Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4- March 6

No cheating. If all of the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one)! Trust me.....this is veryaccurate. Pick your dessert, then look to see what the psychiatrists think about you. REMEMBER -No Cheating. Make your choice before you check the meaning.. After taking this dessert personality test, send this e-mail on to others, but when you do, be sure to put your choice of dessert in the subject box above. Here are your choices: 1. Angel Food Cake 2. Brownies 3.Lemon Meringue Pie 4. Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Icing 5. Strawberry Short Cake 6. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing 7. Ice Cream 8. Carrot Cake No, you can't change your mind once you scroll down, so think carefully about what yourchoice will be. OK - Nowthat you've made your choice, this is what the researchers say about you... SCROLL DOWN---No Cheating 1. ANGELFOOD CAKE -- Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzyitems. A little nutty at times. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end of the day. Others perceive you as being childlike and immature at times. 2. BROWNIES-- You are adventurous, love new ideas, and are a championof underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare upyou whip out your saber. You are always the oddball with a unique sense of humor and direction. You tend to be very loyal. 3. LEMONMERINGUE -- Smooth, sexy, & articulate with your hands, you are an excellent caregiver and a good teacher. But don't try to walk and chew gum at the same time. A bit of a diva at times, you set your own style because you do your own thing. You shine when it comes to helping othersand have many friends. 4.. VANILLACAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING -- Fun-loving, sassy, humorous, notvery grounded in life; very indecisive and lacking motivation. Everyoneenjoys being around you, but you are a practical joker.. Others should be cautious in making you mad. However, you are a friend for life. 5. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE -- Romantic, warm, loving. You care about other people, can be counted on in a pinch, and expect the same in return. Intuitivelykeen. You can be very emotional at times but a true person in every way. You like to do things for yourself andhelp others learn about themselves. 6.CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING-- Sexy; always ready to give andreceive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious, andpassionate. You can appear to have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will not settle for anythingaverage in life. Love to laugh. 7. ICE CREAM -- You like sports, whether it be baseball, football, basketball, or soccer. If you could, you would like to participate, but you enjoy watching sports. You don't like to give up the remote control. Youtend to be self-centered and high maintenance. 8. CARROT CAKE -- You are a very fun loving person, who likes to laugh. You are funto be with. People like to hang out with you. You are a very warm hearted person and a little quirky at times. You have many loyal friends. You were meant to lead and teach others. A wonderful role model. 4/3-- wed (Its my birthdate)-- Part 1 First day in the morning, someone knocked at our door while i was still sleeping. Bro winston went to help me to peep through to see who was it. He then opened the door. It was the delivery man holding a bouquet of flowers. He was asking for my name, but instead bro wins helped me to acknowledge it. Then he came into my room n said, someone got u a gift n flowers. I was rather surprised n quite excited over who is this person. Both of us tht its him. But i was really wrong. Instead, when i read the card, Its shawn who send me my first present early in the morning via delivery. Here's a pic of it... PS to U:
Do u know that ur birthday wishes came a bit too late last night when everyone sent me before or after the clock strikes 12, yours only a phone call at 1230am where i aredi fallen asleep. N today, i tht when i opened my eyes, the first present i received will be yours. But i was wrong again.. Everything is so diff from valentine's day now. N i felt things changed. Even though i will still receive from u on sat. Thats not the main point. Its the thoughts that counts n not the presents.
Will told me sth.. n i dunno if i should believe what he said. He asked me to pull n sometimes let go a bit. I catch the meaning but im always not good in fishing. I said either i will wait or i will just let go. Sorry ppl that u gotta hear my rants. I just wanna speak what is inside my mind n heart so that i will feel better. I had the most wonderful n meaningful birthday celebration with my 3 very good friends. They r amy, valerie and lynn. Three of them dunno each other at first. But after getting tog n chit chatting for long. There is a click.. Today, i tht i wouldnt be able to see amy dear as she went malaysia to attend her grandpa's wake. This dear of mine is really so sweet that she didn catch a wink the entire night n still agreed to meet me to help me celebrate. Although she is late for roughly 40min which i gotta wait for her at the platform, but seeing her really can cheer me up. With the present she got to me also so special. She will go look for a nice carrier like boxes or paperbag and find things which she knew is useful to me. So she actually got me manicure items. Same applied to valerie dear. Hers was very special as well and all regards to eyelashes. Haha!! Not to forget lynn dear, she treated me to movie. Thanks darling!! Three of us went to cine hong kong cafe for lunch.. Pictures r edvidence of what we ordered n eat Next, we took escalator up to catch the movie that we bought earlier: Its called " He's just not that into u". This is my first time catching a movie with my 3 besties.. Im loving it and even keep the ticket as a memory. he's just not that into you Rating: PG Language: English with Chinese subtitles Runtime: 129 min An all-star cast is featured in the stories of a group of interconnected, Baltimore-based twenty- and