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memories and auto salon n SIWW 2011!!:D--mth of july

Sorry to all my readers for the late updates.. I know its been 3 mths since my last post was during june. But lately i've been busy with ambassador stuff and not really in the mood to complete this july post cuz im afraid i will tear while typing all this.. Been a mth when things changes..Well im glad i've moved on n u guys didn abandon me all this while! thanks for the support:) These shall be my new updates for all!:D

1/7-- Asia auto salon 2011 starts today!! Come on down and n Spot the BLACK VUE sponsored show car. Take a photo with the cars or me n Upload to their fanpage. If your photo is chosen, you will walk away with the hottest gadget in town, Black Vue Vehicle Black Box! See you there later at 3pm-9pm~~
Im honoured to be selected by wowgadgets and be their gadget girl for this carshow:) They r actually partners with blackvue and night concept too:) Though im the only model they hired, i would want to really say thanks for the welfare given. Boss not only treat me to dinner and even sent me to respective place after work:) I got alot of publicity from this event too where ppl came n tell me that they saw my pictures from the website n so on.. without futher writing.. Let me just spam this post with photos of what i've received:)

My job basically is to pose with cars as usual and also we gotta go up on stage and showcase the product we r holding and to do a simple cheoreograph catwalking:) 3 days=3different outfit.

First day outfit

Here comes the modified cars with sound system n even the glittery designs:) So beautiful and classy!D

Take a look at the surround speakers behind the boot!(: awesomely stylo!!=D

Any bling-ier than that and i'm gonna need shades! haha =P

Don't be decieved!! that ain't no sticker on NightZ Concepts Odyssey!! 
And talk about bling effect in the odyssey!! Image 

After event, boss sent me down to the cathay to meet shane for transformer 3 the movie:) We had a deal which is not to sleep throughout the movie if nt the person gotta treat for dessert.:) Omg! So happy to have bump into @belsimm at the Cathay!!(: wat a co-incidence, we are all watching 3d transformers:)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon" features Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) taking his first step into adulthood while remaining a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime. The film centres on the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there is a hidden Transformers weapon that remains one of the planet's most dangerous secrets. As both Autobots and Decepticons learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft which is hidden in the Moon, both race against each other to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers' final battle

Transformers had never failed to disappoint me:) its really nice!!:D thumbs up for it.

After movie, we went to HK cafe for dessert before he sent me home.

Second day of AAS-- Outfit for the day:)

Distributing n posing for 9tro magazine:)

After work, boss sent me down to helipad to meet my girls:)

Last day of ASS outfit:) had lunch at tampines mall dian xiao er before work:)

Yay!! Off work!(: boss release me early today at 8 tdy and even sending me to meet my friends:) good welfare! ♥ working with them(: keke..meet bernard for L4d2 while waiting for elbert to reach:) we even play versus with the opp teams which we dun even know. Fun!!
3rd time catching transformer 3. To say i literally just fell asleep in the theatre.

4/7-- had dinner at new york new york with Marius. Firehouse birthday surprise!!(: nice!! Light the flame!

5/7- DAy 1 of SIWW 2011 suntec convention hall for pentair:)
As usual, my partner for this event is always annie:) She's really cute and pretty!:D

Meeting the girls for steamboat time!!(: yippee!! Our usual tues hang out! ♥ work was fun today!(: ESP my booth so many visitors.;)

6/7- Day 2 of SIWW 2011

Nv like the feeling of lunching Alone. So bored! Why must take turns to eat? Sigh!!Seemed to be pr-ing withcaucasians around me while I was having jap lunch alone.young chef infront of me keep smiling to me too.Bk to wrk!(:
Caucasian pick up line: wow, your phone seemed interesting:) there's a pair of bunny ears! Then follow by, Where do u come from? Lol..

dinner with the crazy group:) kim, elson and kiwi:)

Buttering with the cliques after acid bar:)

7/7-Last day of SIWW 2011
Yippee!! Lunch break now;) eating with pretty babes:) finally me n Annie can go break tog today:) ytd jap, today Korean food. Haha!!
 trying out the new iPhone photo app Tt was intro by one of the colleague from the booth!(:

Had dinner with selina, marius and Omg!! Bump into clarabel and kewlyn n we 5 ended up having dessert tog after dinner! Kel damn lame as usual(: Guys talk r always bout ns, girls talk r more on guys topic.. Lol. That's what we r doing now at mof. Interesting!!

nice dessert!:D

8/7-- Met edelyn for a chill at starbucks before we headed down for the function at PLAB. 

