Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Advertorial:To all coach lover!!:D and basking in the festive joy!:D

Welcome to LovesCoach!

I would like to share this joy with all the COACH Lovers out there who always wanted an authentic classic COACH bags at affordable prices. 

Guaranteed 100% Authentic!
and brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt/photocopy of original receipt. Direct from coach and kate spade factory in USA (not rejected goods)

- Personal delivery to stated address in Singapore for orders S$200 and above. Meet up/self collection for all other amounts. (not via registered mail) So you can inspect the item on the spot

- LovesCoach assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement will be made

- Affordable and lower prices than Coach and Kate Spade in Singapore

- limited pieces per design and colour

1)  candy darling rosalie wristlet - S$139 (ready stock in singapore)

a sweet satin pouch in which to store the prettiest of your pennies, it's finished with darling bow detailing and a wristlet that allows it to double as a mini handbag, should the occasion arise.

* satin with crinkled patent cowhide trim
* wristlet
* 14-karat light gold plated hardware
* kate spade new york light gold staple signature
* item comes pre-boxed
* imported
* style # PWRU1628
* 5.1"h x 9.4"w

2)DELUXE PLUSH SMALL ROSALIE - S$75 (ready stock in singapore)

crafted from rich velvet for a dash of tactile delight and finished with a metallic foiled leather trim, this playful pouch is the perfect place to store the prettiest of your pennies. it's finished with darling bow detailing and a hide-away gold-chain key fob to easily keep track of your most important latchkeys. 
velvet with foiled cowhide trim 
coin purse 
14-karat light gold plated hardware 
kate spade new york light gold staple 
item comes pre-boxed 
style # PWRU1650 
4.1"h x 7.2"w 

3)  pebble dot stevie - S$251 (ready stock in singapore)

spirited dots dance across one of our all-time favorite silhouettes, now in sleek, no-fuss nylon with a crinkled patent leather trim and a whimsical print lining. our stevie satchel is always ready to go, with a zip-top closure to keep your belongings safely stowed and tie detailing to lend it a lovely mix of femininity and practicality. simply slip in your essentials for a day at the office or a pair of heels for an impromptu holiday soirée.
printed nylon with black crinkled patent cowhide trim
over the shoulder with zipper closure
double slide pockets, and interior zip pocket
14-karat light gold plated hardware
custom woven quick & curious champagne woven jacquard lining
ksny blind embossed signature on trim leather license plate
style # PXRU2132
8.6"h x 13.8"w x 6.2"d 

4) cornelia street noel stevie - S$270 (ready stock in singapore)

with its cozy restaurants and famed café, this two block long manhattan street is a genuine treasure, and the inspiration for this classic handbag. crafted in cotton noel jacquard printed with our noel motif, this slouchy fabric handbag features crinkled patent trim and shorter handles that can be worn over the shoulder or satchel style. zip-top closure and tie detailing make it ideal for women on the go.

* custom woven cotton noel jacquard with crinkle patent cowhide trim
* interior zip pocket
* 14-karat light gold plated hardware and feet
* ksny light gold staple signature
* custom woven quick & curious jacquard lining in champagne
* 8" drop length
* imported
* style # PXRU1808
* 11.7" x 13.1" x 7"

5)new POPPY LEGACY STRIPE SMALL WRISTLET #44910 - S$98 (ready stock in singapore)

A truly stunning piece that combines Coach's Legacy colors with avant-garde detailing: the bright shimmer of Poppy's metallic leather, translucent sequins and a dogleash closure.
# Legacy stripe fabric with metallic leather trim
# Zip-top closure, fabric lining
# Strap with clip to form a wrist strap or attach to the inside of a larger bag
# 6" (L) x 4" (H)

6) iphone 4 hard cover (black and white stripes) - S$89 (ready stock in singapore)

in true kate spade new york style, we've dressed up fuctional cases- exclusively for the iphone- with our signature colors and playful designs, each one promise to spark a smile every time you pull it from your bag. after all, we believe that everything's better with a touch of whimsy and a dash of delight. enjoy!
hard plastic cover
fits iphone 4
inside cover reads "have courage"
imported style # 01685-0 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry go place your order today with our 


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OMG! i have many backdated entries to complete.. Today just nice im free to at least finish half of it. Lets begin from 14/2. A day where i sense no significance anymore. I find that im much better off without u now though i will still think of the good old times. 

This special day supposed to be valentines day for all the couples in the world. To me, it will just be another normal day where i gotta work for a lucky draw event at RWS. Dont be mistaken. This is not any new event at all. Its just that they actually deploy us from USS to go help out to be the usher girl for the cny daily lucky draw session:)

Here's our booth:) super slack job. Our job is to usher the guest to their ideal guessing for the no. of god of fortune. Most of the time, we r like sitting there sun tanning only.
Guests who spend at least $38 at Resorts World Sentosa can take part in a lucky draw, where you pick the correct number of Fortune Gods who have gathered - 68, 88 or 118. The grand prize-winner will collect a red packet of at least $88,000, and gets to donate another similar-sized hong bao to a charity of their choice.

