular radio DJ – Miss Sweetheart

With her sweet smile, and sweet voice that makes people’s heads crawl with ants, her long hair that flows with the wind, and eyes as big as a cartoon heroine. You walk up to her and strike up a conversation, do you think that she would be like Lin Chi Ling and give you a Love’s Hug?

No way in hell! More like a judo shoulder throw and a fierce flying kick!
Even if you don’t end up with any broken bones, you still have to report daily to the massage master, and when you fall painfully onto the ground, Sweetheart won’t forget to add ‘My name is Chen Bao Zhu!”

Sweetheart’s parents have settled into Hang Zhou for the long-term, and they rely on the stock market to earn big money. Their marriage is rather rocky, and they give a lack of attention to their daughter. Because Sweetheart’s father is unable to forget his first girlfriend, Sweetheart’s mother feels that men are unreliable, and the most important thing is money! She looks down on poor people, and is determined to make Sweetheart marry into a wealthy family.

Growing up with this kind of family background has also made Bao Zhu very cynical. She has an introvert personality, and no friends, but these are all armours she puts up against the outside world. Never has anyone see Bao Zhu’s vivacity, sense of justice and the vulnerability in her inner heart, until she meets that ugly, fearless mushroom-head, does she feel & understand what is true warmth!

Da Lung’s constant care & concerns, and his naturally simple & honest smile touches Bao Zhu’s heart: “Have I really fallen in love with this ugly mushroom-head? I must be out of my mind!” Bao Zhu begins to feel that she really doesn’t understand her own heart.
Lee Wei as He Yan Feng
28 years old, he’s Sweetheart’s senior & marketing director of an advertisement company. By virtue of his own talents & efforts, although he’s still rather young, he’s already climbed onto a certain position. He’s an extremely warm & nice guy, his polite but bright smile often mesmerises many girls, and his caring personality marks a new standard of Mr. Nice Guy. He’s Bao Zhu’s senior at the judo club, and teaches her many judo techniques. He’s also the only guy that can stop her from doing something bad. Actually, in his heart, he has a different feeling towards Bao Zhu, a feeling outside of senior-to-junior. But whether there’s any ambiguity between them, even they don’t know themselves. Yan Feng isn’t like any of the other guys around Sweetheart. He treats Sweetheart sincerely, he knows her well, and can see through her. When Sweetheart & Da Lung’s relationship heads into turmoil, he stays by her side, and waits for her to recover from her disappointment in love. And in his heart, he knows that Sweetheart is someone he can never let go of.

Maggie Wu as Mo Li
25 years old, she’s one of the 3 campus belles at Zhejiang University. She’s also the daughter of the principal of the University, who was a long-time friend of the Hsueh family.

Her elegant temperament, beautiful appearance and graceful dancing captures the heart of all living creatures, and is the female goddess in all guys’ hearts.

And the Mo family is frequently in contact with the Hsueh family. The first time she met Xue Hai at school, the impression he left on her was his shy eyes & smile, and it was this smile that made Mo Li want to rope in Hsueh Hai.

Her father had told her to look out for Hsueh Hai, but after various interactions with him, she actually begins to leave an immortal bad mark in his heart, and instead, he begins to get closer to the rough girl with no friends?

Mo Li’s heart fills with a sour feeling. With her natural beauty, how can she lose to Chen Bao Zhu?
Luckily, only she knows Hsueh Hai's true identity, and Mo Li is confident that one day, Hsueh Hai will return back to her side, and she believes that the Luck Goddess will definitely smile down at her!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

nov post!!

nov 16 Wat a lovely monday!!!:)) Woke up as usual n report to office for work.

By 3pm, i rushed down to ions orchard for an opening ceremony of a watch shop named patek philippe. My job today is to pass them the golden scissors for the ribbon cutting. Less than 15 min only, but i gotta reach there 1 hr earlier. Got champagne, white wine n red wine too. Not to forget also the delicacies! yum! yum! The best part for this assignment is that i get paid on the spot. Somemore nt those petty sum. but almost a 100 kind:) wee!! i always love such an easy job.. Although its sort of a last min where i only recieved the call from him last night but still.. Thanks to V agent~:DD Dick lee was invited as a guest too n nt to forget those medias n reporters.. Big shots! Catch me on newspaper n TV!

nov 19 dinner at hyatt hotel straits kitchen with andrew n kerien.

nov 20 TGIF!!( Thanks god its friday!)... Spent this fri with a start to report for work at noon. At bout 5plus, i immediately knocked off n rushed down for a 1 hr private dnd event at pan pacific hotel. Together i work with isabelle n xueting. The other 2 girls were sent to Park royal hotel for the jpb. This two is none other than selina n fang. The whole job was kinda a last min one. All these girls were only selected in the early noon.