WEnt aura with andy and ede after work and not to forget butterfly too. Bump into ken at club aura.

My heartshape signature coffee:)
Meet my son popper!(: I always bring him out with me. Ede loves him alot:)

9/7-- Worked for MDIS launch of new courses at 313 with james, andrew, YH, jaime and angeline:)

Met up with karyin for a short chat:)

Had dinner with bel, dd and annabel at east coast.

There's ah Mei concert tonight here at 1am. Zhang hui Mei is coming down. Loves her songs!(: AT titanium

Work again for the last day of the MDIS Launch:)

HAd dinner together at justacia:D

12/7-- bowling with marius before headed to nex for ichiban boshi. My dinner!!(: so filling n satisfying!(:

and caught" Monto Carlo"

Cute right!!(: my fav baby!!♥ bt very noisy

13/7-- Just had dinner n black chicken soup at Hm at 6pm,a pack of pocky n now second dinner at city hall with bb ede:) wats gone into me?Eat n eat. DInner at xing wang with ede:)

See my kids meal?? Comes with yakult too;) loves coconut with sago too! My dessert! Reminds me of bkk!!(:

After dinner, we headed to butter to meet selina:) Left around 1am.
Love the chilling feel of 3girls at liquid 40 playing dice and drinking martell plus singing song. 

14/7-- met up with shane at causeway point..Watching Harry potter time!! The arcade was fun;) we played basketball n bowling too!!(: I'm so freaking full from the ramen just now.

15/7-- WOrk for mandai event with another 3 girls. Titanium wth johnny, avatar and club 98. Deep they all r there too:)
16/7-- DInner at TCC with andy and ede:) Filter club after that:=p

17/7-- KTV with nathalie, wayne and the photographers at nex:) dinner at crystal jade followed by dessert:)

Dessert from just now-- mango grass jelly with pearl!! :) yum!

 Happy 78th birthday to grandma!!(: wishing u long life ever!!

18/7-- Had dinner with dennis at JP to celebrate his pre advance birthday:) Then we had ice cream after that:)
Yippee! Loves shopping for electronic stuff. Got a great karaoke speaker system-sonicgear eve platinum at less than 60. Super classy!(: ♥
19/7- usual girls outing at bugis sakae and dessert!:D
20/7-- dinner with ede and danneth at Canelle. Buttering after that with all and joshua:)

Just finished watching 阳光天使.hw I wish drama n reality is the same.2yrs lata,the guy still ♥ the gal. I wanna meet guy like Di ya Xing!!(

21/7-- DInner at greenhouse cafe with shane:) Loves the swing design:) Feasting day!(: Hawaiian pizzas n grilled chicken, followed by
Cold stone creamery ice cream ice cream dessert 

Strawberry crepes with ice cream!!(: love my dessert!!Yum!
before we proceeded to acid bar for a chill and then down to marina barrage:) Had a HTHT:)

22/7-- F1 casting with 20 over girls before chilling at the poolside:)

23/7-- Attended granny's death ritual and ktv session with family

24/7-- long day ahead!!:D 
Lunching time first at TCC while waiting for the photographer n my bb ede to arrive:) I'm early for shoot!!The chef so nice, say specially mix the sauce for me, supposed not allow to. Just cuz I want it to be non spicy. But they cook tog one.
paid fashion shoot with ede by hadi. 

Followed by Horse riding with DD at turf club:)

Horse riding was fun!!(: I love controlling "ray". AFter horse riding, we headed to PS for crystal jade with love:)
then "bridesmaid".exciting programmes all planned with dionna and b:)

dessert!:D mango pudding!!♥

25/7-#Pisces have the tendency to talk before thinking and really do say whats on their minds. Met up with irene for catch up at tcc. 

Gift from 高雄!thanks irene darling:)

worked for a-mod event with dd, aa and jojo as flyer distributor. Saw ann kok at somerset while I'm doing event just now. She's very friendly:) Had dinner at graffiti cafe, shopping n dessert at ji de chi.

28/7-- met bf and agnes n her bf for double date. a day where we had dinner at secret recipe. movie "captain's america" n bowling!:D

life is beautiful!:D Everyone can be a vip when u party with gillian on wed at butterfactory!:D

VIP entry + fast access for all babes! Just mention "Gillian guestlist" at play project queue:) Guys just bring 2 girls to party as a VIP too! (Every Wednesday). This vip stamp entitles u to enter to both fash n bumps without any hassle:) freeflow till 1am too:)

Girls: unlimited vip entries without queuing for long by mentioning Gillian at play project queue
free flow from 10pm to 1am

Guys: no cover charge if u bring more than 2 girls down to party with u:)
p.s: rsvp with me soon n let me know how many guys r going.
Ratio: 3girls to waive 1 guy. pls take note:) if not no free entry.
 — with gillian tan fanclub.


