Sunday, May 31, 2009

quiet times

pictures taken 2 wks ago with my music friends~ Its beeen a quiet n peaceful weekends for me. No chilling out this time. Just catching movies online n somehow im addicted to a hong kong drama that will be showing on channel u from tml onwards~ Stayed home to catch my "tu wei xing dong". Total epi- 25 My fav idol~ Wu zhuo xi. I've started to idolize n catch most of his drama when he acted in "zhen qing" as xiao an. 《突围行动》的剧情简介补充   法庭检控主任唐志高,于裁判法院负责检控工作,处理一般性的随地吐痰、乱抛垃圾、违例驾驶等琐碎案件,不过,志高胸怀大志,已申请调职政府律师,期望可以一展抱负,处理严重刑事大案,伸张正义。志高父亲唐大海对他十分支持,经常出席旁听志高负责的案件,大海望子成龙,亦希望有朝一日,可以在区域法院,甚或高等法院,看见志高处理大案。    一日,大海因为赌马大有斩获,大宴亲朋,谁知到头来空欢喜一场,原来大海并非沿正途落注马会,而是在非法外围落注,原本欲以赢来的钱偿还大耳窿的欠债,因为艇仔走数令大海好梦成空。大海被大耳窿追债时为志高撞破,揭发了大海因赌外围‘笃手指’而输尽退休金的事。志高向大海痛陈买外围不当之余,也动用了本拟买[更多信息...]楼的积蓄为父填债,并向后母何美妍和异母异父的妹妹芷敏隐瞒真相。大海痛失儿子血汗钱,决心戒赌,甚至脚伤也改为光顾赛马会诊所,希望省吃俭用,尽量减轻儿子的负担。   正当志高以为雨过天晴,料不到大海因为抵不住诱惑,再次赌外围而欠下巨债,及至大耳窿登门催收,东窗事发,家庭顿起纷争,其间大耳窿更暗中滋扰志高一家,芷敏甚至夸大其词,令大海以为大耳窿搔扰到志高的工作地点,自觉害了儿子的前途,影响他转职做政府律师的机会,加上芷敏对大海的不齿和厌弃,令大海情绪低落,终日陷于痛苦自责。一日,志高收到政府取录通知书,第一时间就想将这个好消息向父相告,却赫见大海从天而降,原来大海因为赌外围,自觉累人累物,以死赎罪,从此父子阴阳永隔。 Besides that, i've also caught a few horror movies alone at home. Grandma, aunt n uncle came over for a visit. Was so happy to see them. We even spent time at home catching movies online together..:D Although its just a short period, everything was sweet! Thurs-- i've been meeting up with kerien darling so often that our fav meet up place will definitely be bugis. We got so much secret there. (the stall selling pancakes and the couple stall) shh! haa. Accompanied her to do her manicure today and we spent like 2 hrs there since 2pm? While she is doing her nails, i went to shop around. Even became someone's translator. haa! Both of us each bought a diff top and the same long skirt. SO lady like lor.. As darling starting work in an office before her school resume, thats y need to wear more formal. I was so attracted to the long black skirt, that each of us bought one. Gt discount somemore. GSS sales are everywhere now. But nth really caught my eyes without $$. Try to save wisely so tat i can survive throughout the mth. I wanna go for a short getaway! We parted at 7pm and thats when chris came over n find me. Both of us headed dwn to PS to look for the rest. Evryone wanted to catch the "terminator salvation" so thats how 6 of us had the vip top three seatings. lol! After purchasing the tics, we settle our dinner at crystal jade with so much laughter n lame jokes cracked by the guys. Our group consists of 4 guys 2 girls. They r tommy, yan, ray, chris, me n valerie. Know the guys only ytd, n valerie was an sia airstewardess. After watching the show. It turns out to be a disappointment. Tommy n I fell asleep in the cinema. The show was rather draggy and not much of the fighting scene. i would give it 2.5/5 stars It was aredi 11plus pm by then. Everyone was tinking where to go next. Yan gotta go pubbing with his colleagues while ray n valerie went home as she gt a flight to catch early in the morning. So leaving only me, tommy n chris, we actually went all the way down to chinatown partyworld!! singing time... Till 3am, we walked down to the best frog porridge stall for our supper before the guys sent me home. The day before, don's hse with audrey for swimming n suntanning It was a last min decision too. Met audrey at westmall before we cabbed down to don's condo for a swim. swine flu alert: spore cfm 1 case n the lady is only 22 yrs old! thats the topic we had together with don's mum. Now H1N1 had increased to 5 cases~~ Left don's place earlier while audrey was still there cus i need to head for tuition today and i was told of the sept or dec trip. After listening to it, i wasnt at all surprised or happy. Maybe the feeling is aredi gone. Went home n get changed before down to pick audrey up n we headed to butter at the very last min. Once Again with the same clicks. But today i saw many many familiar faces such as jimmy, shino, siberia, sharon n charlotte, jason, n many more~ Everyone was rather emo esp hayden. From his image, i can see myself feeling the same way.

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