Sunday, September 12, 2010

Universal studio

thurs-- Dave came n pick me up from my hm at 12pm where thats the time me and annabel r ready to go....

USS(Universal studio)!!:D

We were indeed so excited that we kept asking him to drive faster.

Upon reaching, we began our adventure preview by looking at the map and deciding which way to go, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Took a few pictures while exploring the places:D

Watch where u go!

Who knows, someone famous is stalking you!
You turn and see this green face.
He introduces himself as Dr. Frankenstein…
and he lost his way in Hollywood Boulevard…

Our first stop was at the far far away land where we headed to enchanted airway for a junior roller coaster ride serving destinations throughout the world of shrek. It was fun! except that i was kind of feeling dizzy after the ride.

Next, we wandered into Shrek's Far Far Away Castle, where there was a 4D show to watch. 

This means you watch a 3D movie with the 4th D being the moving seats and special effects like water being spit at you, the wiggly spider crawling on to ur legs. Wear the 3D glasses provided, watch and physically feel the action from where you are seated as the fairytale adventure begins.
 It's a green, green world

The Singaporean young man who read us some instructions, obviously written for American voices, told us in his singsong faux American accent that we had to follow some rules, or "There will be frogging". We were told to repeat after him every time he mentioned the punishment for not following Lord Farquaad's rules.
"There will be frogging!" we shouted enthusiastically.

After a few shouts, we realized he meant "There will be flogging".
AFter spending the first hr at the far far away land, we had our lunch at fossil fuels, a fastfood restaurant. THere is this little boy who was queuing behind us asking his dad:
little boy: daddy, can i have fries and just the sausage will do?
Daddy: yes son, u can have anything u want, however the queue is very long. It shouldnt be called fastfood. should be known as "slow" food instead. Lets eat something else alright?
Just then, annabel bursted out laughing. haha! i fully agreed with the dad that it should be called slow food. The queue wasnt moving and even after 30min one of the hotdog meal was nt even ready yet. Not to say we ordered quite a lot somemore. This in turn makes us feel so sleepy eventually while waiting.

Ancient Egypt

Step into the golden era of ancient Egypt, with huge Egyptian statues looming high over you.
The giant Egyptian guards!
The Egyptian obelisk.

After dinner, we continued the adventure by proceeding to the ANcient Egypt and tried the Revenge of the Mummy, an indoor roller coaster ride. At first i tht its just an exploration of a maze to the mummy in the ancient period. Nv know its actually a high speed thrill roller coaster ride!!
We had to walk a long long way to reach the ride. Inside the building, they had obviously planned for long queues. You could run a marathon inside, using the queue path.

The ride itself was fun, with some cool effects like fire and an evil robot mummy damning us to hell, The most scariest part was the sudden stop and u tht that the dungeon door  in front will open.. unexpectedly, it actually went and drop backward and at a very super duper fast speed. All of  us eventually screamed at the top of our voice. I was scared to stiff.
After this ride, we entered lost world to go catch the waterworld show!:D We were just on time for the show at 4pm.
Catch the sensational ‘live’ water show with a tidal wave of death defying stunts,  daring stunts and real explosions.  It brings the silver screen to life! Check the schedules for the “WaterWorld” show.

There r two zones, one is the getting wet zone and the other is the safety zone. If u decided to sit at the front seats. Then prepare to get wet.

The Hero and the Beauty.
Nice grip! And a jump with style!
Obviously, this baldy is the villain with a blind eye.
Lot of gun-firing scenes throughout the show, with stunt men riding on motor boats and splashing water to the first few rows of spectators. Nearing the end of the show, a small plane (prop) caught fire and fell onto the water, followed by a series of explosions. Awesome show!

Right after the show, we headed over to sci-fi city to explore the rest of the rides.

I think the most exciting ride at the theme park is Battlestar Galactica CYLON (blue track) at Sci-Fi City.  The red track is for Battlestar Galactica HUMAN; as the name suggests, it’s more for “human”, so it’s relatively a “milder” ride as compared to CYLON! Both are dueling coasters, which means the two roller coasters will narrowly avoid collisions as they twists and turns! Its a pity that the big roller coaster that everyone had been awaiting for was closed. The reason behind the five-month shut down of Universal Studios Singapore star attraction, the Battlestar Galactica was..
A metal bar holding a seat to the chassis of the ride had given way, due to the repeated stress of the high-speed motion, and this sent the seat flying to the ground. Safety measures were added ever since the incident.
Accelerator is about mad spinning, and I’m not into it!

