Monday, December 29, 2008

Some were asking me where exactly should wedding rings be worn? Here's a very interesting facts i came across..(Why wedding ring should put on the forth finger) (Pls follow the below step, really god make this a miracle) 1、 (Firstly, show your palm, centre finger bend and put together back to back). 2. (Secondly, the rest 4 fingers tips to tips). 3、 (Games begin, follow the below arrangement, 5 finger but only 1 pair can split). 4、 (Try to open your thumb, the thumb represent parents, it can be open cause all human does go thru sick and dead. Which is our parents will leave us one day). 5、 (Pls close up your thumb, then open your second finger, the finger represent brothers and sisters, they do have their own family which is too they will leave us too). 6、 (Now close up your second finger, open up your litter finer, this represent your children. Sooner or later they too will leave us for they got they own living to live) 7、 (Nevertheless, close up your litter finer, try to open your further finger which we put our wedding ring, you will be surprise to find that it cannot be open at all. Because it represent husband and wife, this whole life you will be attach to each other). (Real love will stick together ever and forever) (Thumb represent parents) (Second finger represent brothers & sisters) (Centre finger represent own self) (Fourth finger represent your partner) (Last finger represent your children) 14/12mon-- my wonderful meet up with lynn babe and waited for my dearest amy baby to knock off. SHe met up with us at bugis tog with her friend kai ming. i really enjoyed myself with the both of them. Its really been long since we last met. Cant even recall the months when we last met. She had been busy with her work n school that we nearly lost touch with each other. But in my heart, she's always someone so dearest to me. I hearts her loads.. We camwhore.. hee:) Firstly, we headed to yoshi for a quick lunch before heading down to arab street to get some diy crystals for christmas n new year.. Time spent with her is really fast. How i wish the time can stop. Its really so fun n quick when its with her.

I still remember the time we share sorrows n happiness together. when im down, she's always by my side to comfort n cheer me up.. When she face problem, i will be there to shower her with care n concern and also to guide her, give her opinions... our friendship will never end.. n it will still goes on till the day we die. Had an enjoyable time shopping for christmas with my lynn babe too. we are really shopping queen.. eh. nt her la.. its more of me. I can spend nearly 170 dollars in just a day. But im really very very happy today. The money is worth spending. Bought MY fav.. tues--home wed-- my outing with Mummy Na, MJ and Fang babe... Three non related person were met on the same day. At 3pm, LL babe joined us too. lol! We went shopping n chill out.. im loving it!! met up with xiao na, MJ and Fang at CP. Wanted to go there to eat their famous fried chicken but the queue was damn long. So end up we decided to go to the foodcourt instead while waiting for XN to reach. Once she reached, we started out shopping spree.. Walked from level 1 till Level 4. Been to all the shops and i could see that shopping with XN was power sia.. SHe really a SQ(Shopping Queen) i called her. Very good in buying those things and can get discount too.. That one i gotta admit defeat. As for me, i didn realy bought much except for a top and a pant. Thats all. Cuz i aredi bought 5dresses not long ago.. Saw selina too doing her nails.. At around 5plus pm, XN gotta leave as her hubby is waiting for her. Sigh.. n that end our spree with her. BUT this was also when LL babe reached n join us along to another