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21th april- 26th april

which one is you?
Tues-- invade into sp n had lunch at canteen 4. Lost my bus pass, went to make a new one n headed for a last min shoot before back home. Thanks to uncle who came all the way to pick me up. Wed-- school then followed by home due to some time changes, np then cabbed home as amy is nt well, so last min nt going to her place to revise, Got home at 430pm. recently i had been chasing over this hong kong drama series after watching it from ch.u. Its getting exciting. How xinyi had her revenge etc.. As i open the door, i saw a new big cabinet. Dunno this is for who. So end up mummy shifted some of my clothes over knowing that i got too many that r nt even hanged too. Now i occupied a total of 4 big wardrobe. Time to clear them once exam is over. came out of home at 640pm and trained down to clarke quay to meet the girls for our nights out. Got to fly!! will be back soon to update the rest of the details. Latest by sun since i will be home whole day to catch the "star award".. Its a happening fun ladies night!! Before that, joanna, janise, janelle and I met up at riverside point (A971 cafe) for a get-together session organised by trina. Soon after, liana and valerie got to the place too. Xianoi n Juliana came over to look for us as well..:)

Stay there till 1030pm before we headed down to the new butterfactory. It was extreme long queue, luckily we got guestlist to enter in without having to queue that long.. Not long after, liana's friend n also xia noi's friends arrived. (its been a long long time since the girls can catch up tog again). Really fun!!:> Drank n dance non-stop. hangover the next day. All the "high" n unglam photos of us!! Before high with the drinks we had~

group photos~

After high~ Thanks to louis, janelle's bf who gave me n janice a lift home. Our sweet janelle was aredi drunk by then that we dun even know what she is mumbling. lol! 23/4-- invade into nyp. Met up with sweet audrey at yio chu kang n both of us slowly walked over to the school. After work, had lunch with huiling n her friends at amk hub. Home after that to study. slept from 8pm to the nextday 9am. 24/4-- watch the last two epi of flamming butterfly in canto version.. Daddy was so surprised that i actually understand cantonese. Mummy is a cantonese, but too bad i dun really know how to speak. ALways trying to learn. I teared when there is this scene where the hubby wrote a msg to the wife, xinyi when his finger is being chopped off. Its a rather complicated n interesting family story. All bout 3 diff families living under one roof n not feeling contented. There's many family disputes, revenge over two co., r/s that is complicated, misunderstanding that leads to conflicts etc.. Invade into TP. Back to grandma hse after that. While i was on my way back to grandma's place alone, i really felt so lonely at that time. So helpless too when i couldnt find my way back. Big uncle kept extracting out those drama series dvds n wanted me to pass to mummy. Soon after, it was time to meet daniel at PS. We catch "handsome suit".
HANDSOME SUIT Rating: PG Genre: Comedy, Drama Language: Japanese Subtitles: English & Chinese Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa Cast: Muga Tsukaji (DRUNKDRAGON), Shosuke Tanihara, Keiko Kitagawa Runtime: 115mins Website: Let's be handsome! - Takuro Oki (played by Muga Tsukaji of the comedic duo DrunkDragon) is a 33-year-old single and gentle man. However, due to his appearance, he has never fall in love before. One day, he confesses his love to his pretty restaurant’s helper Hiroko but is rejected. The heart-broken Takuro goes shopping and by chance, comes into possession of a magical suit that makes its wearer incredibly good-looking, transforming ugly duckling into super gorgeous model. This magical suit is called “Handsome Suit”. Can the new Takuro win the heart of Hiroko now? Overall i find it soso only. Not as what i expected. Wil only give it a popcorn of 3/5? Hmm after movie, we proceeded for our late dinner just right opp paradiz centre where they sold the famous chicken rice. Immediately after the meal, we hit the best selling beancurd stall around that area. Sat upstairs where its air-conditioned. After eating, Both of us took a long stroll towards the train station as its still early. We even by- pass the lan shop n the cue room.
Daniel accompanied me to take the same train down to tanjong pagar, not cuz he's sweet but he just wanted to have a seat back to woodland instead. LOL!! I love night time!! Cuz its a day whereby it belongs to me, my brothers n sweeties time again.. A pity that this whole mth, kaileng cant joined us due to certain reason. Luckily, i gt my sweetie jez's accompany.. Getting much exciting each time for our outing. Im still looking forward to the may trip!! After ryan boy arrived, he acc me to wait for the rest at the station control. AT around 1145pm, alan n sweetie reached. We then make our way to bonkers. Gosh, thats when we lost our way. Not as near as i tht so too. Called darling ting n she immediately came with skye for our rescue. LOL!!

