Thursday, November 26, 2009

random post!! (part 1)

Hey readers!!:)) sorry for keeping u all waiting.. I know that i havent been updating my blog promptly. Been very busy with my schedule everyday for the past 2 wks.

Since today i gt some free time, let me update some backdated entries first..

5/11-- Its the monthly close door private event for tangs once again.. THis time round the sales is exclusively meant for visa card holders only.. WOrk with kerien, mitchee n zee. Before i go on, I gt sth to mention....

My bread cost 50 dollars!!! WTH. This happened this morning when i went wisma to buy bread n actually forgotten to get back my change. But fortunately, during lunch time, i headed back.. they still rmb me:)) all i can say, I met kind soul today !!:D

OK.. our job is just to check wether the ppl who wanna enter are any visa card holders or visitors. Thats all:)

Right after the job, me n kerien went to fareast n have ya kun kaya toast before we began our shopping spree...Bought 1 piece of dress n 2 piece of similar design toga dress when i went to look for eileen n nicole who were working there:))

Waited till they knock off n this was when i met up with S n C again for supper. C called me earlier to ask if im free n just nice i havent had my proper dinner yet so we headed down to balestier tog with ben to have bak kut teh.

That was when we saw xiao jing teng n the taiwanese crew member too n nt to forget derrick ho.. All of them were having supper there too. We suddenly rmb it must be due to the 933 jing qu jiang award tml..

Time to sleep now.. im beat!!! tml still gotta wake up early for the SCC event..

6-8 nov AT last, a 3 days scc rugby seven event is finally over!!:)) my legs are aching after long hours of standing. SLept right after i got back from work for a total of 10 hrs. The booth i was tending was "Aquatic". Work with their staff. My jobscope was just to serve drinks to the visitors.

The live band which is held downstairs

The match

Its Group peektures time!!

8/11-- Wish joanne n kenny a blissful; marriage!!! went for her ROM party at coasta sand resort but left quite early to rest as im really tired.

9/11-- A very enjoyable n fun shopping trip with eileen!!:D Spent a total of 6 hrs of spending n eating from city plaza to bugis, just to vent my anger.. First time buy till i exceed my own budget.

10/11- did a product launch for a new cosmetic brand "Rimmel". Basically my job scope was to station at bugis counter n just help out in introducing the items to those consumers who bypass n was seeking for assistance.. Due to weekdays, there wasnt much customer at all. So for the entire 6 hrs, i was just purely standing around the counter. Sth new for me to learn. First time help to apply mascara for a customer whom couldnt do the curling effect:)) she was Satisfied~:D Working alone wasnt tt bad after all as there r other promoters around me who were very friendly esp marie for canmake n one of the DHC staff:) Thanks to lyn for the job=D

I also help my gal's bf to plan a surprise for his gf. Hopefully everything goes well for them:))

11/11-- its kayson's birthday celebration today. HAd dinner at manhatten fish market with fang first.. before meeting the rest at dblo. Saw rodney n cash there.

13/11-- I love my colleagues!! they r all fun loving ppl:)) we had a kick over the collecting of the stickers.. Everyone is so into MAC Monopoly right now.

Long night out!!! caught 2012 with kayson, tommy n chris at great world city n i actually bump into marcus n his friends at mac.

Headed over to zouk to look for linna they all. Janice n janelle havent arrived yet. Clubbed hopped over to powerhouse n i bumped into vincent they all.. lastly went down to butter n saw all the polo boys n nt to forget gilbert:)

14/11-- dinner at the central.

here something for u guys....taken frm my friend.. Monitor 说: 我好惨啊, 每天给人看。 Keyboard说: 我更惨呢, 每天给人打。 Mouse说: 我才惨咧, 每天给人摸。 USB机说: 我最惨了, 每天给人插。 Diskette机说: 我更惨,现在没人插我了。Thumbdrive说:谁有我参? 这边插完就去那边插,一不小心还要被感染。 CPU电脑主机说:不要以为我被很多东西插会很爽,它们插进来后都不动了,那才是难受啊! 最后Speaker器说: 还说呢。。。 明明是你们被插,为什么都是我在叫呢?

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