Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feeling lethargic!!

Urbanstreet is bringing in collection 2!!

Do support them!! Each pieces are no more than 20dollars!!

visit Just some simple photo taken during amy's birthday.. The icing cake we DIY for her

Sorry everyone that i will not be blogging much for this two wks. Just a short one before im turning in. Well, lately im busy with a 5 days work wk based on office hours till 6pm then knock off. I have been feeling very tired and lethargic over the past few days n will be ongoing till next wk. The weather is freaking hot too that i felt so irritated easily. Getting tanner as well too. Everyday is just like a routine to me. Dinner with family and sleep straight at 10pm. The only good thing is that i wont skip lunch. As there is a 1hr break.. Plus breakfast i will try to grab a small bite too so that i wont get hungry that easily. Many had been asking me wether am i really addicted to partying? esp butter.. haa. the answer is nope. I partied because of friends. I will go only if friends called n asked me to go. If not normally im more of a homely person. Cooping myself in the room n catching hong kong dramas. BTw, i wont be in spore from the 13-15 june. Going for a getaway!! :) Hmm, think thats all for now. Its bed time again:) Nights everyone~ rest well and drink more water k as the weather is very humid** Once again, its weekend!! However, i dont feel at all happy. So will be staying home. PMS. So wanting to go for irene's birthday celebration at chalet but i simply got no mood to go anywhere:( Firstly, my internet connection kept giving me lots of prob. Bought a new router but still gotta wait for bro to come home to help fix it. He also clueless this time. DIE! Who wanna help? Secondly, all catching up session cancel~ supposed to meet mable n her wei wo du zun friends too but last min cancel. Thats y i rejected the chilling out with danny, my music friend as well. Wanting to go play pool with chris they all too. But find no pt going out when i might spoil everyone's mood, or to say make them worry for me. Thirdly, im stressed out with many stuff. So pressured that i hardly can breathe. Its all financial issue~ Lastly, havent go n renew my passport too. SImply no time at all. Dunno if im able to leave spore or will be called back at the last min:(

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