Thursday, April 2, 2009

1st April- 5th April

1/4-- Gillian dislike April fool's day!! Not only it reminds me of the sad moments, it made me feel so down too.. I lost my loved ones last year and tht that my parent was just kidding me, so didn really take it to heart. I didn even get to see granny's last time. I lost my friend too when i recieved shocking msgs. Its nt funny or a joke to me.. But make me feel super miserable. It really seemed so real. I dunno isit true or just april fool? But i really wanna know what's going on??? HP going to spoil soon as i just dropped it on the floor days ago and internet connection got problem too. sian!! argh~ Dinner with valerie love at marina square carl's junior. We took 1hr plus to finish walking the whole of marina square. Didn buy anything. Only went in to shops such as action city, lifestyle, molecules n play with their thing. Just then, we headed to the ladies and this is when i told valerie: Gillian: Darling, dont walk in. becareful. There is a robber inside! Valerie: Where? Really? (shocked) Gillian: April Fool! Its actually just a painting of a robber snatching an old lady's bag, chasing after her. Actually the purpose of being lame is to entertain ourselves and to make our meet up more interesting with laughter. Valerie did make my day.. The bread looks real. Valerie bought one with the keychain attached to hang in her car:) Sorry everyone!Wont be blogging that often anymore.. Rather busy this weekends!! :D Thurs-- Partyworld with esther n chris at orchard... Dinner at hotpot culture with xueting, fang n her friend. Chill out at outdoor cafe with amy n harry. Fri-- Work at sbab for their pirate n sailor theme. Got some last min changes that y im happy to see joanna n nikki too. Lynn is working with us as usual. Saw edmund once again after the very last time which was last yr. Our sexy pirate of the day- Lynn Our cute captain-joanna Not to forget the cute sailor-nikki & me -one of the sailor ("sailormoon") Our sweet driver- Thanks girl for sending us out~ AFter work, went to look for amy n kev at coffee bean at westmall, before we were off to jurong hill to meet the rest of kev's friends for prawning. Seemed to be such a long time since i last prawned. It was fun esp when u get to fish the prawn on your own n bbq it after that. Got home at 5pm n slept till 930am today. (thanks gaius for sending me home) PS: Happy Birthday to Mabel pretty!! Sorry that i couldnt attend your birthday party as i wasnt feeling that well... Thanks for the invite.. u r so so sweet~:D Most of the wei wo du zun ppl did attend. Sat- Work for M1 Roadshow held at PS. Didn realise that it was actually from them that i was selected as i actually work for them before for the LG roadshow 2years ago.. Didn even know who else were working except roxanne who was the one who told me bout this, n till i reach ps then saw total of 12 girls n 4 guys~ It was an extreme tiring n fun day~. Tiring as in we were even caught in the rain in the evening. Everyone was grouped into 4 and further splited into pairs. All we have to do is to give out flyers n balloons. My team includes Angel, me, roxanne n kston. To say we actually knew each other one. So co-incidence. Of cuz not to mention those friendly n sweet girls i've known: min er, kerien, yue wei, junn, Nice knowing all these wonderful babes~ Lets cont-- At first we were station near the monopoly area, then who knows, due to shorthanded at OG, me n angel gotta go over n join them. Thats how we knew marvin as well. He's really hardworking. One turn of our body only, n we saw him standing further up already. Soon it was break time. At first, we tht of centrepoint as thats the nearest. Ended up, me n angel had a lunch of over 57 dollars at TCC. Thats really ex for just a lunch. We didn know too till we saw the menu, but was aredi too lazt to change location. Work supposed to end at 7pm, but client extended one more hr so end up we gotta work till 8pm. Really tiring standing with 3inch heels on. After work, we quickly changed inside the room and off for dinner. Had dinner at Long john after considering so long. Supposed to meet gaius for movie after that but last min, everything was cancelled due to some reason. So headed home early to have an early night rest instead. Slept from 11pm till 9am. Sun-- It was an extreme fun day once again. Marvin kept cracking jokes to make me n angel laugh. Even roxanne knew whats going on:) Ended work 1hr early as we were all super efficient. After work, we headed to kfc to chill before going home. Reach home at 10pm. N off to bed straight.
Life is unpredictable, Its full of obstacles. U will never know what will happen the next moment.. Thats y enjoy your day to the fullest like I did.
We will never be able to make everyone happy or like you. But what we can do is always be ourselves... What u think is right, just go about doing it without any regrets. Belief is the word to trust~
2009 had been a fulfilling and enjoyable year for me so far. Been through a lot but im strong enough to cont my path that far... more will be coming up.
Thanks for the concern to some of my friends: Im fine now~
Im happy with the life im having now. With great friends around. ( I treat friends better than i treat myself) With things I enjoy doing... Im contented... :D

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