Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6th april to 12th april

Mon- once again, work as gatsby ambassador to go around all schools and give out samplers to them. Total of 8days for the whole wk of april. Gatsby will be using back the girls whom worked for them. So me, joanna, angela n belinda were selected. First day of work. Report to the co by 10am for styling n briefing, plus fittings. Transport to NTU by 12pm. Off work by 2pm. Headed home to rest before proceeding for tuition. Tues-- Headed out to meet claire at tanjong pagar. Very long never get to see her le since the last time i went over to her office at meridien to look for her. Lunch at the exchange before accompanying her to go check out the wedding package. Out of 5 which we went, only 2 met all the criteria which she wanted n can consider. This girl said she gotta go back n discuss with her hubby first too. The first one really quite attractive esp the trip to HK. Think i would consider to take that too when i get married next time. Happy for her esp when she finally found the one!! Girl stay happy always k? We had a very nice catch up session afterall. Bump into dawn n babyfairy at tiong bahru control. Me n Claire had steamboat buffet for dinner at our usual raja inn. After dinner, off to fairprice to buy daily necessarities. We took the trolley and went to shop around. Around 7plus, i acc her home to put the things down and we catch "bu liang siao hua" together. Just then, a friend of mine, Keith from SMU called me n asked if i'm free to meet for supper. Soon after kenny is home around 10pm, i left and keith was aredi waiting downstair by then. We drove down to labordor park for a stroll and a long chat. Happened to bump into a friend of mine who work in citigems. We chatted a while before cont to walk. After a stroll, we headed down to pasir panjang rd for supper. I ordered ban mian as would love to eat some soupy stuff today. Just then, Elaine n xiao nan walked in and happened to sit just beside us. Wasnt so sure at first, so i decided to call her name to see if it was her. So co-incidence, its really her. We had a short chat before its time for me to make a move. Got home around 130am. (Thanks to keith for sending me home). Wed-- Busy mugging on my books. Few more weeks to exam.. Time for revision... Dinner at raffles city before off for a shoot at marina barrage. Changed to a total of 3 outfits for 2 hrs. Supper at lau pa sat after that before home sweet home by 12am. Thurs-- Woke up at 1pm and went to prepare myself to meet Amy dearest at Chinatown point for lunch. We had traditional dessert and also a plate of fried oyster after walking from places to places just to find nice food. Trained back with her and met gallen. We then drove down to suntec city for dinner n movie. Dinner was at soup restaurant with my fav steamed chicken with ginger, fish, baby kai lan and not to forget the herbal soup. Sounds like 3 dish and 1 soup right? Indeed.. I was so famished that i even ordered one bowl of rice. Watched the musical fountain at the fountain of wealth.. Catch this at Eng Wah~ Shinjuku incident Rating: NC16 Consumer advice: Violence Genre: Action, Drama Language: Mandarin with English and Chinese Subtitles Director: Derek Yee Cast: Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu, Naoto Takenaka, Xu Jinglei Runtime: 120 min Website / Trailer: http://shinjukuincident.emp.hk/en_main.html  Chinese migrant communities in Tokyo are shunned by mainstream society, hounded by the Yakuza and live each day in fear of being discovered and repatriated. It is an alien world for Steelhead, an honest, hardworking tractor repairman from northern China, who took the perilous journey to Tokyo in search of his girlfriend, Xiu Xiu. Steelhead wins the respect of migrants by establishing a base for them and forming an uneasy alliance with the Yakuza. But his peace is short-lived as he learns that his friends are being used to front the Yakuza’s drug business. Steelhead feels responsible for this turn of events but can one Chinese migrant take on the yakuza? Reach home before 12am once again and went to bed straight. Fri-- Happy good friday to all!! But it wasnt exactly a gd friday when i recieved sms from someone ytd. sad sad~ Maybe i should say wish him happiness bah since he cant even forget bout the ex. Anyway, slept till 11am n woke up just to mug on my books once again till 3pm. Prepare myself and headed out to meet my jc babe, jessica for dinner and movie. So long nv catch up aredi since chinese new year. Our meeting place is marina square as we were thinking of catching "handsome suit" at GV. I could still rmb our first movie was "200 pounds beauty". We teared inside the cinema together. Upon reaching there, we saw the long queue. That eventually changed our initial plan. After shopping at Marina square, we crossed over to suntec and procceded to basement 1. Thats where our dinner is taken at. Dine at KennyRogers for my belated birthday treat. They served great dishes such as the side dish (potato salad, cheesy macaroni, mash potato and not to forget my fav cone niblets)that comes together with our set meal, the fried chicken. Its extremely filling. Next we went to shop around all shops including cotton on where i actually bought 2 tops from there.. Happened to bump into jason, joanna n her sis in the same shop too:). Before the movie is going to start, we went to carrefour to do some essential shopping too.. Then, took escalator up to catch... the sniper Rating: NC16 Consumer advice: Violence Language: Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles Director: Dante Lam Cast: Richie Jen, Edison Chen, Huang Xiaoming Runtime: 87min Ming (starring Richie Jen) is renowned as the top shooter in the police force. But behind the legend lies a skeleton in the closet: his former teammate and superb marksman Ching (starring Huang Xiaoming), who was jailed for accidentally killing a hostage, has just been released. With only vengeance in his mind, Ching determines to take on Ming and the police, believing they are the