Hmm well, everyting was fine except that the pub closed early today which spoilt everyone's mood out of the sudden. Nevertheless, we still proceeded on with our supper at maxwell market. After supper, everyone splited n home sweet home! Sweetie is tonning at my place. 25/4-- My sweetie jez stayed over at my place today. So happy!! as usual, we normally will plan our prog ahead. Woke up at 1230pm, prepared ourself for our kbox session after lunch.. WEe!! We had an extreme good time singing at home before preparing ourselves for dinner later. After so long, today then i realised she actually can sing quite well. :D Sweetie n bro winston each recommend me to new songs.. thats how my blog songs r updated once again:)) At around 730pm, gallen arrived n we quickly rush down n get on to the car. Off for sakae sushi. Initially wanna had it at PS, but carpark was full so our alt choice was bugis. Upon reaching bugis junction, we saw these super long queue at sakae. Just then, the assistant came out n told everyone that last order is 930pm, n they will be closing at 10pm. This was when we decided to just dine in at NYDC with eeyore accompany. lol!! Ordered pizza, pasta n spag. Right after dinner, we walked towards the library and gallen dropped me n sweetie jez at clarke quay. Its Mr Darren's birthday!! he held the party at Lunar. Stayed there till 230am with all the dancing n listening to the live band. We played 007. Guys were like watching the soccer match that is screened on the tv. Not long after, bro winston came over alone. Saw xianoi n her sec friend too at lunar. haha.. what a co-incidence!!:) At around 245am, Harry arrived, n time to leave. We walked over to the carpark opp novotel n got in the car. Drove down to cine. Wee!! The night is still young. So 4 of us intend to play pool. We even played doubles till the pool room is closed. Guess at which hours we left? In the morning at 5am. After pool, we headed to pioneer mall for early breakfast. Got home at 630am n slept till 630pm. Sun-- home whole day catching star award and studying for exam. Gallen betted saying if i fail the paper, i will have to give treat to him. No way man!! Im sure to pass.. "Believe" is the word i tell myself..

This is my diary.. a place for me to share my everyday life with others. I may appear to be a happy go lucky type, but deep down inside me, there r many difficulties that im facing. Couldnt voiced out too as a good friend of mine told me before, Regardless whether we r happy anot, life still has to move on, the world is still revolving n every min n sec kept passing.. So instead of remembering the unhappiness, y not just jot down what u r happy with n treasure on?

Not many could really understand me. But im glad most do.. Basicially, i may seemed to be hanging out with diff friends all the times. But that doesnt mean those whom i haven been catching up with r forgotten. I know everyone of us got our own busy life to handle. Once a while, a get-together is best. Some ppl may tht i simply dun care as i didn reply their smses sometimes. That's not the reason at all. I do care.. But my best friend amy knew what circumstances im facing now. Hp bill is getting more expensive. I gotta save on smses as i dont have unlimited sms to rely on. Daddy wanted me to be much independent too that if i can afford to help out with some utility bills, that would be better too. Im stressed out... All i can do is only to hope that tml will be a better day, n tml's tml will be a much better day.. Its like letting days pass without knowing what exactly will happen next.

My heart hurts too when i knew that we r starting to drift further, yet i cant take any action. Im in a dilemma. Ryan boy knows me well. He's the only one who knows whats going on. Sometimes i really felt like letting go, but if i do, will i be happier? Or to say will u be fine?

In life we meet people, things with surprise.Because we never know what gonna come next.But as for the good thing, it stays long enough in our heart <3>

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