Friday, September 4, 2009


Pardon me for nt touching my blog for super longgggggg.... To say so i dun hav anyting interesting to share with u guys n readers. all r just my daily updates on what im busy with.. Usually i will log in to my blog just to listen to the songs. apology for the too wordddy post. keen to know what i've been doing earlier on can just read on..:) 20/8-Its the start of the ghost festival today!! incense n paper money could be seen being burned to ashes. ANw, work for infocomm commerce conference today at suntec tog with serene. Both of us were the only girls who are selected. Thanks to florence from evc for the job opportunity:)) Job scope pretty easy- just have to get the visitor to engage in a simple lucky draw dip game when they filled in the feedback form. Target to hit is 400. Work from 830am to 3pm. In between there is a 30 min break. We gotta take turn to go for the break too. after work, i immediately rushed down for a cosplay fitting. Its as gundam character. Fang darling acc me there n waited for me to be done. Off we headed to window shop around at orchard. We were being approached by the teenage mag for the eversoft. Had dinner n back home. 22/8--yacht club shoot with 30 over photographer. shirley xia is one of the model too. She's from jb.

behind the scene

Shoot till 5pm, i headed down to wm to look for audrey n we trained to town to look for janelle n her friend. Had waraku at heeren, walked to orchard central to look for audrey's friend then waited for roy n ray to arrive. drove to yishun dam for the racing car. spooky stuff seemed to happen to roy's car while we were on our way to jb on sat... off to jb for seafood at 1am.. home by 4am.

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