Sunday, September 27, 2009

september is my lucky mth:)

16/9-- I saw jj lin, david tao-the taiwanese singer n jacky chan's son last night at butter!!!

Hitch a ride from cedrik and we went to pick audrey's up. By then its aredi 12am. We waited for eragon to arrive before going in to party.. saw many other familiar faces too such as angel, cheryl, michelle, cheryl n sab, amanda etc.. chatted with jj while we were bout to leave..:) He's such a sweetie n our conversation is full of american accent:)

17/9-- did one corporate function for euro RSCG at springleaf tower.. My partner for the night was jaselin. One of the girl who was hired from another agency. I even saw 2 guys whom were working at singtel during the comex fair. They were also there to help out!!

See my new tattoo??? Cool right?

Erwin is really a nice person to work with. My jobscope was pretty easy. Tequila shots were served to the vips there n those guests who were present throughout too.. There were gigs performance.. Director being dunked etc.. Really a fun night for everyone.

Event ended at 1030pm and kenneth came over to pick me up for my late dinner cum supper. While in the car, i was busy replying to everyone's msgs n replies. Just then, i receive a missed call from mummy that i immediately called back.

Bad news: dad is sent to hospital n now in emergency room n its like i still got to be out of town tml:( sat is his birthday n this is how everything will be spent.) Feeling so down:((

18/9-- early in the morning before the sun even rises, im up. Got to leave singapore n travel to JB for a CHA Golf Tournament event today at horizon hill. Guess who was there too for that event??? Its none other than our meadiacorp artist-Tay ping hui!! he was one of the golfers as well.

job scope was pretty easy except rather boring having to stand there alone to wait for other groups of golfers to arrive with the buggers. Just got to get the golfers to pay sgd 10 if they got maligan-(meaning want another try again). Thanks to anthony for lending me the i touch so as to kill my boredom there..

All ended at 5pm before edwin sent us home. Wrk with audrey n calvin was the one who supposed to pick us up from our place. But due to his car broke down soemwhere at mandai. We got to cab down to turf city before henry n the other guys drove us in straight:)

I was rather dead beat after returning that i slept at 7pm til now.

19/9-- went to catch a fashion show held by the best of blogshop at fareast plaza tog with esther. Its prior by invitation only..:)

dinner at ding tai fung before down to soho for joanna's birthday bash... fun night after all with every single ones i know!

20/9-- woke up early for f1 briefing. came home to hav lunch before ken came over to pick me up for movie.

We caught "blood ties" by local production.. isnt scary at all.

At bout 8pm, he sent me down for my corporate shoot before i left for the pri sch gathering..

Was kind of a nice gathering afterall having to see tt everyone had grown up. However the disappointing part is that out of 35 ppl, only 10 could make it for the get together session. They r yan teng n her bf, christian, lionel, kee hwee, desmond tan, tricia, peiwen etc..

Hitch a ride from christian's convertible n waited for ken to send me home.

21/9-- woke up early this morning to prepare myself for the bridal gown shoot. M.U.A angela is so sweet.. down with cold n block nose.. A peek preview on the shoot!!


22/9-- Off to office at 3pm and had a fun time today with isabelle. Now i know where to charge the phone if ur phone died on u! lol..

went down to international plaza for the f1 fittings and ken came over n pick me up for movie after tt. we caught the ugly truth.. Nice storyline afterall.

Had rocher beancurd before he drove me home..

23/9-- today was a long n busy day for me. Having to wake up tt early just to attend a briefing with danny for the upcoming exhitbition corporate event which will be held at suntec convention hall once again. This time round, im the only one being hired. We drove over to the borders n have our early western style breadfast with the scrambled egg, ham n beans, toast bread n a cup of orange juice. Indeed a hearty breafast.

After eating, we cont with the briefing n discussion on what im supposed to do n must try to know the company profile as well.

Right after briefing, i went to office to work as i've promised isabelle that i wil turn up today..

Oh ya, i gave away my girly passes for the f1 to kathy n christine plus her friends.. So shall get to see them on the 26 n 27th f1 night!!:))

Today's work was fun. My 2 dalings fang n kerien came down n look for me for lunch too. As usual we went to a place where u would nv imagine that 3 girls were the centre of attraction one. lol..

I miss someone!! its none other than the one always saying hi to me when i walk pass.. OMG. He's cute!! haa..

After work, i still got to go n collect my outfit for tml's short event in the noon. Then i proceeded down for an interview regarding the malaysia event which i gt to stay over on the 3 to 4th oct. I rejected the project anyway due to some issue.

Soon, erwin came over n pick me up for dinner over at seafood bali village before we had some drinks n chill at villa bali.

Headed down to butter to look for johnathan they all too as they r having a farewell party out there.. Just so last min that my darling fang n douglas, ken they all wanna go as well. So brought them down for exploration. Saw shuana n winnie they all there. Not to forget pika, angel etc.. Didnt stay long as i wasnt in any mood to club anyway. Puke like nobody's business too due to the red wine n lychee martini i had earlier on at VB.

24/9-- work for the starhub private function together with vernice:)) 2 hrs-simple jobscope.. headed down to join jill n audrey for dinner at bugis before meeting justin for movie. We drove down to leisurepark for the midnight show. Catch phobia 2. It isnt as exciting as part 1 anyway just that the last scene was rather lame. ((Our first date))

25/9-- work for the SBAB officer mess function. 10 over girls were being hired for the event. Its been so long since i last see nick, xiao bai they all aredi. The feeling of seeing familiar faces were indeed good. There were games too.. SUch as pole dance, topless girl, banana golf game, etc.. after work, me n audrey headed down to wl hse for a night chill.

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