Other than that, The fortune gods will roam different parts of the Resort and convene at the Forum™ everyday at an auspicious timing. 

AFter all the 88 god of fortune had gather themselves at the forum, they will then begin to dance to the music. Theres a video at the below which shows it:)

In addition, theres also performance before the 3 daily lucky draw winner is revealed:)

Work ended at 6pm. Thats when i rushed down to funan to meet GX for dinner. Ordered a pizza set to share while waiting for my younger sis Agnes to knock off.

At around 8pm, We headed off to raffles city to meet nessa love too.. Thats when agnes brought us to attend an event over at one altitude:)

1-Altitude, The World's Highest Alfresco Bar
1-Altitude occupies the top 2 floors and the roof of the OUB Building and is poised to be one of the most exciting dining and entertainment venues in Singapore. 

On the 61 floor, you will find 282, an interactive sports lifestyle hub that will deliver sports entertainment like no other. Equipped with numerous LCD screens screening the international sports programmes, it is the perfect venue for friends, associates, colleagues and family members, to catch up on the latest sports updates and news. 

282 also showcases City Golf, which provides interactive indoor golf simulator offerings where golfers can tee off from up to 65 world championship golf courses atop Singapore’s tallest building. Enjoy your golf and sports with tapas and over 100 different kinds of whiskey. 

Finally as you proceed to the roof, you reach 1-Altitude. The bar is highest al-fresco gastrobar in the world. The vibe here is akin to a Morocco-meets-Manhattan-night; relaxed yet sophisticated. 

Views are spectactular and definetely beats the skypark at MBS.
New Panorama View of Marina Bay Singapore

An Aerial View of Marina Bay from 1-Altitude

What a co-incidence, i met a new friend cum neighbour there too.. Darren and Terrence!:D Thnaks to him for sending me home too=p

15/2- work as usual and me n simone had lunch over at ruyi. Sat there for nearly an hr and a half to enjoy our lunch break.
I was asked to go up the stage to help out with the lucky draw..

After work, i had a kpo night with sis d, pearlie, edwin, eric and ishaan.

16/2-- work again for the last second day of the lucky draw with joanna before i headed home for dinner. Butter with stella darling and all.... Thats when i bumped into edric after so long of not meeting.

17/2-- Last day of work at RWS where i even became a 15min emcee on stage to run the lucky draw section. Work ended at 3pm where i then went to PS to meet jakeb for our movie.
In this rom-com, Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) are life-long friends who almost ruin everything by having sex one morning. In order to protect their friendship, they make a pact to keep their relationship strictly physical with 'no strings attached'. 'No strings' means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers and definitely no baby voices. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever public place they want just as long as they do not fall in love. The question becomes - who is going to fall first? And can their friendship survive?

  • View this image in the No Strings Attached gallery
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After movie, we had an early dinner before home sweet home:)

18/2-- Back to USS!!! This time round we had a diff jobscope:) just to take pictures with the guests with our sci fi outfit:D But today we gotta worked from 11am to 10pm. 

After work, i met up with ishaan and we headed over to doll house  to look for my sis d and pearl and roxanne and their friends.

Girlie's night on a friday is love!:D we always have our HTHT session. By 2am, darren came n pick me up and terrence helped to send my sisters they all back too. After which, we had supper at bt timah:) 

19/2- Another day of the OT till 9pm at USS. After work, i headed down to Park infinite to attend "louis wu" friend's birthday party.

20/2- Work and home for crab bee hoon with family

21/2-- Last day of work at USS before me n joanna headed down to 313 to meet arron, sis d and pearl. Its a pre celebration we r going to give arron:)
this is real yummy!:D

After that, me, sis d and pearl went to kpo as usual-our fav spot. Right after that, me and sis D  went over to "the morningside" to have a game of taxas holdem.
recap on the earliest post:)


Sorry for not updating my blog regularly as i've been rather tied down with other stuff that only till today i finally can take sometime off to update my blog entry about my CNY happenings!:D
May go for a short getaway trip in march, so i may not be in town again.
This year chinese new year were spent with my "work" instead of "family". So to say i chose work over family.. hahah! 
Days from 30th jan to 2nd of feb r all rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals.. Been spending my time heading down to USS everyday just for full dress rehearsal and filming. Initially, we r supposed to start work by 29th jan but due to the unexpected rain, everything was postponed to further notice.
2nd of feb---Had steamboat for reunion dinner with family!:D

After that, i caught the live telecast of the cny programmes on tv before im off to bed..
3rd of feb-- First day of work at sci fi city!:D
Met up with joanna before we headed down to USS by taking the monorail since its faster:)
Our outfit for the next entire wk:)
Basically our job is just to assist the host-johnathan with getting audiences up on stage to play some simple game. We have to be very bubbly active and pro hyper to attract crowds too..
Theres a total of 3 gig show timing that we r working for... 1st one starts at 1130am and the next one will be at 3pm followed by the last one at 630pm. The most fortunate part was that we only need to work less than 20min and rest for the next 3hrs before the next show start.
Easy job right? But the problem is we got to endure with the burning hot weather everyday that we got tanner too...
The USS performers and ushers are all super friendly and entertaining. We made quite a few friends there such as jakeb, arron and not to forget the girls too..

