Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wed-- New yr eve~ Was at home till 815pm when andy called n said he's aredi downstair. So after picking me up, we headed over to jas place to fetch her before going to wayne's house for the PJ night countdown party. Upon reaching, we catch the little nyonya first before the games started. Played games like 7,8,9 and also the rule and action game. At around 11pm, We catch the vivo countdown show while playing games at the same time.. Had lots of food and tidbits too. Drank jack daniel and also chivas.. When it was finally 1155pm, everyone got ready to prepare for the countdown. When the clock strike 1159, We go... 10, 9, 8, 7......1~ happy new yr!! It was indeed a fun new yr i had. After coundown, we cont our disco night, there r fashion show to watch as well performed by each of us. Around 2.30am, The guys suggested going to siloso beach party. So no choice, 3cars were out at the same time. Upon arriving, sharon babe saw me n we were so happy... Partied with jas n her friend daniel for a while when they wanna go to the foam party. However i didn join them for that as i wasnt feeling well. At around 6am, we left and wayne sent me home. Thurs-1/1/09 Here again, wish all a Happy New Year! May 2009 be a happy & wonderful year! May those working, your career get to a Greater Level! For those studying de, May you get colourful results! Study hard wor! Play hard too! >< href=""> This was then me n LL babe headed down to town area to shop around while waiting for hui rong n elaine to reach. Acc LL babe to UOB and i saw darren tan there. AFter settling her banking stuff, we went over to heeren to shop in my fav kai shop.. Tried on their modern and classic cheongsam and i was so tempted to buy. Ended up i did buy one.. Cost 89 dollars. For members there will be further discount. Which of cuz i had it. Not only that i also bought one nude color dress for chinese new yr day two. Soon we walked over to fareast to meet huirong when she text n said she just arrived. This babe bought a top from stream and we actually walked around level by level before its time to chill. Had mee sua and also the chicken cutlet while waiting for elaine. After eating, we headed back to heeren as i told hui rong that im sure she will be tempted over the new arrival. True enough, we were there for roughly 1hr including the time elaine arrived and tried on the outfits. I bought another white top for lunar new yr day 3 just in case parents bringing me out to their friend's place for visiting. This yr shall be a yr where i cant bai nian again ever since ah ma and also grandpa just passed away not long. Ok back to topic, Right after heeren, we headed to swenson for dinner. Elaine ordered fish & chips while me, hui rong n LL babe had fries since we aredi grab some bites before that. After dinner, we shopped in charles n keith at wisma and hui rong n elaine each bought a new heel, while elaine n LL each bought a new bag. Although i was really tempted to buy, i tell myself, its enough for today. I must know how to control. Owned a lot of pairs of heels and even had a lot of bags at home aredi that i need one more cabinet for everything. After the shopping spree, We bid goodbye to each other before me n hui rong took train home. Slept right after i got home and showered. bon voyage to my ll babe.. she's going back to ireland for her studies aredi and wil only be back after valentine's day.. missing her!! Sat-- woke up at 2.30pm and have my lunch. Home for the whole day to do some spring cleaning... Cough like hell.. Changed a new bedsheet and curtain design. Packed my wardrobe n realise that i really got tons of clothes. Most not even worn at all. After giving away 3-4bags of clothes, i still got hell loads of them. While opening the shoe cabinet, i noticed i got plenty of heels.. Most only wore once or twice and placed there for display. Some were even kept in the shoe box. Girls usually love to pamper themselves by buying all these accessories and nice outfits plus footwear. Its always till the spring cleaning period, we will then remember where our money r spent on. Really gotta save up already. sun-- at home to catch campus superstar performance... I find that this year contestants are strong. Most r really talented. I predict that the youngest contestant who is only 13 yrs old will win.

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