Thursday, February 4, 2010

lots of movie marathon in jan

--Second week of jan-- movie marathon!! The next movie that i actually caught was "bodyguards n assassins" with my westside friend, ben. The next day i caught "sherlock holmes" with my 1 yr buddy, clement after my shopping with kerien, henry n my pri clsmate -melvin. Right after movie, eileen came down n look for us for supper before 3 of us had a last min plan of singing k till 4am. sat-- Had a church service today with my buddies n friends.. Celest foo the miss universe is in the same team as us too. Right after service, we had dinner at katong village before shannon came n pick me up tog with mimic n we drove down to bottle tree park:) From today's service, i've straightened out my thinking. Pastor said sth very right.. if we always think negatively, everything will just turned out to be what we want. nth will goes successfully. BUt if we can tink in a postive manner, nth is impossible cuz we belive we can do it, means we can do it:) If u dont help urself, god will nv be able to help u. Caught "daybreaker" with joel on sunday.. This is indeed a nice show that i want to recommend. If u like those vampire slayer kind of acts, this is a must watch movie.. Lots of actions involved:) Third week of jan On a tuesday, i headed down to marina square to meet yuting babe for dinner as well as to support my friends for the teen's model search 2010. Congrats to shine for coming in second.. deborah for being the champion for the female award!:D n not to forget leon too.. U did ur best. great job!! :))
Guest appearance--dawn yeoh

The host

The show start

Winners for TMS

Wed was the day of work between work!!:) Woke up early in the morning n got back to office for some entry stuff before rushing down to eunos to meet genieve n iris for the event:) thanks gen n lynn for the job! its wonderful:)) This time round we were called to work at the airforce school just beside plab. It was hell loads of fun as ppl there r all of the same age as us. All young pilots or trainees.. Met new friends there too.. Anyway, we were so busy that we only get to eat the buffet at around 8pm. 3 of us did alot of chatting with the guys there instead of any drinking. lol~ Thanks james the officer for sending me home safely n not to forget for picking us up from eunos too:) Thurs-sat First day of the asia pcr was rather quiet. But still, i enjoyed working although i was the only model who got selected. BUt i simply love good pay job. Imagine ur pay is 3-+++/hr n ur jobscope is somehow like a receptionist helping them to book the meeting room, managing the booth with them from all over international.. The swiss ppl r real friendly.. not to forget representative from kl, vietnam, indonesia, hongkong, uk etc.. Lorraine from hk was the one who took care of me during the show. SHe's a sweet n nice person not to forget james from uk too.. n many more. second day of the asia pcr was an early one. Got to be there by 830am... met many international doctors for these 3days with no airs at all:) surprisingly, they even asked me to help myself to the food, take a seat whenever im tired. so i had croissants as breakfast, lunch buffet in the noon, fingerfood 4 tea-time n also snacks (fruit tarts, spring roles n cakes). yummy yum! cheers for the show n the ppl dere!!=P Third day of the asia pcr was really a slacking one. There wasnt much things to do so went to the internet kiosk to do some surfing.

Knocked off at 430pm n i rushed down for my brother 21st birthday celebration:))

Setting up!!

Buffet time!

Its Game time!

Family photo taking session!

Around 930pm, cedrik came over n picked me up n off we go wavehouse to look for mable they all.. there was loads of underage ppl today n not to forget the crowds were not that happening. So without even staying for long, we left at 1am n cedrik sent me to cashew heights to wait for Justin to reach n we went for supper near my home. Had a good talk with my emily darling last night n i will really feel that life is so much unfair for me. Its so unreasonable too... I seemed to have a lot of restriction from career to friends. I need a breather... the road to success needs slow n calculated steps instead of big risks n moves. "love game" is not a game. but a commitment n trust. not some judgement based on an unsure situation. On the 27th jan, i did a corporate event together with fyonne at sentosa golf club. Thanks to ben for the job:) Its to celebrate the customer appreciation day 2010 for being so supportive over coca cola... There were performances such as pole dance, magic show n not to forget prize presentation awards:) 29/1/2010-- TGIF! i had a fun n tiring fri. In the noon, met up with weihong they all for lunch at bugis while fang came over n join us after her exam. She accompanied me down for a casting too near bugis before we went town to shop around.. Was wanting to give leon a surprise, so i called him n asked if he wanted any ice cream.. that was when he asked where am i. lol.. Me n fang then headed over to orchard central to look for leon as he's working there. Both of them were playing badminton in the shop till 6plus, this honey of mine need to go meet her bf le. Sigh. luckily leon accompanied throughout for a chat till mable arrived.. Around 8pm, i met up with mable, jackson, lorraine for dinner at crystal jade the hk cafe..

pics r evidence:))

Dinner at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe at lvl 7 of orchard central with the girls and Jackson. Another nice place we explored.
This Teh is awesome!! and just as you pour in *some liquid at the open hole, the smoke just bursted out. cool right! the teh is thick and gooood!!
COming up is also another yummy dish. the crisp is nicely deep fried and kinda sweet.
happy meal =)
Babes walk ard the orchard road..hahah.. =)
walking all the way from somerset to cine then ION.
Around 10pm, gwen joined us after her lesson. Thats when 5 of us went to chill at ion orchard cafe.. it was really a nice bitching session where jackson kept wanting to join in our conversation too..
Desert at Some open space restaurant next to ION. Service was horrible.
Around 12am, we slowly walked over to cine to meet up with jackson's friend n his gf for a movie. Caught the "tooth fairy" a nice show indeed.. Love the little kid who was playing the guitar starring in the movie. He looks so cool n charming when he strummed it.
After 1 plus, we finally called it a day n i sent mable home while she n her bf accompanied me to wait for allan to come n pick me up from her place.. The midnight charge was indeed too ex. luckily allan was just around orchard too when he saw me n called me. Home sweet home by 2plus am n doze off after tt. 30/1/2010-- Worked for the cny carnival at bishan at the very last min tog with janice n annabel plus 21 more other girls.. :) At the very start, it was a little boring when there isnt much ppl. Till around 9plus, i began to be quite busy having to walk around too n thats when i know markell n andy. The two guys who were the youngest crowd of all.. Right after event, we all headed down to park royal hotel to pick my gwen dearie up before going over to boat quay. Leon was around tt area too attending one of his friend;s birthday party. So knowing ii was at cozy bar, he came over to look for me despite how drunk he is aredi. I felt touched:)) Soon after, lorraine sweetie n also allan came down too to join us.. We played darts, big 2 n bluff till around 3plus am where its time to call it a night. So lorraine left to meet her friend while gwen cabbed home n allan sent the two guys home then followed by me. Before that we went to cine to pick adrian up first then went to hillview green for a home party till 6am. I immediately dozed off when i got back home. 31/1/2010-- 2pm was the time when joel came n pick me up n we began our trip out of singapore. I wont mention where i go first till the next entry. SO now all i can say is i actually dozed off in the cinema n not to forget the unpleasant incident of marcow.. Nevertheless, we had a food tour too.

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