Our jobscope was to serve tequila shot to the vips to welcome everyone.. Pretty easy job with straight cash on the spot. I love it!

Right after the job, all the girls went off, leaving me, fang n ting. 3 of us had a simple dinner in Marina Square n spent our night chilling n chit chatting. Its been a long time since we last met. LOve them~~

nov 21 Headed down for my second time of bridal gown shoot today. This time round its with kerien n 3 other photographers. Two of them r even twins!!:D so alike that u cant tell who is the eldest. Meeting time is 1030am to go try out the white wedding gown. After picking the one we like, off to the destination n get changed..

Peetures wil tell everything.. I enjoyed the shoot cuz i got to wear the pretty white gown!!:D

Right after the shoot, we headed down for lunch at bugis junction. Just then JQ called n asked if im going down for his birthday chalet. Sigh, it was raining heavily by then that i felt so lazy to travel all the way down to east coast.

Upon reaching home, janelle babe text n asked if im free to go out.. I immediately answered yes. So after changing out, i headed down to pick her up from her hse n we cabbed to cine for sakae teppanyaki. Right after dinner, we had a great time window shopping around till 10pm. Mark came n pick us up to go meet the rest of the gangs for k box. I enjoyed hanging out with all the friends. Everyone drove down to katong for the teo heng ktv.

After k singing, we had supper at 126. A famous place where many ppl normally would frequent after their night's out. Thanks to brendan for sending us home:)) Got home by 5am. Just then, while i was charging my phone as my batt went flat throughout the entire night that no one could reach me at all, A called n asked wether i could still come down for the home party. Hmm.. since im nt even tired at all, i agreed n waited for them to come pick me up. Went over to play poker till 8am, i went home as my batt was flat once again without much charging.

nov 24 Went for jamming session with kerien n fang:)) Right after that, we even went arcade n play all sorts of games. Took neoprint too after so long. Shop a while after dinner. Home by 10pm.

nov 25 Agenda for the day

1030am-4pm tangs closed door event... 8pm to 11pm WIne n dine at club street spizza~ roof top for cocktail with shaun's friend~

nov 26..

initial Plans are all screwed up... I tht i can be happy for just a 4 days. End up due to last min cancelling, my mood is pretty bad. I decided to go MIA for a night. Went to mattius hse tog with fang n her bf to play MJ till 7am the next day. I lost 50 over to the couple..

nov 27 acc mummy to xiao jiu hse for the family gathering.. Xin rong is learning how to walk now. So adorable.. Xin yi is still as pretty n cute. Perhaps being a kid for a day would be good..

After dinner, i headed down to paragon n waited for alicia love to reach.. My eileen dear acc me to wait for her. Love her!:D When alicia arrived, we walked down to emerald hill for a glass of cocktail n a long night of chat. Went to cine to catch movie too.. But there wasnt any nice shows available so we rented a dvd n watch it inside the room. Catch " my best friend's girl".

nov 28 Its indeed a fun night at wavehouse tonight.. headed down at 930pm to look for marcus who was working there. Before that i was home whole day till cedrik came n pick me up. Met iris n her cliques at wavehouse itself. Soon daniel n friends arrived. All came down to support marcus as well. Saw many familiar faces once again.

nov 29 Headed down to sitex tog with reeve n lester. my cousin. My plan to go there is just to return my outfit. But ended up i bought a new wireless mouse. Very cool!! love it.

At bout 830pm, we left n cabbed down to vivo for dinner. That was when things began to happen. After dinner, me n reeve immediately rushed for our movie without realising my phone wasnt with me. When we reach the theatre, i realise my phone is lost, reeve quickly ran to the place which we were dining at and help me look for it. I tht he will come back with good news. Ended up... I began to panick n ran back to the restaurant. Search thoroughly all over the place n even asked ppl who were seated there whether they did see any phone lying around? No one seen it. Just then, sth came into my mind!

The garbage bin!!! Y i tht of that is because reeve tried calling my phone n it was ringing. so we knew that it cant be stolen by anyone. Fortunatly i was 1 min fast when i sense a vibration in one of the garbage bag when i just put my leg over.

