Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just another simple week

Daily summary! Mon- 23/2--bugis shopping with lynn dearie. After lunch, we walked around junction. Was raining heavily while on our way to bugis village. Saw jas dear at the cafe. Thanks for the durian pudding.. loves! Bought 2 black dresses n a belt, while lynn bought a new bag and a new comb. Love this babe...:D Some weeks ago photos i've received from ryan boy!!:D Part 1

A lesson on how to tie the ribbon~:D

Cheers!!! Part 2 Tues-- meeting up with lora, 2 charles, bryan and their friend for lunch at cine. We had chit chat session while eating. They were talking bout the day when they had filming. So funny.. Bryan the serial bf or husband... At around 3pm, i headed over to CP to catch up with valerie love. I love her bangs. So nice. Tempted to go cut too. We really enjoy shopping so much that we actually went into this wholesale shop n stayed very long just to finish browsing their whole chunk of clothes which r hanged on the rack. Not only that, we will nv forget to shop at my fav shops. Total there's three. But this time round, i didn buy from the shops but others that i came across. Brought a total of 3 long sleeve top, one white dress, and a scarf. Money running dry soon if i cont to spend..:(( Had dinner at the most famous western restaurant before im off to look for janice at FEP. As usual, the guys from opp will ask me: had dinner aredi? N same reaction i will give.. "IGnore". Reach FEP by 8plus n saw that "sheer romance" having relocation sale for their items. Bought a new bikini from there as my prev one, i lost the bottom. So sad. My fav piece somemore. Had a chat with this babe, waiting for her to off work before acc her to walk to wisma n happened to see the ex bf. So wierd.. Tht he's coming over to pick her up alone, but who knows there came two bodyguards. Just then, gallen called n said that he arrived, so i walked to wisma taxi stand n saw his car there. N off we headed down to mount faber. He recommended jewel box-a place to chill out. But upon reaching, i felt that the ambience n decoration is more suitable for dine out whereby u can see great scenery n cable car too. He always said im hard to please cuz everyweek when we meet up, im sure to ask him to go somewhere else. Haha.. Well, the purpose is cuz i didn get to go out often to diff chill out place so just wanna take this chance when im out to go diff venue. Perhaps its also the reason that last time my parents r so strict that im nt allowed to go anywhere, nt even shopping centre without their permission, thats y now i will be a bit rebellious. Ordered shirley temper and after finish drinking, i was craving for cheesecake out of the sudden. So we headed back to orchard-swenson. While flipping through the menu, sth caught my eyes. Its crayfish beehoon soup.. We decided to order that. The serving was quite small that i didn had enough. So next n the last place we went to is paragon-coffee bean. Just right opp swenson. I finally had my cheesecake but its nt really fantastic. Nt that creamy enough n esp i dun like hazel nut. After that, home sweet home. Wed-- chanel dearie blog songs always make my day. I love going to her blog to listen to the updated songs.. haha!! Im extreme bored. Sigh! What to do? stay home is the way to stop me from spending. haix.. I wanna work. Work, pls come!! Thurs-- I am feeling so irritated by those " 2 headed snake"-meaning in front of u they act as if they really know u well, but behind your back, they can backstabbed or say anything bout u. I hate these kind of person. They r nv real and even if u wanna make friends with them, u gotta think twice. Is it worth it? Thanks to my sweetheart n boy for telling me last week when we were at SJ. I nv knew that to these headed snake, im that sort of person. Who fucking cares about them? getta life pls. What for go around saying all these nonsense? I didn even say my birthday im gonna invite u both. I dun need any birthday wishes from u two neither that Bi..h who wrote so many things in her blog bout me n still dare to ask me out for lunch. If u just wanna drop by n say happy birthday to me n stay a while to drink when u dun hav to pay, then let me tell u.. U can jolly well dont come. Cuz i dun wanna hear saying i ignore u two n just talk to my other friends, make u cab down for nth or whatever. Tell u what, when i dun feel comfortable in meeting, i rather cancel my whole day of programme and stay at hm then to step out of the hse to meet. So dont ask me y so last min. 为何若是喜欢见到你,然而觉得爱的卻是他 朋友不会是爱人,从来是这样偏偏費神 明知你的他沒有,也是缺憾 而灵魂就算可以付给两个人 但我只得一个心 还是我不信你们,不可一个心 为何若喜欢见到你,然而觉得爱的卻是他 方知道,情感复杂,难道完美并无办法 如何令他加半点你,然而从没有合一的方法 接受吗 或者感叹,难受吗 从此要习惯 和你可结伴旅行 原来亦渴望他的永恒 明知你的他沒有 并觉吸引 怀疑自己很贪心 就算知你跟她最后两个人 承认我始终不信,不可一个心 为何若喜欢见到你,为何爱他会更加艰难 方知道 情感复杂,难道完美真的很假 如何令他加半点你,然而从没有合一的方法 接受吗,或者感叹,不想揀 惟有去习惯 These days, i just cooped myself at hm. Dont feel like going out, not even school. So dont bother to find me in school. Supposed to go friend's hse but im too lazy to be awake in the morning, so chose to sleep till evening n wake up, watch some movies online Here's a fantastic show that i've just catch online n would like to share with everyone... Alternative Title: Inu to watashi no 10 no yakusoku /犬と私の10の約束 Genre: Drama Film Date: March, 2008 Japan Casts: Mayuko Fukuda, Rena Tanaka, Ryo Kase Description: One day a puppy comes to the house of Akari, who has just turned twelve, and was trying hard to act strong after her mother suddenly fell ill. She immediately falls in love with the puppy and names it "Socks" after the paws which looked like they had white socks on. Akari was together with Socks day and night. However, as Akari grows up, her feelings and interest moves away from Socks. Year by year, their distance grows, which also leads to her physical distance as she moves to a far off city, and must leave Socks behind to a childhood friend.One day Akari remembers the 10 promises that she had made with Socks and her deceased mother...
I thought tt i wouldnt shed a tear, but i didnt expect tt i cant control... Perhaps i had never been strong enough:((
