Monday, August 17, 2009

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Alas, i've just finished watching the hk drama-The King Of Snooker / 桌球天王 Recommended this show to JQ that he even texted me on last sunday telling me that he had finish watching the drama within 3-4days? haha.. must be chiong all the way one lor! Its a nice drama afterall. I love the ending. Even my gf chanel watched it before. Last sat-- gf chanel called me to accompany her for shopping at bugis, as she wanna stock up more dresses. haha!! end up im the one who spent more than her. Audrey came n look for me too, n we splurge our money on a pair of shoe while waiting for leroy to come n pick us up. 3 of us had dessert at ji de chi- a very famous dessert shop while waiting for chanel friend to come fetch her as she is going jb. Me n audrey gt the temptation too that we called leroy, bt too bad he need to book in early the next day. So we actually fixed a date tog with ray that we will drive in next wk instead.:)) Leroy dropped me at audrey's place while he sent his other friends home first. SO while waiting for him, both of us watched korean horror movie together-- The roommates. "Roommates" is a part of a 4 horror movie series, "4 Horror Tales", "Forbidden Floor" was released on July, 27, "February 29" on July, 20 and "Dark Forest" will be released on August, 10. Synopsis Roommates Yoo-jin, Eun-soo, Bo-ram, and Da-young are cramming for a college entrance exam. It's difficult for them to adapt to the stifling atmosphere of the women's lodging institute – and to get along with each other due to their differing personalities. Yoo-jin has the most difficulty with the stuffy institute life; she begins to have visions of events that took place at the institute in the past – like the tragic fire that occurred years ago. Yoo-jin gradually becomes consumed with fear, and the relationship among the four intimate friends begins to suffer. Soon after, leroy brought us out for supper n his friend for a spin before we r home by 1230am. As usual, sunday if im nt out, will definitely be home to watch movies with family.. So today we actually catch a horror movie together. Entitled-The First 7th Night (Chinese) 2009

aka: Tau chut Year: 2009 Directed: Herman Yau Lai-To Genre: Horror, Crime, Drama Runtime: 01:27:05 Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitles: English Cast: Gordon Lam, Julian Cheung, Michelle Ye, Eddie Cheung, Tony Ho IMDb: Tau chut Synopsis / Plot A helpless Taxi driver, A mysterious delivery boy, A 30 years abandoned motel, a touching past, all stitches up to form a strange tale. One day, a strange passenger “Xiao Ma” hires a taxi driver “Map King”, paying him a huge sum of money to take him to an abandoned old motel. This motel was mysteriously burnt 30 years ago, and was abandoned since. Nobody knows about its existence and nobody talks about it. To Xiao Ma’s surprise, the taxi driver Map King actually knows how to get to there. Ah Fang, is the owner of the Chun Lei motel. She started off her peaceful life with her only son until the day where “The 4 Thieves” visits her motel, on the seventh day after her husband’s death. Mysteriously the motel was on fire right after the meeting and everyone had gone missing after the fire incident, and the motel was abandoned for 30 years. What actually happened to the motel? What’s the reason behind the fire? What strange things happened on and after the seventh day of Ah Fang’s Husband’s death? Last fri-- full night friday programme with leroy, audrey n ray.. Ray came to my place n pick me up by 7pm before we were off to fetch audrey at the national library. Waited for leroy to drive over to PS before we were off for dinner at cafe cartel. Catch the jack neo's production movie... Hor-medy movie entitled where gt ghost? Super hilarious that u can hear laughter in the whole theatre.. Total 3 parts of story. Laugh till u drop.. lol!! Where Got Ghost? Classification: PG Genre: Comedy / Horror General Release Date: 13 Aug 2009 Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes, Distributor: Golden Village Pictures Cast: Henry Thia, Jack Neo, Mark Lee Director: Jack Neo Jack Neo's 3-in-1 horror with Singaporean humour will include "Roadside Got Ghost", "Forest Got Ghost" and "House Got Ghost". Watch this if you liked: Jack Neo movies If comparing to horror movie spoofs like "Scary Movie," this Singaporean addition is best described as funny, entertaining and tear-jerking at the same time. Being labelled as the new "hor-medy" (horror comedy), "Where Got Ghost" tells three different stories with three different meanings and moral values. Isn't moral values an essential part of Jack Neo movies? The uniqueness in presenting each plot is one of the many commendable aspects. In this new release, there are plenty of CGI, especially those in "too gory" scenes. The good ghostly effects seem to hide the fact this is just a project from Singapore and not a multi-million Hollywood blockbuster. Goosebumps are in order! You laugh when you're supposed to laugh and you get scared when you're supposed to be scared. Of the three segments in this movie, the one that stands out is "Forest Got Ghost". An online search will tell you that the director and his crew actually encountered spooky incidents while shooting this part in the forest. Strange graphics began to appear on their shooting equipment while damages to machines also make up a pretty unforgettable night for the crew. After the movie, we went prwaning at jurong hill for just an hr. In fact, this 1 hr we gt no catch at all.. haha.. So as to satisfy our craving, we were off to newton market for seafood at 4am. Home by 530am. 10/8-- went out to attend TW's before enlisting last celebration. Met up with audrey first n we actually bumped into janelle too:) At bout 730pm, everyone gathered at Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant for the buffet.

One of the "must eat" dish "Juicy Yummy Crab Legs" 5 of us Catch "Up" too after dinner.

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