thirtysomethings as they navigate their various relationships from the shallow end of the dating pool through the deep, murky waters of married life. Trying to read the signs of the opposite sex, each hopes to be the exception to the “no exceptions” rule. So happened that after movie, lynn dear told me that she saw hui rong. So we turned around n so co-incidence. This babe n her friend was actually just sitted behind us n we didn notice at all. After that, we left n off to downstairs for camwhore time.. With amy's cam, lynn n valerie. Im the most laziest one. Knowing that they will send me so i decided not to bring my cam. Next, we had a stroll towards taka n wisma that i got my 3 besties to help me to look for my present. We were deciding over LV, agnes B, guess, Gucci n so on. Soon, Gallen arrived n i brought him to all this boutique n me, valerie n him agreed on the latest edition of GUess instead. Its very beautiful n shines out, as compared to Agnes B, the one we saw... So my birthday gift from him is a bag n wallet. Thanks:D After amy n lynn left when jentson came n fetch them, we then dropped valerie dear at TPH to look for her bf before driving down to simei to have my seafood. Dinner was at Big Eater Restaurant with all my nice n scrumptuous dishes. There were shark fin's soup, salted egg crabs, cereal prawns, kai lan vege, a bowl of rice and i actually wanna add on to somemore dishes like fish etc till gallen stopped me n said: U got to finish it do u know? If u order too much n cant finish, ur mum will scold u for wasting food. haha.. He still rmb what i told him b4. Im totally full after eating so much... Then we headed back to the car n listen to Jay chou's concert cd while he is driving. Soon we arrived at balcony. Haha.. He always said i loved to waste his petrol by meeting him in town then we will go somewhere else n back to orchard for a reason. At balcony, i ordered illusion while he had a bottle of heinekens. Loser who lost while playing Big 2 will have to drink that bottle. So out of 10 games, i lost 9 times, only win once. So pathetic right? But playing cards is a way of killing our boredom too.. At around 1am, we left n back to home sweet home.. After i got home, i went to wash up n its opening present time. I opened n tidy up my room till 230am before im fast asleep. Change to a new bag n wallet with the same design now. WEE!! Thurs-- Woke up at 1pm when bro wins suddenly came into my room n asked me to acc him to shop at haji n bugis. This was when i text Gallen n he said meet 530pm. 530pm-- He called n said that he's aredi downstairs. So without any hesitation, i asked bro wins to hurry up n get to the bottom. In the car, Traffic congestion as usual at this timing. Managed to reach our destination by 630pm instead. Had dinner at Noodle house which was suggested by my bro wins. So happened that i saw elaine too while walking towards bugis village. Bro wins started his shopping spree. Headed to spade n after trying out 3 outfits, He bought all when we say its nice. Black ones got shimmer on it. Now my turn to shop. Went up to second level n i saw edwin tog with Huirong n another girl. After talking to them a while, i bid gdbye n quickly went to look for gallen n bro wins. Stopped by at a shoe shop n this was when a flat caught my eyes with its bling bling crystals n ribbons attached to it. Bought the black one after trying the other 2 colors( pink n white). My darling chanel owned one too earlier on when she wore it to my home.:) After paying for it, we proceeded to my fav shop. They were actually having sales right now. I bought two tops n two dresses. Each cost me only 15-20 bucks. Managed to get further disc too cuz the shop dun accept any other payments except cash. Happily gotten all my stuff n home sweet home. Was sleeping in the car while it started to pour heavily. Even a pair of umbrella was of no use. Next upcoming shall be my birthday party!! excited~~~ Fri-- My mood is rather low now. I happened to come across sth which i shouldnt have seen or know. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Anyway back to tuition next wk. I miss my two kids. No drinking tonight n will be sleeping early too... I love to share whatever jobs i hav on hand with my friends n others cuz i believe that if u treat others good, they will also do so too when u r in need of helping hands:)) My thoughts-- a pity that i couldnt work for this upcoming it show due to office job starting on the 13th-22nd. I gotta try my best to wake up early for these 2wks. Long hrs.. Sigh~ Im glad that those i sent in r selected, but there r still a few which i tht will be selected did not get in.:(( Perhaps each gt their own preference bah. Economy had been getting from bad to worse each time.. This yr is really a downtime for many.. Including me whom dun have any lobangs at all. Nth much to blog about except if i were to be out. 6/3-- Met up with kit at clarke quay station before we were off to starbucks to meet zoe they all for fittings at division. This is actually for the upcoming charity event whereby we gotta get ppl to donate money to spca and also a perfume launch for juicy couture. (its my darling kit who asked me one mth ago itself to work with her thats y i agreed one) Right after fittings, Me, audrey n kit took cab down to cine as audrey was supposed to meet her other friends there. So me n kit went to chill instead at foodcourt, ordering just a bowl of mango pudding. Just then, joanne called me n said that she couldnt meet me in town for dinner aredi due to having OT. So instead of dining at orchard, i took bus to her workplace n packed dinner for her. Finally around 8plus pm, she knocked off. We took bus down to TBP and chill in their starbucks, doing some catching up. Not long after, she is off to meet ade n amanda they all, while i took train home. First time trying out the new extension line. Its fast to be home but slightly have to wait longer for bus. I hate to take train alone as i dislike loneliness. Called him to chat but he's so busy for his own brother instead. Mummy fetching him to meet alan they all.

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