Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its feb!!

First day of feb was spent working with hitting quotas... Before meeting andy for dinner at jp. Went for kushinbo buffet... then followed by shopping at ntuc n aussino for bedsheets n curtains. second day was more fabulous.. had lunch with leon from u r the man before going back to office n work till 5plus. Headed down to jp n catch up with desmond from "u're the man" too for dinner at new york new york.. We had a great time chatting bout any topic related. Right after dinner, i sent him back to ntu before going back home.. Third day-- What a joke of the day! It was all started by a miscommunication where i didn realise that the event was cancelled till i got there. Trained down all the way from west to central n back to west again for no reason. Anyway, right after dinner, i proceeded to town to meet the girls for our ladies night. Jackson joined us for a while too despite he was sick. Met up with lorraine, mable, gwen n we went to KPO. My first time there:) a very nice place indeed. Saw cordelia with her bf n other friends too.

Wed. Ladies night out!

My Pretty babes.
Lorraine and Gillian
Till Angel arrive.. off to Phuture!!:D
It's usually not safe to go these kind of places with so many girls only. But... we are different huh.. the types of Girls that only can watch but don't even try . hahhah..we are fierce!! 100% full protection from guys. hahha

its been a long long time since i last went phuture. It was a good good night!!:D saw mohan as well so joined his group of friends.. Know of this very cute guy too who was tog with his bunch of friends. Around 4am, Jeff sent me home tog with his friend arthur. Thanks for the lift!:) Thurs-- Woke up in the noon n saw james's msg.. Its really nicely done up i can say:) Maybe one day i will try to publish it here. Although i was having a hangover. I still dragged myself off the bed as i got to work for a camp event today:) Thanks to my friend for the intro:))) Working with regine they all is so much fun:) Its at pasir lebar camp. Work with mandy, deborah, cheryl n regine:)) Our job scope is so freaking easy. just take pic n play the "human jackpot" game. As the guys were all so eager to book out, ended up we end very early n work only around 1hr n got paid highly:)) so happy!! After the job, jack sent us to bukit timah for dinner. We ordered food which is very filling:)) Last for the weekdays before weekends arrived:) Chartis Rocks!!! EAST meet WEST!! Work for a grand opening ceremony for "CHARTIS" with fyonne, kaye n rose mary:) Our reporting time was 10am for the rehearsal n briefing. Everthing was awesome with the lion dance at the start, performances by the drummers, Man made fireworks at the end, the emcee for the day n night is none other than the Power 95 fm host:))-vernetta lopez. She is also an ex mediacorp celebrity starring in growing up etc.. The morning event ends around 12plus with buffet catered to everyone. Heard that each pax around 55 dollars.. oh my. we r real fortunate to have it for free:)) Our jobscope is another easy one. Just usher the vips up on stage for the ribbon cutting ceremony n then bring them to the repective banner for photo-taking session. thats all>>> the rest r all chatting session... Since we gt 3hrs break in between, me, fyonne n kaye decided to go for a movie instead.. so fyonne dear got her friend to give us a lift to marina square n we actually bought tic to catch "14 blades". Nice show afterall.. although the 2 babes were dozing off halfway as they r real exhausted without much sleep. We do consider ourselves fortunate:)) after the show, it started to pour so heavily.. While we r trying to on call for a cab, fyonne co-incidentally bumped into her friend where this kind soul actually gave us a lift back to the event with his "posh car".. Evening event!! before the event start, there was a dry run of rehearsals for us again. This time round, there will be a slight change. Need to help out with the champagne popping part. Nevertheless, it was a real success.. the big bossed n everyone had a great night after all with those partying n fun session. We girls had a great time camwhoring n talking to them too.. There were live bands as well. Nice buffet again!!:D with delicious desserts=P Everything was perfect. But all were tired.. So after the event ends around 9plus. Joel came over n drove me home to rest. Sat-- Happy birthday to tai wee:)) Met up with annabel for dinner in town first before we headed down to PH. We