Good thing to work for first day of cny is that we got double pay and in addition, the food r nicer. It comes with ice cream too=D During our 3 hrs break, we stayed inside the dressing room and just watched movies with the peeps too. I actually dozed off almost everyday. Meaning to say i did catch a wink before the next gig begin:)
Though i didn go visiting this yr, i still got angbaos eventually from my relatives=p
Right after work, i headed home to rest.. Just then my younger sis agnes called me and asked me to meet her tog with ron and vincent to go chill out.
AT Central of Chijmes
me and my sis stayed till only around 2am and headed back home while the rest continue their second round over at neverland.
Second day of cny!5th feb..
Today is my off day. I let simone to take over it. However my day was spoilt by a minor misunderstanding.. Its so saddening that everything began to change after that. Perhaps all along i wasnt that special after all. Perhaps thats karma too for having to get hurt so badly. 
Anyway, dave n annabel called me n asked me to go organise a blackjack party. So eventually i posted in my fb as well as to invite some friends of mine over  to AMARA hotel for this short party.. Ppl who attended r none other than eugene and friends, sharmian, johnny, emilio and friends, nick and friends, xinyi, etc..including my brother and his friend dominic. There r 20 over friends in the room who attended this party:)
The greetings and making of friends....

Blackjack game start..
Split into 2 groups.. one is called the money game while the other is drinking game:)
Photo-taking session begins!!
All addicted to the tv program of the hk movie
gone case!
supper time!

Drove over to liang court macd for supper before home sweet home!!:D

Sat, sun and monday is just a work and home day!!:D Life is as simple as just going home for a homecook meal and resting as much as i can.

Tues is my girlie's affair night!:D A day where i catch up with my sis and gfs at our usual hangout KPO. Though tonight was just me, agnes and pearlie after our work, our night was still great esp when we met louis and his friends over at the table next to us. We shared chicken wings and also drinks together.. By 11pm, we called it a day.

Wed was a day where i caught movie with joanna and also sean our uss friend. Right after work, me n jo headed over to vivo to meet sean for dinner before the movie began. Had ramen at aoba:)

Its muvee time!:D Caught.. mr n mrs incredible!
Mr. And Mrs. Incredible
In ancient China, superhero Huan (Louis Koo) falls in love with a female superhero called Red (Sandra Ng). They decide to retire and move to a small village for the sake of starting a family. Five years passes and they now live a happy and quiet life until a martial arts competition is being held in the very village they live. They plan to leave the village for good but end up being tangled in a conspiracy to murder the champion. To find out the identity of the mastermind, Huan and Red must don superhero costumes one more time in the name of justice.

reviews: Just when you least expect it, "Mr & Mrs Incredible" hits you right across the face. The premise, slated for release this coming Chinese New Year is surprisingly funny, entertaining and pleasant throughout.

Given that it is a Vincent Kok film, expect limitless nonsense slapsticks thrown in together with some witty lines and quirky personas by Louis Koo and Sandra Ng. The pair has proven to be a perfect match to be in a comedy together. It's like re-watching some of Stephen Chow's earlier 'mo lei tau' comedies starring the late Anita Mui.

This reviewer cringes every time a seemingly 'super effect' is used in a Hong Kong movie but for "Mr & Mrs Incredible", the effects come out right at the perfect moment. It is never too little or being overdone for that matter.

The plot starts out right where it is beautifully executed, but disaster strikes almost towards the end. At times it feels like its being hastily done while more and more nonsense gets thrown in.

And as usual the movie is made to suit the festive mood. It relies heavily on bright colours and happy people to set the movie's mood and theme.

If there is any movie lovers who would want to give this movie a go, do watch it with an open mind - that way this movie will be truly enjoyed just like this reviewer did. Pleasant from the beginning till the end, "Mr & Mrs Incredible" is highly recommended for endless entertaining fun.
After movie, i made my way home to rest for the night and to prepare for work the next day,,,
Last day of work at USS-sci fi city.. Abit reluctant but wat to do.. Response wasnt that good afterall.. 
Fri-- Worked for gombak mindef camp post cny mess function together with isabelle and valerie. Thats when i know terrence and also jiaming they all. Of cuz, not to forget i bumped into ben they all too who was working inside the air base.
After work, jiaming sent me and isabelle home. Just then, jovin called me and asked if i can meet her at jp before going down to mbk to meet her brothers and the friends..
Annabel and dave n jackey they all popped by and joined us too  for a little while:) At bout 3am, joel drove us all to geylang 126 for supper before ian sent me n jovin home..

