Sunday, December 6, 2009

nov post!!

nov 16 Wat a lovely monday!!!:)) Woke up as usual n report to office for work.

By 3pm, i rushed down to ions orchard for an opening ceremony of a watch shop named patek philippe. My job today is to pass them the golden scissors for the ribbon cutting. Less than 15 min only, but i gotta reach there 1 hr earlier. Got champagne, white wine n red wine too. Not to forget also the delicacies! yum! yum! The best part for this assignment is that i get paid on the spot. Somemore nt those petty sum. but almost a 100 kind:) wee!! i always love such an easy job.. Although its sort of a last min where i only recieved the call from him last night but still.. Thanks to V agent~:DD Dick lee was invited as a guest too n nt to forget those medias n reporters.. Big shots! Catch me on newspaper n TV!

nov 19 dinner at hyatt hotel straits kitchen with andrew n kerien.

nov 20 TGIF!!( Thanks god its friday!)... Spent this fri with a start to report for work at noon. At bout 5plus, i immediately knocked off n rushed down for a 1 hr private dnd event at pan pacific hotel. Together i work with isabelle n xueting. The other 2 girls were sent to Park royal hotel for the jpb. This two is none other than selina n fang. The whole job was kinda a last min one. All these girls were only selected in the early noon.

Our jobscope was to serve tequila shot to the vips to welcome everyone.. Pretty easy job with straight cash on the spot. I love it!

Right after the job, all the girls went off, leaving me, fang n ting. 3 of us had a simple dinner in Marina Square n spent our night chilling n chit chatting. Its been a long time since we last met. LOve them~~

nov 21 Headed down for my second time of bridal gown shoot today. This time round its with kerien n 3 other photographers. Two of them r even twins!!:D so alike that u cant tell who is the eldest. Meeting time is 1030am to go try out the white wedding gown. After picking the one we like, off to the destination n get changed..

Peetures wil tell everything.. I enjoyed the shoot cuz i got to wear the pretty white gown!!:D

Right after the shoot, we headed down for lunch at bugis junction. Just then JQ called n asked if im going down for his birthday chalet. Sigh, it was raining heavily by then that i felt so lazy to travel all the way down to east coast.

Upon reaching home, janelle babe text n asked if im free to go out.. I immediately answered yes. So after changing out, i headed down to pick her up from her hse n we cabbed to cine for sakae teppanyaki. Right after dinner, we had a great time window shopping around till 10pm. Mark came n pick us up to go meet the rest of the gangs for k box. I enjoyed hanging out with all the friends. Everyone drove down to katong for the teo heng ktv.

After k singing, we had supper at 126. A famous place where many ppl normally would frequent after their night's out. Thanks to brendan for sending us home:)) Got home by 5am. Just then, while i was charging my phone as my batt went flat throughout the entire night that no one could reach me at all, A called n asked wether i could still come down for the home party. Hmm.. since im nt even tired at all, i agreed n waited for them to come pick me up. Went over to play poker till 8am, i went home as my batt was flat once again without much charging.

nov 24 Went for jamming session with kerien n fang:)) Right after that, we even went arcade n play all sorts of games. Took neoprint too after so long. Shop a while after dinner. Home by 10pm.

nov 25 Agenda for the day

1030am-4pm tangs closed door event... 8pm to 11pm WIne n dine at club street spizza~ roof top for cocktail with shaun's friend~

nov 26..

initial Plans are all screwed up... I tht i can be happy for just a 4 days. End up due to last min cancelling, my mood is pretty bad. I decided to go MIA for a night. Went to mattius hse tog with fang n her bf to play MJ till 7am the next day. I lost 50 over to the couple..

nov 27 acc mummy to xiao jiu hse for the family gathering.. Xin rong is learning how to walk now. So adorable.. Xin yi is still as pretty n cute. Perhaps being a kid for a day would be good..

After dinner, i headed down to paragon n waited for alicia love to reach.. My eileen dear acc me to wait for her. Love her!:D When alicia arrived, we walked down to emerald hill for a glass of cocktail n a long night of chat. Went to cine to catch movie too.. But there wasnt any nice shows available so we rented a dvd n watch it inside the room. Catch " my best friend's girl".

nov 28 Its indeed a fun night at wavehouse tonight.. headed down at 930pm to look for marcus who was working there. Before that i was home whole day till cedrik came n pick me up. Met iris n her cliques at wavehouse itself. Soon daniel n friends arrived. All came down to support marcus as well. Saw many familiar faces once again.

nov 29 Headed down to sitex tog with reeve n lester. my cousin. My plan to go there is just to return my outfit. But ended up i bought a new wireless mouse. Very cool!! love it.

At bout 830pm, we left n cabbed down to vivo for dinner. That was when things began to happen. After dinner, me n reeve immediately rushed for our movie without realising my phone wasnt with me. When we reach the theatre, i realise my phone is lost, reeve quickly ran to the place which we were dining at and help me look for it. I tht he will come back with good news. Ended up... I began to panick n ran back to the restaurant. Search thoroughly all over the place n even asked ppl who were seated there whether they did see any phone lying around? No one seen it. Just then, sth came into my mind!

The garbage bin!!! Y i tht of that is because reeve tried calling my phone n it was ringing. so we knew that it cant be stolen by anyone. Fortunatly i was 1 min fast when i sense a vibration in one of the garbage bag when i just put my leg over.

However, due to the incident, we cant watch our show anymore. It was closed. So headed down to cine to catch Ninja assassin instead.

Before that, we had a game of pool.

nov 30 self declare off day to acc my gf n bb. Headed to vivo to repair her phone first, then to central for late lunch, lastly caught "mulan" at PS.

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