Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Marathon & family gathering

sun-- CHINESE NEW Year Eve brought bro wins to zhou kitchen for lunch buffet. Mummy n baby came along too. 28++ per pax ends up with a total bill of roughly 120. I didn ate much as earlier on aredi had lou yu sheng too and today again. Haix.. The buffet was not as fantastic as i tht. Worse than arena one. I at most took only a bowl of scallop porridge. After lunch, we began to walk around and shop for his birthday present. Came acorss quite a lot of boutique selling men's wear but none of it is to his liking. Troublesome bro. So indecisive that he dunno what to get for his present. Due to shops closing early today, we only manage to get him a pair of jeans. Right after shopping, we got home to rest before the reunion dinner started. Its steamboat again. Im damn sick n tired of it, So didn really ate much at all. Hope next year no more steamboat. Im sick of those taste. AFter dinner, i took a short nap before off to meet zhi wei for the movie. Catch the wedding game. What a boring show. No interesting storyline at all. Just then amy called me n asked if im ready to meet her n mavis. At the same time, Nich called me n asked if im able to catch the 1130pm show on time. Haha.. Of cuz my final decision is to acc my dear amy to river hongbao. Zhi wei is going to his friend's place for MJ while baby is still at his elder bro hse for games too. Mavis, me n amy went down for countdown with fire crackers being heard. Crowds to be seen. We took lots of photos there. Missed my zodiac sign. It was drizzling too that it simply spoil our mood. At around 1plus, amy said wanna go over to my side there. Who knows, last min she changed her mind after a phonecall so i on call cab to send her home before dropping off at baby's elder bro place. Was so sleepy n exhausted by then. Bbay cont to play cards with them while i just sat down there to catch tv prog. Home sweet home after 4am. MOn-- CNY DAy!! Chu 1 Was sleeping so soundly when mummy came over to my room n started to shake me. I dun understand y must shake me. As if like that will work. Im so tired.. Dont even feel like going bai nian. Every year also the same but i dunno y this year they make it as 10am must reach grandma hse. SIGh!! its cuz the adult wanna gamble n talk only mah. Still we r the latest as bro wins also like to take his own sweet time. 1100 den go shower. Dunno y he behave like girl lor. Action n movement all so slow.. Even slower. Every yr must kena scolding n everyone must wait for him. Reach grandma hse at 1pm, had lunch and then just a boring day. Not much angbao to get this year. Was watching 18 jing bu jing before i switched over to little nyonya reunion show. At around 9pm, its time to go home. Although im so much reluctant to go back as the night is still early, still daddy drove us back. Chu 2-- slept till 2pm before i woke up n had abalone noodle for lunch. After that cont to rest while waiting for baby to reach. Of cuz, today's purpose of staying at hm was to welcome amy dear to my place for visiting. Every yr we sure go to each other hse one. As usual, she will only arrive around 730pm when she actually told me she's aredi on the way at 6pm. LOL~ We had dinner specially prepared by mummy n daddy. There is this dish which look like "buddha jump over the wall" with so many ingredients in just a pot. We called it as "yi ping guo". Got chicken wings, soup etc. Dinner was awesome. Right after dinner, we had MJ session.. Played for a few rounds before i withdraw n let bro wins play instead while i go catch the tv prog. After MJ, amy borrowed my maxia dress n changed out. Daddy said she looked better in my dress instead of hers. Chu 3-- Today, daddy n mummy is out of town. They went honeymoon.. haa. Holiday i mean. Left me alone. Just when im still asleep, a phone call came in. Its jessica my jc babe. She called n asked wether im free to go over to her house today. So i contacted shenlyn n arrange a meet up with her in advance first. Met her up at wisma for shopping of heels before we proceeded over to fareast. Many shops werent open at all ytd. That was when i bought a pair of gladiator heels which i saw it quite some time ago. Like it so much as its so classic n elegant. After shopping, we took 190 to CCk before changing to bus 300. On our way to the interchange, we saw that they were having this small little booth on replacing a new ezi link card. Seeing there is no queue, both of us change at the same time. Upon arriving at jess hse, mary was aredi there. Too bad jennifer n allan cant join us today. Her hse were full of ppl. Some were playing blackjack while some MJ. Dinner was a pot of bee hoon with many other dishes. Its yummy. Me n shenlyn took like 3 plates of bee hoon. hees~ We had a chit chat session while waiting for JR to reach. AT 9pm, we gathered outside living room n catch tuan yuan fan. Nice show indeed. Right after the show, JR offered to drive us home. So we dropped mary at andrew's hse first before sending m n shen home. CHU 4-- Movie Marathon Noon, nich came n fetch me from my home to town area as we will be catching alls well ends well 2009 today.

