Sunday, May 23, 2010

FHA and formula drift

Tues-- Its the first day of FHA (Food n Hotel asia) exhibition. Every yr, it will be held at expo. Worked for Maison Camus, a new coffee brand with alexis. The boss is from USA. He's indeed a nice person afterall. Our lunch break is on a own time own target ones:)) Just gotta take turn. Pretty slacking job as all along we were just there to attract the crowds in n also to make them coffee:) Not only that, ppl from other booths r real nice to us too by offering ice blended n even peach teas etc to us. Working at hall 4 was nt really that happening as other booths such as hall 5n6, 7-9 or event 1-3... My lunch partner for the two days was isabelle.

Wed-- Right after event, derrick came n pick me, adrian n isabelle up to head down to homeclub for the next event. Im nt there to work this time round but more on just to entertain n sit down for a chat n drink. Till roughly about 830pm, i left n headed down to jp to meet kirk. We had mos burger while waiting for edric to come. Before 10pm, i left n went home as still gotta work the next day. Thats when my phone was spoilt too. Couldnt switched on at all:((

Anyway Same applies for thursday and even fri...

Fri-- Worked for 2 events. One is the last day of the FHA and immediately right after work, i gotta rushed down for sbab. It was indeed fun. Our costume for today was sailor:)) WOrked with aki, lynn, selina n eileen.

Right after work, thanks to ben for the lift down to homeclub. Went to look for adrian first n also at the same time waited for isabelle to knock off n also kirk n edric came down too.

Headed down to butter and i bumped into sab n mich too. Got into butter but didnt stay long as things happened. Dont wish to mention... ANyway, saw kelvin they all there too.

Got home by 2.30am n i immediately went to bed as gotta wake up damn early later...

SaT!! Its Motorsport Formula drift today:) Work with bernice was indeed fun. Went dwn to fetch her before we cabbed over to the F1 grand pit for briefing n changing of attire. Our outfits r really kawaii ne.. Very japanese anime. Photos as evidence..

Saw many other familiar girls working too:)

Right after work, had dinner at suntec MOF before going home...


So happy!!! Papa drove me down to work today:) no need to wake up so early n chase after public transport. We bought mcdonalds from bukit timah n ate in the car. Worked with jacey today.. Today was rather slacked. Spent most of our time at the vip area upstairs eating n watching the drifting cars.. WInston the drift driver was really a very nice n friendly person.

Adrian n shawn came down n look for me too.. Till noon, I began to start work. Posed with the cars for photographers n visitors to take pictures. Right after work, Met up with derrick for a discussion n once settled, had dinner with adrian before we went over to the parklane centre to play L4D 2 with benno, haoyang n one of their female friend. Thanks to papa for coming down to pick me up.

Monday-- Woke up super early to prepare myself for the today's newspaper launch. Working with the girls were real fun except that all r posted to diff locations. So happened that mario told me that my photos were still with him n he is the in charge for the whole entire event. WHat a small world. Very long didn see him aredi till today.

Our jobscope was just to distribute the newspaper to those at share's building eg. kim eng tower. n at the same time to create awareness by asking them to take note of page b4 of the upcoming news on those shares.. WOrk was pretty easy i can say.

Just then, we were called back to the fairmont hotel.. Guess what.. hahah! for breakfast!! After that, took a nap there before i woke up n went to work.

Tues-- Met up with fang for shopping spree at fareast n also manicure too!!:D We had dinner at citylink n that was when she said she wanna go over to fairmont hotel to have a look at our room:) HHAH!! brought her over n waited for cheryl n her sis to reach. STayed overnight there due to the early morning event the next day.

It was really a very nicen cosy room to stay in. I could sleep so soundly tere without having to wake up with migraine n stuffs.

Wed-- Worked at suntec alone today that right after work, i headed back to office n worked till noon where papa came n picked me up for lunch.

HAd sushi tei at vivocity then acc him to go do some work before back to his office to wait for him to knock off. PAul came down too. He's going to attend today's wheelsasia mag special invites as well:) So around 6pm, we drove down to suntec to pick chanel up n off to supperclub for the wheels asia search n birthday bash. That was when i bumped into joanna, angel n not to forget nikki as well. We had a few pictures taken for the mag n left at arond 10pm for dinner.