Fri-- This is another movie which i just finish catching it online. Alternative Title: 不能說的秘密 / The Secret That Cannot Be Told Genre: Drama, Romance , School Film Date: January, 2007 Taiwan Casts: Jay Chou Description: The story was about high school student Ye, who studied in the school his father taught. Ye’s piano skill was above others. On the first day of school, while walking around the piano rooms, he heard an unknown and beautiful melody, played by Lu. From then on, the two were always together. However, Lu seemed mysterious and when Ye tried to get to know her more, she always brushed off his questions by saying that it was a secret. There was a misunderstanding between the two of them, and subsequently Lu never came to school anymore. Ye was heartbroken. But the more he tried to find out, he realized that things were not as they seemed. Didnt know that its actually a ghost or should i say time dist story? I watched it at 2am somemore.. For those who havent catched it can try to go search for it. Its nice.. A secret which cant be revealed. I know that im like way behind to catch all this movies which were starred last yr or to say the yr before. Its all due to not able to watch any movies last yr that i missed out a lot. Now trying to view them all. Actually to say that 2009 had been a peaceful year for me so far. Nth happening.. leading the most simplest life that i ever had. Happy or not, life still has to go on. Most of my time r just spent at hm watching shows, sleeping, emo-ing. Then even if i were to go out, that would be chilling out with friends, shopping with my babes or just school for 3hrs n back home after tt. Today is kai leng sweetheart birthday. Going to meet her n ryan boy later for our night's out. Planning to bring her for buffet n the time for me to put on weight as well... Be back for more updates! --Kaileng's birthday celebration-- was all along at home watching "spider lilies-the movie" at home before rushing out to meet kaileng sweetheart, and ryan boy for dinner. Didn expect that clement will join us at the very last min. Quite surprised to see him. We walked up to sakura to have buffet-Eat all u can. Ate many jap food, salmon and a bowl of shark's fin soup for each of us. Many were celebrating birthday there. Initially wanna sing birthday song to kaileng when we were there, but she then say sing at sake better. After dinner, 4 of us walked over to cine to look for cakes. What a disappointment, nowhere selling cakes. Then we cabbed down to BQ-sake and her first bunch of good friends were aredi there, follow by the diff groups coming in soon after. It was really a happening birthday night she had. Just then, me n ryan decided to give her a surprise. We left n went to search for a birthday cake. U know, its really not easy to find a cake at that hour esp when all shops aredi closed by 10pm. We walked from circular rd to raffles place, then to chinasquare, and slowly made our way down to clarke quay-the central..all via running n walking n asking around like madfool. Have to becareful of the many ongoing cars when they r moving on the road. Luckily we managed to find a cake at the central after walking marathon and cabbed back. Back to BQ, me n ryan lighted the candles with the help of other two male bypassers downstairs. Thanks although i dunno who u r. Slowly, we walked up the stairs n sang: "happy birthday to u..... Happy birthday to Kaileng". She was totally speechless. Too touched that she dunno what to say. She told us, in her whole 21st years, this is her second time receiving cakes. Haha.. Soon after, marcus they all came. n followed by amigo n his babes n hunks friends. All looked like superstar. Damn shuai n pretty!!:D Its opening present times.. She began to open all the presents each of us gave her. LOL!! Alot lor. But as long as she is really happy can le. Once a year only esp when u just turn 21.:))--what a pit, no photos of her opening all her presents. Camwhore time with all the babes n hunks... Just then, calista dear came over n we had a short chat n not to forget william too who told me he will be coming down to o pt. And the most surprising one is chris. He's now a wedding planner. This chap called me n said he will be at BQ with his sis. At amber, he even dedicate n sang "ai de jiu shi ni" TO ME. Damn paiseh la esp when everyone at amber knew that when i walked in. They were like: table 6 calling for u. Dots.. At around 3am, many left while still got a few staying till morning so we decided to shift over to o pt. N cont the game n singing. Sang duet with alan-ryan's friend. He's really a good singer. I got to listen to many new songs too. All these can be heard from my blog. Stayed till 530am before me, ryan, alan, kaileng, and jae headed over to mac for early breakfast. Then home sweet home till 3pm. Woke up n cont my movie marathon at home. Sun-- advanced present i've received... Today im feeling very restless n moody, really dun feel like stepping out. But still, i made my way down to meet shyue for a discussion over at PS Rocky master as promised. We talked bout the lifestyle of diff countries that he's been to. It was raining so heavily that our initial plan was ruined. So disappointed.. :(( Nevertheless, he still try to make me happy by bringing me to catch movie. We watched The Pink Panther 2. the pink panther 2 Rating: PG Genre: Comedy Language: English with Chinese subtitles Director: Harald Zwart Cast: Steve Martin, Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, John Cleese, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Aishwarya Rai Runtime: 92min The Pink Panther 2, the sequel to the 2006 worldwide hit, stars Steve Martin as he reprises the role of intrepid-if-bumbling French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. When legendary treasures from around the world are stolen, including the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese) is forced to assign Clouseau to a team of international detectives and experts charged with catching the thief and retrieving the stolen artifacts. Martin is joined by original co-stars Jean Reno (as Ponton, his partner) and Emily Mortimer (as Nicole, the object of his awkward affections). The investigative dream team is played by Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Yuki Matsuzaki (Letters from Iwo Jima) and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The story is set in Paris and Rome.

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