However, due to the incident, we cant watch our show anymore. It was closed. So headed down to cine to catch Ninja assassin instead.

Before that, we had a game of pool.

nov 30 self declare off day to acc my gf n bb. Headed to vivo to repair her phone first, then to central for late lunch, lastly caught "mulan" at PS.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

random post!! (part 1)

Hey readers!!:)) sorry for keeping u all waiting.. I know that i havent been updating my blog promptly. Been very busy with my schedule everyday for the past 2 wks.

Since today i gt some free time, let me update some backdated entries first..

5/11-- Its the monthly close door private event for tangs once again.. THis time round the sales is exclusively meant for visa card holders only.. WOrk with kerien, mitchee n zee. Before i go on, I gt sth to mention....

My bread cost 50 dollars!!! WTH. This happened this morning when i went wisma to buy bread n actually forgotten to get back my change. But fortunately, during lunch time, i headed back.. they still rmb me:)) all i can say, I met kind soul today !!:D

OK.. our job is just to check wether the ppl who wanna enter are any visa card holders or visitors. Thats all:)

Right after the job, me n kerien went to fareast n have ya kun kaya toast before we began our shopping spree...Bought 1 piece of dress n 2 piece of similar design toga dress when i went to look for eileen n nicole who were working there:))

Waited till they knock off n this was when i met up with S n C again for supper. C called me earlier to ask if im free n just nice i havent had my proper dinner yet so we headed down to balestier tog with ben to have bak kut teh.

That was when we saw xiao jing teng n the taiwanese crew member too n nt to forget derrick ho.. All of them were having supper there too. We suddenly rmb it must be due to the 933 jing qu jiang award tml..

Time to sleep now.. im beat!!! tml still gotta wake up early for the SCC event..

6-8 nov AT last, a 3 days scc rugby seven event is finally over!!:)) my legs are aching after long hours of standing. SLept right after i got back from work for a total of 10 hrs. The booth i was tending was "Aquatic". Work with their staff. My jobscope was just to serve drinks to the visitors.

The live band which is held downstairs

The match

Its Group peektures time!!

8/11-- Wish joanne n kenny a blissful; marriage!!! went for her ROM party at coasta sand resort but left quite early to rest as im really tired.

9/11-- A very enjoyable n fun shopping trip with eileen!!:D Spent a total of 6 hrs of spending n eating from city plaza to bugis, just to vent my anger.. First time buy till i exceed my own budget.

10/11- did a product launch for a new cosmetic brand "Rimmel". Basically my job scope was to station at bugis counter n just help out in introducing the items to those consumers who bypass n was seeking for assistance.. Due to weekdays, there wasnt much customer at all. So for the entire 6 hrs, i was just purely standing around the counter. Sth new for me to learn. First time help to apply mascara for a customer whom couldnt do the curling effect:)) she was Satisfied~:D Working alone wasnt tt bad after all as there r other promoters around me who were very friendly esp marie for canmake n one of the DHC staff:) Thanks to lyn for the job=D

I also help my gal's bf to plan a surprise for his gf. Hopefully everything goes well for them:))

11/11-- its kayson's birthday celebration today. HAd dinner at manhatten fish market with fang first.. before meeting the rest at dblo. Saw rodney n cash there.

13/11-- I love my colleagues!! they r all fun loving ppl:)) we had a kick over the collecting of the stickers.. Everyone is so into MAC Monopoly right now.

Long night out!!! caught 2012 with kayson, tommy n chris at great world city n i actually bump into marcus n his friends at mac.

Headed over to zouk to look for linna they all. Janice n janelle havent arrived yet. Clubbed hopped over to powerhouse n i bumped into vincent they all.. lastly went down to butter n saw all the polo boys n nt to forget gilbert:)

14/11-- dinner at the central.

here something for u guys....taken frm my friend.. Monitor 说: 我好惨啊, 每天给人看。 Keyboard说: 我更惨呢, 每天给人打。 Mouse说: 我才惨咧, 每天给人摸。 USB机说: 我最惨了, 每天给人插。 Diskette机说: 我更惨,现在没人插我了。Thumbdrive说:谁有我参? 这边插完就去那边插,一不小心还要被感染。 CPU电脑主机说:不要以为我被很多东西插会很爽,它们插进来后都不动了,那才是难受啊! 最后Speaker器说: 还说呢。。。 明明是你们被插,为什么都是我在叫呢?

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