Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Collection 4 has arrived!! everyone, do support this blogshop ok?:)) http://urbanstreet.livejournal.com/ 4/8-- 24hrs to me is not enough, i need 48 hrs a day:)) Im gonna be kept busy from next wk onwards:)) For the sake of earnings, i got to endure. Gillian cant be sick!! God blessed~ A happy tuesday!! went for lesson till 5pm before i headed down to clarke quay central to meet YY for an interview. Supposed to go to the company that she is working at few wks ago but i was rather tied up with my schedule. We had a very interactive conversation at an open space which is not so formal. I had fun talking to her. She is so cute:)) Indeed nice knowing her:)) Soon after at bout 7pm, i had an appt with natasha. After the interview, we went to indo-chine to chill n have some drinks. I was so clumsy that i kept spilling my drinks. Around 830pm, We parted as her friend came over n pick her up, While Ray came over n pick me up n off we drove down to ps n catch "overheard" Its a movie directed by the same production of "wu jian dao" n "Men tu". Dont quite like the story plot esp the ending... Right after movie, we went geylang lorong 3 for frog porridge. That was when i saw jack neo's whole production team there. Including hui ge, nan ge, jack neo, yi da li n 20 over more actors n actresses. They seemed to be having a celebration as they even opened 2 bottles of 21 yrs chivas. Home sweet home by 130am. 30/7-- went office this morning n realise that they r moving out. So i took half day leave n met up with amy for lunch at ps. Bumped into kane while going down the escalator. Work for CPC together with 8 other girls. Thanks again to janelle for the lobang. She sent many profile over too, same for michelle. End up we r the 9 girls which were selected. they r samantha, katherine, michelle, lynn, sabrina, janice, jennise n janelle plus me:)) Today seemed to be the durian season that they have many basket full of durians which filled the entire hall with durian smell.. We were saboed to dance "nobody" as one of the game session. Nt to forget the musical chair too:)) Work till 8pm n ryan sent me, janice, jennise n janelle for supper together with the 7 friends of theirs. We had roti prata at prata place before home sweet home. All of us stayed near each other:) 31/7-- work for plab private event today tog with candice, rumi n lynn. Was being saboed to perform a song on stage too in front of so many audiences. The event today was so grand that there were even dancers, live band n emcee. Natasha, one of the dancer whom i knew earlier on:D AFter work. raymond sent me down to paya lebar n i got on to G's car. Drove down to dhoby n ate the famous beancurd with audrey n G. Both of them aredi bought the tickets for the movie entitled: The murderer. starring arron kwok as the lead. A super lame movie. Not as exciting as i expected. I dont like the ending. After movie, we headed down to boat quay to meet XR, Tommy n chris. Thanks for coming down!! Sth unhappy happened too. Dont wish to mention. Instead of bq, we went for supper at macdonalds. Got home by 3am. 1/8-- happy 76th birthday grandma!! celebrated grandma birthday at her hse til 9pm before G came n pick me up n we drove down to pick my god sis too. Met audrey, amber n audrey's friends at SOHO. Went there to support don's event. At around 1am, we headed over to PH together with raymond, ivor n his friends. Total 9 of us.. 2/8-- spent the whole of my sunday watching the king of snookers at home:))
《The King Of Snooker》2009 TVB Series Drama Episode 1~20


