Monday, May 4, 2009

updated- 4th may-10may

MOn-- Woke up at 11am, took my medicine and started to mug on my books that i havent had my lunch yet. Going to study like no day n night today. Probably not heading anywhere this week. Exam is nearing~ Left a few more days for the first paper~ Im stressd out:(( Daddy said if my fever is not subsidising by tonight, will be sending me to the hospital.. :(( I missed homecooked meals:D Haven been having such a delicious n sumptuous dinner for so long although its just simple dishes like steamed prawns, long beans, fish, and a bowl of vege soup.. I felt so at home. Watching how the food is being cooked, having the dinner with my family on the same dining table. Im contented. Perhaps sooner i will be more homely... Hard to predict. My mind is full of thoughts whenever im at home. While studying, i teared... While drinking medicine, i teared too. Y is it so? some overdue photos inside mummy's cam.. "Grandma birthday celebration" Insomia on tues-- watch 爱情电影《爱到底》online at 2am. 类型: 短片剧情爱情 导演: 黄子佼,方文山 主演: 陈柏霖,朱孝天,邱胜翊 (更多...) 上映日期: 2009-02-26 剧情简介:   《三声有幸》(九把刀篇)  爱情,是难以割舍的依恋。一位年迈的母亲静静坐在沙发上阖眼低首,突然电话铃响,母亲接了起来,电话那头竟是卜死去五帛年的儿子,儿子要母亲保和重,约好明年忌日再打电话回家。原来五年前,阿正在医院巧遇罹患绝症的阿路,当阿路发现他们的声音异常相似时,时日不多的阿路恳求阿正,等他过世之后,每年忌日都假装成自己打电话到家中,让孤独的母亲不要有寻短的念头。这五年来,阿正一直进行着这个任务。然而,正面临重大手术的阿正,也在网路上录下自己的声音,希望能够像阿路那么幸运找寻跟自己的声音很像的人,以守护自己爱人。 Was watching the show till the very end where wang zi appeared.. Real cute~ Wang Zi - Dui Bu Qi MV One night of destress after so much of revision... Last recap on thurs~ Wed-- The girls were suggesting over a ladies night again at butterfactory. So since we were all staying at the same area, i went ahead with the planning. Its indeed a fun night with the same clicks (janelle, janice), too bad joanna not going:( This time round, steph n her friends came along too. saw amanda pang, amy, mohan etc. Cabbed home after supper with janice babe n sweet audrey. Im consider the more sober one so send both of them back safely:)) pictures as shown: Before that, met up with joanna n nikki to buy the high knee socks at bugis:) Sorry girls for nt able to join u for the steamboat. Next time k? thurs-- bugis outing with claire n adeline.. ANother last min planning again...:) We had lunch at foodcourt before acc claire to do her shopping list. She bought a lot of things lo. Indeed shopping queen:D After ade left to go work at moon bar, me n claire went to slack at yoshinoya. Left bugis at 7pm and im back home for dinner n last revision while she headed to raffles to look for her hubby. So loving lo. Next day is their 5th mth anniversary. I dun even rmb i gt celebrate 5th month anni b4. Fortunate girl to find the right guy:)) Happy for her~ fri-- right after exam, i rushed home n took a short nap as my head is spinning. Was wondering isit due to the humid weather recently or the problem lies with me? work at bq-hush hush with tiffany. Its kinda last min too. Usually i dun really work for any liquor job unless im really in need of money. Which happened recently:( A friend called me n asked if i can help out for courvosior. Tht of trying out diff brands thats y accepted. Its been long since i last stepped into bq. So happened that the 4 outlets we were working for are millions, drinking place, liquid forty and hush hush. Work was rather slacking, just lots of talking only. Work was extended due to some delay earlier on so end work at 1240am instead. Keith came to pick me up and we sent tiffany home first b4 heading to jurong hill for scenery viewing. Home by 230am n off to bed straight. Sat-- Supposed to go to fourth aunt house today for the pre mother's day celebration. End up all because of a heated arguement, it kinda spoil all my mood. She kept wanting me to give her allowance when its nt time yet. I didn even work much this time, as not much job available for me at all. Y must she kept bringing up that topic. Im aredi vexed enough. Mum is a spoiler. Cant she understand me well enough that im on the phone just now and she kept on nagging non stop that i hardly can hear what was going on? Somemore its urgent matters. Just because she wanna go to her small brother hse to pray to grandpa first then go over for mahjong session with her sisters they all? she kept urging me n winston bro to be fast. Ended up i was so pissed off that everything just screwed up. So daddy drove her there without us. Not only that, she loved to ransack my room and alo check on my sms, same as brother wins. He loved to see my sms n then go n complain to mummy where im going. No freedom at all. Fine then.. I had enough too. My mood was already gone by then. Argh! Sorry for the whining. im just nt happy. need to vent it out. last two wks at lunar for amy's friend celebration: Swimming under the moonlight and Retail therapy over the weekends Just then, mable called and suggested in going to cafe del mar for a swim. So excited over it as its been sometime since i last stepped into the swimming pool or perhaps going to cafe del. So immmediately, i called sweetie bel to bring along her bikini before she's out of her house. So before that, i acc sweet bel for her hair treatment at clementi and had ljs for our dinner. Glad to see her smiling and really enjoy the sweet moment:)) After dinner, both of us train down to vivo and happened to came across two tops we like. Spent 50 dollars for a top and a pair of earrings at "Valerie". Around 10.30pm, ryan called and asked to meet at the monorail station. SO ryan n his gf, me n sweetie bel, mable n shawn headed over to cafe del. We had lots of camwhore there. After a swim, hitch a ride from stanley to millions for johnathan n vanessa birthday party. So happened that rodney was one of vanessa's friend too and we actually met during last year anime fest. WHat a small world. Thanks to rex for giving us a ride home. sun-- shopping at city plaza with sweetie bel and we bought new dresses from the shop next to my fav shop. Spend another 100 dollars for items which cost over 150 over. Simply love the 4 new dresses. The shop only accept cash so rex lend me money first to settle payment. AFter the shopping spree, we drove down to fareast sakura for dinner. Ordered steam prawn, beef and not to forget baby kai lan. I even ordered extra plate of rice. Love good food!! Soon after kaileng sweet caught up with us, rex drove us down to fly. Initially kaileng wanna go there to catch her john's performance, but after knowing he's having reservice, it kinda spoil her mood. As its a little bit boring there, so we actually went ahead with our singing at chinatown's partyworld. We even started playing the dont forget the lyric's session whereby all of us r not allowed to look at the lyric. The ultimate winner is kai leng.. She's awesome. Can rmb the lyric n also sang very well. No wonder she wanted to join the upcoming dont forget the lyric( chinese version). and spore idol. Sweetie! u can do it~ Give your best shot!!:D Around 2am, rex came and send us all back home.

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