Pre CNY lunch and dinner with families. This is the last celebration before the official end of CNY. Hope everyone had a great one!!

Aunt and relatives came over our house in the noon and we had a kbox session, mahjong too etc before we head over to my big aunt place for dinner. lou hei session..

my fav hobbies r singing, gym, cycling, playing tennis, shopping and watching movies, or staying home to catch online dramas and playing of piano.:)

有时候, 人需要调整一下, 然后知道下一步做什么。

January wasnt as exciting as i've expected. Days spent at hm r more than im outside. So frankly speaking, pictures usually speaks a thousand words...
A simple night with my darling... a night where i wasnt feeling tt gd and this wifey of mine cheered me up:D Exam exam spoil my total mood!! 
random friends of ours before we bid goodbye to them..

On tues night-- 18/1/11

We had our first girl's night for the first start of 2011.
Met up with my younger sis agnes to shop for her heels at fep and queenie to acc her to go look for a retail job. AFter that, we headed over to cine to meet my sis D and pearlie too for dinner before proceeding over to KPO.

Here r all the free drinks we got from the guys while playing truth or dare. Of cuz, we ordered our own first round of drinks before all these started. We even won a basket of chicken wings, fries and also new friends.. 
The night at butter!:D My younger sis agnes came down too tog with wk and vincent:) Head down to butterfac every wed if u r looking for me:) i will sign u n your friends in:D
Had macd before home sweet home.

Thurs-- Met up with Mj for a movie at vivo in the evening. We caught "The tourist"
The Tourist


A remake of the 2005 French film "Anthony Zimmer" starring Sophie Marceau, this Hollywood romance-thriller revolves around Frank (Johnny Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise (Angelina Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses Frank's path in order to mislead all those who are following her former lover Alexander Pearce, a criminal wanted in 14 countries, who has stolen money from a gangster (Steven Berkoff) and who is being pursued by an agent (Paul Bettany). Against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice, Frank pursues a potential romance but soon finds himself the pursued as he and Elise are caught in a whirlwind of intrigue and danger


The movie is quite alright. The plot is interesting and full of twist and slight suspense. Though they could cut out some of the talking scene which may appear to be dull. Anyways, Johnny Depp never fails to bring color to his character. Amazing.Humorous.
Angelina on the other hand really wows me as well. Glamorous. They could never choose a better place! Venice is really beautiful.

Right after movie, its our usual girl's night out!:D Met up with my sis D, magdelene the pretty which i havent seen her for long too ever since nus resumed and not to forget MJ too. What a co-incidence, mag and mj seemed to be able to click so well, perhaps cuz both of them r NUS student.

We had swenson's as our dinner.
Right after dinner, we headed to another shop for dessert:)
Nice chill out with great friends for the entire night:D Home by 1030pm.

Fri-- worked for a cny function at Murai camp with emily, aki and her 2 other friends. Work was very easy and slacking. All we do was eat and chat only. Till about 9pm, we headed home and i remembered that i was supposed to meet annabel at MBK. But ended up i was on the phone with R for almost 2 hrs plus. From our conversation, i gain an insight on what kind of person he is and im glad that i never regret knowing him.

Sat-- Had a girl's night out with jovin, annabel and agnes for shopping around bugis:) Before that, i met up with vincent boy for dinner over at fish and co.

AFter dinner, annabel came over too. I bumped into huirong and also yuting too separately. What a co-incidence. Bugis v was real packed that night. I bet its cuz everyone is tryiing to do their last min CNY shopping which is just next wk. Soon after, Agnes and jovin arrived. By then it was already 930pm going 10pm. R texted and asked if i wanna join them for a drink session but cuz he needed to leave by 1030pm, we didn meet up eventually. Home sweet home after 11pm.

Monday-- met up with GX, a JC friend of mine for movie over at PS. We caught "shaolin" starring andy lau, fan bing bing, jackie chan, nicholas tse

ShaolinJackie Chan and Andy Lau star in this movie about the betrayal of former general Hou Jie (Andy Lau) by his second in command Cao Man (Nicholas Tse) which causes his wife (Fan Bing Bing) to desert him. He then seeks refuge in a shaolin temple that he recently looked down upon after beating up a few of the monks in the same monastery. Hou Jie befriends a shaolin cook (Jackie Chan) who picks him up and he finds a way to resolve the existing conflict with the fellow monks. He leads the monks in a fiery stand as they try to end the rule of the warlord Cao Man.

Reviews: i watched it for the plot and cast. This show is all about Karma, which "CAUSE" and "EFFECT" playing heavily within the story plot and good action from the characters.The buddha is within you, the daily task you do, the way you walk, the way you talk. 

Touching piece of story. Many people cry in the cinema. Excellent show man ship from Andy Lau. 

After movie, we had teppanyaki japanese food before off to chill at my fav kpo.
Arcade time!:D
Next up: KPO chill out session!

Tues-- Went for a casting for the USS.

