Saturday, January 17, 2009

12/1--mon Time for exercise. Arranged a tennis session with jessica at JR's condo in the noon. We actually booked the court for 2 hrs. Took train down to redhill and change to bus before alighting at river valley rd. Hmm well.. Went to olandos residence house to catch up with jessica. A long time JC friend that i've been keeping in touch. Really envy her of having JR, the most loving bf. :) After our tennis session, we headed back home for shower and also a chit chatting session. Its a pity that i didn bring my swimwear with me if nt can go for a lap swim and jacuzzi. Soon, it was dinner time. Auntie cooked many dishes for us. So we ate tog with his uncle who just came back from shanghai. Sat down to watch campus superstar and also xin hua duo duo kai part 2 before its time to go back. Bid goodbye to auntie n uncle and off jess n JR sent me home.

13/1-- had an interview earlier on.. Hope i will be selected. Dont dare to pin so much hope too as there r quite a few applicants as well.After which, i headed down to bugis fountain to meet fang babe. Went upstairs for lunch and have a good chat indeed. After lunch, we began to shop around while waiting for claire to join us right after her stuff. Apple Tea ambassador:)

My sweet Fang!!:)) Soon, my girl arrived. We walked down to bugis village and shop for clothes.. My first time stepping into this fashion ever since poly as girl girl brought me to the bugis outlet. We were all the while trying on outfit and ended up didn buy anyting from there. Head back to junction and hav early dinner.. Poor girl kept complaining that she felt nausea. We even took the 20min bus journey back to her place. ME n fang kept on cracking jokes to make her laugh. So as she will forget the unwell feeling. At around 9plus, we acc girl back to her home and waited for her to change and shower. Me n fang were enjoying our camwhoring session. Haa!!

pooh & eeyore!!:) At around 11plus, its time to go home. Share cab with claire and drop her at BQ to go find her bf before im back to home sweet home. wed-- lunch with amy at PSwent to shop for couple rings for valentine's day with her. We asked quite a few jewellery shop before coming to a decision.Headed dwn to carrefour to look for memory card holderAfter that, took train down to chinatown to help out.Today i was nt well, so was stoning all the while. When the watch strucks 10pm, i packed up n leave. Reach home at 11pm and off to bed time. Running a fever isnt a joke. Its so terrible.

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