Me n chanel plus paul n papa drove down to clarke quay to have late dinner or supper at HOOTERS. AFter that, home sweet home..

Thurs-- attended a mini cooper casting with the girls who r shortlisted. We were asked to change out to their outfit n do a 2min self intro plus doing sexy poses while u r wiping the car. Thats so hilarious. meanwhile keep my finger crossed first. They r only choosing 4 out of 8...

Had sashimi with chanel at cine n thats when i bumped to zwei n her "current" gf. SIgh.. why cant guys always stay longer in a r/s? They change gf just like changing clothes..ANyway after dinner, papa came down n send us home.

Fri-- Worked for the APR chong pang event tog with kit, lorraine, honey, and isabelle. Its really indeed a grand event where there r even performances n cakes too. Knocked off only at 12am as its really too happening aredi.

AFter event, headed down to phuture with lorraine, isabelle n the mates they all:) A fun fun night with my darlings indeed:DD

SAt-- Its labour day today. I overslept as got home quite late last night. Another party time today again.. HEaded to powerhouse today.

Met junquan at pioneer n we both went down to meet lorraine at harbourfront. Catch up with the rest like annabel they all at the entrance of PH. Well... It can be a fun n sad night at the same time. While my spirit is dancing, but my heart was all along somewhere else. sighhhh

Anyway, saw shannon they all too. n not to forget jj they all. Thanks to jj for sending me home although he stayed hougang.

got too many fears... i fear of getting hurt again. Fear of losing friends, fear of not able to climb up again. fear of losing confidence n trust in myself etc.. IS there still a possibility if everything were to start from friends again? Or will it just be futile?

Caught this show lately...:) Thumbs up for IP Man 2. Its excellent! Highly recommended

Ip Man 2
Ip Man 2Ip Man 2


(9 Reviews)

Ip Man 2

  • Opening:29 Apr 2010
  • Running Time:108 mins
  • Genre:Action
  • Rating:PG
  • Distributor:Cathay-Keris Films
  • Director:Wilson Yip
  • Cast:Donnie Yen, Huang Xiaoming, Lynn Hung, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, SiuWong Fan
  • Plot:In this sequel, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) arrives in Hong Kong in 1949, only to discover that martial arts schools there operated like triads rather than more respectable institutions. His efforts to teach his Wing Chun discipline is fraught with poverty and meets resistance from Master Hung (Sammo Hung), a fellow kungfu master who runs a fish market and is being bullied by the British authorities. However, he takes solace in his bright student Leung (Chen Dao Ming) and his loving, patient wife (Lynn Hung @ Xiong Dai Lin). As conflicts brew and tempers flare, an English boxing champ (Darren Shahlavi) insults the Chinese and challenges the whole establishment to an East vs. West showdown, leaving Master Hung and Master Ip to find themselves possible allies.
  • View This Image in the Ip Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Ip Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Ip Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Ip Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Ip Man 2 Gallery


A must watch, the fighting scenes are still as good. Stuck to the movie from start till the end. Martial Arts rules! Slick fighting moves, well chronographed fight sequence, sufficient fighting screen time - just what one would expect from a well produced kongfu movie. The fact that Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do stems from the Wing Chun form of martial arts may entice some fans of the kongfu legend to part with their cash (and for some, bandwidth). There's a whole lot of (unverified) history embedded in this one. If a kongfu movie is what you are looking for, this is as good as it gets. What other choices do you have in the cinemas anyway?

Monday-- work with chanelle at city hall for the same morning event.

Tues-- AT night, Had steamboat with the cliques. At the same time its to celebrate emily n jonathan 1 mthsary too. Called lorraine n yi fang along. After dinner, we waited for jestyln n agnes to come down for the discussion of her birthday party this sat.

wed was really a good night!! Went for a courts tvc in the noon.. I was asked to act out the scenerio. kind of embarrassing indeed. Result will be out next wk. "cross finger"... After that headed down to office to work before meeting annabel at fareast to shop around. Around evening, jj came down n brought us for dinner. We caught "iron man 2 tog".