dined at shukodo n have a great chat there over "guys issues". lol~ Girls really do think alike. :) At around 10pm, we proceeded to powerhouse to attend "TW 21st birthday". As it was still early, me n annabel felt a bit bored. Till my lorraine babe reached tog with her friend royston, things get better:)) So co-incidentally, i bumped into damian n his friends n the party started. Before the clock even strike 12, the birthday boy was aredi dead drunk. So ended up "JQ" joined us instead at the dancefloor. We headed up to the second level where i was so happy to see janice n val they all there:)) omg!! its really too co-incidence aredi.. Had a really fun night with everyone!:DD I met mhm boy's next door too.. lol. lorraine n annabel knows what that means:))IM GREAT to have them too.. Bumped into javion they all as well n not to forget "him". But all r aredi by gone. I dont wish to mention anymore. Life still goes on anyway:)) Sunday supposed to be a family day. But today as daddy isnt feeling well n mummy needs to go do some cny groceries with her small brother n family, "boy next door" actually came all the way from hougang to pick me n mum up. Im real touched:)) Mum also agreed that he gt a pretty n handsome face. After sending my mum to the destination, we headed to ps to get the movie tickets as both of us wanna catch"MY EX" after hearing positive comments that the show is good. But well. all i can say that its real gross at the ending part, thats all. Nothing really eerie or terrifying except for the popping out effect part. SYNOPSIS.......................... When a playboy superstar announced his marriage, his life was being threatened by somone who love him badly. He only knows that she was one of his ex-girlfriends but she's really different from the other. She is back to threaten and ask him for the promise he gave...after her death. Right after movie, we headed down to get some stuff n that was when i saw james:) he was working for an event so i went over n say hi to him. He indeed was surprised:) We had a short n sweet talk after all the catching up. Not entirely all yet as he was working n i dont wish to take up much of his time. We realised we r of the same age too!:D Thanks for the candy floss too:D So after i bid goodbye, i went to look for "boy next door" n we had a stroll over to town area to meet his other friends for dinner. Before he sent me home n went back to camp. Its the start of second wk!! N it happened to the chinese new yr week too!:D Havent done any new year shopping yet as my schedule is almost packed everyday. Hardly get any rest at all too.. Monday-- Early in the morning, headed down to regent hotel for rehearsal for this coming wed corporate function event. This time round, work with 15 other girls which i simply clueless over who is selected from the casting. Only know that all r kate's friends:) Of cuz, i met familiar faces. She is none other than esther:) OMG< its been long since we last met aredi. The funniest thing was that both of us tht we wont be seeing each other anymore. lol! The rehearsal was a pretty easy one with the steps in walking n the 4 stages. thats all.. I wont go into much details till the actual day of event. Right after the rehearsal, we went to change back to our own outfit before me n cheryl share cab but i dropped off at paragon while she went to dhoby to meet her friends:) Had lunch with joel over at ding tai fung for my 1 hr lunch break before reporting back to office till 630pm n accompanied kerien for a little while to shop for bags for her mum. N home sweet home by 8pm. Tuesday was the day where im supposed to go for a movie premiere invited by bryan, but due to the event that clashed with it, i had no choice but to give it a miss.. But im real delighted too. Cuz wll be working with 2 darlings, fyonne n gwen!:D It was a fun event afterall with familiar faces n familiar place. Was working with june n sharon too:) There were games n prizes plus lucky draw to be won. Good pay once again within 3 hrs.. with straight payment. What's more do we want??? Photoshoots!!:D wed was a busy n tiring day for me. But also a day where i got my new year clothes aredi, Early in the morning at 7am, i met up with cheryl at orchard n we cabbed down to regent hotel for the "banana-boat corporate event". Total there were 16 girls. Our job scope was to carry the fruit basket n placed it on the guest's table with the choroegraph walk we had during our rehearsal time. Next pass each of the guest a wrist galands for them to wear on