Lastly, we went back to the Attractions at Jurassic Park – Rapids Adventure (where you will be tossed and get wet!),

But rmb to get a disposable rain coats at 2 dollars per piece if u r not prepared to get wet. I can assure u that this is not just water spill onto u type of getting wet. We are talking about Wet T-shirt Night drenched. One whole pile of water just falls onto u.
The ride itself was okay. Some bumps and turns, some spills. The highlight was supposed to be the T-Rexes and random dinosaurs lurching at you. I am not sure why but we were not too frightened by them. 

soveniers bought using the left over amt on the tickets

AFter USS, he sent annabel to go look for her dad while dropping me at illuma to go sing k with dionna they all.

Cornelius came after that n we drove down to timbre@the substation to meet eugene, jacq and dom they all:) The live band for tonight was real good:D

Last min we headed down to phuture and i went to look for lorraine too. Its been quite a while since we last catch up too. Really feel so happy to see her.

Fri-- Its melvin's 21st birthday!!:D Headed down to the irish pub known as dirty nelly, located near marina square. WHat a co-incidence again:D been seeing edith just a few days ago n so happened that melvin is her pri sch mate somemore. We had games and buffets. Those food was nice esp the mash potato:) Esther was here as well tog with her bf danneth. Its nice seeing all the familiar faces of my friends.

However as the games involved drinking of shots, i didn really participate in any cuz dont wish to drink any alcohol. So to me it was kind of boring. Soon there's prize presentation and cutting cakes session before agnes dear and  vanessa sweets came too.

Around 1130pm, Yip mun left with us too for zouk but halfway through we lost them, so entered without them.

Went to the back of  the bar in phuture to go look for eric they all. Just so happened that den ling was there as well. Happy sailing!!:D same cliques as usual... alex- my grey riding hood cum dancer bf and eric's friends and also bumped into aaron they all.

Thanks to joel for all the ice water whenever i felt that im a bit tipsy aredi. The crowd was tremedously packed as today is a public holiday. So didn even get a chance to get to the dancefloor. Agnes was kind of drunk by 3am that we decided to leave the place. Thanks to Ryner for sending us home and not to forget Happy 20th birthday to him:D

Sat-- Met up with all my good friends!:D annabel, agnes, fang and xueting. Me n annabel headed down to supperclub for the blogshop flea before going down to bugis to meet the rest for dinner. To say this time round there wasnt much to buy actually., But i saw adeline my sec classmate there too:) Got a top at 15 dollars which is from US.

At around 7pm, dave came n pick us up n off we drove down  to bugis junction for sakae:D Sky is as crappy as usual. Happy for xueting for finding the right guy in her life. We had lots of lame jokes and conversation in between our dinner that annabel was kind of being influence by us too that she began to crap as well..

After dinner, we headed down to bonkers to have a game of poker and dices before off to PH. I had only warm water due to the terrible cramps.

Tonight PH really sucks!:D too crowded with no space at all that we skip the dancefloor once again. The music was nice but not the crowds. Bumped into caleb n his friends, irene and friends, not to forget leslie too:D JJ as usual with his friends. I even saw fiona and her friend, including reiko n her friends too:D

At around 2am, we left and back to my home sweet home:D. Lately, clubbing is not my kind of thing anymore. DOnt find the thrill in it anymore... So usually i always left before it even closed. Went only less than 2hrs.

Sunday- Went out to take a breathe when i wasnt feeling that well at night. D came n pick me up n we headed down to timbre first. But seeing that it wasnt opened for business tonight,  we droved over to chijmes instead. That was when he suddenly suggested to go shanghai dolly to catch soccer live match and to listen to the liveband. So eventually i called eric n alex too when they r just at raining bar. It was rather fun esp i began to shuffle with alex too. Stayed till 4am before home sweet home.

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