Iron Man 2 Review + Ip Man 2 Review (With Iron Man 2 Secret Ending)

Iron Man 2


(19 Reviews)

Iron Man 2

  • Opening:29 Apr 2010
  • Running Time:125 mins
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Rating:PG
  • Distributor:United International Pictures
  • Director:Jon Favreau
  • Cast:Don Cheadle, Edward Norton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Favreau, Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson
  • Plot:The world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the armoured superhero Iron Man. Under pressure from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military, Tony is unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the Iron Man armour because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands. Inevitably, Stark is pitted against his Russian arch nemesis, Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), and corporate rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). Also making their Marvel debuts are Scarlett Johansson as the sexy Russian spy Black Widow, and Don Cheadle, who takes over the role of Colonel James Rhodes from Terrence Howard.
  • View This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 GalleryView This Image in the Iron Man 2 Gallery

After movie, we headed down to butter tog with his friends:) There's an event going on at butter today:))


Parties Presents: The Launch of Butter Cookies: THE NEW RECIPE The Butter Factory, Wed 5th May 2010 Super Exclusive Showcase: Japanese dance duo of Yoshino and Shiori – Pole dancing in BUMP BUMP - Andrew T & MC Tech’1 Twittter - Podcast - FASH – Drem, Dave Does & Mad Mat From the team that brought you FRESH and FRESH Spring Break, Vibe Parties is back in effect in a HUGE WAY starting the Wednesday the 5th of May at The Butter Factory and every ensuing Wednesday. We’ve got a big treat for you on the 5th with the ubersexy Japanese dance duo of Yoshino and Shiori, and everything else that has made Vibe the undisputed nightlife party label champion in Singapore over the past two years. STAY TUNED FOR: Vibe Parties Beer Bong Races Free Body Shots for Selected Ladies Other Wild on Stage Antics Wednesday Nights REVOLUTIONIZED!!! Ladies Enjoy: - Free Entry All Night - Free-Flow from 10pm - 1am Guys Cover Charge: - 28SGD with 3 drinks Promotions on loose drinks: - 1 for 1 jugs - 6 Tequila Shots $45 - 3 Jagerbombs $36

Thursday-- will came n pick me up from my home before we headed down to cine to have lunch n pool session!!:D Had a great chat in the car.

Met mic n her best friends for a musical"Chicago" before jj came down too n join us for a chill out session at overeasy.

Then we switched over to shanghai dolly n stayed for a little while.

Fri-- mET UP WITH louis for dinner at thai express before i headed over to ions to look for agnes n jasmine they all. After that we proceeded down to take train n i waited for lorraine to arrive before walking over to MT club to look for nick, annabel they all. Sad things happened there that i finally get an answer for myself aredi.

Around 2plus am, i left n went to pick lorraine up from butter n we cabbed over to zouk to look for jackson n not to forget thanks mohan for signing us in. At 4am, headed for "bak kut teh" for supper before we all went home.

Sat-- Its my darling agnes birthday today:)) WHole day programmes planned for her. Early noon, met up with emily n fang darling to go shop for agnes present. Then we proceeded to go meet her n jestlyn after that. Thats when we all just purely bringing her around town to shop before proceeding to the cathay to meet the rest for dinner.. DInner at astons was really a bad idea. The queue was freaking long that we waited since 7pm till 830pm.

Just then, agnes felt disappointed why she gt no cake upon seeing another table having cakes. We kept teasing her n stuff like that as surprise will be coming soon later!!...

Surprised! This was when we carried the cake slowly over from the counter to the seats there n sang her happy birthday song.. Can tell that she was rather surprised indeed:))

Next programmes was a french pub at club street. We had lots of fun there playing circle of death, big 2 n not to forget the shots n the poor birthday girl tekan by others on waterfall n etc..

Lastly around 3am, we proceeded back to the robertson quay hotel n cont the party til 6am, we left.

sunday-- Its mother's day today!!! Hereby gillian wish all the mothers in the world a great happy mother's day!!!:)

Brought my mum out for lunch at suki suki boe, a jap restaurant. Bro wins came along too knowing its my treat. The service here was indeed good esp towards a very indecisive person of me who kept order n changing the orders... haha!!