and lastly, bring the cocktail to them. Thats all.. In between was our break where everyone was inside the holding room resting. Till the last part, we were supposed to walk in again with those goodies bag passed to all of them. everyone paying attentively to the rehearsal So sweet! with esther<3 Whole event ends around 10am where me, cheryl n esther decided to go for an early lunch at fareast.. right after that, the girls left n off i headed down to bugis to shop alone for new year clothes, Upon reaching, i realise that most of the shops at the second level were nt opened. Soon joel came down n pick me up before we drove over to vivo for a quick lunch as i still got another event to work for... Its none other than the "TANGS closed door event". Worked with yvonne n we actually stand for 5hrs with 1 hr dinner break. As we gotta take turn to go for break, ended up.. I chosed to dine in at hk cafe before roaming around to look at v day present. At bout 10pm, T.S gave me a lift home. Leon was still having filming so we cancelled our meet up.. Slept right after 12am. Thurs-- last min i was called to replace someone for the sbab. The happy thing was my darling was working too:)) So total there were 16 girls for the event:)) as usual, We were brought to the "o" mess n there, u can see lion dance n ppl gathering outside drinking n chatting. There were "lady gaga" performance too n not to forget a mini IR casino!!:D We even played mahjong with them n the russian roulette.. Soon its lucky draw time!!:) Many grand prizes to be won>> The guys were supposed to use the winnings to bid for items they like.. However nobody will know whats that items r in the box. Unless u r the highest bidder.. After the event, TS came down n pick me n gen for pool session at orchid country club before we drove all the way down to changi to send gen back n all the way to west to send me home. FRI-- Movie marathon!!:D Before that, I headed down to vivo n ps to get v day present.. After that, headed down to ion to look for gwen love as she wanna get her new lv bag. Soon, we were off to wheelock place for dinner at sakae, Cedrik was just around the area so he actually joined us for a meal too. At around 830pm, we proceeded to DFS to get the bag before cedrik left to meet his friends while me n gwen went to look for leon n waited for him to knock off. Around 10pm, we slowly walked over to cine n waited for gwen's friends to arrive. So co-incidentally, i bumped into vincent while shoppng for new i phone cover:) So we went to the hk cafe n ordered a few drinks n food while waiting for the rest to reach. Chilled at the cafe till 1125pm, n vincent left while the rest of us went up for our first movie.. WE caught "THE WOLFMAN". Gwen was freaked out by those sudden pop out effect while i find it ok. Not that scary at all. Perhaps im aredi immune over horror movies or sudden pop out effect. Once the show ended, we went down to the cafe n chilled there for a little while before our next movie starts at 2am. Next show we caught was "VALENTINE"S DAY". This year new year wasnt a good one for me. Kind of boring... N i wasnt n a good mood too due to some issue. Maybe at the start, we shouldnt have meet at all. Then perhaps nth would happened. Anyway, besides visiting, my v day was celebrated with lorraine love n our friends at cosy bar. N only today i found out the truth on sth.. Anyway, this proves that he wasnt even serious. So why should i waste my time.. Life still goes on anyway:) Came across this from my friend's blog.. See if u guys agrees with me too.. It’s not about how many times one told you the 3 words- i love you. It may not be true; it can be a white lie. When one say the 3 words too often, the meaning of it seems diluted. It doesn’t mean that he/she really loves you. In fact, someone who doesn’t say it may love you even more but didn’t express it through words. Anyways, it may just 3 simple words, but it can mean a lot and there are different forms of love. Of course, i hope that the next person who say it to me means it. There is no point saying something that you don’t mean it; don’t waste time and deceive each other. Talk is free… Action speaks louder than words. When someone said that to me when i thought he meant it, i was overjoyed. However, it hurts when i realized that he doesn’t really mean it. Time has passed and i have seen the truth with my own eyes.. maybe he loved me, i’m very sure he doesn’t love me now cos he doesn’t even bother.
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