Met up with My sis they all for our usual KPO girl's night

Wed-- As usual, nightlife session spent at butterfac. jovin darling called me n said she wanna go zouk tonight n wanted me to acc her after we have aredi quitted all this clubbing activities for 2mths. But after getting down at butter for my work till 12am, she decided to stay on instead:)

went to Jp to pick her up from her work while i was on the phone with little R. Thanks for the chat though its short:)
Stayed throughout till 2am and left to go for supper with vincent and his friend danny.

Sat-- CNY movie treat with ryan and the clicks:D
Went to pick my younger sis-agnes up from cck before heading over to vivo to meet my sis D and misaki and the rest too.. Caught "the green hornet" starring jay chou tog with everyone else including wenkai and ryan they all. The movie was awesome with cool gadgets being used in the show. The only disadvantage was just that there was no good storyline. Oh ya, did i mention that the cinema was booked by steven, ryan's goddad? so it meant that anyone who rsvp wth them earlier on get to watch that including those walk in's one. Thats when jimmy n his friends was just in time for the movie too when they were also around vivo area:)
The Green Hornet
Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato (Jay Chou). They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid's shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains. With the help of Britts new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls.

reviews: The outcome? i'm not sure if I'm watching a superhero or a comedy movie. Other then funny lines, stunning effects and awesome fighting scenes, nothing else make me jump off my seat in amazement. Oh. And keep a ear for J Chou English. 'Super'.

After movie, we set off to partyworld  with ryan, wenkai, vincent and my sisters and gfs:)

We were given the happy hour which cost only 8dollars per pax but that means we only have 1 and a half hr to sing as its till 7pm and we only arrived at 530pm.

After k singing, we set off to amk to play pool. Only me, misaki, wenkai and ryan went. However after a game or two, ryan gotta leave first so me n wenkai continue till my friend jimmy n his buddy came. We then call it a day for the game.

Misaki was feeling rather moody so i suggested going to look for vincent at his workplace which is situated at chijmes. Its a taiwanese club which i havent been to before. The boss is the same as the one at dolly house. This is just a sub club of theirs known as the central. Played dice with jimmy n loser gotta drink.

Thanks for sending both of us back when misaki actually stayed in the east and im at the west. Xie xie Jimmy!:D Got home by 4am and i knocked out fast.

what is truely yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard u try, will nv be. i dont want a guy just because he thinks im fun to be with. I want someone whom can also accept me when im being moody, someone who understands.

Been raining continuously for 2 days and 3nights. finally it has come to a stop. Been rushing for rehearsals and fittings. Hopefully i can kepe myself occupied once work starts and stop thinking of anything that cause me to be so moody. GILLIAN 加油!:D

30/12Thurs-- Had a good catch up with c to celebrate his belated birthday and also to receive my xmas present from him:) Its a canon ixus 130!:D the newest digi cam for now:)

We drove over to demsey for a high tea where champagne r serve too..

heres the great tea buffet snacks i have over at dempsey hill:)
Then by 6pm, he drop me off at lucky plaza where ryan came n meet me to go change the currency for tw. AFter that, we headed over to orchard partyworld to look for wenkai and wei kun. At about 8pm, we had dinner over at wisma before the rest left and only me n ryan went to catch the show we wanted to.

Its entitled:

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers
A sequel to "Meet The Parents" and its sequel "Meet The Fockers", "Little Fockers" will revolve around Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) and Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo) trying to cope with raising their five-year old twins. Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson will reprise their roles in this comedy movie wherein De Niro and Jane Rosenthal are serving as producers.

reviews: I watched the first two "focker" movies, would say this is an entertaining lighthearted movie.
Owen wilson plays his typical role of the all too perfect ex boyfriend. Am surprise that Jessica Alba takes up such a bimbotic sidekick role with a few flesh baring scenes to raise the temperatures of course.

I find the plot pretty predictable though... Ben stiller's parents barbara streisland and dustin hoffman remains the funniest as ben stiller's parents.

Overall, watch if you need some light laughs don't expect anything more.

Right after movie, we had a chill out session over at kpo before home sweet home.
NEw year eve countdown!!
Fri-- It was my most enjoyable night before leaving singapore. Met up with my sis d for a shopping spree over at bugis before we drove down to orchard to meet up with dylan and also agnes, my dearest late darling queen for dinner.

Soon after at around 10pm, we drove down to marina oriental hotel for the countdown party which is organised by ryan. To say that the whole city hall were packed with cars and jammed like hell too. So we parked at marina square and walked over to find them:)

The view was real awesome from the hotel room. 
We can see the live performance which was telecast on ch.5 by gurmit singh and michelle chia. 
The rest can be explained from photos below:)

Now comes the fireworks!:D

After the fireworks, the guys began to play cards and 5-10:) n not to forget our usual 1-100:)

Stayed  till 230am before joseph came n pick us up and sent us all home. I immdeiately head up to pack my luggage together with mummy. Thanks to joseph for sending me n mum to the airport too like in the early morning at 4am.