So sorry for all the late posting of entries.. Ive been rather busy lately trying to recuperate from sickness thus neglecting my post. But im glad my readers still support me as always!!<3<3

Let me start off with sth more juney!!:D

1/6-- Did some catching up session with my babes.. kady, therese and agnes:) First, i met up with kady for lunch at wheelock before movie:) Caught kungfu panda 2 for the second time:)

 Lastly dinner at lido jap restaurant then butter with agnes:)

2/6-- Was at KPO with carol and her friend yuki when lawrence invited us over for a drinking session. I then continued with the night with them at beds the pub and lunar:)
3/6-- went back to pubs and bes to finish the remaining with lawrence. Thats when i saw jessica and stephy plus hui yi too:) Had supper tog after that before home sweet home:)

yummy fried ice cream and pizza:D

4/6-- Worked with jessica and 20 over girls at jbar- Mhotel for one of their event:)Our jobscope is super easy:) paid to eat the buffet catered only.

After work, i headed down to avatar to look for annabel n zhi xiong.
5/6-- First time i went to D8 and Sensation. Dont really like D8 as its too smoky inside.Sensation isnt bad afterall. Its just located right above pacific plaza only:)

6/6-- Another catching up session with annabel, kady, therese and agnes at coffeeclub at raffles city:)

Shop around marketplace after that for the preparation of our mini girl's picnic:) Once we gotten all the picnic stuff like food n beverages, we proceeded to esplanade:)
See what we did during our picnic? we got games like uno and camwhore!!:D hahah!
After 6pm, everyone gotta leave so me, kady and agnes went to town to continue our shopping spree. Got home at 1130pm when wayne suddenly called me to go mbk. I changed out and just went to meet this "busy" fighter pilot.

7/6-- Our usual kpo girl's night with AA, PP and DD after dinner at house of robert timms:)

8/6-- King kee came n pick me up from my place n off we headed for lunch.

did a bit of catching up n too see how he n his gf been too while waiting for agnes to arrive:) Had dinner at vivo's bakerzin:)

did some shopping after that at topshop before off to butter with agnes:)

10/6-- Movie with adrian for our catching up session too:) Caught "laddaland-the thai horror movie. Before i headed down to v-golf for work.

PErformance and hype party is the most in-thing for clubs nowadays:) Too bad this club alr closed down from what ive heard.

After event, i headed to avatar with lawrence and tom to look for annabel, kady and therese for our girls night=) However i wasnt feeling that good afterall when eventually kady n therese left early. So we went to have balastier bak kut teh for supper then home sweet home after that:)

11/6-- The night before i left singapore and going for a short overseas trip.. Headed to lunar with my friend tran. Thanks to his boss for sending me to the airport in the middle of the night:) This time round i went with sam, clarabel and chris.

12-15/6-- out of singapore and at BKK for stocks taking.. First n the last time im gonna do this business. Its tough n no profit earning too.

15/6-- Just got down from the plane and i rushed back home to leave my luggage before heading down to butter for flo-rida after party event with vanessa, sharon and izzac:)

16/6-- Did a mess function at chong pang camp with natalie. Work was fun as usual and simple. Its also the day i know new friends like marius and shane:) AFter that, i headed down to alcool to look for ede and she intro angel to me too:)

17/6-- At topone ktv with joycelyn, marcus and dave etc.. All r her friends i dunno but they know me. haha!After ktv, we headed down to sensation:D

18/6-- The day i attended a wedding lunch with lincoln-my ex. He came over my place n fetch me n off we headed to sentosa for his colleague's wedding. After the wedding lunch, we caught a movie "green lantern" over at vivo. Had dinner with dd and ede too. Before off to helipad with angel n ede:) Lastly, sensation with them:)

 19/6-- Happy Father's Day. Brought my family off to "周庄“to celebrate the world's daddy birthday=D

21/6-- Met annabel, dd, agnes and pearlie for a drink at drink culture:)

22/6-- Work for asahi media launch with yvonne and chanelle right outside butter:) Our jobscope is just to take pictures with the guests:)