ANyway, right after lunch, i cont to bring her to go shop for her presents. Brought her ring n earrings which indeed cost me a bomb. At around 6pm, she left n i waited for sunshine boy to reach. He's damn sweet to buy my mum present t too!!:)

We then proceeded down to bugis to meet winifer n jeremy, his friend.. Around 9plus 10pm, we drove over to seng kang to pick raine up for chilling session. Drove down to MT club where there's really lot of memories for me over there. Its been the third time since i last been there.

After chilling, we had supper. Theres this fish which cost 30 dollars.. freaking ex i feel.. just for a supper.. oh man!!!

monday-- around 6pm, Jeremy came down to pick me up n we drove over to raine's place n play with her doggy for a little while before going over to chomp chomp for dinner. Soon jj came down as well. N we headed down to A971 cafe to collect her pay.

Tues-- Chill out with daniel n his friends over at plasma.

wed-- had sakae buffet with lorraine dear n joseph. Went over to the central for a fitting before off to paragon to meet yi fang n agnes:)

Trained down to meet lorraine dear n her friends for our ladies night:))

thurs-- Met up with jj for dinner at dian xiao er. Knowing i wasnt in a very good mood, i was treated to a delicious meal:)) Caught " the backup plan" after that.

The Back-up Plan


(5 Reviews)

The Back-up Plan

  • Opening:06 May 2010
  • Running Time:104 mins
  • Genre:Comedy, Romance
  • Rating:PG
  • Distributor:Sony Pictures Releasing International
  • Director:Alan Poul
  • Cast:Alex O'Loughlin, Jennifer Lopez
  • Plot:After years of dating, Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) decides that waiting for "the one" is taking too long. Determined to be a mother, she takes matters into her own hands and makes an appointment at a fertility clinic. On the day of her procedure, Zoe meets a great guy, Stan (Alex O'Loughlin). Trying to nurture a budding relationship and hide the early signs of pregnancy becomes a comedy of errors for Zoe and creates confusing signals for Stan. When Zoe nervously reveals the reason for her unpredictable behaviour, Stan surprises Zoe.
  • View This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan GalleryView This Image in the The Back-up Plan Gallery

Fri-- Headed to work as usual n knocked off to meet the girls, xueting, yi fang, agnes n selina for dinner at crystal jade suntec. Before me n agnes actually headed down to phuture to meet lorraine n her cousin. Not to forget i bumped into angel n chloe there too, including cedrik n many more..

Sat-- Butter with yuting n agnes to celebrate yi fang's birthday.. happy birthday darling!!:D

MOnday-- Met up with eileen for dinner at jp> this girl is so sweet to even get me a belated birthday present:<3

Tues-- Attended 9tro mag launch at suburbia, sentosa with bernice n we actually saw dionna, sharon they all there too..

Wed-- Worked for vivo tang's closed door event tog with ariel. Bumped into emily n her schoolmates. After knocking off at 930pm, i proceeded straight down to zouk to meet mandy n her friend. Saw michelle n her friends outside. Soon marcus came down tog with his elder bro n friends too, not to forget daniel who looked like vaness. Clubbed till 4am n we went to boon dong kee for chicken rice as supper before marcus n his elder bro sent me home.

Thurs-- Went to consult a doctor before ivan came n pick me up to go ions for dinner, cascadia for pool n shaw lido for movie. The first time i caught a movie n doze off nearly5-6 times in between n first time walking out halfway from the cinema without finishing it too. Pls dont catch "The ghostwriter". Its freaking draggy n boring indeed.

Fri-- My virgin night at zirca!! went over to pick yuting up at 12am before proceeding down to clarke quay n to think that this is the worst night i ever had. Imagine yourself bumping into someone who were once close to u n ended up both seemed to be strangers now n not only that, u gotta intro your gf to him. How would u feel?? It really sucks!!

Anyway, after ytd, i finally realise that not to pin any more hopes anymore.. To tink that the more u wished, the only disappointment u will ever get. ANyway, after zirca, i went over to dolly to look for jeremy n jj for a little while before home sweet home..

Love quote for the day!!

No Guy is Worth your tears and when you find one that is he wont make you cry." And remember this...never say I love you, if you don't really care...never talk about feelings, if they aren't really there...never touch a life, if you mean to break a heart...never say you're going to, if you don't plan to start...never look me in they eye, when all you do is lie...never say hello, if you really mean good-bye."