Met up with dylan at terminal 1 to check in our passport. This is gonna be a surprise trip to mummy as her birthday is just around the corner:) happy birthday in adv to mummy!:D Welcome to Taiwan!:D

Phew, finally I get to update my blog and share my trip to Taiwan not long ago (just returned last Friday) Tell you what, winter is definitely the worst time to visit Taiwan, or maybe Taipei only I don’t know. Its freezing cold and the degree was no more than 8degree celcius. between 5-8 degree:( Gotta wear layers of clothing and thick coats to keep urself warmth.

Thanks to daddy for the sponsors of the air tickets of mummy n I=) We took jetstar asia plane this time round:) To say i took a nap for the entire 4 hours on the plane till it touched down:) Thats the consequences of not sleeping at all the prev night.:(

At 11.50am, we touched down at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.. The first thing we do was to go find a rental car with a chaffeur to send us to our respective hotel.

The accommodation we stayed for the first 3 nights in Taipei, was around 7500nt which is equivalent to 300sgd over for 3 nights.
After putting down our luggage, we headed out for yoshinoya before resting in the hotel a while till it was evening, thats when we decided to pay the night market a visit. And of course it gotta be Shihlin Night Market
Costs only NT$15 by bus. Took a bus ride as we wanna experience the feel of the bus in taipei:) I realised that they paid only after u get off the bus.

First thing that caught our eyes when we entered the night market, a lady selling sticks of candies 糖葫芦 made using huge strawberries. And I mean huge! it was delicious but a bit hard to bite.
Some fruits that you must try in Taiwan are mango, lychee, guava and watermelon. Their watermelons are not round and longer in shape, not as juicy as ours and pack more crunch in the flesh.
起司马铃薯 (Cheese Potato) is a very popular food in the night market as well after being featured in many Taiwan food TV shows. We didn’t try it because the portion looked big and we wanted to save space for other stuff
Although it’s a popular food in Taiwan, Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) is one thing I couldn’t stand. The taste, the smell, everything about it. Besides being barbecued, you will also find them being cooked in 麻辣 (Ma Lat) style and hot pots.
I think I will never ever be able to like Stinky Tofu. I just couldn’t tolerate the stench it emits.. and it felt like eating garbage while munching it in your mouth. Sorry to those Stinky Tofu lovers out there. 

Due to the huge crowd, people are forced to walk near the main road. If you are not careful you might get hit by the incoming cars, scooters and worse still, buses! See the bus number 616 in the background? It was only inches away from the pedestrians.
Besides food, shops selling clothes, either branded or non-branded are widely available at the night market. I noticed that Taiwanese like to shop at night markets more than at shopping malls
Diagonally opposite the Shihlin night market is the old Shihlin Market – a food court like building. Some of Shihlin’s best food can be found here like 豪大大鸡排 (Hao Da Big Chicken Chop) and Oyster Omelettes.
Due to the long queue, i decided to give it a miss.


Shop till around 10pm and we cabbed back to the xingshan hotel. 
This is a pouch i bought. very convenient and super nice to use. i can keep everything in diff compartment without any fear tt i cant find any of my items:)

Second day in taipei!!

Today, we got my friend calvin who is staying in taiwan to come n be our tour guide for a day. He drove over to the hotel im staying and picked us up at 2pm.

First stop-- XI MEN DING
had 阿宗面线 (Ah Chung Flour-Rice Noodles) at Xi Men Ding. you have to stand beside the road.
Visitors to Taiwan shouldn’t miss the chance to try inarguably one of the most popular food there, called Oyster Vermicelli(locals call it Oh Ah Mee Suah). This street food is almost synonymous with Taiwan, mention Taiwan and this is probably the first thing that comes to mind, vice versa.
From a food lover’s perspective, if you have visited Taiwan before and did not try a single bowl of Oyster Vermicelli, my oh my your trip had been in vain. It is basically a type of noodle soup with oysters (or substituted with pig’s large intestines) and vermicelli as its main ingredients. The stewed broth is thick, aromatic and always served piping hot.
Shopped around xi men ding too and got myself a pair of jeans, dress and also a top.

Addicted to this:)
Second stop- we headed down to wu fen pu night market where traffic r super congested,
this is what kept me warmth:)

AT wu fen pu<:

Left the place and went for dinner:)

Had steamboat for dinner before calvin sent us home.
Third day in taipei-- our first destination is to longshan temple. Before that we had lunch:)
omelette rice wth chips=D
Before that, we tried to figure out how to get there by taking the mass transit rapid.
Instead of tickets, their MRT station accepts token with the fare programmed into it. 
The gates are fitted with a scanner that scans the amount stored in the token, faster and more straightforward compared to using tickets. And when you’re exiting, just insert the token into the slot.
Here we r at the longshan temple!:D
Once you reach LongShan Temple MRT station, there’s a short underground tunnel that you need to go through before reaching the temple. Along the tunnel were some shops offering fortune telling and traditional facial hair removal services.
There are actually five temples in Taiwan named Longshan Temple 龍山寺. It serves as a place of worship for the locals but for me, it’s a place to admire Taiwanese classical architecture.
Offerings by the devotees.
Then after which we went SOGO to just window shop before back to shihlin night market again:)