After work, i changed out and continue my work at butter as the play ambassador to sign all the girls and friends in:) Partied with elbey, bernard, clarrissa and sharon they all:) After butter, we had supper with elson n kiwi at spice:D

24/6-- Played L4D2 with sam over at safra:)

25/6-- Its a club hopping day:) Meet Marius for dinner at the cathay n caught "green lantern" before going over to club soul to catch the soul pageant n wait for ede. Off to helipad after that then down to mono at dragonfly for k box singing:)

26/6-- Shoot for a blogshop with clarissa

style empire~ Its a girl thing!=p

follow by dinner with elson, kiwi, sharon, amanda and kim:D

Caught "popper's penguin" after that before we went alley bar:)

27/6-- Movie with sam. We caught x-men first class. I watched till i was sleeping.. After that, he went to pick his wife while i went home:) Well.. its nice knowing such a friend that cares a lot for his wife n son. Bye friend for now.. cuz i doubt our business can carry on too, so i decided to close it down:) all the best!

28/6-- Kpo chill out with my usual girls:D Plus dessert at bugis. Our love!!:D
29/6-- Buttering with sharon, kim, clarissa:)

SPizes with tim n rob and the babes for supper after butter:D

heading down to butterfactory on wednesday? ladies,mention "gillian" at play project queue for vip entry and quick access:D Get all your gfs too!:D unlimited ladies entries by just mentioning gillian.see ya all!!~i need many ppl/ladies' support for tonight butter:) i know that most alr receive invitations from others too.bt still i hope to get more girls' support. pls get more girlfriends down to support okay?:) thanks♥

This two months had been something different for me. Tried to be an entrepreneur on my own to achieve sth which i long wished to do. Never know that there r so much setbacks im facing.. Will tell u all whats that when u read on... Now lets start from where we stopped.

First-- One of the paid shoot i did at central park with shahril the photographer:)

Selling away a brand new piece of blue dress of what im wearing for this shoot. If any one interested, kindly contact me at gilliantqy@gmail.com for payment details:) Im left with only one piece:D thanks!:) 

6/5-- Worked for v-golf sports bar as their ambassador tog with valerie, elynn, sabrina and a few more girls:)
7/5-- AGNES B'D
CELebrated at Sakae sushi before bringing her for shopping. Next, we headed to our fav hang out place which is the KPO. Thats when we met a jap and korean friends and off we proceeded down to my usual sat night at helipad:) Last stop was to Lenoir for her another birthday celebration!!:D Happy ger indeed...

9/5-- Met up with sam for our stocks discussion over at city plaza, At around evening, izzac came n pick me up n off we went for dinner at ichiban sushi. Caught "thor" the movie and followed by arcade games before heading over to city space for our champagne. Was playing "angry bird" on the ipad.

10/5-- WOrked for club seven with joycelyn..
Basically our jobscope was to catwalk, dance a bit and thats it. Total got 2sessions.

11/5-- went to look for lawrence and tom plus dd at one of the pub behind bugis. Before off to butter to work n party with darryl, izzac, sharon and clarrissa:)
12/5-- Worked for the mess function at mindef with agnes before jab 1 with jessica:)
13/5-- WOrked for nee soon camp mess function with valerie, cyndianah and other girls before down to work at club seven again. Titanium is where i went to look for bel usually:)

14/5-- DID a fujifilm event at raffles hotel. We were briefed and taught how to be a dealer as the event got a mini casino. I was in charged of the blackjack side:) Bumped into finn and richard there too. Had dinner at soup spoon with shawnaye after event. Chilled at starbucks while waiting to go over titanium.

15/5-- Was at home watching "insidious" and "夜照相馆“。Twohorror movie with my brother.
16/5-- Met izzac for dinner at MOF bugis while waiting for ivy and agnes to arrive.
Headed down to zouk for PVD-paul vandid after izzac knock off and thats when i bumped into parry, bryan and sandrina:) Despo guys at phuture, in the hse yoz . Using their "try hand".. Srsly this won't interest me. Only make me feel more turn off.

18/5-- Meet annabel for ichiban sushi before down to butter with selina and celebrated jon's bd there.

