Friday, January 1, 2010

last wk of dec 2009!! anticipating into 2010 in few more days!!:)

22 dec

After work, headed out to vivo with don to buy some christmas stuff for the christmas card at diaso.. Thanks for the present:) Just then, james came n brought me out for supper.. Beancurd"! my fav:DD

23 dec

LM team went to singapore flyer today!:)) Report to office at 11am.

Where everyone was getting ready to go for the trip:))

After flyer!! its lunch time...

Gift exchange after tt before i went to meet fang n her bf. My partner, kristine gt me a pretty dress as present. Thanks sweet!!:)) Fang treated me to dinner as she coulnt find present for me. She accompanied me to wait at fareast for louis n jebson they all to arrive.. Drove over to butter at around 1am. Club with jojo they all. Not to forget celest too:)


its xmas eve today!! First, i met up with alicia babe at wheelock place for lunch. Last day of work for the sexy santarina:) Worked for the last day of the santarina event before meeting up with my darling agnes n emily at clarke quay.

Together with alicia's friends, 7 of us girls went to le noir n had a dance together before me, alicia, sheryl n janine clubbed hop over to highlanders.

Saw vernon n his friends outside liang court..

stayover at alicia's place n we had a heart to heart talk till 5plus am before we dozed off..


Tonned the whole night n day at alicia's place before parent sent me home at 630pm. Went out for family dinner n back home to prepare for the night's out later.

Dblo with jojo, cedrik, ryan n candy plus her friends...

Jacob came down n brought me for a spin after tt.


kbox n sushi tei with natasha. Happy birthday babe:)) Was caught in the rain while we walked over to cine. waited for jacob n his friends to reach as we supposed to meet jojo n cedrik they all for movie at yishun. But wtf, This idiot made me wait at cine for them till 2 hrs n ended up they just fly my plane without informing at all. I swear this shall be my last time being fooled by him. Friend turns to stranger.

Guys who tink highly of themselves just because they think they r rich r simply a turn off to me. Esp when he can just fly plane without informing at all that sth cropped up. Losers r always the one who get close to the friend to know their friends GFs..

Luckily, vernon n his friends bumped into me that they asked me to join them for dinner.Saw fion outside cine that we took a snapshot:)

hellipad after that with shannon, supper at bak kut teh plus marina barrage till 5am.


slept less than 4hrs n i gotta be up to rush down to lavender for a theme shoot with rinee..

Went down to meet agnes dear at bugis to look for her new i phone cover. We even headed down to PS after that.


Bye singapore!! Supposed to go Tw with my family n small uncle family. However, As i fall ill suddenly after caught in the rain on last sat, mum took me over to aunt house n put me to his care. nevertheless, the whole family will be going to KL to visit our relatives, so they asked me to come along.

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