Monday, March 2, 2009

::::::::Birthday week::::::::: Birthday is coming in a few days times but im nt in any mood to celebrate. Although i have aredi sent out quite a few invitations n also plan for that day, but to my disappointment, not many replied.. i appreciated those who really return the msgs. Thanks.. N thanks to those who sent me early wishes:)) This had been a tough year for me. To say so i've aredi been jobless for 3mths n bumming around doing nth. I need jobs badly. Who can intro? last year also not a year for me. Faced many ups n downs but i still manage to survive till now. One last ting before i end the post for today is: Can i really start afresh this time round? Will all the ugly things happen on me once again? Been crying n pondering over many things recently. I really hope that it can be a year whereby i can look back n think of those happy times more than unhappy times:(( A friendtold me that if i keep choosing to ignore n avoid the issues, things will nv have an end to it. if i nv go n find out where the problem lies, i will never be able to know whats the solution.

Perhaps im really stubborn. To avoid n treat as if nth happen is just a way to prevent the worse from turning even worse or i just dun wish to see mishaps... I chose to close one eyes instead n walk away from reality. Living in virtual world~emo... I want all good luck n happiness**** photos taken individually during sweetheart's birthday:)

Im not earning anything. Just purely helping a friend to look for models n talents for the it show from 12-15 march 2009 which is next thurs to sun. Any enquires u can pm me n i get my friend to contact u directly. Need not be experienced kind. Anyone can apply.. as long as u r friendly n able to commit for all 4 days. I need 7 models. pls send ur profile to asap. So that i can let my friend know. (application closed) as i have too many n more than enough. Thanks for the email i've received. No ht requirement Working hours: 12-8.30pm Pay: 80/day Job scope: give out fliers n do some talking if possible, no selling required. outfit wise: tube top provided and your own denim skirt n high heels. anything pls add mi in msn at n i will ans ur enquires.. thanks:)

Its jurassic period.. Im somehow lost in my own world. No idea how to cont this path. Im feeling vexed. Today is not a happy day for me. Two calls came n it screw up my everything. My whole plans for today became a busy one n a confusing one. Had late lunch n dinner with lynn dear at FEP as she wanna go there n get her fav dress. After that, we took train down to Bugis to meet daphne n her friend... I regretted, but at the same time i treat it as a gamble. Life is a bout taking risk. I gave up on the first n went for the risk. End up i lost. My mind told me.. i should just go for the first one. If i did, not only i will get in straight, i will also be able to rush for my tuition. I felt really bad to throw the tuition to him n neglected my students.. Out of 4 lessons, i turn up only once. While on the cab over to corporation rd, i called him n asked if im still needed there. Then i ask the cab uncle how long more i will reach. He ans: before 830pm. Sigh.. tuition ends after half an hrs time so whats the pt of going down just to see the student for 15min? I really dunno what im doing. In the end, i asked the uncle to send me home. However i met this kind soul who is the cab uncle himself. Before i alight at my hm, he ask me to leave my phone no down n even asked me which days do i have to go school? I ans: this thursday 1pm as initially i gotta meet a babe at atrium, but now tink i can go school at 2pm le. He said: ok.. i will be downstair at thurs. Nv knew he stayed quite near me too. I really dun seemed to understand myself anymore. Not anymore.. Im gone~
Tues-- Another day was wasted with nth being done. I spent whole hours n min sleeping, cuz i was caught in the dreamland, regardless is those wierd or bad dreams i had. It kept repeatedly appear in my mind till giddiness striked me. And thats when...
I realise im not feeling well. Was having headache for the whole day, feeling so restless, just wanna head to bed. N thats what i did, even when the clock strikes 12am, msges n wishes kept coming in, i wasnt notified too. My eyes couldnt open at all. My head is so heavy and floating... My tummy is in pain.. So sad.
But anyway, thanks everyone for the best wishes i've received. Its the best present i got for my birthday cuz this showed that im still remembered...:D PS: By the way, result is aredi out this morning n 7 were chosen out of so many. Those selected girls will be notified when the manager is back from KL within this week. Application is aredi closed just for your info...
Hi Gillian, I have choose them already and my Sales Manager, Mr Calvin Ching will assist me on this matter. Regards K. Ezekiel

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