Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The day before new yr eve:)

Tues-the day before new yr eve.. Woken up by girl girl to acc her to town to look for valentine's present and also as well as look out for the gucci sales. Thanks to MR.cute for the morning wake up call too. I know u've been calling for quite a few times bt i didn pick up as couldnt wake up. Met up with girl at orchard and we headed over to taka for lunch. Initially wanted to go for crystal jade bt the queue is damn long so we changed our mind after seeing tt. Walked around till 4plus before she headed off for her event and i went to cine to meet mr.cute. We watched ip man. Its extremely nice. Some part r hilarious too. AFter movie, we had dinner at cine. This boy bought me chrismas present. First time i received a present which can play one. FUn!! can kil my boredom at home. We shopped around happily till 9pm before i headed off to meet kai leng n yong shuan they all at newton cuz his friends just came back from kl, then asked to chill at Halo Bar. Its a nice place afterall where its nt as packed as compared to BQ. Knew friends like andy, wayne and ben there. ANdy sent me n kai leng home too. After sending her home, we went to the nearby river where there's beautiful scenery and across it is actually woodland's checkpoint. After that, we drove down to cine to catch movie. HAha.. told him there is no 24 hrs movie today aredi unless its fri and sat or even eve of public holidays. So he sent me home after tt.. Got home at 230am where javis called n we chatted a little while and off to bed with the big present i received from andy. Very cute and big turtle cushion for me to cuddle with. i happened to know n came across what u type. Pls for godness sake. u r a christian urself, yet i heard so many tings of what u did behind my back. Thanks for all this. It makes me see true colors n what kind of person u r. Im so foolish to have help u pay for the steamboat and even mind cafe that day n bringing u out to meet my friends.. Now u n him r tog n u actually stabbed me behind. I wont say much. U wil see it with your own eyes. ANyway, our friendship r gone. I wil treat it as if i've nv known u before.

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