real culprits for his fall. When a high-security prisoner transfer is sabotaged by a mysterious sniper and a major convict has escaped, Mind and his team are dispatched to profile the suspect. O (starring Edison Chen), the hot-headed rookie of the team, surprises everyone by accurately replicating the suspect’s impossible shots. Ming sees the potential in this youngster and decides to take him under his wing. Yet when O becomes fascinated by Ching and determines to top his shooting skills, he might become another wild card on the loose. Meanwhile, Ching continues his plan with the largest heist ever in the city. Believing that Ming has withheld key evidence that could free him, Ching decides to lure his target in by holding Ming’s daughter as hostage and re-enacting that fateful day. It is the ultimate showdown amongst the three skilled snipers in the Hong Kong cityscape… It was not as exciting as the jacky chan one. This is just a story mainly all about whose the top shooter. Quite disappointing.. Not as what i expected. Watched from 930pm to 1115pm and off we took train home together. Sat-- Lunched at Astons with stephanie babe at suntec city. My third time there consecutively.. The food there was delicious. I would definitely choose that place to dine in next time too. Around 4pm, we headed down to bugis street and thats when i spend 70 over dollars on bandage skirt, two safety shorts, one gold shimmering necklace and also a pair of very furry short brown boots. Out of a sudden, it began to pour heavily. We couldnt step out of the village at all. So no choice, cont to walk the whole street n up the level. Just then, clement brought umbrella over to shelter us over to bugis junction to look for my dear fang. This darling of mine wanted to go over to illuma to take a look at the new shopping centre. However as her bf's friend not yet arrived, me, stephanie n clement make a move over to illuma first. So co-incidence.. happened to bump into janice babe there. We were talking bout her earlier on, wanting to call n ask where is she n to see if she is free to join us. Who knows, we actually saw her n her friends there. haha:)) Went there a while before heading home to wait for fion to arrive at my place as she will be staying with me for a night. After putting down the stuff, we r off to cine to catch a movie. Headed for dinner at pastamania first before shopping around to see whats there to buy. Sth caught my eye at level 2. Its a white color bag with a gold chain as the lock. (pict to be uploaded soon) While fion bought two pairs of heels n pumps. 2nd pair off 50 percent.. We were said to be 5min late to catch... FAST AND FURIOUS 4 Rating: PG Genre: Action-Thriller Language: English with Chinese subtitles Director: Justin Lin Cast: Vin Diesel,Paul Walker,Michelle Rodriguez,Jordana Brewster,John Ortiz,Laz Alonso,Gal Gadot,Shea Whigham,Tego Calderón Runtime: 106 min Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reteam for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed—Fast and Furious 4. Heading back to the streets where it all began, they rejoin Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars across Los Angeles and floor through the Mexican desert in the new high-octane action-thriller. When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O’Conner (Walker). But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmanuever him. And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what’s possible behind the wheel. Right after the show, we went ahead to chill at gloria jean's while waiting for joseph to reach. Didn know miner was there too till i called her. Haha.. so co-incidence, i saw quite a few friends at cine too. All catching movie. Ryan was with his friends at level 9, miner n her friends at k box, bryan n friend just got to cine to catch shinjuku incident. n a few more which i cant really recall at the moment. After william n joseph arrived, we drove down to bishan's prawning area. Rodney joined us at a later hour. So total 6 of us went for prawning. Caught a few but everyone was so shagged that we actually ended the session earlier, no chance to bbq the prawn. Gave the alive prawns to others instead. Got home at 4am. Chatted with fion for a little while n both of us tucked in to bed. Sun-- HAPPY EASTER DAY!! woke up at 1pm and got myself prepare to meet esther n chris at vivo for our appt over some discussion. Spend time together at gloria jean's till 530pm where esther gotta make a move while i waited for jezebel babe to arrive. Soon around 6pm, she finally reach.. Its been like 1 year plus since i last catch up with her. Both of us had been busy with our life that we hardly get to have a get-together session. So happy to see her once again. N we agreed that from now on, there will be more of such outings too.. Next up, we will go out of town together. looking forward to either june~ haven plan. back to the outing.. Headed to sushi tei for dinner and we ordered quite a few sushi plates plus our fav chawanmushi. Chatted a lot and did a long catching up till 8pm. Before we began to walk around to see whats interesting. Just then, this babe suggested going for bowling. haha.. indeed a good idea. Very long didn bowl aredi. Kind of tempted too.. So this was when she told her friend where to meet n i called joseph to see if he wanted to bowl too. Two cars arrived around 930pm and off we headed to superbowl!! wee~ its really fun. I love recreational activities. Changed to the bowling shoes and we started to challenge each other till 1130pm. Had a small picnic there too enjoying tidbits. Our score: Both me n jezebel-- hmm, nt that excellent though, but good try after so long didn play aredi. Joseph n neo-- good results... can be much better after more tries. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves a lot with laughter n fun!! See u soon babe.. xoxo:)) Im enjoying my life everyday with fulfilling activities n great friends around. Im more than contented n blessed:)) Lets just hope for the best!!:)

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