Wednesday, January 21, 2009

second wks before cny!!

Thurs-- woke up late as i tht its only wed. Took train down to AMK to meet cheryl. Today did a filming for okto channel starring ix shen, randell and jeremy the super star. entitled: Happily ever after. Early in the morning at 9am- first scene was held at amk park 2 one of the cafe. Tog with randell and adele, i knew new friends like eileen, lora and one more caucasian. They r all very friendly.

Next scene starts from 1130am. Off to outram. This time round jeremy the super star was acting as a bartender while ix shen n randell was talking over their broken marriage. We were in this ktv room. Lunch was provided too. Changed a total of 3 outfits already by this time round. Last scene was held at clarke quay- near o bar there. There is a very romantic italian restaurant where ix shen n another actress supposed to dine in. After filming, its time for chilling n shopping. Me n cheryl bid gdbye to the rest and took bus down to fareast as this darling of mine said she wanna buy leggings. Well, after buying whatever we needed, we walked down to paragon and chill at starbucks. While we were happily talking about everything, i suddenly popped a psychology test to cheryl to let her check wether is the analysis that accurate as this was what KP test me the other time. To our surprise, its very very accurate.. 100percent somemore. haha. Those who wanna know, ask me k? i will test u on the spot. lol.. After deciding for so long, both of us came to a conclusion.. Haha.. its k box time. We were so tempted over singing and also wanna just go enjoy. So just the two of us.. We cross the road over to cine and had a ladies night package. Its quite cheap i could say so. After k boxing, its past midnight. We took the last train and eventually cabbed back to my place. This babe stayed over at my place for a night. We had so much time in talking, watching tv tog and surfing the net. lol.. She surfed only, while im aredi in my dreamland cuz stil running a fever afterall. Fri-- woke up at 1pm, had lunch while this babe was msning with her friends. Till 3pm, we played cooking dash. The game where i havent open since shawn bought it for me. Its so fun.. Now to level 17 already. Catch xin hua duo duo kai part 2 before sending my babe down to the bus stop. Home the whole day and catch tv prog. By 10pm, off to bed. Sat-- woke up at 2pm and had lunch. After which, msn a little while with chanel before i went to take a nap again after consuming flu medicine. Right after dinner, esther's dad came n fetch me and off me n esther head down to zouk. Today is the finals of the gatsby dance competition. Who will crown the winner? Stay tuned.. Upon reaching, the girls were given a briefing before changing out to our attire. Everyone kept on camwhoring to let time pass quickly. At around 845pm, its time for work. 2 were asked to bring the message across, while another 2 were asked to take photos with the ppl at the main entrance. Esther was supposed to help out in giving out goodies bag. Due to short handed, i helped out eventually. Its fun seeing so many ppl. Darren saw me n called upon me. He slimmed down alot. Very long didn get to see him aredi ever since he's enlisted into navy. ARound 10 plus, we went to the backstage and stood in front of the stage to bring the atmosphere up. At the same time, we got to watch the live dance performances so up close too. Total there were 8 groups.. The 3 groups which i like best is udc, floor tech and t dot. Of cuz the ultimate winner goes to...... Floor Tech. They will get to go to tokyo to compete with the ppl there. Pictures time:))