Kei's (Ronald Cheng) eldest sister Sandra (Sandra Ng) is a hot-tempered magazine editor and her temperament has left her single. One of the family rules is that none of the siblings can get married before their eldest sister. Kei seeks help from the famous Casanova, Koo Chai (Louis Koo), to pretend to court his eldest sister and lure her into the mood of love. With Sandra falling in love with Koo Chai, he in turn falls for another girl, Mun. After the show, we headed over to heeren n i went to look for dan who is working. Chatted while waiting for my darling angie to reach in the late evening, After that, we went over to kai n i chatted with the sales assistant. So sad to hear the news that she will be quitting in two days times. Which means next time i go kai either at bugis or heeren wont get to see the two very friendly malay staff aredi. After shopping, its time for dinner. The three of us proceeded to HK cafe. The boss was so nice to get us a sofa seat. After dinner, Me n angie went for our show.. We catch inkheart.

Based on the book by Cornelia Funke, "Inkheart" is a timeless adventure tale of imagination that centers on Meggie, a young girl whose father has a secret ability to bring characters from books to life when he reads them aloud. But when a power-hungry villain from a rare children's fable kidnaps Meggie's father to bring others out of the boundaries of fiction, she and a disparate group of friends both real and magic embark on the kind of adventure she has only read about in books to save him and set things right. After the show, aaron came over to meet me as he wanted to catch bride wars.