戲名:《桌球天王》(英文:The King Of Snooker) 類型:時裝劇 演出:鄭少秋、周麗淇、鄧健泓、滕麗名、郭政鴻、許紹雄、譚小環、袁偉豪 集數:20 年份:2008年8月至2008年10月 播出時期:2009年3月30日-2009年4月24日 Episode Length: Approximately 45 minutes Genre: Modern 節目資料: 桌球界戰無不勝的游一橋突然無故隱退,令一心想繼承父親衣缽的女兒游加勤失望之餘也大感不惑,因為她眼看父親表面上扮作不在乎桌球這回事,在自己經營的餐廳內卻設下一席桌球「難局」,等待有心人前來解破。直至一天,一橋遇上對桌球有獨特天份的靳子謙後,即破例收他為徒,並打算將畢生的球技傳授給他,加勤央求父親一視同仁,因此也成了子謙的師姐。 子謙對加勤襄王有夢,但加勤的芳心卻似乎另有所繫,那人正是視其父親為天敵的雷建衝,他為人奸險,求奪標,不但以感情引誘子謙的姨媽兼經理人錢滔滔令子謙與一橋反目成仇,最後更把兩師徒逼上戰檯以一桿定天下.. The all-conquering snooker player Yau Yat Kiu takes everyone by surprise when he suddenly retires from the snooker world. This comes as a huge disappointed to her daughter Yau Ka Kan, who has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. She feels bewildered too, for although Kiu pretends he does not care about the snooker any more, he has set up an extremely difficult game in his restaurant. His purpose cannot be more obvious: he is waiting for someone to solve the game. Kiu comes to know Kan Tsz Him by chance. Noticing his flair for the snooker, Kiu decides to make an exception for Him and teaches him all he knows about the game. Later, Kan manages to persuade her father into taking her in as well. Him fancies Kan, but she is fond of Lui Kin Chung, Kiu's bitter foe. Chung is a crafty person. In order to win the game, he fools around with Him's aunt Chin To To, who is also Him's manager. Him falls out with Kiu because of Chung. Both master and disciple come to settle their scores on a snooker-table in the end.

3/8-- as i've promised edi tt i will be going to office today, i fulfill what i said. We have moved, to a much spacious area now. Busy helping out with the packing n tidying of the room today. Had pastamania together with her before we r back to office to "tear letters". HAha!! Spent 3hrs n more tearing papers into boxes which will be discard anyway till we knocked off. lol~~ There r so much fun n laughters which 3 girls did in the room:)) Brother wins is back:)) Not cuz he can book out, but he was down with high fever.. aww!! His officer was so scared that he might pass the virus to other campmates, so approved him to be sent home.. H1N1 is everywhere so better take precaution>> Lately, many of my friends arent feeling well. Most r down with fever, cough n flu!!:)) sad to hear that. Hopefully all of them can get well soon. I also got to take care of myself in order nt to fall sick that easily... Recover soon my dearest friends!! esp joanne, janelle, janice n jessie!!:D Hope to see u all soon~~ many loves~=D May god bless them~~ Im sad;(( Im tired;(( Having to handle all the stress all alone isnt easy at all. Need to bear the bills, my own expenses, medical fees, transports n food. Sigh headache~~ Im very grateful to friends who didn forget me during events, Thanks for the event opportunity:)) Hopefully there wil be more to come so that i can cover all my necessary expenses. If only there is really someone like the boys over flower story then i simply had no worries anymore:))) dream on!! Recently i had been staying home to spend quality time with mum n dad. EVer since bro went ns, mummy had been sitting in front of the phone every night to wait for his call:)) i wonder how life has been in there for him. Cant imagine him being botak when his hair is like his everything. Everytime before he go n meet his friend, he must style his hair till they look nice. If bad hair day, he will just stay home. HAHA!! he's more vain than me:D Yesterday, jen called n so met up with few of the girls & went for a casting at Jurong early in the morning. Think this is my first time attending casting so far for this yr? Something that pissed us off too.. which we felt that we've been fooled. ANyway, We were asked to change into 2 of their outfit & have our photos taken. So we were judge by that 2 seconds of shutter click? sigh... tink our travelling time is more than the casting time. In the noon, I went to collect the aia pay check with janice after having lunch at jp mos burger. We had a hard time finding the office that we kept roaming around aimlessly around chinatown cum outram park. Its really a "niao bu shen dan" location.. haha!! we walked till we perspire. In the end, gave up n just flag a cab when its just up in front us. Having phobia of walking back to the train station, we cabbed home. Went to drop the cheque at jp for the rest of the girls before heading home to rest... :)) Its time to let go.... "The one" had grown up. Goodbye my love!;C Hi everyone!! do support this blogshop too:)) http://mydaisycow.livejournal.com/

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