photos taken earlier while at cine for gatsby dance competition's recruitment

After event, i cabbed down to TB to meet chanel. N we took cab down to Marina square HK cafe for supper. Ordered quite alot. Saw chong qing n crews there too. Right after supper, me n chanel walked down from esplanade to BQ to find her friends n not to forget my girl girl claire's bf pub. Girl girl brought out the martell n kept asking us to drink while her bf bring chivas. Just then, we bumped into bettina and joanne too. They were heading over for supper. Talked to lincoln till 4am before me, chrystal n chanel shared cab home.. Didnt know he open pub at BQ too. So young sia.. sun-- was awake by mummy because today is small uncle's second baby 1 mth. By 1pm, we headed down to seng kang but reached only at 3pm cuz in between i lost my way. Lost at RUmbia. sigh... Was on the phone with cheryl. Upon reaching, i quickly went for the buffet lunch. Evryone was already there. However today 4 of my cousins werent able to make it. So end up only kids of less than 3years old were present. The purpose of the celebration is to visit the new born baby- xin yong.. Soon around 5pm, we drove down to pasir ris- auntie maggi's house. Took photos of the two golden retriever( a father n son) that is kept behind the garden. Auntie maggi kept serving us cakes n pastry. Not long after, its time to go home. We bid goodbye to everyone and left. Eventually, i fell asleep in the car. mon-- a new n fresh look to welcome a brand new yr... Went to fareast hair salon with janice and we each did a diff image. She did highlight, treatment and cut while i go for dye n cut plus treatment. It took us around 3hrs for our hair to be done. After haircut, she left for school while i stayed to shop a little while. Damage spent: 150 over just to buy some items recommended by nu ren wo zui da. (pictures shown) Right after shopping, i went to meet lincoln at JP and we had dinner at fish n co before off to catch the movie- seven pounds. Its a story showing how a guy sacrifice himself just to save seven lives. i woud give a popcorn of 4/5. At bout 12am, its time to go home. just then, jae called me n said that he's flying off the next morning so asked for meet up before sending him off to the airport. So lincoln sent me home to get changed before i go meet jae at tpy for supper. This superstar will be launching his album next mth tog with the mtvs, All of a sudden, cuz he's going hk at 6am, we didn sleep at all. Ordered quite a lot of food to keep ourselves awake. Right after supper, he said wanna go for exploration, so we went to this very dark place and check out whats there... I was scared stiff, cuz i hear sound coming out from the place. At around 4am, he went home to get his luggage out while i waited for him at the garden right outside the hse. WE sat there and he showed me some videos of the performance n not to forget his recordings and songs composed by him. Nv did i realise that he actually did one song called "wen zi yao yao" for spop. Nat was part of the artist in the company too. As i wasnt feeling that well, he sent me off at 5am before going to the airport. tues-- out for lunch with tam at marina square. Just nice, eileen text me n told me that she's also around that area, so she too joined us at han's cafe. Right after lunch, we started our shopping spree. Eileen needs to look for her cny clothes while im just purely shopping n seeing around. Just because of this. I spent roughly 40 over dollars at john little. They were having sales. Upon going to cactus, i bumped into joe. What a co-incidence.. He just came back from china and now is a general manager. I still rmb the last time we met was at artist management. Glad to know that he is doing well now. Well, we cont shopping and happened to walk into esprit whereby i was attracted by 3 diff leather jacket. Its so cool la..( tam said there's biker's chic feel) However, the jackets were rather pricey. One cost at least 200 dollars. So i was considering which one to get instead. After shopping at MS, we headed down to Bugis. Haha.. Im really a shopping queen. That one i must admit. Amt spent is 60 over just by buying maxis long dress, long shiny leggings, a top and two tubes. (pics as shown) Soon, eileen got to leave for her family dinner and tam meeting her mum. Now left me alone. I so much wanted to cont to shop, but i know if i were to do that, it sure will be an endless spending. While walking around, my mind was still pondering over the jackets. So without any hesitation, i decided to go back to MS to get it, since bugis outlet aredi out of stock. Hmm, Do u wonder y i make a pt to go down despite my leg is hurting? Here is the answer( pictures attached).. Nice right?? :)) Back home for dinner after that. Met a traffic jam while on my way home. A friend of mine sent me 4 songs that he recorded in an album while he was out of town. he actually was crown as a winner for a singing contest. wed-- I really do hope that everything can go accordingly as planned then i wont be so headache to go plan whatever prog aredi. Somedays im really giving myself too much pressure aredi. 2009.. Will it be a meaningful and everyday full of surprise year, or just another plain casual year where everyday is a routine? I want some excitement.. Bored to hell le. As agreed, had dinner with andrew at central-manhattan. haha.. so happened to be both of us knew shino. My best buddy.(everyone tht we will be tog since he is a model as well) hmm.. tink its impossible bah. i like the way we r now. Knew andrew while we work for the razor tv event earlier back in dec last yr. so co-incidence. facebook can bring back friends to meet n catch up again. I nv expect that he will be able to find my msn and there we stay in contact again. lol~ I lost "chase"-(the guy with humor) contact the other time when i was at bq after last day of razor event. sigh.. :( We chatted a lot during our dinner. After dinner, took a stroll along the path and just by walking, we actually walked all the way from clarke quay till boat quay. :P Brought andrew there to pub hop awhile before he head down to zouk to look for his colleagues. Went to O point and stayed there till 1130pm-played pool and sing k and off i went home.

thurs-- early in the morning, daddy drove me down for a mag shoot. IM having bared makeups today cuz there will be a MUA to do the makeups and hairstyle which suits the theme of the shoot. This is also when my shade is in use.

Upon reaching the studio, i went in to put my bag in the locker before proceeding into the dressing room. Well, the whole shoot took about 5-6hrs inclusive of the makeup and changing time. I was required to change to 10over pieces of different outfit which is now in trend and can portray diff image. Heels, jewellery,bags even nails are all sponsored and inclusive. Not only do i have to do fashion shoot but also some products advert. I was rather excited over it as i nv did product shoot before. Gotta imagine and think of poses which can bring out the items im holding onto. Thats all for now. Do grab a copy of the magazine once its out. It will be sold stallwide so very easy to be seen. :)) The ppl there are all very friendly and fun to be with. Im looking forward to the next shoot, :)) shagged looking picts after shoot.. while going home.

Fri-- met up with joanna at cck bus-stop whereby janelle's friend will be fetching us to the destination. Work with janelle, jo, lynn n regine today for TOM event. Work was rather slacking and time passes a bit too slow. Everyone tht its aredi 8pm but after looking at the watch, we were rather disappointed. Till we sat down n talked to the "Tabolek Tahan" group, time began to pass faster. We the "jojo armani exchange" were chatting with them. Haha.. so funny n lame. They kept making us laugh. Working with these girls were really damn fun.. After that, thanks to regine's friend for sending us out. After dropping at lot 1.. Catch a movie with baby at 11.40pm. We intended to watch "love matters" since its officially launched ytd. The show was kinda lame i could say. Not as exciting as i tht. Next one i would love to catch will be "wedding game".. Its the show i supposed to be in. but cuz that day im working, gotta give it a miss. Nevertheless, can catch shino in there. lol.. see how he act in movie. WEE!! My waist there still hurts after the fall that day. But most importantly is im trying to heal my wounds for the leg first. SIan... I miss valerie my darling.. She's been travelling a lot with her family till we hardly can see each other. After cny, i must def meet her up and catch up with her. Not to forget to pass her her christmas present.. LOVES!!

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