19/5-- went to black and white to look for val first before john sent me down to attend jon's twenty-two birthday bash.. All the friends r there to help me celebrate.
Off to nana after that:) Omg!Never did I realise tt I actually cried infront of my friends last night tt they thT sth happened. Nw everyone asking me what's going on. I miss "him"

20/5-- Shopping then followed by top one with joycelyn before my last day of work at club seven. Singing with my darling n the manager here is so nice to give us free spaghetti!!(: 
Not a very good day anyway.. bad mood. Frustration to the max!! What was agreed on earlier on was all diff. This time I really can't take it. I just want my pay n leave. Last day! So i went to neverland with wayne after event for his belated birthday celebration:)

21/5-- dinner with agnes, followed by we walked to singapore art festival before meeting dd and pearlie at butter:) we had supper at shang-ri la after that with ryan and the whole groups.
Party tonight at the ONE & ONLY weekend Ladies Night @ Helipad. Ladies,Mention "gillian" @ the door for exclusive entry. Free flow 10-12am!!

22/5-- janice 21st birthday!!:D Headed to chevron with selina for her birthday chalet. 

25/5-- Butter with sharon and clarissa

28/5-- Caught "kungfu panda 2" with jim.


There was something pretty irresistible about the first Kung Fu Panda film. Seemingly a dull, same-old same-old kiddie animation, it was actually genuinely engaging, very appealing visually and quite clever in its admittedly familiar approach to storytelling. Its take on Kung Fu movie cliches wasn't exactly new but the film still felt fresh regardless and, more importantly, was a lot of fun.

A sequel was therefore inevitable and for this one we have pretty much more of the same but obviously with bigger stakes and more action scenes...and a third dimension. So how does it fare?

Strangely not quite as well.

Not that Kung Fu Panda 2 is poor in any way but somehow a lot is lost in this one's bigger scale. The heart of the story, Po's relationship with his dad and his search for his origins, is still very effective but the loud, in-your-face action sequences downplay a story which, in itself, was solid and powerful enough without being peppered with whizz-bang nonsense.

This is the main complaint really. Also, Jack Black's familiar loveable-idiot act is slowly wearing thinner and thinner and one feels that the character should really grow-up a little bit and become somewhat wiser making for a genuine hero one could really get behind. With the whole of China possibly being at stake this time, it's just a tad irritating that our Kung Fu panda still can't even stand up facing the right way when fighting!

But ok, he does learn a lesson by the end and at least appears to have grown up a tad. Hopefully by Kung Fu Panda 3 we'll finally get a somewhat more mature panda! A panda with peripheral vision...

One perplexing thing which even astouned me in the first film is the franchise's waste of voice talents on near-mute characters. I mean, you have Jackie Chan in a Kung Fu film, are you seriously gonna give him ONE line? He's Jackie Chan! The likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme, David Cross, Seth Rogen and Lucy Liu also feel like a complete waste. Literally anyone could have played these parts, let alone such big names. New recruit Gary Oldman does a great job with a new terrific villain though and manages to create a genuinely entertaining, creepy threat for the Furious Five.

Overall, yes Kung Fu Panda 2 is still a decent enough film, it has heart, action, great visuals but if you're expecting as much charm as the original you might find that a lot of the time the film is just waving its keys in front of your face to give you the illusion of a third dimension, a third dimension the film really did not need.

Cute but not so cuddly.

Headed down to helipad to collect the k-pop tickets before off for another movie marathon--
"fast and furious 5"

The Fast and The Furious 5 is the fifth movie at the action movies series about the underground street races. Actually there is no connection between the plots of the movies in the series, however in some of them a character can appear twice.
The movies talk about the lives of underground racing drivers and the movies combine many races scenes and many kinds of race cars, so we can say that these movies particularly suitable to lovers of the genre.
Fast 5 had been released at May 20, 2011. The movie is planned to be one of the best and profitable films of the others at the series and that’s because of the use of the latest technologies in the field.
Produced by Justin Lee (who had also produced “Fast and Furious 3″ and 4). Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Jordana Brewster, Elsa Pataky.
29/5-- Pool and chevron "k singing" with zhi xiong after our sakae.30/5-- Shopping and heart to heart talk with joycelyn
31/5- work at cummins

Im so extreme sorry to all my readers for delaying all the posts without any updates for more than 2 mths. Was busy handling some stuff for wat i will be doing for the upcoming mths onwards, hence lots of travelling r involved. To be announced soon:)

5/5-- Helped out with the TOYP youth award with val. 十大杰出青年奖. Attending the toyp dinner:) — at Grand Ballroom, Grand Corpthorne Hotel.
At last work done:) the ppl here r really friendly. My Job was just to sit at the reception n look pretty. Now time for the 10course meal!;)
Saw mark from play proj here as a nominees!Good luck dude! Theres Mediacorp press,newspaper, 8day n even the radio fm ppl r here!Jcl rocks!
One of the award winner propose In front of everyone to his Gf!(: omg! So sweet!(: makes me feel like getting married only. Haha!!Playing "stupid" game doesn't make u any smarter.. Haha! Try it n u will know:) Guess I had a little bit too much on red wine during dinner just nw tt Im kind of tipsy, skip Shanghai dolly n head back home instead. "emo"

