Sunday, May 17, 2009

may 18-

KENNY G AS sickness makes one feel so down and painful..., stopping me from going elsewhere, lost all my appetite even if great food r in front of me. Medicine cause drowsiness, made me like a sick patient, can only lie on bed all day n night... Somehow it cheers me up when im listening to kenny G music. Great composer. His songs can really relax my body and mind. Such a wonderful compilation.

A friend of mine emailed me and i sent it to amy love and she actually help me to come up with the english translation for this poetry. I find it so real n meaningful so decided to share with everyone.. Thats also a question that have been pondering me for sometime. 爱一人 Loves one person 如果你不爱一个人, If you do not love her, 请放手. Please give up. 好让别人有机会爱她. Let others have a chance to love her. 如果你爱的人放弃了你, If the one you love give up on you, 请放开自己, Please let loose of yourself. 好让自己有机会爱别人. Lets oneself have the opportunity to love others 有的东西你再喜欢也不会属于你的, Some things you like can never be yours, 有的东西你再留恋也注定要放弃的. The thing you are reluctant to part with again are also doomed to give up 人生中有许多种 . In life, there are many obstacles, 但别让自己为一种伤害. But do not let oneself go through the injury. 有些缘分是注定要失去的, Some fates are doomed to lose. 有些缘分是永远都不会有好结果的, Some fate are not forever and eternally, 爱一个人不一定要拥有, It is not neccesary to hold on to the one you love, 但拥有一个人就一定要好好的去爱她. But when you have her, you must certainly love her. 男人哭了是因为他真的爱了. When a man cries, he is really in love. 女人哭了是因为她真的放弃了. When a girl cries, she is really giving up. 如果真诚是一种伤害, If sincere is one kind of injury, 我选择谎言; I will choose to lie. 如果谎言一种伤害, But if lying hurts, 我选择沉默; I will choose to be silence. 如果沉默是一种伤害, If silence hurts, 我选择离开. I will choose to leave. 如果失去是苦, If losing someone is unpleasant, 你怕不怕付出 , Are you afraid of putting in more efforts, 如果迷乱是苦, If confusion is unpleasant, 你会不会选择结束, Will you choose to end? 如果追求是苦, If pursuing someone is unpleasant, 你会不会选择执迷不悟 , Will you choose to persists your own wrong doings? 如果分离是苦, If seperation is unpleasant, 你要向谁倾诉, Who are you pouring your feeling out to? 好多事情都是后来才看清楚, Many things happen only after you know the truth, 好多事情当时一点也不觉得苦!!!! Because everything is pleasant at first sight. Lovexoxo

Something to inspire you If you are resisting life's goodness, then working harder at it will push that goodness farther away. Instead, learn to let go and to allow. Simply generating more activity and energy will not help you if that energy is pointed in a negative direction. Choose to re-direct all the energy and awareness in your life toward those things you value most. If the results you are getting fail to bring fulfillment, do not seek to merely create more results. Instead, find the path that truly fulfills your purpose. There is nothing to be gained from making life needlessly difficult. See the truth that life is beautiful, and align your energy and your actions with your very own expression of that truth. When you let yourself be yourself, richness flows easily and effortlessly and naturally through every moment. Your greatest accomplishments come from who you are. Let yourself be yourself. And you'll be as rich as anyone can ever be. Loves xoxo

Today i did sth so stupidly that i dunno if i can still turn back time. While chatting on the phone, i actually say out what i ought not to say so as not to hurt someone's feeling. But guess in the end i still did. I know whatever i do or said now, its aredi hard to take it back. I didn realise that there r aredi so many loopholes in between everything. Perhaps we had nv really get to know each other well enough. It all started too quickly n end up so many silence in between... I cried for many nights n even sort out my own feelings trying not to think so much, happily hanging out with my friends. They r part n parcel of my life u know? I dunno how to explain to u. N i truely sorry for nt listening to u. Even when u want me to stay home to recuperate, but just a friend's call, im out. Your friends saw me n reported to u. Thanks for the belief. But guess no matter what u said to me, im just too stubborn to listen to u. I got my own stand. I cant afford to lose any of my friends. When im down, who can i confide to? You werent even there. Nv know that i can be a good listener n advisor to my friend's who is feeling down, but when i faced the same prob, im simply so helpless.. I really dunno what i should do? Is it just the beginning or is it an end?

The day when i was shocked tues-- Today noon, when the clock strucked 12, i woke up, walked myself to the bathroom to wash up and suddenly, everything went blurred in front of me, my face turned pale and everything suddenly turned to a patch of darkness. I know im going to faint anytime. Thats terrible. I tht i was going to die. Nobody was at home at all. I immediately walked back to my room slowly n cont to lie on the bed. Trying hard to make myself relax.. so as the color of face can turned back to normal. Guess perhaps i kept cooping myself at home for the past few days that there is not enough fresh air. Just nice, darling kerien called me to acc her to go JP and source for cake's ingredient. So.. Before meeting her, I went over to the clinic to have a change of my medicine that doesnt cure me but worsen my illness. Consult the doctor once again and even told him what happened to me this morning. I felt more relieved when he told me that nth serious, just that im having low sugar level. So he prescribed more n more pills for me. I;ve got throat infection that caused me to lose my voice.

Nothing interesting to blog about as i've been lazing at home watching movie online, eating only light food such as noodles n porridge, having to take medicine every few hrs a day. ARgh!! So boring.. For the next few days, it shall just be birthday, birthday n birthday posts!! Firstly, i gotta wish Janice babe a happy 19th Birthday.. May u get prettier each time n dreams come true. Stay happy always!!^^

Should i DIY a cake for each of them?? Hmm, sounds nt bad of an idea:D Who else birthday arriving? Next will be Amy loves birthday bash on coming friday. Will be celebrating with her as promised!!:D Then sat will be jessica n yanling's gathering day. Haven been seeing them for quite some time. Gotta catch up with yanling since its a rare chance to meet her before she's off for flying again... STay over at Jessica's bf.. JR hse. Might go swimming or even play tennis in the condo!!

These days, im kind of lazy to travel far. So all along for the three days, i have been hanging out at the same area "JP". First day was to acc kerien to go diy the cake, second day was there to hold a mini celebration for janice babe. N the last day shall be catching of the now showing movie with tristan. tues-- catch up with darling kerien at JP as she wanna give a surprise to her sis. N that is: to DIY a birthday cake for her sister's party tomolo. So before that, we went to fill our stomach by lunching at a korean restaurant. After lunch, walked around and stop by a shoe shop whereby they r having sales. Bought 2 pairs of wedges as its on sales. Each pair at only 10 bucks. After shopping, its time to get to the ground floor to decorate the cake.

Pictures as evidence.

Its beautiful isnt it? Most importantly is the thoughts that counts and somemore its ownself decorate one. The one n only!! Next we cabbed down to bugis to buy her jeans. Bought two new pairs of shorts there n by 630pm, we called it a day.


AliciaYSL said...

Very meaningful poetry indeed... luv it!

gillian said...

thanks babe.. yup i find it meaningful too:)) will cont to post if i got any of these kind k? xoxo

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