Friday, January 23, 2009

november babe of the month

here to share with everyone an interview i did earlier on Babe of the week

Money and sense with Gillian To have a home tutor who is also a freelance model, it will be a dream come true for every school boys out there. With a pair of long, sexy and smooth legs, how can one’s eyes ever concentrate on those textbooks? Gillian is currently pursuing her degree in SIM, in Banking and Financing. Besides attending school, Gillian has numerous modeling assignments that are lining up in her already busy schedule. “I’ve done fashion shows, trade shows, IT shows, car shows, product launch, print ad, commercial and many more. I have been exposed to acting with Mediacorp and Movie Production too. I have starred in some local drama such as ‘Dear Dear Son-in-law’, ‘Golden Path’, ‘U-Turn’, ‘Lifewise’ and ‘Nanny Daddy’. For the big screen, I was in the movie ‘Dance of the Dragon’ and ‘Money Not Enough 2’. What kind of food you like the most? Seafood and cheesecake What do you do for leisure? During my free time, I would go out shopping with a few friends and also chilling out at café, perhaps singing karaoke at those K-box or Partyworld too. How would you describe your personality? Cheerful, fun-loving Just one word, describe yourself? Simplicity is the best!! What’s your motto in life? Nothing is impossible if you ever give it a try (as we only get to live once, why not make fullest use of it?) What are you like as a girlfriend? Sweet and romantic, gives surprises to boyfriend on special occasion, be there for him to share his happiness and sorrows What makes you cry? Touching songs and movies can make me weep easily, thinking of sad memories and also when watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas. What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Sleep till I like without any disturbance, wake up, play my piano and staying at home to enjoy home-cook food. Would you go for plastic surgery? To which part of your body and why? No.. I’m contented with what I am now What kind of guy are you looking for? Mature in thinking, understanding, cute and handsome type, tall and can give me a sense of security What’s the favourite part of your body? My long, sexy and smooth legs (that’s my asset) What do you do to relax? I would just coop myself in a cosy room and switch on soothing music and begin to dance all around Are you into sports? Yeah.. I’m a sporty person although can’t really tell by my appearance. I love to gym, cycling and even playing tennis Have you ever kissed a girl? Keke. Many times already with my good friends. We always give each other goodbye kiss. Bet u guys are envy bah.. lol Would you go topless on a beach? Haha.. If I’m in overseas, I would do so. But not in Singapore where we are bounded with strict laws everywhere.. If given a chance to go on a date with any hunks, who would you choose? Wu Zhun.. as he meet all the criteria I’m looking into for a guy. Not only that, he knows how to whip up nice dishes and is every girl’s dream guy. In short, I like pretty boys with nice features. What’s your perfect date? Well, I love romance… so the perfect date for me would be the guy driving his car and stop right in front of my house, opening the car door and driving me to the beach where there is a posh restaurant besides it. What is one piece of advice would you give to a guy looking to woo a lady? Be confident in yourself, just be yourself and present your best to the lady you want to go after. What kind of pick up line fails? “Hi, you do look familiar? I seem to have seen u somewhere before?” What is the most important thing in a relationship? Mutual trust and understanding What’s the most expensive gift that you have ever received? A new Samsung omnia 16gb cell phone and diamond necklace at the same time when Its not my birthday. What were the most romantic things a guy has done for you? Folding 999 lucky stars using straws and in each stars there is words “I love u” Between fame or money, which one will you choose? Haha.. I’m a greedy person. I love both. But if really have to choose, I will go for money over fame as there is a saying which goes: Money makes wonders. Who don’t want? Have you ever been stalked? Yes, almost every time and I find it kind of irritating when I ask the person, “do you live here?” He answered “No, I stay in the east, but I just want to know you.That’s why followed you home.”Ridiculous right? What is the first thing you look out for when you see another woman? I’m not so particular one.. but look from head to toe.. the woman’s overall image. Complete the sentence; “If I have a million dollar now, I would straight away pack my luggage and go for tour around the world first before deciding what else can I do with the money.. haha. I love traveling!! New album im listening to currently. Intro to u.... 方力申 Alex Fong 《Time Flies》 (2009) Album Title:《Time Flies》 Artist:方力申 Alex Fong Label:金牌大風 Gold Typhoon Entertainment Release Date:2009-1-22 Language:粵/國語 Cantonese/Mandarin Descriptions: Heartthrob singer/actor Alex Fong has officially attained "bankable movie star" status after headlining in a trilogy of hit romantic movies with rumored girlfriend Stephy Tang. That doesn't keep him from furthering his singing career, though, as the former professional swimmer maintains his an-album-a-year pace with his latest EP Time Flies, which features six new songs, including the first plug "If the World Has No Fools" penned by Lin Xi, and another catchy cut "Lunar Eclipse". Fans will also find yet another Stephy duet, "Fall in Love Again", which is the Mandarin version of their previous hit song "My Favorite" from the movie L for Love, L for Lies. First Press version comes with a Bonus DVD containing three music videos. 去年方力申集中于電影的發展,只推出了精選專輯,2009年終于推出全新唱片《TIME FLIES》。由泳壇甫身娛樂圈成為演員和近十年, Alex再走情歌路線率先帶來林夕填詞的主打作品「如果世上沒傻瓜」,以及動人的抒情作「月全蝕」。繼「好心好報」、「好好戀愛」和「十分愛」后,碟內亦收錄了Alex與鄧麗欣(Stephy)為電影《我的最愛》合唱之國語版「重愛」。 方力申09第一炮"TIME FLIES" (EP+DVD) 推介歌曲: "如果世上沒傻瓜" , "月全蝕" , "重愛-方力申+鄧麗欣" Tracklist: 01 如果世上沒傻瓜 / If the World Has No Fools 02 月全蝕 / Lunar Eclipse 03 最好的時光 / The Best Time 04 面目全非 / Beyond recognition 05 時間太少 / Too Little Time 06 重愛-方力申/鄧麗欣 /Fall in Love Again (duet with Stephy Tang)

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