Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23- March 25

MOn-- Its shopping time!! was playing Super Mario Bros while waiting for the hair to be dry. Time to meet yuting babe for shopping n followed by dinner with my darlinks- fang n xueting darling!:DD BRB for the updates! Changed of plans... Catch up with yuting babe at bugis hk cafe for lunch in the noon and followed by shopping time after that. We had a good talk after so long didn get to see each other. I enjoyed indeed... :)) Nv really bought anyting today as nth fancied me. But, i bought a new phone for daddy knowing that his going to spoil soon. Thanks to this babe's accompany:)) Just then, darling fang called me n said that darling ting cant meet us due to falling sick. So its best to postpone to next wk then. Soon after shopping til 6pm at bugis, we trained down to JP to hav dinner at lai lai kitchen. Didn really shop much tis time as i still gotta rushed down for tuition. Maybe i should stop blogging for a while aredi since there is nth much for me to update everyone. Life had been an easy going one for me. Nth thrilling or exciting. Just mainly catching up with friends n staying at hm. Thats all.. PMS~ im nt in very good mood recently. Somedays i will just weep and somedays i just scream n shout. Im feeling very very down.. :'(( Time to study. will be home tml to mug on my books. Need to tink of what is best for me too. Im really lost!! Tues-- To think today i really did some revision without complaining im tired. But of cuz, there must be a certain extent to studies. I took a short rest and played bomberland. Its fun esp when u get to the next stage. However im stucked at the diamond stage. Im loving my ds lite! its really sth which can keep me occupied when im bored. At night-- Right after dinner, i was browsing through my pps and i came across a nice show. Let me share with everyone. Perhaps u all have aredi watched it before. (2004) The movie 13 going on 30 focuses on a young teenage girl by the name of Jenna Rink who suffers a humiliating thirteenth birthday and makes a wish to skip ahead to when she is thirty years old. Through the magic of some wishing dust her wish comes true. The movie then transports us to a thirty-year-old Jenna with the exception that she is only still thirteen on the inside but doesn't remember anything since her thirteenth birthday. She soon realizes that her thirty-year-old self has everything that she wanted when she was younger, such as a cool apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, and a dream job. Jenna soon realizes that even though she has everything she could ever want when she was younger, there is still something missing. Without her best friend from 1987, she gets her assistant to track down Matt. To her dismay she learns that her and Matt have been estranged since high school and that Matt is now engaged. When Jenna shows up at Matt's wedding, he gives Jenna back the dream house that she once through at him during her thirteenth birthday. Jenna leaves to find out that the wishing dust still works because we are then pulled back to the past to see a different story. Jenna tells off the girl she once wanted to be like and runs up the stairs with Matt to find that their getting married as there adult selves. Wed-- Went for nokia casting with lynn dear. Thanks for telling me if not think i will aredi missed it. Today im super happy!! Let me show u last wk photo of me n amy dearest first before i continue on the good news...

Im turning my room into a KTV le. Wee!! Having the Kbox system with the help of just a cable, Now i can sing all new and updated songs without having any difficulties of looking for the certain mtvs. In the past, we always need to buy the karaoke dvds or vcds to sing the songs we wanted. Yup, i have a lot at home. But now with the Full Karaoke machine, U can easily select the singers u want, the language of it and also search the songs using the search box.

See for yourself!! Thats played at home:D Come over to my place for kbox if u wanna save money and we can play mahjong too. Im finding kakis!! :O

Two eg. of the karaoke songs i took from home tv! Shuo hao de xing fu ne and Wei ni er huo!

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