place. (Canwhoring time) Headed down to FAreast to look for my leopard print cardigan which i saw quite recently.. Had a hard time finding it once again as i couldn rmb the shop name. But still i manage to find it and guess what.. It was the last piece! I dunno to consider myself lucky anot cuz its like just 3days only n its sold out after i bought it. They only import like 3pieces? Very furry material with the leopard print on it. Im loving it... After buying it, we went to a cafe to chill n that was when MJ saw his platoon friends.. One of them looked very familiar too. Xavier. I cant rmb where i saw her. This was when me and Fang was so bored that we drop a note to that group of guys. HAhah!! WE wrote Emo kids!! Cheer UP~ They were all the while sitting down there chatting among themselves.. so as we noe its MJ's friends, we asked him to pass them the note. haha.. So funny!! Fang darling~ Soon, it was dinner time. Everywhere was packed. So we packed the Shilin's food and just went someone to eat instead with bubble tea too. HAHA!! Nice one.. Saw Xiaowei too while walking over. After dinner, we headed over to LP for pool session. WEe!! I love it. Played till 10pm before i went to Raffles to meet lawrence n eddie. Went over to U bar at BQ as thats Claire's boyfriend pub which she actually called me earlier on n asked me wether wanna go chill. So i called all my friends along which includes, lawrence, eddie, nick n nicholas, fang's friend, of cuz not to forget fang, ll n me. Javis n friends didn turn up as they gotta work and james at LUnar. JJ at chalet so couldnt join us. well, it was really a great outing with good accompaniment~ i really enjoy myself a lot where im sure there will be more coming up soon... Knew emily the pan asian babe. Shes so pretty with nice features. I like.. so envy. Of cuz not to forget andrew and colin whom i knew too from kenny(C's bf).Saw michelle as well at next door and also earlier on, saw her at mac. thurs-- at hm resting.. feeling giddy somehow. watched xing shan shan.. fri-- mediacorp filming for an upcoming ch.8 drama-housewife's holiday... I always enjoyed being given diff roles each time so that i can try out all kinds of character. regardless wether its acting as an actor's gf, or even a private nurse, photoshoot model, fashion runway girl, bank teller, an actress's sister, friends of the celebrities and so on. Everytime when i received my script, i will have to deal with those dialogues written in mandarin. I really gotta thanks to M production(same as jeanette,pierre png they all) for giving me such a precious experience. Without much NGs, i get to knock off early. wee!! 2hrs n its done. I still feel quite regret to reject one of the big drama where i will have to be available from nov till jan. But due to tob event, i got to give this a miss. back to filming.. Its a drama serial tog with xiang yun, hong hui fang n ann kok. My first time filming with them. Its kinda another fresh experience.. Upon reaching mediacorp, i headed to reception area to exchange my pass n got in from there to the wardrobe session to get my clothes. Saw Ben yang, gurmit, song yi fei, and the guy who acted as juxiang's husband in xiao niang rie.. He's damn handsome la.. OMG.. not to forget theresa and also xu ya hui with her new short hair. Saw red thread crew n artiste too.. They went off earlier than us. Soon, its time to go off to the first scene. We headed to a school in AMK known as Ying Shan Primary school. However this scene does not involved me n Xiang Yun Jie. so we headed off for lunch at a nearby coffeeshop. Xiang Yun jie treated me with mian jian gao, curry puff and soya bean milk. Thats so nice of her. We had a great chat too while waiting for the bus to come back n fetch us.