The fierce bulldog which helped the owner to look after the shop while she was away.
Tues(4th day frpm taipei to taichung-- check out of the hotel before proceeding to the high way rail speed train to taichung. 
Saw xing guang san yue too while i went to buy macdonald back when our train will arrived at only 3pm.
Arrived at taichung at bout 515pm where we then check it to holiday inn hotel which is pretty near the train station.
Right after we reached, we put down our luggage and once again rest for a while till it was 730pm. Headed to the nearby yi zhong night market for a walk before back to the hotel to rest.

The view from the window:)

At yi zhong qu:)
5th day in taiwan
Today we spent most of our time just watching tv prog in the hotel before going out to feng jia night market at night.

AT feng jia night market

Everynight, baby ryan sure viber with me without fail:) we usually chat till 230am just anything under the moon kind.. Seemed like we really have endless topic. lol..
6th day in taiwan
Went to yizhong qu to walk around before heading back to the hotel to rest.

wanted to try out this 4d simulator but the queue was kind of long.
Had mos burger at night.
last day in taiwan!:D
check out of the hotel at 1pm where the chaffeur reached at about 130pm. He then sent us to the taipei airport which took a approx timing of 2 and a half hours journey. Halway through it began to rain too.
Got to the airport at 330pm where my checking in time was 5pm. So mum n i headed to their nearest cafe for lunch first. Shopped around for some local delicacies too till about 7pm, its time to go in.
Boarded the train at around 740pm and touched down to sg at around 1am.

My loots!:D
sat-- Met up with baby ryan for a movie which both of us also wanna catch:) Thanks to the present u got for me from hong kong:D simply lovely..

Love And Other Drugs

Love And Other Drugs
"Love & Other Drugs" is based on Jamie Reidy's memoir Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman. Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) is an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.
 After movie, we had suki sushi as our late lunch, before im off to work for a private 10th media anniversary where all the movie directors were invited to attend too. They r ppl like royston tan, eric etc.. Worked with fion, felicia, mei yan, jennise and jennifer.

However, unexpected situation happened tt cause unpleasant mood. I Just dun understand why can't one put themselves in other ppl shoe that nv to take any belongings that is not Urs? Imagine if u r the one who lost ur wallet, phone or any impt valuables, wouldn't u feel the same sadness too? 

recall from previous blog post:)

Monday 20/12
Went to do some christmas shopping alone while waiting for jovin to arrive at jp. Bought some presents for the girls and after jovin arrive, we went to have lai lai as dinner. After dinner, she headed to work while i went home by 8pm.

Tues-- Worked for cummings once again:) this time round, they r having a pre xmas celebration in the office.

After work which ended at 5pm, ethan came n picked me up n we drove to PS for movie. Caught a thai movie instead.. called...

 hello stranger
Hello Stranger
Just like thousands of Thai couples, during the nine days holiday of Songkran festival, a guy and a girl choose to visit Korea with their own specific reasons. They did not start the trip to go together, but end up returning back home to Thailand together
  • View this image in the Hello Stranger gallery
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Funniest movie of my life! It keeps you laughing out non-stop as their poke fun at each other with their natural acting and excellent chemistry bewteen the two lead actors before turning into a tear-jerker at the last part of the movie.

Wed-- C came n pick me up from home with his posche 911. :) Had dinner at a very posh restaurant just right beside new asia bar at 71st storey of swissotel:) They served very nice french fine dining:)

AFter dinner, he sent me down to butter factor for tonight is butter pre xmas bash!!:D By 11pm, its aredi full house.. Can u imagine that? OMG!!! many of my friends came down too:)

Had supper with deep, elijah, bernice, mars the lawyer, jonathan etc.. the whole cliques of play group including my friend at boat quay before home sweet home:)

Thurs-- Accompanied terrence for a last min christmas shopping at orchard n PS. Home for dinner by 7pm.

Fri-- Its Christmas eve today!!:D
Headed down to starhub centre for a training with intel office. Imee was the one who briefed me as she will be on leave next mon n tues n i will be all alone to sit in for her.

Just then, nick called me while i was on my way home that wether im able to work for an event held at sentosa later on. I agreed.

So met up with everyone at around 720pm at st james taxi stand where edwin came n pick all of us up. Worked with mandy and rykiel too..
Our job scope was pretty easy. Its for maybank event held at cafe del mar where we gotta walked around n get ppl to play games. Theres also this babes n hunks contest going on where they r able to win great prizes after that. 2 winners will be walking away with polariod cameras while the other 6 will be given an ipod shuffles too for great participation:) Total there were 4 teams:) Thats how i know dylan, aaron and also not to forget the other group of ntu guys as well..

