Monday, August 24, 2009


My blog seemed to be rotting... in fact no interesting updates to be shared thats y i didn touch my blog for long aredi.. Lots of personal n emotional stuffs which i see no pt mentioning here, so shall just post things which r happier on the note.

DSLR makes wonder!!:D Pics took place at the west coast ferry rd. Random stuffs to share:) a few video link to share. Thats all.. im longing for... 愛不能從頭 這該死的愛

watson is now launching their new watson's card!! For only just 5bucks, u can earn points n rebates for your lifetime:))

i've gotten mine!! How about u?

while browsing youtube for more dramas starring lee min ho n kim hyun joong, I came across their special edition for the BOF

wat happen to each of them after 5 years later?

F4 5 Years Later Story EP 1 - Yi Jeong

F4 5 Years Later Story EP 2 - Woo Bin

F4 5 Years Later Story EP 3 - Yoon Ji Hoo

F4 5 Years Later Story EP 4 - Goo Jun Pyo

21/8-- went back office to work, met up with audrey n roy, douglas n fang for ps ajisen at night. movie with ray, audrey n roy. Caught the thriller-last house on the left Me n audrey kept covering our eyes when there's killing scene. So obscene n gross.. Initially after movie we intended to drive in to jb, end up change plan as roy forgotten his passport while arriving at the custom. Went cine kbox till 6am. morning breakfast at west coast mac till 7am before ray sent me home. 22/8-- slept less than 6 hrs n im up to prepare for my shoot later.. its gonna be fun.. at the yacht. cant wait!! spooky stuff seemed to happen to roy's car while we were on our way to jb on sat. Audrey mentioned she heard someone saying hi to her while she was alone in the car. due to curiosity, i went over n try too. Sat alone in the car with the music blasting. I suddenly heard a whispering voice coming from behind.. OMG, i immediately ran out of the car. This time round, ray's turn... He dont believe what we said so he gave it a try too at the driver's seat. Not long after the racing at yishun dam, leroy's car began to give him much prob. The air-con of his car dont seemed to work properly, it created a mist on the window screen. Ended up, everyone took ray's car over to JB instead. It was raining so heavily on our way there too. At first, ray began to worry too esp when we kept hearing that JB is dangerous.. There's robbery cases at petrol station. the robber would just point a knife near your neck n expect that u hand in your wallet n valuables. However with roy's guidance, 4 of us came back to sing safely..:D Will go again soon:))

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