Suddenly ppl who say they're always gonna be Dere,disappear.2011 isnt a good yr. By seeing ppl cm n go makes me lose hope. My ♥ is locked.Used to be a confident person bt nt nw.Ever since I faced so much falseappearance infrontof me,It makes me dishearten.gfs noe wats going-on

5/4-- Had a short catching up session over at arron's place with joanna and he n his mates whiped up some nice meals for us:) We even have the accompany of guitar played by them followed by we played monopoly deal after dinner:)

6/4--Meeting up with louis the mediacorp artist for dinner. He brought me to chinatown for the buddha jump over the wall before we headed down to butterfactory-my workplace.
 always full house!! every wed:) mention gillian to enter for all ladies at the play project vip queue for priority!:D

Garette was there too that night:)

7/4-- Did a morning event AIA annual awards day. Early in the morning i went to pick janelle up from her place before we headed down to RWS ballroom for rehearsal and the actual event:)
Our job is to just bring the trophy up on stage and pass to the presenter. thats all:D we r known as the trophy models:D

8/4-- Same event from ytd. Just that this time round its evening event. We had two diff outfit to change out to. One is the white princess one which we wore to go out to the hall for a shoot with those VIPS.
After phototaking, we then change out to our evening gown for the prize presentation award.
After event, i headed down to titanium to meet annabel before Roy came n pick me up for supper. But thats also a sad day for me... How i wish time would have stop, but guess i will nv be able to turn back time.))= Never assume tt someone likes you by their sweetness. Sometimes, you're just an option when they're bored.

9/4-- Had dinner with sharmian, sandrina n her bf over at clarke quay. We had a girl's talk where they asked me whatever happened to me? AFter dinner, went over to helipad for work as usual. That was when i bumped into zach and all. EVen zhang yao dong was there too. There's an event at helipad tonight. see below.

ladies, quote gillian at the door to enter:) Tonight!!! (Sat night April 9th)Play Projects Present: A Helipad Club - The Flyest Ladies Night on a Saturday.Ladies Free Entry all night!Featuring Model DJ Nicole Chen - check her awesome music out at www.nicolechen.net**Limited VIP entries for the Ladies which entitle you to 2 hours of Free Flow of alcohol from 10pm to 12am.
Location: Helipad Club, The Central, 5th Level (Carpark Lift) 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Time: ‎10:00PM Saturday, April 9th

AFter event, me n irene headed down to club trust to look for jim.

10/4-- I had a evening paid fashion shoot over at the indoor stadium.
13/4-- Butter with louis wu. Alice in Butterland -the launch of our new Belvedere VIP room in Bump.Ladies who r heading down butter,quote Gillian at play queue!(: seeya! Had subway as lunch:D

14/4-- Casting for artiste position at club seven. Thats when i know katherine:)
16/4-- Helipad after dinner with dd, annabel and dave. before titanium to find bank the singer:)

17/4-- was at home catch what women want:D by andy lau
What Women Want Poster
Plot: Andy Lau, an advertising executive, who develops the ability to listen to women’s thoughts, he locks horns with his new boss, played by Gong Li. Andy Lau plays Sun Zi Gang, a chauvinistic ad executive and a divorcee with a teenage daughter who happens to gain the ability to listen women’s inner thoughts after a freak incident. His initial intention to get rid of rival using his new found ability, senior ad executive Liu Yi-Long (Gong Li) failed as he realizes he has slowly fallen in love with the tough-as-nut career woman.
18/4--Hair cut at HI. my first attempt there before facial appt at new York skin solution.

19/4-- Watched "hall pass" with dirk after hearing all the good critics of it;) had a great game of arcade and dinner too!(: nice Tuesday afterall!(:
Synopsis: Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis) are best friends who have a lot in common, including the fact that they have each been married for many years. But when the two men begin to show signs of restlessness at home, their wives (Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate) take a bold approach to revitalizing their marriages: granting them a "hall pass," one week of freedom to do whatever they want…no questions asked. At first, it sounds like a dream come true for Rick and Fred. But it isn’t long before they discover that their expectations of the single life—and themselves—are out of sync with reality.

20/4-- Work for an event at safti with jovin and the rest of the girls before heading down to butter:D

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