after that went to pass the outfit to jo at AMK before heading down to khatib to meet my babe for a sbsm santarina event. ALL thanks to my babe for the job. worked till 9pm and supposedly to work for another event from 10pm to 1am. The buffet was nice. Me, jeneviel, lynn n janice had christmas log cake, turkey and not to forget the dessert. Our job is so free n easy.. Just intaract with the ppl there n they even ask us to sing ktv down there as not much officers ytd. So just lucky draw n singing k.

Thanks to edward for the ride home. Headed home to shower n get changed before im out to meet nick n his friends.. However while waiting for nicholas to come over n fetch me, i fell asleep.. Sorry guys!! Sat-- home with mummy.. bro singing duet n karaoke at hm.. Had MJ session at night too. sun-- Had a shoot this noon. Daddy drove me there as its kinda far and to say i dun even noe how to get to the location but daddy's friend works there before so its easier for him to bring me there instead. Theme is casual n glamour(formal).. I kind of like all the outfits.. Its gorgeous.. Pic to be uploaded.Had late lunch with the groupies too..Thanks to the MUA for such a good job. MOn-- Pmsing... feeling rather down n unwell too. Having terrible cough n flu. Baby is borned today-221208.. Congrats to small uncle for the second child. Xinyi gonna be jie jie le. hee:)) Tues-- great pre christmas eve celebration.. met up with tam for interview at capital tower as well as passing her xmas gift too. Headed for lunch at shenton way before going down to funan to look for kelven as he's working there. Although he's busy he still fork out some time to acc me n tam for teatime.. We ordered prawn salad and had a great chat. Its always good to do some catching up..:D After tea time, me n tam walked over to raffles city as she wanna go n look for some makeup stuff. Just then, celestina babe called upon me n we were like so surprised to see each other there. She called me along for a casting with ch.5. The blur me dun even noe whats going on, agreed to go down with her. To my shockness.. Its actually hosting for an upcoming variety show. Im nt prepared at all for such big shows. So to said so i actually chicken out. When we saw quite a few professionals actor n actresses there, including those stage performers with 6-7 yrs of exp in this line, celest eventually backed out too. She dare not go for it. haha.. this girl ah.. Ended up both of us left the scene and headed down to town instead for shopping.. However as im having a christmas party at east coast mansion, Mr talent's friend place.. i didn join celest. Luckily christ n steph will be meeting her. So we left at around 730pm. UPon reaching east coast mansion... I saw luke n the guys there.. I was tinking this guy looks familiar.. dunno where we knew each other b4. Haha.. the buffet was awesome. Thanks to the maid for the food. We were all seated down watching the 9pm show till 10pm. Our games and songs started.. At around 11plus, Its time to leave. Some will be staying over for the next day prog which is prawning n fishing. But i didn join them as nick called me n asked if i wanna chill at district bar. Thanks to ... for the ride. At around 12am, i got to district bar, n there i saw nick, kris n a few guys n girls there too. We had ktving n not to forget the usual game.. 5-10 and dices.. jenson said he dun wanna play the 6 remove and 1 pass to the next person game, but wanna play 1 remove and 6 pass to the next person. i was like. LAME!! its the same.., But of cuz this is more challenging.. We played bluff as well. Drank quite a lot. But luckily i got nick around. so he eventually drive me home n even send me to my doorstep. We were chatting in the car about alot of stuffs n i feel so much better after talking to him. Reched home at bout 3plus and its time to be in bed. WED-- Christmas EVE!! Got up at 11am and prepared myself to meet up with ting and jas to pass them the present and headed home after that to take a rest. Just then, huirong asked me wether wanna acc her to town to do some last min christmas shopping. So i actually met up with her at 6plus and we headed down to bugis instead of town area where its definitely to be packed. I dun wish to make myself sqeezing with the crowds. We went to look for royston's present and also had a quick dinner at yoshi. Then we did some own shopping after everything is settled. Chilled out at starbucks while waiting for rosyton to knock off. Around 9plus, we bidded goodbye. She went to look for royston while i went down to town to meet up with ll babe. Iris and her friend will be late. But we agreed to meet outside ice cool beer. Its very american style. Not what we like. Somemore everywhere is packed including balcony. Just then.. so co- incidentally, i saw mr c.. He brought his cousin down as he will be flying back next monday. Its really a pity. How i wish he could stay. :( Called jj n he said he will be heading down to BQ later on. So mny final decision is to go down to BQ as Mr.C knew the boss there. We went millions, which is just opp U bar. So co-incidence too that claire is there. She wanted to see her god bro, n happen to he also wanna see her after so long. Soon, it was countdown time.. 10, 9,8, 7,6,5,4,....1.. Merry Christmas!!!