Below pic explain everything:)

first start off with a catwalk and also self introduction
second round: they r supposed to tie a present with using only one hand each:)
Last round: the girls r supposed to dress the guys up as the most creative xmas tress:)

Two winners even won themselves each an ipad too during lucky draw!:D Work was really easy and pay is damn good too:) Got the pay on the spot too..

At around 1159pm, everyone began to countdown and also to celebrate the white xmas as it was snowing!:D haha! manmade snow fyi:)

After work, we all left and thus i acc mandy to dolly to look for nick they all. Patricia mok was also at the same table as us:) Not to forget steven junior as well..

After staying for a little while, we switched to zouk. Thanks to jerry who always got me in without having to queue at all. Thumbs up to the manager there:) Thats when i bumped into leslie n friends at phuture. not to forget rex too whom sent me back home safely after 3am.

Ytd Xmas eve was awesome! I see snow at cafe del mar while wrking for their event which others won iPad, polaroid cameras, iPod shuffles, vouchers etc:) then off to dolly with Patricia mok n other artistes to celebrate n lastly Phuture!:)

sat-- hse party at sis D hse!:D Met up with chris after so long of not contacting each other at bedok. We then headed down to my sis place. Pearlie was aredi there earlier on and we waited for the rest to arrive too. SOon after, wen kai n his handsome friend, ryan zujing arrived too.. 3 of them were helping sis to figure out the new mio tv that she tht it was spoilt.

Then followed by agnes and kewlyn, fang and kenny reached the latest. 

Xmas party at home with 12friends here r great!!:) nice seaview too right outside from the window. Playing monopoly deal now n poker:)

We watched tv tog before ordering pizzaz and kfcs. Played games like big 2 too..Soon michael came too with the food:) The guys then started their games of poker, blackjack and also games of 1-100, 5-10 with rules applied.. hahah! that was really awesome!:D 

The guys all left at 1, leaving only me n my sis after that.. But it was really fun:)

House party ended!! A pity as agnes need to work so it all ended early:( Thanks to all for coming!! Special thx. Hope u guys enjoy!!:)

sunday-- dinner with sis d and also ryan and david. AT home waiting for this 2 guys to reach. 
Our ever wanted dinner gathering together with david who is the little brother of ryan. He was one of the olympic champion for this yr as well. It was on the paper. 
The guy on the right:)
His cat..

Around 7pm, Both of them got to our place and we headed to the nearby ntuc to do some grocery shopping!:D Ryan is gonna whipped some nice dishes for us tonight:)  By 8pm, they were done with cooking! a sumptuous meal indeed:) wit beef stew soup, medium rare steak, battered fish n nt to forget broccoli wit mushroom!:)
We had a very hearty meal indeed with ryan beginning to talk bout his experience when he went china. The two guys r always out of town. Though they r also singaporean. haha!

At around 11pm, we changed out and off to partyworld after that. Chose the one at liang court. Till bout 1am, ryan sent us home. Me n sis immediately knock out after washing up. lol

monday-- Got up at 7am and immediately i went to prepare myself for work and not to wake sis D up. Prepared conflakes as breakfast then off to work at intel at cuppage. Work was really relaxing. I was paid to just fb for the whole day. Desmond came n meet me for lunch at 12pm. 

AFter work, i went over to meet sis D at shaw house where we then walked over to far east to look for her canon camera. But to our disappointment, the color we wanted were sold out. Thus ended up we didn buy, then just headed over to orchard tower partyworld to wait for wen kai, ryan they all and joseph.

tues-- work again for the last day of intel:) Jinyu came n meet me for lunch cuz he was only working somewhere near me too:) Home after that and took a short nap after zapping with dylan on our tw trip:)


last dec affair with gillian at butter be4 she's away next wk:) only girls: do quote gillian at the play queue for priority entry n vip stamps without even have to queue long. Guys, do get ur female friends to quote gillian too when they r dere :D let me know how many girls u bring:) call me when u reached. male guestlist r limited this time so no using of my name to get in if u didn rsvp earlier. thanks!♥ gillian

Thats what i do every wed at butter.. So once agaiin, i need to thanks those who came down n support:) the lists r not in according... Thanks to reiee, joshua and sharmian plus all her friends, ernest and friends, michiee and friends, eileen and friends, calcy and friends too, ivan and friends, syaza and friends, yilin and friends, teck heng n hs sisters n friends, dhan and friends, iris and her friend, etc..

Partied tog with edmund, jason and desmond too.. My sis D came for a while before someone sent her home after that. I got to work so nevertheless, i stayed throughout till 3am. Saw shaun chen hong yu n rong ming they all too. We had a short chat and also drinks. Quite surprised to see them. Oh ya.. They r al mediacorp artiste. 

After 3am, we all went to 126 for dim sum supper. Before desmond sent us all home. I was sitting behind with edmund n rina as well watching the mtv in desmond car:)

recap once again::
Wed is once again the usual butter night:) John came n pick me up from my home after therese n we drove all the way down to orchard plaza for dinner after my sis d and kitty pearl ended a lesson.

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