Friday, September 4, 2009

23/8-- sec 4a cls gathering at shokudo raffles city. 26/8-- Work with janelle at chong pang camp for their GI Joe theme. Tnks to the person there who called us for the job. Work was pretty fun when it comes to 7pm cuz more n more ppl arrive. After work, sam sent me down to meet tommy they all as Nigel is leaving next mth to france for studies, so just a mini celebration for him. SO co-incidence, everyone actually know each other. Kerson came down too as all of them r clsmate last time. The world is rather small. :)) went to birdie as usual cuz chris is their regulars there:). my dear mandy was as sweet as b4. I haven been stepping into any pubs aredi since 4mths ago. Evryone was having great fun there singing, playing pool till 4am then we gt home. It was raining by then. Kerson n kayson was both a little drunk aredi that he cant really drive too. Overall, it was a great catch up session. Haven been seeing the guys for long too.:) Bon voyage Nigel! 27/8-- met up with joel after sch for a short dinner. He's been busy with his ntu stuff ever since after ord. Havent been seeing him for long except the last time where he saw me in town? ;lol. before that, headed out to meet audrey to buy xuan hong's 21st birthday present.Then accompanied her down for a briefing before we cabbed to jp to meet alan n joel for the final destination 4..

28/8-- work for mindef 2nd anniverary tog with janelle. After work rush down for Xh's 21st birthday celebration at siloso beach resort. WE played lots of games till morning.. Stayed over till 10am today. 29/8-- knock out once i gt home and slept till 7pm, woke up, had dinner n went back to bed again.. 30/8-- watch the proposal with HK at 5pm. ate din tai fung for dinner n we spent 1 hr in arcade having fun with the games n machine over there. Got home by 11pm. 31/8-- went office n work. 1/9-- its teacher's day.. i had a fun day today just by working with yuting. Was working for the closed door events at vivo tangs. When just happened that elson n the director was at vivo too. They were rushing for the gala premiere. we chatted a little while n took a photo for memory as the director requested us to do so. Right after work, ray came down n meet me for supper. We drove over to cck's 24hr area to have beancurd n my fav fishball soup:)) home by 12am after sending yuting dear home:) 2/9-- all by myself.. work for fuel festival pre launch from 7-11pm at suntec alone. thanks to ting for the job intro. Luckily i got nigel n tom's accompany. They came down to acc me by chilling at starbucks while im working at balaclava. supper with ray again at east coast. we ordered all food related to satay:)) 3/9-- went to work today after school and only knowing that "michael learns to rock" will be coming over to our office to make a special appearance for their mini performance. Its a boyband whom will be having their concert tour this coming fri. everyone in the office turns gaga when they saw them at our board room resting before their mini concert starts... met valerie n her bf for dinner at raffles' city soup spoon to celebrate her belated birthday which i promised to make it up for her n also to pass her her present too. so co-incidence, the chef is none other than my friend joe. its been a few yrs back since we last catch up...Thanks for the drink:)) after dinner, jeffrey brought us out for a spin before i left the couple alone n headed home by myself:) 7/9-- met up with joanna n went to work together:) Now our company is packed with staff but limited laptops for usage. headed down to the cathay for dinner with baby to meet her friends.. weilong n his clicks!!:) we caught final destination 3d version too. Thanks to eragon for the lift home:)) 8/9-- happy tuesday!! my bro just got back from his poc. watch G force at causeway pt with A.D!! 9/9-- down with headache in the morning, dragged my feet to work after that... met the twins at tamp1 for dinner at dian xiao er before training down to wm to meet jasmine to console her.

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