Saturday, January 10, 2009

School Term starts~

Defamation case Someone starts rumors about me individually to ruin my reputation. I believe this is illegal? What should I do? Its affecting me physically, emotionally and also mentally. Its extremely overboard. since 2008 till today which is 2009. I really dunno y she wanna do that. Its so childish... Pls la.. everyone know what u did. u cant hide it even if u were to call up my friends n tell them. Its nonsentical. I got witnesses, and concrete evidence. If u still dont stop, then dont blame me for taking legal action. 5/1 mon-- FIRST DAY OF NEW SCHOOL TERM STARTS Make payment for the exam fees. watched last epi of little nyonya for 2 hrs before heading to bed for early night. tues-- headed to school to collect some stuff. Saw one of my sec school mate while alighting at the school gate. She was asking me where am i heading n i told her i gt class. wed-- headed to school as usual and met up with shino after that at khatib control as we were supposed to head down to orchard penthouse where the filming take place. Since we dont really know how to get there after looking at the directory, we decided to just be the passenger where we gt a chaffaeur to bring us there:) Upon arriving, we realise sth is not right esp when the door is closed and there's just a few pair of shoes nicely placed outside. Instead of knocking at the door, we called to double cfm the venue. To our surprise, we were at the wrong house. Haha. Supposed to go tower 4 instead of tower 3. Shino even tht we were the first to reach when we only saw a few assistant producer and the maid n owner. haha.. Till we walked to the living room, we saw randell n steven. Introduce ourself n began to chit chat. OMG, after a short conversation, we realise they were actually part of the lead in this telemovie. No wonder i find them so familiar.

Soon after, michelle chong n one other female lead reach, followed by darren lin ming lun. Cheryl even dare me to go call darren "yi cheng ge"-his role in little nyonya. haha.. Of cuz they r all very friendly. Keep smiling n chatting with us. Met summer and also steph-cheryl's sis. Not long after, We were asked to go up to second storey to do our makeup and hairstyle. Shino seemed to be a paparazzi and main photographer on that day. He kept snapping non-stop including many candid shots. Argh.. LOL! Not long after, Corde n Gab arrived. Filming start, everyone were to be kept very quiet when director rose shouted action. Even the baby n little kids were so obedient that not a single sound were made. Guys like reon, ladies like wendy n wei leng were involved in the scenes too. Guess whats for dinner?

ITS....... 6(235-3535)--pizza hut delivery

Everything wrapped up by 1135pm where 20 min times its going to be midnight. We bid goodbye to everyone including the owner. She's really nice n friendly. Cant tell that she's a mother of 2. Look so young n her figure is slim one lor. We took a last group photo outside tog with darren and off everyone disperse. While in the car, i was chatting with shino and we began to bring up certain common topic and really agreed that in our life, people come n go. The only true friends r those who stayed with u regardless ups n downs. Thats what friends r for i believe.. We lend a helping hand to each other when in need, We share happiness or good news with good friends. Dropped shino at zouk before i headed home. Was chatting with shawn over a lot of stuff till 230am n off to bed time. thurs-- Headed out to raffles before meeting xue ting at chinatown as we r supposed to help out my friend with his stall which is selling those japanese jelly n greencake(muah chee). Xue ting is enjoying herself till when its aredi 9.15, she said she still wanna stay on. Haha.. so cute this girl. Saw vincent too and psycho him to support support. He bought quite a lot. The boss is very nice to give me n xue ting fruits n the goodies home. Just then, ben reached n we drove down to vivo to celebrate his birthday at this very high class restaurant where u can view the deep blue sea and great scenery. WHat a perfect place to dine in n chill out. Next we ordered finger food and also desserts. Not to forget the paulaner sweet beer mixed with mango. AT 12am sharp, both of us sang happy birthday song to him while he blew the candle. haa! We had a long chatting session there n plus a long walk around vivo before sending xue ting home. After which, ben brought me down to emerald hill where there is this chilling bar. However, upon arriving, they r going to close for business soon. So instead of going there... we headed to city hall. Fri-- Went out with huirong to shop for some diy stuff n swarovski crystals at chinatown. Its been long since i last step into people's park centre. Can't even find my way to the street there. Lots of people r shopping for new year goodies and decorations. After finish shopping for whatever we need, we headed to mac to chill out as well as having a light dinner. Met up with nikki babe at 7pm before we over to help out with my friend's stall. Time to go off at 9pm. Just that darling AMy asked me to wait for her there as she wanna come down n shop as well as help her mum to buy the green plant. Next we drove down to east coast macow c nai cafe for supper tog with amy and her friend, kai ming. Right after supper, amy was requesting to go for movie since the night is still young. So we headed down to cine to catch "college". I was so exhausted that i nearly fell asleep. Haha.. So co-incidence, i actually saw steph n her sis n friends inside the theatre. They were just sitting right behind us.

10/1-- Went down to chinatown to help out with the stall again. Its so damn packed today with many ppl. Everything was discounted once again.. After work, i head home straight and catch i guess, i guess.. Was on the phone with ken while i was having supper at home. We were actually debating over the topic on whose baby is younger. isit my small uncle's second child or his tang jie's first child. Haha..

Ans is: ken's tang jie's first child was borned 1/1/09 while my small uncle's second baby was borned where jesus was born. One new year baby cum Christmas baby!!

11/1-- Mummy's belated birthday celebration. (happy birthday to the most repected lady-My mum)

Brought mummy out to new JP as she said town will be crowded. She prefer nearer location. Around late evening, daddy drove us down after coming back from his meeting. Brought mummy to ichiban sushi as she's craving for jap food.
My younger Bro, winston joined us too before he's off to meet his friend. Spend like roughly 100 for table of 3. After the feast, we began to shop around for clothes, shoes and as well as search for present which mummy like. SHe kept eyeing on the diamond bracelet to match with the diamond watch i bought for her during mother's day and not to forget the necklace with the diamond heart pendant i bought for her as well during christmas. She said this year new yr, she shall be more bling bling. While i more towards tradition.. So end up brought her to sk jewellery and she saw this similar 45 diamond bracelet which cost 6k over. Of cuz i didn buy that for her. Its too pricey for just a birthday itself, n im nt working much for events or shows cuz no lobang nwadays. Brought her over to taka and saw another bracelet which cost 499. However, after seeing so many.. she still prefer the chomel one with all hearts diamonds on it. This design cant be found in any of the other jewellery branch. Not even citigem.

Just then, MJ saw me n he called upon me. Didn know his camp is just around here. I was rather surprised that y bedok come over to jp to shop. haha~ After buying bracelet, we went ahead to shop for earrings to match the necklace too. This time round, she picked two. So no choice, gotta buy two pairs for her. While we went to swa crystal, she chose one more necklace which attracts her. All so bling la..

At around 830pm, she suddenly recall saying today got little nyonya 3min cast. So we quickly called daddy to come pick us up. To my mistake, its actually starting at 955, n not 855. (sigh)Brother wins bought her a wallet. N soon its his birthday next which falls on the coming CNY eve. My pocket is having a big hole aredi. He wants i-phone.

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