Everyone turned so high that they started spraying, playing with the pop.. etc.. It was really fun and crazy night.. Sing ktv, play 5-10, bluff, 6-1, pool, small n big turtle, matching etc... Just then caleb came in too. OMG, he was just nearby as well. JJ n his friends too were also at another pub. He called n asked where am i. SO i just answered.. Chris came quite late with his friends too. They were actually at another bar as well. What a small world~ everyone seemed to know each other.. connected links.. Our dear sharon is there too with his friends.. I miss her. The clicks tog with shawn n claire they all. What a surprise.. :)) Thurs--Christmas DAY!! resting at home to catch little nyonya after hangover last night.. Fri-- On the second day of christmas.. Happening Nights till dawn Met up with cousin lester in bugis to shop for present for our cousin joshua coming 21st birthday which falls on this sun. As well as searching for gifts for zhenghuan they all and not to forget lester's gf too. Upon reaching, we had pastamania for lunch first before proceeding to do gift shopping. Saw the girl acted in little nyonya. Soon Tam arrived n joined us too in the searching of present. After thinking n searching high n low for all the required pressie, we went to buy n gift wrapped them. At around 5.30 pm, lester left to meet his gf while me n Tam went to chill at MAc while waiting for the rest to arrive. Around 7pm, christalle n friend, rachele, jian feng, zheng huan, jia xi n gf, caleb, clement n his cousin hew etc all reach bugis fountain. Thats our meeting place. The rest wil be meeting us straight at the steamboat restaurant. Called iris n jacyeln too for the gathering. We had lots of fun during the dinner and the most interesting part was the gift exchange time right after the dinner. We draw lots to see who got whose present and also not to forget camwhoring time. Next we proceeded to mind cafe for our gaming session. Jia xi n gf, iris n jac left after the dinner so instead of 14, now left with only 11 of us. At mind cafe, we played games like uno, uno stacko or jenga, heart attack etc.. Loser will have to do forfeit. Christalled they all got video record down all the forfeit wich i tink we r the most craziest n daring bunch to do in front of so many other ppl who were inside too. The whole game ends at around 12plus am. This was when all disperse and left. However me n tam did not go home straight... I still got somemore progs. Headed down to nana to look for nick they all. As they club hopped to nana after lunar. Its a thai disco where before its changed to nana, its called plush. As usual, we had chit chat session and playing game time. Two guys were totally dead drunk that their friends escorted n dragged them home. After nana, we proceeded back to lunar to cont the night's out. We were singing tog with the live band and watching some performances there. Me n kev played 5-10 till we kept on drinking. He's leaving spore to arizon for 2yrs on coming sun morning. Wa, thats long before we would catch up again. At around 3plus, a few left and headed home. But me n nick, kris they all still seemed to be of a high spirit that we actualy went to fly till they closed at around 6am. I was to say aredi tipsy by then that i dun even rmb what did i say on that night itself. At Fly, the live band were still on even when its aredi 4am. Hmm Till 6am, nick sent me home, but before that we cabbed back to his place to retrieve his car before he drop me at my doorstep. Sat-- got up late and rushed down for the razor tv event as their tv babes n hunks. Upon reaching, i saw the other guys n girls whom i had nv seen before there. All waiting for their turn to put on makeups. We had a MUA to help us with the styling n makeups. Event started at 1230pm where we will have to get ppl to do some new year greetings on the live recording and this will be posted up in razor tv. There was this scratch n win card which we gotta give out too. 15 of us who were selected among other talents who headed down for casting on the eve itself were being splitted up to 5 groups. Each teams-2 groups. 2girls pairing up with one guy. working with guys like nicholas, andrew, juan, chase and roy. So today's grouping was with yu ting and juan. We had breaks in between including lunch n dinner provided. Jamie yeo was our guest host for the day. freebies were given out like, 1gb thumbdrive, hat, landyard, scatchcard (lucky draw and top prizes are macbook air, sony viao or psp!!!)

After work, headed home straight as i wasnt feeling well after 24hrs of not sleeping entirely. Supposed to wait till kev came to pick me up n send me to nat's birthday party at liquid kitchen. Cuz he's leaving the next day and wont be back for 2yrs or more aredi. :( On my way home, jason saw me n we actually chatted a little while. This prince was waiting for me to ask him out instead, while i was waiting for him to be free then can do some catching up, end up all these waiting ends till we nv get to meet often. DOts.. Slept right after i got home at 10pm. Sun-- Last day of work... Met up with sophia at the train station to go heeren tog. Upon reaching, the MUA wasnt there yet, so we went to the washroom to do our own simple make-ups instead just in case today no MUA. After we came out of the washroom, we saw few girls having their makeups aredi. Today is another MUA which was hired. Started event at 12pm. Today's grouping was with chase the hip hop dancer hunk and sophia. This boy really so bubbly and crazy. Keep on jumping n running bout. Too hyper aredi. Juan didn turned up so end up Leon replaced him. We had camwhoring session again. The guys too esp Roy keep taking photos.

Was supposed to end work at 730pm but jamie yeo wanted all of us to dance in front of the big crowds, play games with those audiences.. SO end up first group got to leave only at 745pm. Went on to cine to catch "Twilight" with my 3babes, S, A, and Y. Make it SAY.. AFter watching it, we took train back tog. However i alight at raffles and headed down to Million to meet kai leng n my bro ryan they all.. Tam n clement n Hyu was there too. Hyu will be going back to hongkong the next day 130pm flight. Kind of miss him alot. EVen kai leng agreed. Camwhoring time again... Saw chase as well. hahaa.. so co-incidence. Drank Tiger and play 5-10 n heart attack. At around 1am, tam, clement n hyu make a move back home while me, kai leng n ryan dont wanna end the night in this way, so we cabbed down to fly instead. Me n Kai leng went to support john, phoebe n not to forget celest. Its skye birthday. Didnt know who is the handsome guy that they were talking bout till while i was bout to head out, we went to bid john goodbye. There was this guy who is wearing red. looks very cute indeed. He den came over n intro himself that he's skye. I was like. Oh, so u r the one!! haa.. Saw him sitting right behind the counter there and went over to wish him. Had Martell n vodka by other tables. Stay till 5am before we left while kai leng headed to MCS for her work. This girl really can tahan without any sleep. I dun tink so i can after trying it last fri.

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