Sat-- Met up with jessica for dinner at steakhouse tog with agnes darling. Really envy jess, this friend of mine esp her lovelife. SHe's been tog with JR for 4 yrs aredi, n they r now planning to buy housing soon after JR is back from melborne. Its really not easy to maintain a Long dist relationship. To think this friend of mine proved us wrong. Two cute couples will be setting on the red carpet soon.. Here i wished them everlasting love n marriage forever:)

After dinner, jess left to go look for her aunt while me n agnes headed over to KPO for a drink. We had magaritas. Till bout 11pm, richard came n pick me up with his ferrari n off all of us went down to velvet. There, we met fang n her bfs n friends. N not to forget marcus, ryan, danieln jiayuan they all too at phuture. Bumped into nicholas too~~:D. Was at the dancefloor tog with one of the mediacorp artist-carol too:) She's real tall:)

Its really a nice feeling to be at the velvet vip table tog with andrew t, the butter dj, some korean models, n many other vips too. Left at bout 4am where agnes, me n marcus group then headed down to spize for supper:)

Caught District 13 on tues..

Surprised day planned by the simple N

Replaced aki for an event in the morning for a singtel mobile data plan signing up. My two helpers were malek n fifi.. Very humorous n happy go lucky coffee boys. Work was fine except that need to stand s under the hot sun.

Everything ended by 2pm. Thats when i had my own shopping while waiting for surprise to reach. Nevertheless, i spent today's pay on 2 heels n 3 belts. Was on the phone with agnes darling before he arrived n off we went to catch....


Movie Details

The Losers
The LosersThe Losers


(7 Reviews)

The Losers

  • Opening:13 May 2010
  • Running Time:97 mins
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Rating:PG
  • Distributor:Warner Bros
  • Director:Sylvain White
  • Cast:Chris Evans, Holt McCallany, Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Oscar Jaenada, Zoe Saldana
  • Plot:A highly skilled CIA team is attacked by their own agency and left for dead. They set out to learn why they were betrayed, and to avenge the wrong, as well as other injustices they encounter.

  • View This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers GalleryView This Image in the The Losers Gallery

review of the losers i give 3.5 out of 5. a very interesting concept, but they are not that "loser" enough which i think the movie could be more fun if they are the real losers, its like they fail some mission becoz of some misunderstanding or somebody set them up.... come on, this is so much old fashion. a bit disappointed by the script. but some 3D effect looks very real and the actors and actress are wise selected

AFter movie, we started our picnic at hendersen waves.. A very nice view indeed till bout 9pm, we decided to head down to play lan.. HAd a game of l4D2 n not to forget the conquer commands.. VEry nice action game.. Evrything ended before 12am n home sweet home:)

Fri-- Had Marche with annabel, max n nic at 313. Next we proceeded over to KPO for a chill out session there before heading down to phuture. As usual, bumped into some friends there.. Another happening night again till7am:)

Sat-- Went to catch iron man2 at PS with "KX" before we have dinner at xingwang. Around 1030pm, we headed down to PH where so co-incidentally i bumped into lawrence, peter, eugene they all:)) Partied till 5am n not to forget i even bumped into caleb n his friends, trac n his friends etc... Just so lucky enough that shirley, iris and so on also know each other.. Singapore is real small.. BUt really fun with all these catching up session!!:D

monday--31 may 2010

Was clearing some emails n posts when i suddenly rmb that i still got some photos not yet uploaded.

Some backdated posts earlier...

Mini Cooper Casting .
Was selected for Mini Cooper Casting .
This casting was not easy from other castings i had before .
You must be the fun , chicky type of girl .
They told us to act as if we are washing the cars , but in a sexy way .
But the worst part is , at least 10pairs of eyes is looking at you acting sexy .
I doubt i will get choosen , but it was a experience for me . :)
While we are waiting for our turns , we took a photo .
After casting , cabbed to Orchard with chanel and Xinyi .
And had dinner at Sakae Sushi .
Home sweet home after that . :)

Wheels Asia Birthday Bash @ Supperclub . via invitation
It is my second time being to Supperclub thou .
Met new friends again ! I love making new friends .
Pictures taken by the Photographer there and they print it out for us to keep us memories .
A small goodies bag given by Wheels Asia . Thanks to Wheels Asia .

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