Monday, June 8, 2009

passport renewal

Before im off for my getaway trip, let me finish up the posts on 3 diff happenings so that everyone can enjoy reading it k? Happy birthday to jezebel sweets! Sorry that i couldnt attend your birthday celebration on sat:) will make it up to u when im back k? your pressie is with me:)) Your awaiting updates on 3 diff days!! with pictures:)) fri-- Today is really not my day. Early in the morning, due to collecting of passport, i was late for work. Ended up, got screwed by the boss. He dont even wanna listen to any of our explanation so no point reasoning with them. Eventually, we gotta made it up by working extra 2 hrs. So tiring... Saw andrew too:) Got the urge to cut bangs. So Kerien n I went to source around those neighbourhood salons. To my disappointment, the hairstylist said as my parting had aredi been there for quite a while, i dun really suit cutting bangs at all, can only envy my other friends who can go for bangs:(( IN the evening, mable called n asked me out. aww! been long since i last met up with this babe. As my mood wasnt that good too, this is the best time to keep myself happy:) Luckily my babe asked me out for kbox at the end of the day. My first time going to jurong safra is given to mable babe!! We had k box session till 4am together with mable, her bf, shawn, arthur n 2 other guys who are all shawn's friend. The guys kept making fun of the pretty boy, Arthur. lol! so much laughters:) MABLE babe, i know what u r thinking wor.. The matchmaking.. haa!! secret between us=D As it was getting late, i left earlier at 2plus am n mable babe accompanied me down to flag a cab. It was raining so heavily that both of us were aredi drenched.. Went home quickly to dry myself and off to bed. Picture time!! the guys r shy to take photos so only snapped two with them.

thurs-- Did an event at Chong Pang camp for their AMG with the six pretty babes: Audrey, Calista, Janice, Joanna, Min Er, and me!

Credits to photographer tommy for the following pictures :) Work was fun with the girls! We were divided into 2 groups for our dinner break. So while the girls were eating, we were working! After dinner, its camwhoring session. They actually hired a photographer to take photos for the army guys n officers. Its so professional that there were even backdrops! Really seem like studio shoots~ When its the girl's turn, all our fun n candid poses began!!:)) Before we start work:) wed- last time of butter before im away from spore. It was aredi freaking packed when we got there** The queue was so long that some even queued till the riverside. Partying with jojo, amy, belle, audrey, chris n tommy who came down as well. saw daniel, shino and nt to forget mohan. aaghir as well. Tues-- Did a spinal scanning today together with darling kerien after our lunch. Its actually similar to x-ray whereby the doctor will first scan your neck then slowly down ur spine with this small machine. Next, she will then explain to us regarding our report. The report showed that i've got serious high pressure problem. High pressure as in too much pressure n stress are being exerted in my neck n back. This cause my daily dizziness n headache and also cramp on the leg sometime. The red lines indicate how serious is your pressure exerting on ur body. Motor nerves control muscles. The sEMG (Surface Electromyography) scan measures the electrical current stimulating the muscles along the spine. Subluxations (spinal dysfunction) disturb the function of the nerves causing an abnormal electrical current to flow to your muscles. This is indicated in the scans by colours and/or abnormal patterns. Normal function – white bars Abnormal function: Mild = Green Bars Moderate = Yellow Bars Severe = Red Bars Very Severe = Black Bars The doctor recommended me to go for a thorough scanning n checkup in her clinic which will def cost a bomb. I rejected n say will give it a consideration first. These are the symtoms that u might come across which cause problems to your body... In Pain? Are you suffering from: Lower back pain Headaches Neck pain Whiplash Joint pain Migraine Numbness Pins & Needles Frozen Shoulder Leg & Knee Pain Bumped into apple and so co-incidence, Kerien is also her friend. What a small world!!:)) I've finally renew my passport!! Yipee~ so the trip shall be on..:)) No fear of being called back to singapore at the very last min. Tickets aredi bought. leaving this coming sat n will only be back next mon!!:) Time for a short getaway. Sorry everyone that i've been pretty busy lately running some errands which caused a lack of updates in my blog. In fact, nth much to blog too as not much of a chilling out nor to say any happenings could be seen. Just purely home even on weekends! n Suntanning on weekdays. Im getting tanner le. But healthier color~ Cool:P Monday-- Today, supposed to go down to bishan for a westernised thingy, but at the very last min. Everything was cancelled.. Darling Kerien n I was sort of quite pissed off when we aredi prepared ourselves, n thats the outcome we had. Nevertheless, since we were already up, we decided to go out. Just nice, she also wanna renew her passport so both of us agreed to meet at lavender station before walking over to ICA. Nowadays, its been so much simpler wen u were to renew your passport. everything is done either via computerise with the help of the assistant there. We retake our passport photo too n was told to pin up our fringe as eyebrows cant be covered. Must be seen fully, if nt cant enter any custom. After all the procedure was done, we headed down to our fav bugis street for KFC as our brunch. Right after lunch, we began shopping.. Everywhere is having GSS sales now. So all the prices were slashed to the lowest of more than 70 percent. At around 4pm, we trained down to Bishan J8 as she told me that cotton on is having a great sales there. All items less than 20 dollars. The tops i bought is only 5 dollars per piece. Budget due to no income~:(( We parted when its 5pm and i went back home for dinner before daddy sent me down for tuition.. I enjoyed giving tuition today that i even exceeded the timing for them. Supposed to be 1n 1/2 hr but end up i gave 2 hrs while waiting for daddy to come chaffeur me home. Last sun-- Had a heart to heart talk with chris n tommy at vivo brozeits till 2plus am. Its really a warm hearted talk that i had. Each of us brought out whatever unhappiness we had and be each other listeners and advisors. Feel so much better after saying all the unhappy stuff out. Before that, i did an aviva event tog with yvonne, angel, jessie, cheryl, rumi, and gena. Gues who we saw? Stefanie sun! She came to attend the event as well. Its a kinda last min event when all of us were only informed like 2 hrs before the briefing where we supposed to report by 430pm? Gotta rush down too n realised everything was nt what we were told on. Outfits were very loose that we even need safety pins. 2 Girls were rather to said quite unhappy bout it that they left halfway. We stayed throughout even when our legs r aredi breaking soon. 20 mins before 9pm. Wat the.. no comments afterall. Anw, its over. All were aredi brought up during the event. Last fri-- Partyworld with cheryl, geraldine, tommy, xiang rui, chris, gary at night. Supposed to go to the one at orchard international building but its aredi full so no choice, hitch a ride from gary where all of us squeezed into the "bling bling" car n off to oriental plaza instead. At around 1plus am, gary left and left only the few of us. As i've promised to attend june's party, so did went down for a little while at around 2am. By the time i've reached, most of the friends aredi left. only saw a few familiar faces. It was nice seeing them. Didn get to see june too as she was aredi drunk. So in the end, my friends were suggesting to just chill on our own for a little while since we r already there. Left at 330am.

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