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), best friends since childhood, are always there for each other, through good times and bad. Even their respective bridal engagements happen within hours. Together they plan their weddings, each to take place at New Yorks ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. But a clerical error and subsequent clash in wedding dates pits the two brides against each other in a competition that quickly escalates into all-out war. So in overall, its indeed a movie marathon for me. I caught 3 very interesting n good movies today. Just then, jimmy called n asked me to go down to BQ to catch up with the rest. So i went. We stayed at raining bar till it closed before pub hopped over to another place. Played blackjack, guess, 5-10, sing k. Haha.. What a co-incidence.. It just happened to be the pub where my darling chanel is working there. Now i know that the world seemed to be rather small that everyone are interconnected n knew each other. OF cuz at that moment of time, im aredi rather tipsy n high. Dun even know what i actually did or say. Just knew there were dancing, 5-10, singing k esp duet with the other table. Luckily my darling chanel n her friend lynn is there. So right after that, the three of us bid goodbye to my friends n we just cabbed down for supper without tinking where to go. LOL~ We were shouting happy new Year while on our way there to have kway chap...At around 6plus, its time to go home. Reach home at only 7am n i headed straight to bed. Chu 5-- Brought Dan around to JP1 n 2 today as he wanna tour. Met up with him at 4pm knowing i sure cant wake up n meet him by 2pm. Its a fun day at jp indeed.. I nv knew that we can really tour so long. Went in to each and every single shop and this boy kept talking nonstop.. create so many humours. Had dinner at 5plus cuz he wanna eat the curry chicken rice which he had the other time. Right after dinner, we drop by GV. So without hesitation.. we just bought ticket n enter when its aredi 615pm. We actually bought tic of 6pm on the spot. Hmm.. Watching love matters for twice is an excitement cuz it depends on who is the person u r watching with n also what show. Comedy is my fav. Chu 6-- was at home catching little nyonya epi 32 while waiting for violice to knock off. Recently my mood was rather down..(PMS) I simply just wish to chill out n stay out late at night. But things dun really go my way. Even when it did, im nt at all happy. After new year, what am i supposed to do? I dont have any goals for this yr. Dunno what i should do. Wish to go for a getaway but no mny. Play MJ with family at home and i won. First time sia. Headed over to JE to meet violice as we r going over to shawn's hse for visiting. His hse is really like a maze. Rather tough to find the destination. Upon arriving, i was stunned over the no of ppl at his place. Most r relatives. His family members are super friendly. They each self intro themselves. There were buffet with many dishes available. Soon after dinner, fion n shu qing they all arrived. We played BJ. won abit too la. Violice's luck is better. After blackjack, we played game of life. Its a nice game afterall whereby everyone seemed to be so engrossed over it. After the game, its aredi 1am by then. We had a chit chat session in his colorful room. Before leaving, he made pi pa gao drink for me knowing that im still nt recovering yet. So sweet.. Violice gave me some opinion which is quite similar as what iris told me earlier on. For now, maybe its nt the right time to choose... Baby came n pick me n violice up and we headed to marsling cres to pick kai leng. This two babes acc me throughout the whole night till morning. WEE!! We went up to Blue base upstairs to look for chanel as i need to pass her the receipt as promised before pub hopped over to o pt and settle down. Then we went over to 10th dimension, raining bar, just nt million as kai leng was there before the night. haha!! Saw girl joanne n zylia and the others at RB. Didnt really join them long as joanne need to go back to u bar and i have to head back to o pt. Had lots of fun there with my girls and happened to see wei xiang n friend there. The guys i knew who worked at true yoga. We all played dice and blackjack, 5-10 and my kai leng sweetheart taught me how to play big 2. So fun.. we sing k too and baby's friend pk her with wei ni er huo. Saw johnathan too and he told me his crisis and prob over r/s n money issue thats y he's nt able to return me the mny yet. hais! At 6am, we went over to fetch chanel darling as she wanna stay over at my place today. Chu 7- Family gathering..(ren ri) First family to reach our hse is none other than the latest family small uncle's family. So surprising this yr they r the earliest. The one whom i pampered n treat like my own daughter is xinyi. I've seen her grow up one. She is 2yrs old this yr and seemed to be very active n can talk alot aredi. This reminds me of one of the little boy who is 2yrs old too when i seen him at childcare for attachment last time. He liked to stick to me n sit on my laps. Just like my baby xinyi. This yr there is a new borned baby, xin rong.. She realy resembles the dad while xinyi resembles mum with long lashes. omg. so cute n pretty.. baby n i took turn to feed her with her bowl of rice, until i gave up. But after baby left and the parent went out to buy sth.. Xinyi suddenly called out mummy leh? daddy leh? SO my mum got to bluff her that the parents went to work. She dun believe, walked around to look for them til my mum say jie jie bring u go playground k? she answed yes, and quickly go find her shoe. i rmb she actually took her shoe to give her mei mei wear. So i went to my bro room to help her search for the shoe. Brought her out to the playground and even played catching with her. Have to walk quite a dist but she's rather obedient, ask me hold her little hand.We saw one auntie while walking to the next playground. the auntie was praising her so cute.. wanna give her angbao somemore. haha.. She played till so happily till i said its time to go back le. Although she felt so reluctant, still she followed me back. On our way home, we sang twinkle twinkle. haa.. didn know she's so smart, really knew how to sing. Suddenly she fell down. she was shocked so i went over n told her, its ok.. not pain ok? we go back apply the cream on the leg k? she kept quiet and wanted me to carry instead. Back to home, she told her mum she fell down and i ask her to be good, sit on the sofa first while i went to take the antiseptic cream. After applying, she showed her dad. haa.. so adorable. Soon, her parent need to go somewhere else again. So we bluff her into my room where i bring her up to my bed and played online jigsaw puzzle. she is so happy.. Soon, my cousin and the other relatives arrived. Played bingo with the twins. and blackjack, diadi, 4 sevens and heart attack with my 4th aunt, 5th aunt, lester cousin and my bro winston. They played game of life while im the banker. Same reaction as when im at shawn's hse playing the same game. haha.. wonder is it game of hell or game of life? Everyone seemed to be interested in the mny. AT around 5plus, its time to go off. Everyone drove over to yi po's hse. Daddy's car under repair so he drove the other vehicle out instead. I was all along with xinyi as she dun wanna let me go off. so i sat small uncle's car instead. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep till we reach bukit timah. Was at yi po hse taking family portraits and camwhoring. The adults r so into taking pic.. Followed by the diff family pic.. My baby xinyi kept wanting to pull me in when she had to take family photo. We got to bluff her with sweets before she's able to let go. Went restaurant for dinner. There were prawns, crabs, fish, meat etc.. Lots of dishes being served after we finish one at a time. Baby xinyi was the one i had been babysitting since just now. So gotta feed her with the food. When comes to drink, she kept on saying somemore. pls jie jie. omg so sweet la. My heart melted and kept pouring for her. She ate almost all the dishes except fish she spit it out. Dessert was mango pudding. She ate 3/4 of mine. i didn really eat at all. Soon it was time to go home. Slept straight away when i first step home.

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