Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 7-March 9

Sorry readers n everyone... been very busy for this two days of weekends. Haven been sleeping much too. So will be updating the posts on my birthday celebration soon after i've gotten the photos and also when im free~ stay tuned!! xoxo Just a short recap on last sat n sun! Sat-- Work plus My birthday celebration Headed down to tanah merah n waited for esther sweets to reach. While waiting, saw two other girls(angel n roxanne) standing alone. So i came up to them n this was when The foursome is formed.. LOL! Thats what i called clicks n destiny to bring friends together.. Soon, attendance was taken n the bus arrived to bring us all in to the car parks where im nt sure where is it exactly at. Everyone was splitted into sixes and Our group is considered the most happening n lively one where we really chit chat alot n keep laughing non stop. Self entertain.. But its extremely fun which make me stayed on for one more day...:DD Our job is very easy. Working as guerila squad. Just have to help to install the windscreen protector onto every luxury cars tat we can see in that carpark n its done.. The only disadvantage is only that there is no toilet around. Very inconvenient and also out of sudden, it was raining damn heavily which ended us all stucked in the rain. Around 4pm, I took train down to bugis junction to get changed before meeting ming jie n kaileng n her friend naomi. N not long after, my daring Ting called n said she reached too. They acc me to walk around to look for what i need to buy which is simply... just some brands which im deciding over for compact powder as i aredi owned kose, revlon, maybelline, loreal, n one more i forgotten le. Ettusais, MJ, ZA, paul n joe or chanel. So my final decision is......(read below n u will know) this is also a day where i owned my first chanel compact powder. Was tinking for almost a yr already wether should i get it anot cuz i dun really know if i will be sensitive towards it. But so far, used for two days.. Nth happened. Im delighted!! Will cont to buy when it finish.. Soon, ryan boy arrived n thats when its time for dinner. We chose sakae despite the queue. Had a good chat with each of them n also really damn happy that my birthday celebration can be celebrated tog with xue ting darling n my usual loves-ryan n kaileng!! After dinner, Ming jie left as he got to go back for camp duties. Now left the few of us to go n buy cake before going down to raffles to meet up with dominic n bro winston. Brought them to golden cafe for dinner whereby, selina n her bf, and candy came over to meet me there at this time. After bro wins finished his dinner, zhong huan called me n said he n his friend are aredi upstairs. So we slowly walked up n thats when the party starts till 5am... Those attended one includes: Nick sista, caleb, janice, steph, amigo n friends, alan my usual loves too tog with ryan one, anthony, claire girl n kenny, junxiang n friends, larry, alfie, william, sianli n friend, iris n jasline, vincent, lawrence, jj n friends. Think that's all i can remember. Sorry for those names not being mentioned.. But still a big n thousand thanks to those who turned up and with your lovely gifts.. I really feel very happy and glad to have all these friends in my life n also to those whom text me that u all cant come due to certain reasons. its ok. thanks fr the wishes anyway.. Love u all!! pictures times!! Let them do all the talking! Alven was so shy that he stayed in millions. Its only when i went downstairs then we get to talk to each other. I've got a total of 3 cakes bought by my beloved friends.. But only one cake is cut. Thanks many!!! Songs dedicated n sang to me by kaileng sweetheart is a happy birthday song celebrated tog with those around too, n mei li ben nu ren. At around 2am, xue ting darling came with her friend too.. Love her loads.. She really kept her promise by coming back to look for me. Muacks!! N songs she sang to me (zhu wo sheng ri kuai le by landy).. Nice one. N her friend skye sang mo ri zi lian.. Very nice!! Now my turn.. I sang 1 song to JX- (lin mong cao de wei dao by jolin ) and three songs in total to alan.. the guy which wished me happy birthday- (tian tian quan, yi ran shi peng you and dao bu liao by fan fan) Thanks for the applauses i've got from the crowds too...:) left the place at 5am as i still gotta work the next day. Without any sleep, guess my blood pressure will increase n i will be down with fever anytime. SO slept for 2 hrs overall. presents i've received!! Sun-- woke up by 830am n quickly start to prepare myself before heading down to TMS again. Today venue is at expo. The carpark there was freaking big. N i got sunburned.. nOW arms really like lobsters aredi. :(( lUNCH at marcow expree with my threesomes babes... We get to claim 3 dollars each from the in charge. HEES! Its really busy today n time pass faster as compared to ytd. But stil as fun as ytd with my lovely babes.. After work, we headed down to town where ding tai feng is our dinner place. Me n angel each ordered a mango pudding while esther babe had her dinner as she had to rush for work later. Just then, jess babe called n asked if i wanted to meet her at causeway point's jack place for belated birthday celebration but daddy called n said he specially cooked hainanese chicken rice today n wanted me to be back home for dinner. So home sweet home soon n slept till 9pm before i woke up to watch last epi of happily ever after while having dinner. Mon-- Acc the girls to the office at paya lebar where they had their briefing there for the upcoming it show. After that, we took bus down to CP to hav lunch, before taking train to the station where its nearest to my home. After alighting, i gotta cab home due to the heavy downpour.. home to take a nap n im going for tuition later on. Time to take a nap.. noon everyone!!

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