Friday, August 7, 2009


The day before national day!! aug 8th PARTY FOR 2 Consecutive day!! ;> lewis came over to my place n pick me up before we drove over to pick yuting dear at JE. So long didn get to hang out with this babe of mine. Got to liang court to meet up with audrey n don before we walked over to soho. Today's queue was simply the opp of last wk. Too empty. The ppl who were present there were reduce by 3/4 of last wk. We had this private room for ktv session. Waited till joanna, janice, candy they all arrrived before our last plan of shifting venue. Jennifer n her bf came but left after 5min. Thats so sad. I felt so bad ytd to left L in this manner. IM sorry~ Anyway, its girls night out ytd. 6 of us went down to zouk instead. Had some drinks over at velvet first before proceeding to zouk then lastly phuture. Stayed till 3plus am n i sent audrey n yuting home after tt. 9/8-- Happy 44th national day!!! Caught fireworks with JQ at marina. It was awesome.. WIth the stars n heart shape. I love colors, it makes ur mood much brighter:)) WE wanted to sit on the flyer to catch it. Who noes it was closed!!;( After the performance, we headed to xing wang cafe for dinner. There was an extreme long queue. Waited for amber n audrey to arrive before we hitch a ride from calvin n edwin to Butter!!! My first time clubbing on a sunday. This time is with amber, audrey, janice, calvin n edwin. Not really into clubbing mood today that i wore rather casual-top n jeans there. Heard there is a ndp celebration dere thats y just pop by to have a look. SAw bryan n also scott n his friends. Chilled till 3am n waited for audrey's friend to come n over n sent us hm. Monday-- ARGH!! MY facebook account is being disabled for no reason. SOmeone hacked into my acct. FUCK!! Now just hoping that i can reactivate my acct sooner.. Simply no mood for anyting that i chose to stay home n watch hk dramas=D I want my FB back!!! Before N after famous! image033 image018 image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 image024 image025 image026 image027 image028 image029 image030 image031 image032 7/8-- received a call early this morning by darling that she asked me out for high tea later at xing fu yum cha. Fang darling was in town too that i asked her over to join us a while. At around 6pm, i met up with tom at suntec for movie. We caught the sneak preview of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra There will be part 2 for this movie!:)) Soon at around 1130pm, headed down to butter to meet up with serene as she called me to acc her.. We had extreme fun. I even bumped into meldy's my friend n nt to forget chloe n faith they all. As usual we were at don's table.. 6/8-- couldnt wake up in time for lesson so end up i just drop by to office for work instead. Last min get to work for a macquarie private event. Thanks to joanna for the job opportunity:)) Paid to party. Im loving it=D Work from 8pm to 12 am with a total of 9 girls at dempsy. Our jobscope is to go around n take photos with the guests there with the instant camera which we were provided:) At bout 9pm, everyone was aredi at the dance floor due to the hip music.. Around 12am, ray came to pick me n joanna for supper:)) we drove down to newton!:D Our fav supper place:)) Order la la as usual:DD Sorry for making him wait for us like roughly an hr;( 7/8-- work for mindef event tog with si han, janice n janelle. The theme for today is pre-national day. Thats y we were either dress in red or white:)) The ppl there were very young. There were even dancers n singers being hired to perform for them:)) I enjoy eating the buffet. There were crayfish too.. Me n si han's fav.:D Saw jackshen, my last time music partner/couple there as a regular. Lewis happened to be studying the same course n sch as me. We got common topic to chat about so very easily we get the conversation going:) At around 9pm, i met up with TW n his friend, yang as we were going to chevron for kbox session today!!:D Quite a last min program once again.. But im so glad that most still can make it:D TW called down his friends while ray came over n meet us at imm too. We then drove over to pick audrey at JE before going chevron to meet TW friends. Was an extreme fun. Ray sang very well:)) Nice duet with him:)) At around 3am, he sent us all home. This was when A drove over to my place n we chatted till 5am. His grandma was admitted to hospital 3 wks ago. No wonder didn hear from him for quite long. Was listening to the "wo men jie hun ba" when i was actually tinking of sth. Perhaps i really long for a ... bt at the same time, i tink its still early. will be heading to SOHO tml for girl's nite out!!:D. Those going call me ok? see ya!!

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