Monday, May 25, 2009

May Birthdays!!

Firstly, i would like to say a happy birthday to all the May's babies!! Happy birthday To U all~ May all your wishes come true. :)) These whole wk, i've attended quite a few of my friend's birthday bash. 1. Janice babe's 19th birthday with the girlies.. We had a movie date and dinner treat for her at JP!! Pictures to be uploaded when received.. n then i will update. So stay tuned first~

Wed~ Its our dear janice 19th birthday today!! Hope she like the mini celebration that me n audrey did for her:))

At Swensons!

Too bad, jojo n jason only came down to pass her the present n left. We treated her to swenson and also catch a movie "wolverine" at night. There was only 4 movies to choose from at JP that day. Rather limited. Thats how we came about catching a show three of us tht its boy's fav. But somehow it turns out quite exciting!!:D Morale of the story: Dont judge a show by its preview~~ Happened to bump into nicholas and also aaron after that. 2. Amy's love birthday bash at Mind's cafe!! pictures to be uploaded when received!: Fri-- Its amy's birthday bash today. Here is a video of her birthday party!! Enjoy~ The celebration was held at the mind's cafe located at prinsep st. Friends who attended includes fion, me, lilin, valerie, daniel, wen jun, two alvin's, kaiming, and many more. We had games like Taboo, STacko n so on. The cakes were also self decorated by me and fion while we were at JP earlier on. Kind of a mini celebration as it ended by 1230am. I tht the night was still young by then. But no one could tht of whats the part 2 prog. so All just went home. 3. Peggy's birthday bash at MONO!! Sat-- Early in the morning, my phone started to beep nonstop with incoming messages and calls. But i was so sleepy till i finally woke up at 1pm. Saw Esther sweetie msg asking me to acc her for peggy's birthday party later. N thus i agreed knowing that i still got to meet yanling they all at the same time too. Arrived at mono by 6pm and no one was there yet. So me n esther gotta wait till 730pm where we could only get a few snapshots taken with them and also to drop greetings to peggy n june before leaving. Hitch a ride from simon to liang court to catch up with jess n yanling at "streets". We had dinner and camwhore tog. Yanling was being affected by my moody n saddening memories. Haha.. I nearly cried when telling them how's life. There's happy times and bad times:)) =( Around 930pm, we then made our way down to dblo n waited for the rest to arrive. Sweetie bel came with her friends and not to forget daniel n his groupies at a later time. They had tables n bottles there. Its another happening night. Allan drove me home by 5am. MOVIES!! Thurs-- catch the first day release of the movie entitled: Night at the museum 2 with Tristan. Before tat, we dine in at New York. Night At The Museum 2 Cast Bill Hader, Thomas Haden Church, Owen Wilson, Amy Adams, Ben Stiller Director Shawn Levy Language English Genre Action Opening May 21 Run Time / Rating TBA / Sun-- Catch "Monsters Vs Aliens in the noon with Tristan again before im off to tiong bahru to meet up with sweetie bel n xueting as we r going over to Skye's house for Housewarming party!! Monsters Vs Aliens Cast Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Rainn Wilson, Kiefer Sutherland Film Maker Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman Genre Animation Opening 28th May 2009 Run Time / Rating 94 min / Chris came down too to look for me and all the teens were inside the room whereby everyone was so engrossed in the movie that was screen on tv. After that, we even talked about some creepy and real ghost story and even went to the six floor where... OOH!! its secret. Got home by 10pm. n Slept early last night. Elson's soh demos~~ Last thursday, upon seeing nicholas, i suddenly tht of elson. N just happened that my brother was surfing the net when he suddenly showed me the songs he composed.. i saw elson's songs too. Thats y decided to share with everyone. Y i like his songs? Cuz firstly, he is my shi xiong. (last time). Secondly, all his songs belong to the latest era and also music where it brings pop and slow rock. Just by listening to his songs, u might start to bring back memories of sth. Dont believe? Listen to the one i've uploaded in my playlist~~:D

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